Real-Time Spectrum Analysis for Troubleshooting 802.11n/ac WLAN Devices

February 25, 2014 // By Agilent
802.11 WLAN devices operate in the license-exempt 2.4 GHz ISM and 5 GHz UNII bands, where they must share spectrum with many other wireless devices that can cause interference. Verifying the performance of WLAN devices in the presence of interfering signals that may be time-varying is an important part of design verification. Troubleshooting performance problems in real-world environments is another challenge, and being able to capture interfering signals that may be present and impacting performance, even if they are transient and very short in duration, can provide important insight. Real-time spectrum analysis can help address these test challenges.
Agilent, spectrum analyser, 802.11 WLAN