Supporting multicore SoCs in critical embedded systems for avionics, defense and transport

July 02, 2013 // By Eric Bost – Sr FAE, Freescale Semiconductor

If COTS multicore SoCs (System-on-Chip) stand as the common approach to meet these design goals today, their use in critical embedded systems introduces some new paradigms when considering key goals related to safety and certification.

This paper extracts and highlights those specific features of multicore processors like in the Freescale QorIQ 45nm P-series (P4080 and derivatives) and newly introduced 28nm T-series (T4240 and derivatives) of particular interest for safety applications in Avionics, Defense and Transport.

Avionics, Defense and Transport, like all high-end processing application areas, are looking for ways to increase performance and at the same time reduce the existing form-factor and power budgets.
Avionics, Defense and Transport, COTS multicore SoCs,System-on-Chip,critical embedded systems,multicore processors,Freescale QorIQ 45nm P-series