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Executive Interview: Channelling higher power into smaller packages

March 11, 2014 // Paul Buckley

Executive Interview: Channelling higher power into smaller packages

EE Times Europe Power Management's editor, Paul Buckley interviews Phil Davies, VP Global Sales & Marketing of Vicor plc to discover what the leading power conversion company sees as the major technology trends of 2014 and how it plans to support sales growth in Europe.

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We are continuing to invest heavily in R&D and are constantly analysing where we can reduce power losses and improving what is a relatively new technology. Its not like trying to squeeze another fraction of a percentage point out of an old technology. We have plenty of headroom with our proprietary engines, topologies and architectures and are developing better component parts to help us meet this challenge.

EE Times Europe: What practical design resources are available from Vicor to European designers?

Davies: We are investing heavily in Field Application Engineers (FAE) support for European customers and in building up our three fully-equipped European technical support centres (TSCs) in the UK, Germany and Italy. We have also put in place a FAE certification programme and train FAEs from our distribution and representative partners to be fully conversant with our power conversion topologies and broad range of products. In addition, we are expanding our own FAE staff and run intensive training sessions and regular webinars to keep all our FAEs fully up to date. This represents a significant investment, one that our customers in Europe can benefit greatly from.

We constantly strive to equip our FAEs and customers with the best tools to select the right products and also to simulate their designs. To this end we introduced the web-based PowerBench suite, which now has a new tool called the Whiteboard. This enables engineers to build their power system designs online using any of the power modules and components available from Vicor and then to carry out an analysis of the system efficiency and thermal performance. From this analysis the engineer can go deeper and investigate the performance of the individual power blocks that make up the system. We are continuing to invest heavily in our tool portfolio and are updating in real time as we introduce new products to help simplify and speed-up the design process for our FAEs, and therefore our customers.
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