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ADC driver delivers industry's highest performance-to-power ratio by 8x

March 29, 2012 // Paul Buckley

ADC driver delivers industry's highest performance-to-power ratio by 8x

Texas Instruments Incorporated has introduced a fully differential analog-to-digital converter (ADC) driver that claims to provide more than eight times the performance-to-power ratio of similar devices.

The THS4531 fully differential amplifier uses 250 uA of quiescent current while providing 36 MHz of bandwidth to support the high-performance, ultra-low power needs of portable and high-density systems, such as flow meters and portable medical devices.
The THS4531 features a bandwidth of 36 MHz, a slew rate of 220 V/us and a fast settling time of 150 ns to 0.01 percent reduces data acquisition time for driving high sample rate converters.

In power-down mode the device operates to 0.5 uA  with a quiescent current of 250 uA, and 2.5-V to 5-V supply operation allows battery-powered operation and flexible power supply selection.  The device provides 16-bit accuracy to drive ADCs, such as the ADS8317 and ADS1278, as well other DC-coupled applications.

The THS4531’s flexible negative-rail input common mode and rail-to-rail output enables simplified interface design with single-ended, ground-based signal sources and differential successive approximation register (SAR) and delta-sigma ADCs.

The device measures 2 mm x 2 mm and claims to be the industry’s smallest, high-speed, fully differential amplifier, making it suitable for use in high-density applications.

Availability and Pricing

The THS4531 is available in 2-mm x 2-mm QFN, 3-mm x 5-mm MSOP and 5-mm x 6-mm SOIC package options for a suggested retail price of US$1.10 in 1,000-unit quantities.
The THS4531DGKEVM evaluation module is available to speed evaluation of the THS4531. The module can be ordered today for $149. PSPICE and TINA-TI Spice models are also available, along with a TINA-TI reference design.

More information about the THS4531ADC driver at

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