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Dual sensors in a single package, simplifying assembly process and reducing costs

June 26, 2012 // Paul Buckley

Dual sensors in a single package, simplifying assembly process and reducing costs

NXP Semiconductors N.V. has introduced a dual magnetic sensor designed for all automotive applications where a mechanical angle needs to be measured.

The KMA220 integrates two sensor systems in a single package and is suitable for throttle control applications where a redundant system solution is required.

Operating in a simple disk magnet configuration with no need for a PCB or external components, the KMA220 offers a unique solution to the automotive market.

The KMA220 is fully calibrated and ready to use, and incorporates three capacitors in addition to two sensors dies and two signal conditioning ASICs. This, combined with its dual nature, reduces system cost for customers and simplifies the assembly process. To achieve redundancy in throttle applications, car manufacturers have previously had to install two single sensors on a leadframe or onto a PCB, bending them to fit - typically requiring an expensive ring magnet configuration to operate. With the dual KMA220 sensor, only one simple installation is required.

The KMA220 uses NXP’s ABCD9 technology, an automotive platform at the cutting edge of analog mixed-signal integration. This technology is based on NXP’s CMOS 14 process and significantly improves performance compared to previous sensor products with integrated ASICs. The KMA220 is also qualified according to the new HMM (Human Metal Model) with excellent electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection and EMC performance.

NXP’s automotive sensor family is exceptionally robust, capable of operating at temperatures of up to 160 degrees C, compared to the industry average of 150. This is vital for use in EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) applications, where every degree counts.

Availability and Pricing

The KMX220 is available immediately. Indicative pricing is as follows:
$3.30 in quantities of 10k pieces or $2.60 US in quantities of 100k pieces.

More information about the KMA220 Dual Magnetic Sensor at

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