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Digital tachograph offers remote download, improved security

July 16, 2012 // Christoph Hammerschmidt

Digital tachograph offers remote download, improved security

Continental VDO has announced a new version of its digital tachograph for trucks and buses. The DTCO 2.0 features an improved remote data download function. In addition it meets the latest EU legislation for data security in telematics applications.

The highlight of the new tachograph is the optional VDO Counter function, the vendor says. It will be available for after-sales download beginning fall 2012. This software implements a personal assistant function for the driver, keeping him constantly updated on elapsed driving times and rest periods. When actively driving, the device informs the driver on how long he will be legally enabled to drive; during the rest periods it shows the remaining rest period and the following maximum driving time. 

The wireless remote download function has been improved: Fleet managers now can download the desired data also when the vehicle is inactive. A wake-up signal activates the DTCO automatically; the driver does not need to be involved. In order to establish the wireless connection, the device supports global cellular telecommunications networks as well WiFi for short distances. 

In addition, VDO also reacted to the latest EU legislation with respect to data security and resilience against tampering. Besides the speed signal, the DTCO also utilizes a second, independent signal to determine whether the truck is active. This so called Independent Motion Signal (IMS) has been standardized over the past years. The DTCO compares it against the speed data and performs a plausibility check. This cross-check has been implemented as a further measure against hampering attempts. 

The device also incorporates the new KITAS II+ speed sensor which meets the latest EU legal requirements. By means of an intelligent electronic circuitry this sensor detects and compensates external interferences at the installation location and thus it protects the interface between vehicle and signal transducer against manipulations. 

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