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News about 65 Nm Arm Flash Mcu Controls Electronic Brake

NXP embraces 28nm FDSOI for MCUs
Electronic and mechanical oscillations as a source of health
Three-channel LED flash driver with I2C for smartphones and tablets
Atmel drops Dialog, says Microchip's takeover bid is better
Amazon now sells own ARM chips
Electronic and mechanical oscillations as a source of health
Ineda MCU for wearables/IoT priced at $3.50
Fastest 64 Mb Quad SPI NOR flash runs in extended temperature range
Microchip named as Atmel bidder
System-level tester supports high-performance UFS and PCIe BGA SSDs
Ambiq's appoints CEO with power experience
Toshiba considers listing or partial sale of chip business
Starting all over again on plastic: ARM
element14 sign to distribute ARM across Asia-Pacific region
ARM partners with HeartToHeart to secure wearable healthcare applications
Free, unrestricted IDE for ARM links to SaaS subscription tools
Fastest 256 Mb Quad Serial Peripheral Interface NOR flash
Cambridge adds MCU to gas sensor for mobiles
Elma to acquire Trenew Electronic AG
ARM upgrades mbed platform for IoT
UltraSoC's SoC debug tools add ARM CoreSight compatibility
ARM development tool combines code analysis, FuSa
Reversible debugger supports 64bit ARM
Continental breathes road maps live
CEO interview: InvenSense's Abdi on expanding MEMS horizons
Give-away: 32-bit MCU board plus compiler kits
Electronic control system partitioning in the autonomous vehicle
ARM updates CoreLink for next-gen heterogeneous SoCs
Dual-core audio SoC designed for mobile devices
ARM upgrades interconnect, memory control IP
Distributor builds presence in IoT support and wearables design
Serial interface NAND flash for embedded applications
CEO interview: InvenSense's Abdi on expanding MEMS horizons
China-backed Western Digital swoops on SanDisk
ARM takes back SoC Designer tool and designers from Carbon
Pint-sized spectrometers harness MEMS
ARM Cortex-M0 MCUs with built-in USB device controllers
Toshiba optimises ARM Cortex-M0 MCUs for USB
Electronic rear-view mirror gets closer to mass production
SPI NOR flash memory supports transmission speeds up to 400MB/s
Free, pre-commercial access to ARM Cortex-M0 core
Report: SanDisk mulls company sale
In-mold electronic inks enable seamless functional integration
Custom programmable 9-axis motion sensor integrates ARM core
ARM joins Semiconductor Research Corp.
Startup goes multi-die to customize MCUs
16-bit flash MCU drives 352 segment display
More than just hype: IoT is boosting MCU market, says IHS
Printable electronic inks cure at only 60şC
Atmel claims lowest-power ARM Cortex-A5 IC, cites security features
Application processor targets multi-sensor IoT devices
Here strives to establish uniform auto sensor data format
Cortex-M-based MCUs aim for low power and connected-device designs
CEO interview: Ambiq sees broader options for low voltage
Altium buys electronic parts content and search providers
Smart-meter IC opportunity offers unit and ASP growth, says IHS
Smart-meter ICs on the rise, predicts report
All-Flash DDR4 module slashes server costs
256 Mbit NOR flash memory delivers 333 MBps read bandwidth
Toshiba stacks 16 NAND Flash dice with TSV technology
Toshiba releases 256Gb 48-layer BiCS FLASH
UltraSoC to debug heterogeneous Tensilica processors
Digi-Key and ARM support University Program with 'Lab-in-a-Box' logistics
Use Gbyte-size NAND flash memory with smaller MCUs
Highest-performing ARM Cortex-M7 based MCUs – claims Atmel
BBC to give pocket-sized sensor-computer to UK children
Snapdragon-based low-cost compute board from Arrow
FPGA-based storage reference design doubles life of NAND flash
A glimpse at the future of printed electronics
First in production with ARM Cortex-M7-based MCUs, says ST
Arduino connected-device dev board targets the IoT
Freescale S32 ups automotive ante
TechInsights: Inside 1X nm Planar NAND
Innovative brake concept cuts stopping distance
Nordic adds NFC to Bluetooth, with ARM M4f core and low power drain
TI sets Cortex-A9 MCU price point at $7
DRAM and NAND flash memory tester offers high-volume performance
Self-protected resettable e-Fuse reduces unnecessary field returns
ADI mixes multicore DSP and ARM cores for audio, industrial designs
SPI NOR Flash surpasses AEC-Q100 reliability tests
FTDI bundles FT90x MikroE compilers with free hardware
ARM updates tool suite to trim SoC integration phase
5V MCUs host ARM Cortex-M0+ core, and touch controller
Dream development kit takes shape with ARM and Linux
ARM-based intelligent actuator/motor controller
MediaTek rolls 10-core monster
Surround view camera integrated into driver assistance
Semi IP licensing growth slows, vendor ranking stabilizes
Emergency brake relies solely on video signal
Synopsys issues IP prototyping kits for 64 bit ARM based designs
32-Bit MCU offers on-chip floating point unit for better control
SoC supports high speed data acquisition
Embedded-flash MCUs features target automotive safety, security
Newswatch: ARM seeks energy harvesting edge in IoT push
Charging discovery opens new class of organic electronic devices
The cult of DSPism
MEMS startup selects MIPS for sensor hubs
Radiation-tolerant FPGAs run at up to 300MHz
Atmel adds ARM Cortex-M based MCU at 35 µA/MHz power usage
New 8051 IP core is 29X faster than original
ARM-based MCUs take high-end graphics to mid-range cars
Ultra-low-power 32-bit MCU platform targets industrial and IoT applications
Compact RF signal recording and playback system features wide bandwidth
Cadence and ARM strategic partners on IP
All-flash storage gains momentum in servers
Silicon Labs and ARM to collaborate on driving mbed IoT device platforms
Digital power control firm closes doors
SuperFlash memories save production time and cost
Regulator has output tracking and sequencing for FPGAs and MPUs
Telit adds ARM compiler to its App Zone
Secure kernel hypervisor moves into ARM
RX700 MCU offers 240-MHz, run-from-flash operation
IDE targets concurrent 8/32-bit MCU and wireless design
Qualcomm raises bar in mobile
ARM Cortex-M0-based MCUs shaped around printer function set
Early software development for Stratix 10 SoC, in Mentor suite
Optimised compiler claims peak EEMBC Automarks score on ARM core
Pole mount enclosures fit any street furniture
IP blocks line up for plastic electronics
AEC-Q100-rated, automotive grade flash storage
Who gains the most from ARM's new IP?
Embedded world 2015 to host Renesas' MCU car rally competition
NAND Flash series targets automotive applications
512 kByte STM32F3 extend mixed-signal MCU family
IP builds NVM memory at mid-density
ARM Cortex-M4F-based MCUs target consumer and industrial motor control
Development board hosts Renesas ARM Cortex-A9 core MCU
ARM backs printed electronics startup
ARM strengthens position in safety-critical applications
1.7-GHz ARM Cortex-A7 draws only 200-mW of dynamic power
ARM MCU built in sub-threshold technology for 10-fold power reduction
Subthreshold design at MCU-scale yields 10x energy efficiency
Conductive paint spreads inventivity
Tracking offenders and consumers alike
Cortex-M7 MCUs are structured for real-time tasks
European server project promotes ARM on FDSOI
Shanghai Huali Microelectronics looks to specialty technology to target IoT growth
Integrated runtime analysis for ARM finds errors in running code
ARM mbed Bluetooth and WiFi boards from CSR
Cortex-A9 processors integrate data-mining features
World's first dual-screen smartphone extends battery life
Tool kit is pre-certified for ISO 26262
Embedded power platform addresses mechatronic designs
Smart PCBs for smaller ECUs: Infineon invests in PCB manufacturer
32-bit PICs feature wide peripheral menu and scalable memory
ARM Cortex-M0 MCU for ST adds integration
Debug for Cortex-M gains power: probe gives full instruction trace in real time
Ambiq Micro raises USD15m to accelerate ultra-low power IC developments
Application processors for wearable devices
1800W modular electronic loads for power tests
2.4 GHz SoC transceivers for smart metering applications
MathWorks expands model-based design & code generation across ARM Cortex family
60x40mm embedded module tracks your face
Arduino Uno shield-compatible kit for Bluetooth Smart, ANT, 2.4 GHz designs
Overcoming the challenges of V-NAND technology
IP builds low power memory for LCD drivers and touch screen controllers
Spansion expands MCUs with IoT on its radar
Electronic load can be controlled through PC software
French startup to consumerize the sense of smell
Samsung shows 14nm chip
MCU comes with embedded 3D graphics
ARM Cortex-M Embedded development tools for the Mac
15nm embedded NAND Flash memory chips up to 128GB
ARM extends into IoT software
ARM steps up IoT support with mbed software & free OS
Agile signal generator for complex multi-emitter simulations
Signal generator targets complex multi-emitter simulations
MAX 10 FPGAs from Altera blend programmable logic and analogue
16nm FinFETs boost ARM's 64-bit big.LITTLE
XMOS builds development system with industrial Ethernet and Fieldbus
Building ARM-based Bluetooth-enabled wearables
ARM-core-based, SiP for precision sensing in portable medical devices
ARM Cortex-M0-core-MCU integrates interfacing functions
Multi-functional electronic motor starter eases installation
7“ industrial ARM panel PC comes with LED backlight
6 kW electronic load broadens test scope with 1 kV rating
Toshiba targets smart meters with new ARM Cortex-M4F MCU
Dual-core MCU targets secure energy calculation, sensing and comms
Meter-on-chip for portable device applications offers 16-bit precision
SAW filters suit commercial and military radio
Keysight Technologies starts operations
Qi-certified power coils charge portable consumer devices
Electric drum brake suits small cars
Certification kits for safety-critical railway MCU applications
Prototyping with ARM Cortex-M: get the Altium boost
Linaro’s Android Open Source Project port for ARMv8-A now running
Industrial automation protocols come with higher-performance ARM cores
DC power grid taps electronic circuit breaker research
ARM and Sensor Platforms extend platform for sensor devices
Serial flash for portables features low voltage and power
1.8V MCUs connect to 3.3V power domains
Low pwer wireless microcontroller features 32-bit processor core
Elektrobit widens Electronic Horizon
ARM to expand its foothold in Asia with new CPU design center
Miniature oven-controlled crystal oscillator offers high performance
ARM buys company to boost IP configuration and integration functions
Automotive processor get ISO 26262 ASIL D qualified code tools
R&D project targets fully adaptive automotive lighting
Toshiba and Sandisk to scrap 2D NAND fab for 300mm 3D NAND
ARM code development package adds runtime analysis
EEsof adds radar and EW modelling and verification
Electronic loads from 150 to 6,000W for thorough battery testing
Electronic load handles 6 kW for battery testing
Apple patents super photo resolution technology, eliminates LED flash
Arduino-compatible development platform offers touch display, audio and MCU resource
Ultra-fast 64-Mbit parallel flash memory
Report: Europe can shine in global electronic production
8-bit MCUs target space-constrained body applications
Cypress adds entry-level chips to mixed-signal programmables
UFS Ver. 2.0 embedded NAND flash memory modules
Cadence breaks into top four in semi IP core ranking
Reference design for resolver-to-digital conversion cuts costs
Mushrooms recover gold out of mobile scrap
China’s quest for ‘MIPS in wearable’
Integrity RTOS extended to multicore ARM Cortex-A9 processors
Battery sensor integrates MCU, CAN and analogue front-end
ARM backs Open Sensor Platform
Micrium adds ARMv8, Cortex-A50 RTOS support
ARM switches to open-source base for faster compiler updates
ARM moves to LLVM open source for future compilers
Measuring arm offers improved ergonomics
TI offers development kits for Sitara MCUs, using Mainline Linux kernel
Market for apps processors is exploding: ARM gives way
ARM Cortex-M0+ based MCUs offer extended temperature range
MCUs target motor control and digital power conversion
Automated embedded test targets differential clock signals
Altium partners with Octopart for supply chain information
Imagination aims at smartwatches
ARM Cortex A9 MCU development board runs on Linux
Collaboration deal focuses on vehicle battery cooling solutions
Ice warning from the cloud
A snappy approach to low-cost wearable displays
Atmel SAMA5D3 Xplained board for fast prototyping and evaluation
Cadence expands ARM-based system verification
New kid on the powertrain controller block: Scaleo
Rapid Electronics markets UDOO board
Low-power STM32 (ARM) MCUs add memory up to 512 kB
LTE SOC to drive 64-bit mobile computing
Graphical environment to code middleware for ARM/STM32 MCUs
Samsung reveals LED components for advanced mobile devices
LED lighting controls deliver dimmer savings
What technologies to watch for in 2014? – Part 2
ARM's turn to non-volatile memory is right move
ARM broadens IP partnership with SMIC
300W electronic load simulates PV panels
Apple extends deal for Imagination IP
ARM’s server platform standard to ease OS interoperability
ARM tops $1bn
The analog circuitry hidden at ISSCC
Bluetooth starter kit and software speeds up dual mode development
ARM-based SBC with touch-screen display for HMI applications
FIPS-certified security comes to enterprise applications in smartphones
Project IMAGE yields printable transparent and flexible electrodes for OLEDs and solar cells
Continental, HERE jointly drive towards the electronic horizon
Visteon snatches Johnson Controls' automotive electronics business
ARM Cortex-M4-based ultra-low power MCUs target sensor hub applications
Flash MCU with LED/LCD driver directly drives display panels for small household appliances
Acquisitions shake up telecoms chip landscape
Resettable fuse enhances power system reliability
Reversible debugger adds support for ARM and Android
E-waste to jump one-third to 65.4 million tonnes annually by 2017, says StEP report
Gaining control over engineering data
Continental to showcase first concepts jointly developed with IBM
ARM acquires Geomerics and strengthens its position in the visual computing and graphics industries
Micronas takes ARM 32-bit core to brushless DC motor controls
Wireless MCUs draw only 18mA when transmitting at +10 dBm, 50nA in standby
Brushless DC servo motors integrate field-oriented closed-loop servo control
ARM-based quad core fanless system aims at industrial applications
ARM speeds safety-certified applications with Compiler Qualification kit
ST lowers power for 6-axis inertial sensor
Gang test module kit supports parallel test and programming for up to 32 different assemblies
Performance monitoring solution helps provide intelligent control of high power systems
UCL and Cambridge University to boost education in integrated photonic and electronic systems
e-passport security chip boasts fast data transfer and of 700 kBytes of flash
Global annual supplier revenues for smart building applications to grow 150 percent by 2017
Contact smart card secure MCU meets common criteria EAL5+ level certification
Tiny remote-reset rocker switch supports Ecodesign implementation
Automotive drives new processor architectures
BASF to set up an Electronic Materials R&D Center in South Korea
Rugged ECU targets construction and agricultural machines
MEMS upgrade supports Android KitKat
Altera's Stratix 10 SoCs to incorporate quad-core 64-bit ARM Cortex-A53 processor
ARM unveils interactive online platform to encourage collaboration and innovation
u-blox and ARM introduce wirelessly connected, location-aware IoT prototyping kit
ARM partners Nordic Semiconductor to develop Bluetooth Low Energy-enabled devices
32-bit MCU helps wearable fitness tracker maximize battery life
16-bit flash MCU draws 4 µA in 32kHz run mode, drives 1344-dot matrix display
Hypervisor delivers security for multicore processors, enables Multi-OS consolidation
IBM Grabs ARM for ASICs
Embedded Linux adds 64bit ARM support with Open Source innovations
XMOS uses ARM chip to create next wave in programmable system-on-chip devices
ARM launches its V8-R architecture for real time applications
ARM snags new customers in record quarter
MCU packs 204MHz ARM Cortex-M processors with 80Msps 12-bit ADC
Electronics, mechanics and programming made easy with USB-connected robotic arm
Chinese chip production rises steeply
ARM and eyeSight partner to enable 3D gesture recognition with ARM Mali GPUs
ARM’s newly opened design center in Noida, India to focus on FinFET CMOS
Cambridge raises Ł50m to invest in local technology companies
Semicast’s industry view: Why Intel might win and ARM can’t lose
NAND Flash moves to 3-D, taking over 30% of the total flash market by 2015 according to IHS
Macronix files patent complaints against Spansion concerning flash memory
Preci-DIP signs global distribution with Digi-Key
Mouser and Swissbit sign global distribution agreement
Eurotech to sell Parvus subsidiary to Curtiss-Wright Controls for €28.1m
Arrow introduces SoM platform for ARM Cortex-A5-based development
Non-magnetic, copper barrier capacitors attract the attention of the medical market
AMD plans eight core 64bit ARM chip for embedded designs
Microcontroller evaluation tool incorporates integrated power measurement function
ST wins application in Pebble Smart Watch
Pico-ITX motherboard with TI Sitara 3874 boosts efficiency in small, rugged appliances
JEDEC releases Universal Flash Storage (UFS) version 2.0 standard
Spansion licenses ARM IP for automotive, industrial and consumer embedded systems
Exam-based ARM accreditation program focuses on software aspects of ARMv6 and ARMv7
Compact 16-bit MCUs ease development of automotive systems
Business skills needed to boost European students
16-bit flash MCU consumes only 4µA in 32kHz run mode
ARM acquires advanced display technology for high-end mobile device from Cadence
ARM makes Sensinode code freely available to boost the Internet of Things
Real-time control MCUs embed field-oriented-control for sensor-less motors
Simplify design and reduce costs with sensorless motor control
Digi-Key to distribute Sanken Electric’s portfolio globally
SD 3.0 and e•MMC 4.4 NAND flash memory controller
The current state of RoHS in the electronics industry
LabVIEW 2013 enables users to focus on innovation rather than infrastructure
Zero flux current sensor delivers high precision
Nearly one-third of set-top-boxes to use ZigBee in 2018, says IHS
Industry’s first 5V Cortex-M0+ MCUs target industrial and white goods
Ultra-broadband 2-way power dividers up to 50 GHz
Infineon supplies security chips for the first electronic passports using asymmetric encryption
PMICs for i.MX6, ARM Cortex and advanced portable application processors
4M-pixel CCD camera designed for selective solder joints optical inspection
ARM's Mali shipments to exceed 300 million units in 2013
SuVolta's transistor technology speed-power benefits are validated in ARM processor
ARM and Oracle to optimize Java SE multi-core systems
IntelliBat research project receives 2.6m euros in funding from the BMBF
Predictive modeling approach boosts the development of thin-film organic electronics
16-nm node yields industry's smallest 128-Gb multi-level cell NAND Flash
Time to ECSEL with 5 billion euros public private partnership
Boundary Scan test bundle includes hardware, software and a one-year maintenance contract
Development kits aim to speed DSP smart sensor system designs
Vybrid controllers ship with custom ARM development suite
Small UK firm takes on global server companies with low power ARM-based system
Debug and trace tool set for the Cortex-M family of MCUs
Fujitsu plans quad core big.LITTLE graphics chip for consumer and industrial designs
8A photo flash driver exploits supercapacitors to produce 4x brighter flash light
AC/DC power supplies feature ultra-wide input voltage range
LED flash driver improves picture quality of smartphone cameras
Digi-Key hires regional sales director for the Baltic and Nordic regions
UK aims for 55 percent rise in electronic systems to create GBP120bn industry by 2020
ARM Cortex M3-based MCU combines 258 kByte of SRAM and 1 MByte of ROM
RTOS-aware debugging tool suite targets ARM MCUs
Conrad Electronic acquires SOS electronic s.r.o.
Low-cost ARM Cortex-A8 computer on module comes with PCAP touch support
In-circuit programmer for ARM Cortex devices connects via Ethernet, USB or Serial Port
Fully instrumented sock integrates smart fabrics sensors to provide fitness data
Extending data security to configurable SoCs
IGLOO2 flash FPGA targets integration and security
Low cost ARM M0+ controller targets the Internet of Things
VarioTAP model libraries enable Freescale iMX6 processor emulation
System builder design tool targets ARM-based SmartFusion2 SoC FPGAs
High-isolation DC/DC converters deliver power to IGBT systems
Silicon Labs acquires Energy Micro
LynuxWorks plans ARM version of RTOS for the Internet of Things
Image processing software eases car number plate reading
Win one of five SoCKIT evaluation kits
New system-on-module format uses Zynq to target high volume embedded appplications
Real-time signal analysis on show at MTT-S 2013
ARM launches power optimized 28nm A-15 dual core hard macro
Intel outlines 3-D NAND transition
Single chip integrates JTAG standards and mixed-signal test instruments
Low-power wireless projected to make waves in remote controls according to IMS Research
Expanded ecosystem of ultra-low power MCUs speeds capacitive touch design development
Goepel electronic initiates Cooperation Network with EMS companies
Omron appoints TME to strengthen presence in Eastern Europe
Miniature Rogowski coils enable accurate non-contact current measurement
ARM teams with LogMeIn to drive M2M in the cloud
Understanding onboard flash programming
Advanced MCU combines floating point and low leakage
Piezoelectric taxels made up of zinc oxide nanowires convert motion to electronic signals
Online development environment for the Internet of Things
PCIe accelerator card targets enterprise servers and storage applications
65-nm ARM Flash MCU controls electronic brake
Better, cheaper OLED micro displays do away with color filter
6-axis MEMS SoC integrates gyroscope and accelerometer in a 3x3x0.8mm chip
Digi-Key now stocks Cirrus Logic’s new single-stage LED drivers
Win one of five Sabre Lite i.MX6 development board platforms
Virtualizer Development Kit for Freescale’s Qorivva family boosts automotive ECU design
Infineon extends Globalfoundries deal to 40nm flash memory microcontrollers
Strain gauge to USB converter comes in compact enclosure
Three more Russell Group universities join UK Electronics Skills Foundation
LED lighting power and dimming controls include touch and remote options
Multicore TimeMachine trace tools move to MIPS and Renesas microcontrollers
SEGGER and Renesas offer €20,000 of free tools for RX microcontrollers
Acoustic adhesive vent protects portable electronics
1-cell Li-Ion/Li-polymer battery protection ICs
Control and status panels with thin-film backlighting
Premier Farnell to distribute ARM software tools in EMEA
3D views cut costly iterations and ease assembly in robotics design
Arrow’s SoCKIT evaluation kit features Altera’s ARM-Based SoCs
ConnectCard for i.MX28 enables cloud-connected devices
ARM Keil RTX RTOS offers 'tickless' power-saving mode on Energy Micro EFM32 Cortex-M MCUs
Field-attachable, external thread mPm DIN valve connectors in DIN Form B, C and Micro versions
ARM partners Cadence to implement industry's first Cortex-A57 64-bit processor on TSMC 16nm FinFET process
Working group aims to standardize interoperability of multiple language verification environments and components
First ARM Cortex-A57 processor tapes out on TSMC’s 16nm FinFET technology
8-channel video capture on a mini PCI express card
STMicroelectronics secures Euro 350 million loan from the European Investment Bank to boost R&D
NAND Flash market back in growth despite lower memory content trend in portable devices
8-bit MCU combines low power, I2C and hardware CVD in 8 pins for touch-sensing applications
Energy-efficient development kit supports ARM+GPU HPC and server solutions
PSoC 4 architecture claims lowest-power ARM Cortex-M0-based devices for embedded designs
What to consider when selecting medical device interconnects
IAR Systems updates development tools for low-power Renesas MCUs
ARM's Warren East retires from CEO post
SystemC AMS 2.0 standard for mixed-signal design freshly released
Renesas samples Flash MCUs with 40 nm leading-edge geometries
19nm NAND SSDs with capacities from 60GB to 512GB
Digi-Key signs global distribution deal with E Ink Sign
ARM, Khronos back low-energy parallelism conference
64M SPI Flash has a maximum standby current of only 10µA
Digi-Key to distribute MEMSIC’s sensors globally
ARM-as-a-Service cloud offering powered by Breeze and ARM
Cellphone memory capacity declines as online storage and cloud services increase
VarioTAP emulation test extended to Energy Micro's Giant Gecko Series
3D noise cancellation makes voice control significantly more reliable
Continental, BMW bundle R&D forces for automatic driving
Low-power 32-bit MCUs draw as little as 350nA
Richardson RFPD launches new Gallium Nitride website resource
Renesas Electronics Europe unveils next-generation low-power microcontroller series
3U OpenVPX JPEG 2000 codec module
Rutronik distributes Toshiba’s first 19nm NAND SSDs
Gang tester for up to 16 electronic assemblies in parallel
All-in-one secure NFC system-in-package includes no-tune antenna
Dual display single board computer measures 100x70mm
Low-power microcontrollers boast up to 1 MB of on-chip flash
Microcontrollers with large embedded RAM target network, industrial and smart metering applications
Thermal interface paste provides enhanced thermal conductivity for power modules
Spring-loaded connectors have an above board profile of 2.54mm
Capacitive fluid-level sensors with advanced software and customised interface
Energy Micro partners Mjolner Informatics to create high-end touch graphics solution for energy efficient MCU applications
Simulation deal accelerates ARM v8 64bit software development
FPGA configurator for Altera FPGAs fits in a 13x13mm BGA package
Nessbo search engine designed for electronic component buyers
ARM rates FDSOI process as 'good technology'
Atmel pushes ARM Cortex A5 into embedded and consumer with the same chip
Toshiba develops zero wait state flash memory for 100MHz ARM microcontrollers
Cellphones to be the largest consumer of Flash memory in 2013
Chip market ready to rebound
SanDisk to transition its flash products to 1Y-nm
Hardware emulation solution for ARM Cortex-A9 MPCore processor-based SoCs
Infineon positions 32-bit MCUs against 8-bit devices
London Calling: Are ARM's core days numbered?
2.2x2.2mm electronic compass integrates geomagnetic sensor and accelerometer
ARM Cortex-M4 flash controller family adds dual CAN connectivity and floating point unit
Samsung reveals eight-core mobile processor
NXP and element14 team up for dual core controller development kit
Mouser Electronics now stocking Freescale’s i.MX 6 application processors and kits
Saft takes control of Nersac lithium-ion battery factory
ARM computer on module pre-installed with embedded Linux L4T
Android 4.1.2 development kit for the Sitara ARM processors
Altera slashes tool cost to drive system on chip FPGA developments
1-Source Electronic Components launches an online store on hard-to-find electronic components
Handheld terminal for automotive production tests
Energy-friendly MCU design aimed at remote medical systems
Flash testing of PCBs during initial production stages
At IEDM, heat improves flash memory
MediaTek has eight-core apps processor
Smartphones to pass feature phones in flash memory consumption
Infineon expands XMC4000 microcontroller family with high-resolution PWM unit
Mouser begins stocking STMicroelectronics STM32 F3 mixed-signal MCUs
4-MB Flash memory device rated at -55 to +210şC
ChipVORX prototype instruments execute Bit Error Rate Tests
Interactive see-through display targets augmented reality
Rapid prototyping developer kit targets the Internet of Things (IoT)
SECO begins shipments of NVIDIA CUDA on ARM development kit
Paper: Technology to better protect mobile devices
OLED TVs to start shipping by the end of 2012, says NPD DisplaySearch
Imagination Technologies and ARM carve up MIPS
X-FAB and Anvo-Systems Dresden to deliver fast energy-efficient nvSRAM
Flash LED drivers offer best efficiency for next-generation smartphones
RFEL offers FPGA benefits to ARM software developers
Internet of Things accelerator launched
ST takes on AMD and Intel in the datacenter
Cadence reveals tapeout of 14-nm test-chip with ARM processor and IBM FinFET process technology
100W constant current LED driver for series strings of up to 20 LEDs
ARM launches two new cores for next generation smartphones and servers
Chip-card MCUs offer dual contact/contactless interfaces
Sunlight readable TFT displays target industrial applications
Common mobile payment platform supports NFC services
Boundary scan controller with a wireless LAN interface up to 450Mbps
Startup pits IBM Power servers against x86, ARM
TSMC taps ARM's V8 on road to 16-nm FinFET
3-in-1 programmable automotive driver assistance solution
Boundary Scan design visualisation for multi board designs
Cortex-M4 processor-based IC enables PRIME-compliant smart metering applications
New royalty free RTOS for latest generation of dual-core microcontrollers
Chip embedded instruments now automatically generated through JTAG/boundary scan
High-speed, low-power ARM Cortex-M3 microcontroller simplifies USB designs
Tiny MCUs address applications in two-wheeled vehicles
Online forum opens energy-friendly design competition around Energy Micro‘s EFM32 Gecko MCU
Battery-powered 2W xenon flash lamp module measures 42x42x38mm
Texas Instruments unveils a fully-functional and low-price evaluation kit for ARM Cortex-M4 developers
Intel looks to beat ARM on power consumption beyond 20 nm
Electronic horn improves sound, lifetime
Industrial grade SLC-based USB 2.0 flash drive
AEM intros SMD electronic fuse for LED lighting overcurrent protection
Group takes shortcut in quest for electronic brain
Spray-On shielding materials lighter and cheaper than metal cans
Renesas claims first NFC wireless charging solution
16-Mbit parallel nvSRAMs and Synchronous NAND interfaces
Debugging tool for RTOS-based embedded designs supports over 200 new target devices
Next-generation digital battery charger offers enhanced communications and charge control
Chip embedded instruments extended to the Altera ArriaV FPGA Series
TAP-Isolator enables interference-free boundary scan applications
Goepel electronic opens its Scanflex Platform to third party applications
Boundary Scan I/O module now supports process voltages up to 30V
Electronic component search engine Partstat aimed at distributors and OEMs
25th anniversary of flash memory sees 2.7ZB of data
PCIe Gen3 Flash controller support standard NVMe SSD solutions
ARM reaches out to Global Foundries on 20nm and FinFET technology
Second generation Mali graphics processors aim at tablets, smartphones and smart-TVs
ARM signs 64-bit deal with Cavium
SLC NAND Flash family targets embedded and automotive markets
Distributor stocks NXP development boards for DALI, DMX512 and KNX
Cloud computing to boost global memory IC market, says GBI Research
Electronic load module makes mechanical ECU test benches redundant
Philips and Daintree highlight ZigBee for wireless lighting controls
Ultra low power ruggedized ARM Cortex-A8 pico-ITX board for industrial and in-vehicle applications
ARM signs 14nm deal for TSMC's FinFETs
Sensor Platforms software library now supports mobile applications
Renesas' latest generation of microcontroller chips reduces clock power by 30 percent
CAN hub facilitates ECU live monitoring
First Tegra-3 mini-ITX embedded board
ARM, HP, SK Hynix join Hybrid Memory Cube group
AMD, ARM, Imagination, MediaTek and Texas Instruments create unified open industry standard architecture
1 Gigabit NAND flash memory in 3.3V, 48-pin, TSOP1 configuration
Secure bootable USB flash drive works independently of the host device’s OS
Direct thermal exchange package configurations for LED assemblies
Ultra-low power wireless SoCs slash power consumption, free designers from proprietary software frameworks
JEDEC udpates universal flash storage standard for lower power, faster performance
Low-power USB MCUs based on ARM Cortex-M0
element14 takes pre-orders for new low-cost ARM Cortex-M0+ processor-based platform
element14 is first to offer Freescale's Freedom Development Platform for Kinetis L Series MCUs
First ARM Cortex-M0+ parts launched for 49cents
Gowanda and Instec join forces to provide broader range of passive electronic components
AMD, ARM, Imagination, TI, MediaTek form HSA group
Toshiba shows first SCSI-like Universal Flash demo system
Transonics launches I˛C “Chip on Board” LCD from Displaytronic
Computer on Module uses Samsung ARM chip to reduce costs
Mindspeed aims to capitalize on MIPS woes
Energy Micro offers free sample program for EFM32 Gecko microcontrollers
12Gb/s SAS Flash manager enables high-performance SSDs for cloud servers
Engine control OpenECU supports up to 8 cylinder engine management
Modular system integration on flexible film substrates
Microcontroller features ARM Cortex M3 and dual 24-bit sigma-delta ADCs
Goepel electronic combines boundary scan with JTAG platform Cable USB II from Xilinx
Teledyne acquires LeCroy
ARM supports European research on GPU programming
ARM Cortex-M0 microcontroller is optimized for smart meters
Lfoundry announces 90nm Flash technology
Renesas, TSMC tout licensable MCU platform using 40-nm eFlash
ARM CTO looks at architecture scaling for 2020 solutions
Nufront's third-generation mobile applications processor integrates Cadence DDR3/3L/LPDDR2 memory interface IP
Inline onboard programmer for high-speed in-system programming
Automated 3D solder paste optical inspection
Altium and NXP to deliver component content online for AltiumLive
Low-power 32-bit microcontrollers provide first development platforms for DALI and DMX512 wired lighting control systems
FPGA-based I/O module improves flexibility of JTAG embedded Instruments
Development platforms support DALI, DMX512 application worlds
One small step for RAM...
ARM announces availability of 'Seahawk' A15 hard macro
Future of mobile devices to be debated at FWS 2012
Energy Micro MCU minimizes power consumption in e-paper display solution
LG Display starts mass production of flexible plastic electronic paper display
ThreadX-Lite fully integrated with IAR Embedded Workbench
IAR Embedded Workbench tool supports ARM Cortex-M0+ and Freescale's Kinetis L series
GainSpan selects IAR Embedded Workbench as primary development tool chain for MCU Drivers
Multi-cores tackle human interface
Board merger accelerates boundary scan project development
Sensirion consolidates presence in Scandinavia, France and eastern Europe
MCU family delivers cost-effective digital control to reduce energy footprint
The battle has begun between Flash and FRAM
Switching regulator features minimum quiescent current
High voltage reed relays feature up to 15kV stand-off at 50W switching
TI announces partnership to take OMAP into robotics
Test systems focuse on network characteristics of ECUs, support FlexRay
Evaluation kit provides practical training for embedded system access
1-W DC/DC converter in SIP7 case offers 6-fold lower isolation capacitance
Dialog Semiconductor pioneers integration of 32-bit ARM processor in a mixed signal PMIC
Smartphone to become authentication token for securing data on PCs
Big.LITTLE moves into embedded
Freescale initiative supports board designers
Integrated LTE smartphone platform on a single die
TI and Aricent collaborate on small cell protocol stack optimized for KeyStone multicore processors
Energy Micro releases energy friendly ARM Cortex-M4 products
Quad-core mobile CPU from Samsung described at ISSCC
100-core processor doubles performance and cuts consumption in half for Android 4.0 devices
LSI adds ARM to network multicore chips
Electronic ballasts aimed at 20 to 150W metal halide lamps
Non-isolated 2A switching regulator in a SIP3 design
Mouser now stocking NXP Semiconductor’s LPC4300 Cortex-M4 / M0 MCUs
Shift to commercial embedded boards creates shifts in the defence market
Dual supply voltage ARM Cortex-M0 microcontrollers claim world first
SLC NAND Flash product family targets embedded applications
Rambus buys memory startup for $35 million
Supercapacitor LED flash/torch controller IC overcomes LED camera flash limitations
Digi-Key signs global distribution for LEMO
Small-footprint auto-focus auxiliary flash LEDs
Infineon re-enters ARM market with motor control families
Renesas integrates resolver sensor interface to MCU
32bit microcontroller with built-in resolver sensor interface for electric vehicle motors
Digital AC LED lighting and communications developer’s kit
SMD switching regulators offer remote ON/OFF control
e-Paper platforms for industrial applications
Electronic 3-axis CMOS MEMS NanoCompass evaluation kits
Analyst claims Windows on ARM will not be much of a success
Flash revenue expected to overtake DRAM in 2012
Ultrabooks expected to drive growth of cache SSDs
Report: Apple buys Anobit for $390 million
LucidLogix shows software speed up for GPUs
50x50mm computer module combines ARM Cortex A8 processor with DSP and 2D/3D graphics
Electrically conductive adhesive compatible with lower-cost, tin-terminated components
Low power MCU with integrated LCD cuts medical system costs
Low power MCU with integrated LCD cuts system cost of consumer medical devices
Microchip expands PIC range with lowest active current and new low-power sleep modes
Freescale adds low end processors to i.MX 6 family for industrial multimedia
Single chip TransferJet wireless LSI
Single SoC solution for smart ZigBee RF4CE motion sense remote controls
'Accelerated' Android 4.0 available on ARM dev boards
Flash memory rights protection – or protectionist?
Rad-tolerant 3-volt NOR flash memory organized as 8Mx8 or 4Mx16
Solution-based fabrication techniques for flex and stretch electronics
ARM drives into embedded applications with new module format
Freescale, Macronix's combine serial Flash with Qorivva microcontroller for automotive dashboard displays
Globalfoundries and ARM announce 20-nm chip tape out
ARM leads in the automotive market
Apple in talks to buy flash memory firm
Thermocouple data logger for temperature ranges from -200 to 1350°C
Renesas unveils 40nm embedded flash memory IP for automotive real-time applications
First 40nm embedded flash for real-time automotive applications
Motor control kit combines a Stellaris microcontroller with TI's InstaSPIN-BLDC solution
Non-insulated 0.5A switching regulators with efficiency up to 96%
USB thermometer probes offer 0.1°C resolution at ±0.5°C accuracy
Xilinx demos, ships Zynq-7000 devices
Dow Corning enters long-term silane supply deal with Air Products
Xilinx ships the first parts in its Zynq-7000 extensible processing platform
PandaBoard ES equips open source mobile developers with TI's OMAP4460 processor
Imec reports smallest fully-functional HfO2-based Resistive RAM cell
Industry’s fastest ARM Cortex-M4 and Cortex-M3 microcontrollers start shipping
System-In-Package European project PARSIMO awarded €4.9 million
Silvaco Europe and partners receive funding for PARSIMO SiP European design project
Samsung samples first dual-core ARM A15 chips for tablet PCs
NXP reveals ARM Cortex-M0 MCUs with integrated USB drivers
Surface mount WiFi module measures 20- x 37-mm
Energy Micro software tool takes the guesswork out of battery life predictions
Microprocessors with integrated industrial communication protocols accelerate industrial automation designs
Efficient optical beam sensor line in M18 plastic housing
Instrument cluster: a landscape in transition
Microsoft calls for 'cloud' flash, server SoCs
PFC control IC reduces noise sensitivity for electronic ballast and SMPS
NXP focuses Cortex-M0 32-bit microcontrollers on the 8-bit space
Spain, Nvidia plan ARM-based supercomputer
Drive stepper motor controller takes 75VDC input and outputs up to 3.85A RMS
ARM boosts graphics performance with 64bit T658 GPU multicore design
RS Components now stocks the STM32F4 Discovery Kit from STMicroelectronics
Intelligent power switch delivers improved reliability and performance
Multicore takes a new direction
CSR to launch new navigation platforms
Calxeda could spur 32-bit microserver market
ARM buys optimization tools company
Win one of seven TWR-K70F120M kits
Low-pin-count 32-bit ARM MCUs in high-volume TSSOP and SO packages target 8/16-bit applications
Flexible e-paper in place of office printer paper
ARM unveils 64-bit architecture
Atmel promises to expand ARM portfolio to almost 200, and adds floating point
Freescale, Green Hills team on virtualization
LSI to acquire SandForce for $370 million
TSMC's R&D chief sees 10 years of scaling
Product platform integrates ARM Cortex-M4, -A5 cores
LED switched power supplies with improved insulation
ARM Cortex-A7 combines 5x better efficiency and higher performance for smartphones and tablets
Freescale tackles automotive infotainment, mobile devices with combination of ARM Cortex-A7 and Cortex-A15
Nordic Semiconductor adds Mouser to its global distributor list
ARM and TSMC tape out first 20nm ARM Cortex-A15 multicore processor
Digi-Key and flash vendor Macronix sign global distribution partnership
CFast card kits meet latest standard for flash-based memory cards
ARM deployments outgrowing world’s population
SuVolta to talk low power at ARM TechCon
Macronix supports new JEDEC Standard JESD216 SFDP across its Serial Flash memory portfolio
NXP to offer emWin graphic library free with ARM microcontrollers
Stellaris ARM Cortex-M4F microcontrollers deliver analog integration, best-in-class low power and floating-point performance
Embedded instrumentation for high-speed RAM access test
ST claims most powerful Cortex MCU
ARM-based development kit meets MIL-STD 1553
Space saving switches for cutting edge control panels
Open source ARM-based development platforms featured at Maker Faire
Plastic Logic launches shatter-proof electronic textbook
Atollic realigns for generic ARM support
Renesas releases free-of-charge self-test MCU Software for safety compliance
ARM expected to record highest growth in MCU market
Multicore SoC targets latest STBs for the connected home
ARM Cortex-M0 based 32-bit MCUs for cost-sensitive motor and LCD control
Kontron moves in to ARM architecture
Dual core MCU targets 3D auto displays
New WLCSP packaged PLD offers benefits for low density PLD designs
Boundary Scan module provides five ports for the universal test of industrial interfaces
Johnson Controls and Saft agree to end Li-ion automotive battery joint venture
CoSynth hosts system level synthesis tutorial
ARM extends Michigan research deal
Electronics enters era of 'systemic risk'
Industrial-grade panel controls target avionics
IAR now supports Cortex-R4 MCU from TI
ARM wrestles with silicon, battery hurdles
IBM demos cognitive computer chips
Smart skin powered by solar cells
TSMC's A6 processor to respin, says report
Intel Capital launches $300M ultrabook fund
V850 MCU platform for Continua-certified blood glucose meter agent
Serial ATA, PCIe converge for flash drives
FPGA embedded intelligent IP enables ultra-fast Flash programming
EUV delay will slow NAND supply growth
2001 Electronic Components signs distribution of Lumotech's LED drivers
‘Unbreakable’ security IP now on Flash-based cSoCs
Swiss contract manufacturer Escatec to drastically increase its R&D headcount and turnover
Soft memory device opens door to new biocompatible electronics
HiSilicon extends ARM licenses for 3G/4G
Cypress and UMC deliver ICs on new low-power 65-nm SONOS embedded flash technology
32bit MCU dev kit provides 24bit audio
A million ARM cores to host brain simulator
Next generation dual high-speed CAN delivers improved performance and vehicle efficiency
Ultra-low power 8/16-bit AVR XMEGA MCU includes USB and high-precision analog systems
ARM invests in smart grid startup
Rugged precision accelerometers addresses the ±1 g to ±15 g scale range
Rugged, precision analog accelerometers offer quick shipment benefits
Amantys secures USD 7 million Series A funding for its digital power platform
Surface mount HCSL oscillators target volume applications
Latest MCU core delivers greater performance
X-FAB adds eFlash to high-voltage 0.18 micrometer foundry offering
OEM Bluetooth printer for iPhone or iPad
Researchers develop 'electronic skin' for structural faults
Swissbit signs global distribution agreement with Digi-Key
2400 MHz DRO replacement delivers low phase noise
Freescale 16-bit microcontroller aims at body applications
Cost-efficient LIN bus communication on PXI basis
Optical character recognition reads Asian characters without pre-learning
SST and Inside Secure enter design partnership around Superflash embedded memory
ARM acquires Obsidian, becomes part of validation team
32bit MCU kit targets hobbyists
AMD makes Fusion CPU, GPU agnostic
Dual-core, real-time MCU combines DSP and ARM M3
Secure boot and multi-layer encryption on DSPs and DSP + ARM processors
Dialog adds ARM multicore support for next generation of system level power management ICs
Boundary scan now combined with real time test of GBit LAN interfaces
Energy Micro makes double distributor appointment in South Korea
Cost-effective analysis system for structure-borne noise
ARM to play in games consoles, says analyst
Premier Farnell launches the element14 knode interactive platform for design tools selection
Unified embedded software debugging platform from virtual prototypes to hardware emulation
ARM adds cache coherency to AMBA 4
Signal processing for optical sensors
AMETEK Solidstate Controls now offers battery time remaining display reading
Android 2.1 runs on MCU
European EMS firm broken in three
Microsemi partners Ariane Controls to develop FPGAs to drive Smart Grid and electric vehicle advances
First Arduino-compatible 32bit MCU development platform launched
Online configurator offers DIY kits for power electronic assemblies
Analyst: AMD-ARM deal makes no sense
Modular gang test system with integrated UUT power supply
Samsung offers 64Gbit MLC NAND Flash using Toggle DDR 2.0 interface
Flextronics, MEMC expand solar partnership
Industrial-grade CompactFlash card connectors with integrated ejection mechanism
IHS: Intel's tri-gates to keep ARM at bay
Nvidia agrees to pay $367 million for Icera
Goepel electronic joins the open source initiative goJTAG
ARM to win 13% PC processor share in 2015, says IDC
120lm/W white LEDs in 3.1x3.8x065mm packages for architectural lighting
Intel tips 22-nm tri-gate, but mobile is MIA
Car charging connectors meet global standards
AMETEK expands Digital Process Power product sizes
TRW rolls new vacuum sensor to support brake actuation systems
Flash data storage startup raises $6 million
Report: Toshiba forced to halve NAND output
Slim-line DC fan for compact high power applications
PXI 6161 communication controller supports MOST150 test
Intel and Micron deliver new 20-nanometer process for 8GB MLC NAND flash
ARM adds AllWinner and extends Telechips deal
Scalable multifunctional controllers for Goepel’s boundary scan platform
MIPS: Android remains processor neutral
USB Flash drive/SD card functionality in rugged package
Low cost dev kit for Kinetis
Low-cost 8-bit microcontrollers claim low-cost LCD control with industry-leading low power
TRW brings Electric Park Brake to front axle
LED-based retail downlights and track-lights to enter stores
NXP releases LIN transceiver supports robust nodes in LIN bus systems
Earthquake's impact on global NAND Flash bit supply to result in less than 4% shrink in 2Q11
ONFi NAND Flash controller IP core
Intel plans sub-10W Atom server CPU
Digi-Key corporation achieves USD1.5 billion sales milestone
Digi-Key joins the China Electronics Distributor Alliance as founding member
SpringSoft completes OpenAccess-compatible IC layout flow solution
Floating-point MCUs come with model-based design software
Industry’s first system-on-chip two-way radio enabling cost effective digital radios
ARM, Fujitsu Semi in strategic licence agreement
Gartner: Tablets eat into 2011 PC sales
Floating-point microcontroller for extreme temperatures up 210 °C
Agilent aims waveform generator at military scenarios
Xilinx provides first product details for EPP ARM-based devices
Fujitsu Semiconductor and ARM sign comprehensive license  agreement
NXP renews MCU partner role with ARM
Renesas adds to 32bit MCU range
JEDEC publishes new Universal Flash Storage (UFS) standard
World’s smallest JTAG/boundary scan controller
Free MCU kits on offer
Closing the gap between MCU and x86
Stretchable solar cells could power artificial electronic 'super skin'
Production-oriented AOI programs visualises all process variations
Accellera approves universal Verification Methodology (UVM) standard
NXP expands industrial control series to support energy-efficient controls and appliances
UDE 3.0 optimizes the extended test and debug capabilities of the Cortex-M4 core
Energy friendly microcontrollers are offered in space-saving QFP48 package
UK company chooses OMAP for its latest SBC
ARM Cortex-M3 micros combine 1MByte Flash with many connectivity options
Avnet Electronics launches global technical ARM seminars
Qualcomm tips quad-core Snapdragon plan
Broadcom-ARM deal hits MIPS
Custom electronic enclosure design and production services
Secure microcontroller brings smart card security to device authentication
Multiple cores power fifth generation of TI's OMAP
Footwear and fashion to drive UHF passive RFID item-level tagging growth
Strategic Test releases world's first Freescale i.MX53 processor DIMM module
ARM updates roadmap with Kingfisher, Cygnet
Silica launches 'Core 'n More' programme to support microcontroller customers
VVA and VGA products target high linearity applications to 6 GHz
ARM announces two new Cortex-R series processors for real-time applications
Modular PXI system for CAN communications
Microsoft calls for 16-core server SoCs
Four-core ARM A9 to run Sony game console
Arasan adds Universal Flash Storage IP core to its portfolio
CSR signs A5, A9 multicore deals with ARM
ISQED plans tutorials focused on low power and design quality
'Universal' memory aims to replace flash/DRAM
NAND flash market set to grow 18 percent in 2011
Wireless beacons for new and existing machines
Industrial 8GB secure digital card with intelligent wear-levelling
ECC toolbox could extend scaling while defining a new nand Flash interface standard
ARM, IBM extend collaboration down to 14-nm
ZMDI and SE Spezial-Electronic sign distribution agreement
Analog Bits becomes first IP provider to deliver PLL products on 28-nm low power Common Platform process
Toshiba announces its first ARM Cortex microcontrollers with on-chip USB Device
GlobalFoundries opens for 28-nm business
Analyst: Intel missed mobile boat
Micron COO talks 450-mm, 3-D, EUV
Intel, Nvidia ink cross-licensing deal
Freescale multicore SoCs provide computing power to driver assistant systems and consumer devices
Content protection support for premium Interactive-TV
Industrial and Commercial DDR500 SDRAM
Analyst: Intel to break ARM
Windows 8 will run on ARM
Nvidia to attack CPU market with ARM
Microsoft commits to porting Windows to ARM
Freescale magnetometer shrinks e-compass for mobile gear
Freescale raises the bar with high-performance, low-power multicore processors
Ambarella SoC said to enable 'smart camera'
Top ten of EE Times Automotive in 2010
High-speed switched-bit 63-dB attenuator
In-system emulation technology VarioTAP supports TigerSHARC DSPs
Combo sensor integrates functionality of six individual sensors in one package
IMFT Singapore NAND fab set to start 2Q11
IBM Research teams with AZ for IC materials
JEDEC plans publication of the next-generation Universal Flash Storage standard
Extended software interface standard with dsp library announced
ARM to increase industrial/medical sector market share to 2015
PCB heater assemblies for low temperature applications
Capacitive touch solution helps control innovative, LED-based user interface on new Epson multi-function printers
Foremost introduces electric vehicle charging connectors into the UK
Rutronik offers FFLI film capacitor for DC filtering
Intel, Micron tip air-gap in NAND
Renesas Electronics joins the DALI AG
Ixys revives Zilog amid a power trip
EU Commission plans to mandate ABS for motorbikes
IAR first to support the ARM Cortex A5
ETSI supports EC regulations for secure electronic signatures
Flash memory devices that extend the life of NAND
Analyst: 2011 NAND flash market to grow 16 percent
Micrium RTOS supports Cypress PSoC 5 ARM Cortex-M3 development platform
16-bit MCU family delivers 41 DMIPS processing power at 70-uA/MHz power consumption
Renesas reveals two-channel master single-chip IO-Link solution
ARM 64-bit CPUs coming soon, says report
Single-chip DECT ICs with QSPI flash interface
Cypress offers cash and prizes for winners of the ARM Cortex-M3/PSoC 5 Design Challenge
Atmel ports QTouch to ARM-based MCUs
Amlogic offers Cortex-A9 processor with HDTV
ARM, Cisco, others back MCU startup
Nanoscale light sensor combines with near-atomic-size electronic circuitry
2Gb NOR flash memory targets interactive 3D applications
PayPal exec charts future of mobile money
Micron introduces NOR flash device for automotive applications
ARM reveals its next-generation Mali GPU, targets general purpose computing
Microsemi unveils 65-nm embedded flash platform
Blade-type SSD 24x108.9x3.7mm modules deliver capacities up to 256GB
Ultra-small 2.4 GHz MDA ceramic chip antenna
Linaro demos first open source efforts
16-bit IO-Link microcontrollers for industrial sensors with 56 percent smaller package size
Startup opens retina implant fab
Dual core ARM/DSP targets industrial vision systems
Omron and STMicroelectronics join efforts on smart gas metering
Mentor and ARM link for memory test
IP technology enhances use of chip-embedded test and debug Instruments
Q3 results: What analysts are saying
RS Components to sponsor internships at ARM
Entry-level 32-bit MCUs feature from 16 to 512 Kbytes of embedded Flash
EMI filter plates feature 1500 VDC flash protection
Microcontrollers with 2.5MB built-in SRAM eliminates external buffer memory
Tiny KNX-RF module targets building automation
Hitachi and Johnson Controls join forces on advanced energy storage
EDA sales shifting east, EDAC report shows
Altera announces A9 MPCore intent, increases commitment to embedded systems market
ARM, SMIC extend partnership to 40-nm node
Grace enhances automotive foundry offering
LSI debuts 28nm chip design service
Xilinx introduces AMBA 4 AXI4 IP cores
Electronic nose sniffs out medical conditions
Atego ships its first multi-core Virtual Machine for ARM processors
Software tools port ARM code to DSP
Multicore platform adds coherency to take on competition
Nvidia: ARM smartphones will bury x86 PCs
NAND usage in tablets expected to triple
Microchip unveils PIC microcontrollers for single-phase, multi-function smart-metering
New franchise promises performance
Storage DRAM and flash modules for industrial applications
150 MHz MCU claims industry's highest ARM Cortex-M3 performance
User interface framework and tool kit
Renesas Electronics plans new measures to strengthen microcontroller business
Chinese IC developer uses ARM's Osprey for laptop designs
First true 0.9-V microcontroller enables multiple applications to run from a single-cell battery
ARM-powered multi-core chip to reshape laptop market
ARM adds Dolby for STB
Broadcom and Philips partner on Bluetooth and gestural interfaces
Intelligent Battery project opens new ground in energy storage applications
ARM, in servers push, describes the Cortex-A15 CPU
Complete touch design flow from analysis to design rule checks
Orion may shine for portable device OEMs
Dual core MCUs target factory automation
Battery spring contact unit for modular use
Elpida enters NAND fray
Software tool instantly resolves low power MCU pin conflicts
Toshiba rolls 24-nm NAND flash
Toshiba launches 24nm process NAND flash memory
Semikron intelligent power modules to support growing Chinese wind energy market
ARM7 gets 40-bit, virtualization support
Intel tips 'Soda Creek' line of SSDs
In-system emulation technology VarioTAP now supports the ARM11 core
Startup developing probability processor
ARM, ATIC, TI invest $48M in server chip startup
Samsung, Seagate develop flash drive controllers
1-channel current/voltage data loggers offer 16-bit resolution
TI announced as the first licensee of the next generation ARM Cortex-A series processor core
TI announced as the first licensee of the next generation ARM Cortex-A series processor core
Wind River joins Open Screen Project
ST offers dual-core Cortex-A9 processor for embedded apps
Belgian EDA startup, Sigasi announces first round funding
New hardware programmer to support Actel's flash FPGAs
ARM continues to dominate in mobile, while support for graphics processor grows
Microsoft takes ARM architectural license
ARM blocked from server market
TDK-Lambda collaborates with Thermastrate to advance thermal materials for power supply magnetics
ARM, TSMC ink strategic agreement
TSMC and ARM extend optimisation agreement for 20nm
Germany backs Infineon ECU research with $6.2 million
MSC offers Atmel's low-power 32-bit AVR UC3L MCU
MCUs still offer best option for low power operation, says ARM
Lattice releases 90 reference designs for the MachXO and ispMACH 4000ZE PLDs
Increased Flash for low power MCUs
SPI Flash memory devices offer low power benefits
Low cost boundary scan controller for PCI Express
LynxOS-SE supports ARM Cortex-A8 on a TI OMAP 3 for secure mobile applications
HawkBoard development platform combines ARM processor and a DSP, with Linux
Microchip continues to divest NOR assets
IAR Systems offers power debugging tool in IAR Embedded Workbench for ARM
Goepel electronic expands GATE Partner Program in Asia
1.8-V Serial Flash family supports low-power electronic devices
Smart consumer devices market to explode
Audi presents future active safety technologies
TI offers low-cost development kit for MSP430 Value Line MCUs
Will Spansion succeed or fail again?
ARM to lead EC funded EuroCloud green data centre research initiative
Indian semi market grew 15% in 2009, says study
Software defined modem solution targets LTE handsets
Toshiba launches a 128 GB embedded NAND flash memory module
Vertically optimized 32/28nm design platform announced
Goepel electronic and Agilent Technologies join efforts on boundary scan solution
ESilicon aims to become EMS for fabless chip companies
Macronix paves the way for 3-D flash
IBM's 'fab club' enters high-k era
Digi-Key's European sales more than double in first quarter of 2010
Startup SeaMicro packs 512 Intel Atoms in server
QNX to provide software platform for next-gen Audi infotainment system
ARM announces hardware-assisted software debug solution
ARM Cortex-A8 MPUs target low-power, high-performance applications
Samsung supplied ARM core in Apple iPad
Boundary scan fixture enables structural test of AMC modules for ATCA systems
ARM, Freescale, IBM, Samsung, ST, TI form Linux venture
Kilopass unveils programmable 4-Mb non-volatile IP
Low-power 8-bit MCU features LCD driver, 5-V operation and on-chip 12-bit ADC
Leaders lost share in 2009 wafer market, says Gartner
CSR's SiRFatlasV boosts integration in consumer navigation systems
Architecture readied for embedded processor enhancements
TSMC announces 0.18-micron automotive grade embedded flash IP
Avnet targets Japan with Unidux acquisition
Dell taps Android, Snapdragon for mini tablet
New tube: Interview with GoogleTV's top engineer
Compact power electronics systems for vehicles offer power density of 20 kVA/litre
Dell, IBM give thumbs up to ARM servers
Chaos hits NOR flash supply chain
Rugged compact flash connector and cover sets
Atmel unveils world's smallest flash microcontroller package
Intel CEO says the ARM way is no way to make money
Radio bridge module, an alternative to cables!
Marvell plans 40-nm ARM server processors
In-System emulation technology VarioTAP extended to non JTAG debug interfaces
FPGA expansion board speeds Stellaris MCU M2M design
Piccolo MCU gets LED controller DC/DC developer kit
Price hikes seen for silicon wafers
Win three Renesas SH7216 starter kits
Sourcery G++ improves embedded application performance
ARM Web site powered, in part, by ARM cores
IAR correlates software with dev board power
25.8% billing increase year-on-year for the uk electronic components sector
Delta Electronics targets home appliances with low-cost EMI filters
Boundary scan module to test DDR3 memory interfaces
Scalable verification platform offers low-power analysis plus metric-driven verification
Xilinx rolls ARM-based architecture for embedded systems
ARM's SoC platform solution increases real-time debug and trace visibility
Synapse and Silicon Labs release solution for wireless mesh networking
Audi brings predictive emergency brake to the road
ARM stock rises on Apple takeover talk
HID ballast control IC simplifies design for Industrial HID lighting
RS Components joins the mbed revolution
Numonyx® M58BW (Automotive-dedicated NOR Flash family, 3V, burst)
STMicroelectronics unveils ARM Cortex-M3 based MCUs on 130nm process
4x7mm IO-Link SoC slave solution for automation sensors
Comment: Has Intel's Android move wrong-footed Microsoft?
Win one of ten ultra-low power wireless MCU development kits
Instrumentation grade reed relays operate up to 7GHz
Accellera and The SPIRIT Consortium complete merger
Reports: Intel has ported Android to Atom
MCU market sees recovery
E-books drive electronic paper display shipments to 417% year-on-year growth
EnOcean brings exhibition and training to London
ACAL to sell Swissbit memory in UK and France
Keil adds support for Actel’s SmartFusion mixed signal FPGAs
Altreonic bundles its real-time tools
In-system emulation technology VarioTAP to support Xilinx FPGAs
Verum gains patent for formal methods-based tool
ARM Cortex-M3 32-bit microcontrollers ship in 6x6mm package
SATA3.0 IP addresses 6Gbit/s SSD applications
ARM boosted startup with Belgian DSP
Energy Micro adds two to strengthen sales and marketing
NEC expands 8-bit series with precision analog sensing
Automated hierarchical test of multi chip modules
Microsemi buys White Electronic for $100 million
Avnet to pay $594M for Bell Micro
Digi-Key signs global distribution deal with Sanyo Semiconductor
Digi-Key signs global distribution deal with Sanyo Semiconductor
Crossware updates Embedded Development Studio
IAR Systems supports Actel's new SmartFusion mixed signal FPGAs
Toshiba to add NAND fab in Japan
ARM joins Genivi board
HiTOP debugger now supports Windows 7
Spring-loaded probe connectors withstand up to 500.000 cycles
Goepel electronic expands GATE partner program
Goepel electronic delivers a model library for the PIC32MX
ARM adds smart card core based on Cortex-M0
Digi-Key launches the NXP SimPort design center
Custom electronic paper display drivers target electronic shelf labels
White LED flash driver boosts picture quality in mobile phones
Analyst: High-priced hardware will kill Google Chrome
Comment: Surviving the mobile systems stampede
European POLARIC project aims at rolling out organic electronic circuits
Visitors up 16% at Embedded World
Compact graphic display fit for control switches
12-/8-channel system monitors simplify current monitoring
Nanotech fuels high-density power source
ARM upgrades AMBA spec for on-chip comms
Micrium supports Actel SmartFusion FPGAs
OSCI releases first analog/mixed-Signal standard for SystemC-based design
Renesas Technology's 32bit RX610 group in mass production
UK publishers partner for Live event
Decompiling the ARM architecture code
Silicon Labs launches lowest power wireless microcontrollers
Energy Micro goes Tiny with less flash and RAM
Altium adds Cortex-M support to TASKING VX toolset
STMicroelectronics delivers 90nm STM32 MCU with unique flash accelerator
Miniature high power terminations and attenuators

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This month Ambiq Micro is giving away five of its 'Apollo EVB' evaluation boards, worth 9 each for EETimes Europe’s readers to assess the capabilities of their cutting-edge Apollo sub-threshold microcontroller.

The new suite of Apollo MCUs is based on the 32-bit ARM Cortex-M4 floating point microcontroller and redefines 'low power' with energy consumption that is typically five to...


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Infotainment Making HDTV in the car reliable and secure

December 15, 2011 | Texas instruments | 222901974

Unique Ser/Des technology supports encrypted video and audio content with full duplex bi-directional control channel over a single wire interface.


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