Localized Haptic Feedback for Touch Controls

June 30, 2014 // By Turo Keski-Jaskari, Pauli Laitinen, Aito

On the technical side there are two obvious obstacles. Firstly, most haptic solutions are based on vibrating the whole device, or at least the whole user interface module in larger appliances, which simply cannot provide a quality user experience. Then there is the challenge of reliably adapting a single solution across a wide range of touch switch applications while also ensuring its suitability for high volume production.

This article discusses how Aito's revolutionary 'AitoHapticTouch’ solution, based on its software-enhanced piezo (SEP) technology, removes these obstacles and enables a reliable, energy-efficient, touch control interface with truly localized haptic feedback that operates through a wide variety of panel overlay materials, including stainless steel.

Haptic, or tactile, feedback has rapidly become familiar to consumers, mainly through their mobile devices. At the same time touch switches are increasingly replacing mechanical switches in appliance markets. Haptic feedback can enable clear benefits in mainstream appliance and similar touch control markets but the adoption of this technology has been held back by the perceived high cost of implementation and past issues with touch switch performance impacting reliability and quality.
Haptic feedback, Aito BV