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Anti-counterfeiting measure: the authorized directory of semiconductor distributors

September 30, 2010 // Julien Happich

Anti-counterfeiting measure: the authorized directory of semiconductor distributors

To counteract the growing problem of counterfeit and substandard semiconductors entering the global marketplace, the Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA) and Rochester Electronics have joined to develop a comprehensive, worldwide directory of companies that are authorized by original semiconductor manufacturers to distribute their products.

Only authorized distributors can guarantee traceability and authenticity of components; buying authorized eliminates the potential risk of purchasing counterfeit or substandard parts. The Authorized Directory provides two quick and easy worldwide search tool options to help buyers find authorized distributors: search by semiconductor manufacturer, or search by part number. Access the Electronics Authorized Directory at

"With all of the reports about counterfeit and substandard semiconductors appearing on manufacturing floors and in maintenance inventories, it is vital that OEMs know how to avoid becoming victimized," said George Karalias, director of marketing and communications at Rochester Electronics.

"Just this month, two Florida individuals were indicted for conspiracy, trafficking in counterfeit goods, and mail fraud. In two years, the accused generated over $15.8 million in gross receipts selling counterfeit components they acquired from China and Hong Kong. Some of these components, falsely marked as 'military grade,' went to the U.S. Navy and defense contractors.

This is the reason we created The Authorized Directory - so that customers can instantly know who the authorized sources are for every semiconductor brand. If you can't purchase your semiconductors from the original manufacturer, you should be purchasing from an authorized distributor."
Daryl Hatano, SIA Vice President of Public Policy said, "The purpose of the Authorized Directory is simple. It is your handbook for finding an authorized distributor who will guarantee the traceability of the parts you need.

The SIA Anti-Counterfeit Task Force, Rochester Electronics, and the listed semiconductor manufacturers are providing this service to ensure the reliability and safety of the products you purchase. This useful tool will be valuable to customers and will seriously reduce the problems associated with counterfeit and substandard products currently in the supply chain."
Visit Rochester Electronics at

Visit the SIA at

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