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Cadence offers always-on sensor fusion platform

February 19, 2014 // Peter Clarke

Cadence offers always-on sensor fusion platform

Cadence Design Systems Inc. (San Jose, Calif.) has announced that the FreeMotion Library from Sensor Platforms Inc. (San Jose, Calif.) has been ported to a Tensilica audio DSP to create a sensor fusion platform.

Although the DSP is designed for audio and voice applications it is Cadence's smallest, lowest power DSP core and is suitable for "always-on" applications. Sensor Platforms has used those features to create an always-on sensor fusion and context awareness platform.

The FreeMotion Library running on the Tensilica core is scheduled to be available from Cadence in the second quarter of 2014, Cadence said.

The FreeMotion Library is a middleware layer that interprets inertial and other sensor data to determine the position and orientation of a device and the context of the user. The use of multiple sensor inputs increases reliability of the context awareness and helps reduce false positives and the "always-on" feature allows algorithms determine a context even when devices are not in use. However, power consumption needs to minimal and the context awareness needs to be capable of being suspended as battery levels reduce.

"The Cadence Tensilica HiFi DSP core lets device makers offload these functions from the applications processor, significantly extending battery life," said Frank Shemansky, SPI's vice president of business development, in a statement issued by Cadence.

Sensor Platforms is a venture-funded company founded in 2004. The company recently announced that it has been working with Murata Manufacturing Co. Ltd. to provide sensor fusion for indoor navigation and activity-monitoring. The combinationof a pedestrian dead reckoning algorithm combined with a Murata pressure sensor for determination of relative height currently under development, is expected to minimize the errors that build up when long distances are travelled without reference to satellite data, such as within a shopping mall.

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