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Evaluation board for StarCore SC3850 announced

November 01, 2010 // Phil Ling

Evaluation board for StarCore SC3850 announced

Based on the PCI Express form factor, the MSC8156EVM is a low-cost evaluation module for the MSC815x and MSC825x family of programmable digital signal processors (DSPs) intended for medical, aerospace, defence and test/measurement applications. The EVM also includes intrinsics, application notes and 40+ DSP libraries, claimed to help porting from previous StarCore families or competitors' DSP architectures.

The MSC8156 Evaluation Module (MSC8156EVM) is a PCI Express short card form factor development solution that allows for the deployment of Freescale's highest performing DSPs alongside the company's QorIQ P4080 and P2020 multicore communications processors in a Single Board Computer format. MSC8156EVM comes with Freescale's SmartDSP OS (SDOS), the royalty-free DSP operating system, with integrated DSP drivers for many peripherals such as PCI Express, Ethernet and Serial RapidIO as well as DDR memory interfaces.

It also includes a three month evaluation license for Freescale's full-featured, Eclipse-based CodeWarrior Integrated Development Environment (IDE). Tools included in the offering are an efficient SC3850 C compiler, assembly optimiser, debugger and extensive profiling and software analysis tools.

Customers can purchase the evaluation kit for the price of $495 USD. Customers wishing to migrate to the more comprehensive MSC8156 Application Development System (MSC8156ADS) who have purchased the MSC8156EVM will receive a discount off the purchase of the MSC8156ADS platform. The discount represents the $495 cost of purchasing the MSC8156EVM.

For more information, visit www.freescale.com/starcore

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