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Developer portal to support fast integration of industrial Ethernet interfaces

May 27, 2010 // Julien Happich

Developer portal to support fast integration of industrial Ethernet interfaces

Innovasic Semiconductor's new web-based Developer Portal provides access to a complete industrial Ethernet design solution that includes development tools and personalized technical support. The portal is conceived as a secure and private workspace with tutorials, design and conformance testing resources, online access to evaluation hardware, comprehensive FAQs, and direct technical support.

Having these resources in one place allows designers to quickly assess and integrate an Industrial Ethernet interface into their product. The Developer Portal supports Innovasic's RapID Platform, which is an entire industrial Ethernet design platform that can be downloaded and installed through the portal.

The RapID Platform includes software, protocol stacks and technical documentation, as well as electronic copies of the schematics and Gerber layout files. Circuit designers can use these files to add Industrial Ethernet connectivity to their products. The Developer Portal also provides an optional free schematic review service that ensures completeness and robustness of the final product.

Another benefit of the portal is that developers gain access to a remote hardware lab, which provides a secure, online evaluation via the Internet without the need to have real hardware in house. Evaluation boards are also readily available at low cost to support development and prototyping in the customer's lab. 

“Our Developer Portal is designed to provide a unique experience that speeds up development for our customers,” said Keith Prettyjohns, Innovasic's CEO.  “It is exactly this commitment to assisting our customers and removing all roadblocks that will ensure the fastest time to market for their new products.  Our early adopters have already enjoyed this level of service and have been extremely pleased with the results.” 

The Developer Portal can be accessed from Innovasic's website at The complete RapID Platform can be downloaded via the portal free of charge for evaluation.

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