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News about Footwear And Fashion To Drive Uhf Passive Rfid Item Level Tagging Growth

Coaxial RFID antenna offers complete design flexibility
Computing platform tackles automated driving
Wheel hub drive offers superior power density at low cost
High-integration power device handles 600V square-wave motor drive
Fast isolated current sensing for inverters and drives
40/60V FETs for cordless appliances add logic-level drive by MCU
Secure solid state drive for embedded applications
Anite’s channel emulation and protocol expertise to contribute to 5G research
Toshiba releases 256Gb 48-layer BiCS FLASH
PCBs with embedded RFID get UL certification
Go active or stay passive?
56x36x6mm radio data transceiver connects to satellites
AC/DC converter control IC targets SiC drives
Not your regular radio top ten
Printed designer organic electronics
Continental demos new generation of e-powertrains
Synthesis engine boasts 10X RTL design productivity
Easy to program 3-phase brushless motor drive
Harmonic Drive to support academia in search of future talents
Electronic product code RFID through NFC
UBM-free WLCSP packaging technology targets wireless and power FPGA applications
MLCCs target UHF band applications
64GB solid state drive on a secure chip
Fan-out wafer level packaging fills gap to 3D, says Yole
Motor drive analyser leverages 8-channel, high-definition oscilloscope
Printed NFC tags detect opened goods
NFC as an IoT link enabler
RFID sensor tags to monitor road conditions
Sine-wave, motor pre-driver ICs cut vibration and power consumption
Rear axle becomes steerable… by wire
NAND Flash series targets automotive applications
Gartner predicts a softer chip market in 2015
UHF RFID sniffer operates in real time
UHF RFID development platform operates sensors and actuators
Samsung catching Intel fast in top 20 chip vendor ranking
Pressure monitoring RFID tag takes 0 bar to 30 bar
Motor tuning integrated with 12-V motor driver family
600V IGBTs are automotive-qualified for small-motor drives
960GB SSDs in 2.5” standard form-factor
UHF could usher in 'super-Wi-Fi'
Advanced wheel hub drive passes extensive driving tests
RFID tag monitors four load cells, battery-free
Strain/force tag enables RFID weight monitoring
Standard LED cooler supports high bay lighting demands
Passive oscilloscope probes tolerate temperature testing
Automotive photovoltaic MOSFET driver rated for engine-compartment modules
TRW power steering system in VW, Skoda, Audi and Fiat
NFC/RFID tag authenticates and configures embedded devices
Chip market growth continues to slow in September
Dual-band RFID antennas work with worldwide frequency bands
MEMS microphone yields better sound in loud environments
Software turns oscilloscope into power measurement platform
Clear conductive flexible films provide high electromagnetic shielding from 2 to 18 GHz
Nanium takes wafer-level packaging to XXL
Intelligent touch displays come with high-level command set
Two years of plenty coming for chip industry, says analyst
Low-profile photocouplers help shrink motor drive packages
Inverter design for brushless AC motor control with Renesas RX111 MCU kits
Read switch settings via RFID
Mini DIN series of low PIM connectors
Gate drive optocoupler integrate Flyback controller
LED-fitted tag operates as UHF RF field detector
RFID tags track honey bees
RFID ambient light sensor monitors tagged assets' exposure to light
Analyser targets intermodulation issues in TETRA
Power supply is designed for test and measurement applications
Low profile UHF vertical antenna suits harsh environments
Optical gate drives provide insights into power switch operation
Battery-free RFID resistance meter tag
Agilent and Cascade combine forces on wafer-level measurements
System-in-package motor drive simplifies appliance designs
Isolated Σ-Δ modulator boosts motor-drive efficiency
200°C automotive grade silicon capacitors come in die size
Infineon shrinks power modules for HEVs, EVs
Tactile skin gives prosthetics and robots a flexible touch
More HDD memory for a 24/7 surveillance society
Nokia forks out $100 million for Connected Car technology investments
Autonomous driving features gradually implemented in Gothenburg trial
Cloud-based NFC merges product traceability and direct marketing
HDMI interface with load switch and logic level translator
BMW updates navigation via mobile radio connection
BMW has most advanced connectivity, study says
Gen2 RFID tag aims at luxury goods protection
RFID temperature sensor tag takes from -30 to +300ºC
RFID tags talk to electronic appliances through I2C interface
Self-encrypting drive wipes itself out if breached
Passive network probe for LTE networks
UHF RFID – the radio technology of choice for Industry 4.0
Modular multi-standard readers tackle RFID migration process
Microinverters/DC optimizers drive solar PV sector growth
Intelligent power driver handles extreme temperatures
2.5A and 4A gate drive optocouplers boost power efficiency
DIN 4.1/9.5 adapters target low PIM aplications
RFID-based shopping assistant digs into fashion inventory
Off-grid LED agricultural lighting aims for growth
Bristol pumps £2m into silicon and high tech
Bistable RFID relay can be activated in range up to 1.5m
Silicon capacitors: a new solution for decoupling applications
High power filter open frame modules rated up to 400kW at 50Hz
Low passive inter-modulation distributed antenna system for indoor applications
Carmakers test C2X under winter conditions in Finland
Nanosheets alleviate lattice matching restrictions of epitaxial crystalline thin film growth
RFID market set to grow consistently over 2014 to 2024
HLS is dead, long live HLS? Time for a revolution
Additive photolithographic process yields micro flex circuits with 5um feature resolution
ARM powered Kinetis miniature MCUs come in 1.9x2mm WL-CSP
Systems shrink with solid state upgrade via Empower HPAs
RFID sensor tag integrates humidity sensor to monitor moisture level in granular materials
Bourns adds 3D, SPICE Model, S-Parameter and LTspice design files online
Volvo starts large test with robot cars on public roads
Microchip adds complete 3-phase BLDC motor drive capability
Board-level EMI shield comes with an assembly height as low as 1mm
Passive intermodulation analyser covers the 698 to 2690MHz frequency bands
Secure device-to-device LTE-A links could offload network traffic
Improved dielectric material yields higher reliability for eWLB packages, extends its use cases
RFID magnetometer tag enables instant magnetic field measurements
RFID antenna reliably recognises tools and production materials
UHF RFID test equipment supports extended read and write memory tests
RFID tag supports visual identification through flashing LED
Elatec RFID Systems opens its first US branch for regional expansion
Three-phase inverter with integrated PFC shrinks appliance motor drive design
Low-cost 0.6 µm resolution linear self-locking drive is engineered from thermoplastics
Infineon adds new transistors for UHF TV power amplifiers to broadens RF portfolio
First mass deployment of VDSL system level vectoring
FIPS-compliant secure processor IC integrates cryptographic acceleration instructions
RFID transponder designer´s kit targets automotive electronics
Small active asset management RFID tag boasts a five-year battery life
Endurance managed multi-level cell industrial SATA 2.5'' solid-state drive
Non-magnetic, copper barrier capacitors attract the attention of the medical market
Wireless battery free sensor systems continuously monitors and transmits data
IJTAG automated chip-to-system-level IP integration
Nujira selects ASE as packaging and test partner for handset Envelope Tracking chip
Monochrome TFT LCDs offer up too 700cd/m2 of brightness and 800:1 contrast ratios
Sensor-enabled RFID tags extend wireless data-logging beyond identification
Encoder-ready stepper motor controller
Engineers transfer all-wheel drive to e-bike
Water cooling boosts component reliability
UHF PCB antenna design online software tool targets RFID
Magnetic devices with water cooling for increased component reliability
Industrial semiconductor market reports positive first quarter
New NFC tags enable simple Wi-Fi and Bluetooth pairing
UHF transceiver for automotive applications enables simultaneous multi-channel data reception
New material paves way for high temperature capacitors in cars
Battery free tag monitors the correct orientation of items or machinery
16-nm node yields industry's smallest 128-Gb multi-level cell NAND Flash
RFID sensor tag needs no battery to monitor the correct orientation of high value assets
RFID antennas ready for integration into fibre composites
Battery free temperature sensor RFID tag can be read up to 1.5 meters away
Win one of three FiND-iT kits and experiment with EPC Gen 2 RFID label tags
Battery-free switch tag tracks open/close status
Battery free switch tag offers tracking benefits
Daimler brings car-to-x technology to production vehicles
Versatile RFID reader has a read range up to 2m
Battery-less wireless temperature sensors based on low power UHF RFID tags
Single RFID reader unit suits 125 kHz, 134.2 kHz and 13.56 MHz tags
Full passive UHF RFID sensor tag monitors pressure in sealed places
Low-side gate drive IC fits in compact SOT-23-5L package
ProximusDA teams with STMicroelectronics to develop distributed SOC TLM virtual prototypes
Printed, flexible and organic electronics will enjoy a solid growth over the next decade says IDTechEx
Electric vehicle go-slow hits SiC power devices
New growth opportunities for Electroactive Polymers
Battery-assisted passive EPC Gen2 RFID tag features temperature sensing
Integrated temperature sensor in BAP RFID chip is ideal for wireless real-time or data-logged monitoring
Video surveillance equipment spending could rise 114 percent from 2010 to 2016
Following 80% of growth in 2012, TSMC passes specialty MEMS players in Yole’s annual ranking
Bluetooth Chip surge driven by mobile devices, could reach 3.1 billion units in 2017 says IHS
15W DC motor delivers 53mNm of torque for fine rotary motions
New standard tracks soft IP usage through the semiconductor design
Mini dual-inline-package intelligent power modules target industrial applications
Command and control room market to pass the USD2.8 Billion mark in EMEA and North America
Ingress protection added to drive peripherals by encapsulation
Chinese machinery production to reach 11 percent recovery in 2013
Ultra-compact intelligent drives with CAN interfaces
Murata and Beta LAYOUT offer PCB service with free embedded UHF RFID
Patient-managed care and telehealth technologies drive medical design trends
Yoshida in China: What's your Africa strategy?
Graphensic to develop its graphene on silicon carbide business with new chairman of board
Power wafer-level testing and automated characterization
NAND Flash market back in growth despite lower memory content trend in portable devices
Satellite network aims to monitor railway level crossings
User-defined VI Chip PRM Modules can be simulated online
Samsung leads the adoption of pressure sensors in Smartphones, for floor-accurate indoor geolocation
Redox flow battery reaches stack power up to 25kW with a cell size of 0.5m square
SystemC AMS 2.0 standard for mixed-signal design freshly released
RFID performance test system enables UHF RFID tag range measurements
Sensors in clothes to monitor vital signs for illness and warn on exposure to dangerous chemicals
Piezoelectric lens actuator module targets micro-cameras
Docea Power improves its thermal modelling tools’ solvers and usability
19nm NAND SSDs with capacities from 60GB to 512GB
China’s RFID card market to nearly double to USD 807 million in 2017
Cellphone memory capacity declines as online storage and cloud services increase
Active RFID tags combine LF wake up and 2.4GHz communication
Rutronik distributes Toshiba’s first 19nm NAND SSDs
36.5mm diameter, 22mm deep buzzer outputs up to 94 dB for alarm equipment
Capacitive fluid-level sensors with advanced software and customised interface
TTI now delivers Cooper Bussman's super-capacitors
Active RFID systems that combine robust RF performance and low power consumption
Fast prototype production covers electronic and plastic parts
Joint research project develops car2x modelling environment
Enhanced RFID realizes its full potential
Identifying UHF RFID tag design weaknesses
Design center opens in Ense, Germany to deliver custom IGBT driver solutions
Wafer-level 720p HD camera module
Self serialisation functionality for SATO RFID printers
Has 2012 been the year of realisation for RFID?
High-power, battery-operated portable PIM test analyser
Network interface for industrial Ethernet connectivity
Mifare NFC mini reader USB development platform
USB development platform offers faster way to create RFID applications
Middeware enables cost-effective integration of RFID hardware
Enpirion unveils CMOS-compatible wafer-level 2D thin-film magnetic cores
Industrial SATA II solid state drive supports up to 260MB/s data rate
Nanium to offer Fan-In wafer-level packaging in volume on 300mm wafers
NXP and Murata join efforts on dual interface RFID solution
Murata launches one of the world's smallest HF-band RFID tags
RFID box provides pre-installed system to customers' requirements
Passive harmonic filters offer cost-effective harmonics mitigation
FIPS AES-256 certified self encrypting SATA drive for exceptional data protection
Entry-level oscilloscope series with full serial bus decode and advanced triggering
600-V trench IGBTs offer improved performance for appliance motor drives
Four 2-A high voltage half-bridge MOSFET drivers offer best-in-class performance
CNRFID and NRFLab collaborate on EPC compliant UHF RFID tag tests
Wound components simplify variable speed drive purchasing
Optical line terminal transceiver for FTTH networks
600-V IGBTs deliver higher power density and increased efficiency for motor drive applications
Motor drive runs application code directly
Researchers print wireless power antenna for less than 1¢
NXP maintains 70% market share in electronic ticketing despite increasing competition
Precision low passive intermodulation adapters target wireless infrastructures
Secure bootable USB flash drive works independently of the host device’s OS
125kHz RFID transponder support data rates from 64kb/s to 1kb/s
Board-level shielding allows the detachment of the pickup bridge
Ultra-slim NFC tags, stickers and labels, less than 0.6mm thick
Free formulae handbook details motor drive technology
New product arrivals hold LED light bulb prices stable in May
Gowanda and Instec join forces to provide broader range of passive electronic components
Hard disk drive prices not expected to return to pre-flood levels until 2014
Stepper motor linear actuator and drive package outputs up to 220N
Automotive qualified 600-V IC targets 3-phase inverterized motor drive applications
Fujitsu shows radiation-hardened RFID using FRAM technology
Motor-drive design for the independent minded
16mm diameter spindle drive with integrated axial bearing delivers 0.2 to 0.6Nm
Low-power, high-accuracy temperature sensor for solid state disk drives
Stepper motor drive system outputs up to 2.6A rms per phase for full step, half step, or microsteps
Stepper motor drive system targets multi-axis stepper motor applications
RFID Market worth over USD70 billion across the next five years, says ABI Research
RFID test and measurement system
Qualcomm and ON Semi see dramatic growth
RFID reader ICs offer -90dBm sensitivity for reliable reading of Gen 2 RFID tags
BMW brings plug-in hybrid roadster to the extremes
RFID reader chips fit constraints of embedded and consumer applications
Low-cost UHF reader chip targets FMCG applications
Group demos power-saving PON protocol
Dual RFID-ZigBee sensors enable NFC applications for the Internet of Things
Complete 21x54mm drive solution delivers up to 360W of peak power
BAE Systems selects Saft to supply Li-ion energy storage system for US Army's Ground Combat Vehicle
Architectural power planning and power intent reconciliation
Avnet to distribute Adeunis RF modules for wireless M-bus, KNX and proprietary wireless systems
Two element wafer-level camera module claims world first
Bidirectional communication RFIDs proven in low-temperature thin-film technology
Continental to present gesture control at Chicago Auto Show
Half duplex (HDX) RFID mini-transponders for animal and asset tracking
55x26x13mm motor driver board comes with CAN / CANopen interfaces
Rugged 200GB solid-state drive meets MIL-STD-810 requirements
Voltage-level translator supports the Secure Digital 3.0 standard
Geo-location could bring new security risks
Trouble-finding tool for analyzing 850 MHz cellular band networks
Shrinking memory bits a million times through antiferromagnetically coupled atoms
VDSL2 vectoring chip enables full system-level crosstalk noise cancellation
Ultra-flat PCB process for high parallel vertical probe card applications
RFID antennas laser cut from aluminium and paper laminate
Digital power offers system-level benefits in motherboards from Gigabyte
NFC-enabled phones as a tool for brand protection
Datalogic invests in vision technology with acquisition of PPT Vision for USD 5.2 million
Chip-level layout editor speeds final physical design steps
Fuel cell carmakers and industry highlight zero emission mobility
ESA on path to reliable MEMS in space
NFC security chip to protect high-end consumer products
Drive stepper motor controller takes 75VDC input and outputs up to 3.85A RMS
Plessey EPIC sensor targets movement sensing applications
Dual-interface memory relies on RF energy harvesting
Printed electronics enables prototypes of interactive bottle labels
BMW honors innovative suppliers in electronics and software
Dual-interface memory applies energy harvesting to enable true battery-free system design
Thailand floods take toll on PC makers
ST Micro chips tackle security/interface needs
High-speed USB to digital level UART cables
Volvo engineers mull over perfect sound for e-cars
Siemens, BMW develop high-speed EV charging system
Single-chip encryption engine certified to most stringent non-military security level
Single-chip encryption engine certified to FIPS 140-2 Level 3 standard
Chip do Boi RFID device is Brazils’ first home-grown chip to reach mass manufacturing at X-FAB
Drive makers forge HAMR for 2015
Analyst sees 1% chip market growth for 2011
Smartgrid leaders form a global alliance to drive G3-PLC implementation worldwide
Low component count clock generator simplifies timing architecture for wired and optical communication line cards
Industry's smallest low-frequency RF IDIC package enables direct coil mounting
High-service distributors have ‘room for growth’, says RS
Synopsys launches a web portal dedicated to transaction-level model technology
13.56MHz RFID keys and cards support both ISO 14443B or ISO 15693 protocols
RFID Components now European distributor for PLUS Location Systems
Secure RFID keys feature a 13.56 MHz interface for access control, e-cash, and ID cards
RFID SMT antenna rated for automotive use
ARM expected to record highest growth in MCU market
World’s highest performance Gen 3 PCI Express Switch targets SSD storage arrays and cloud computing applications
Stepper motor drive module with RS-485 communication protocol
New WLCSP packaged PLD offers benefits for low density PLD designs
CoSynth hosts system level synthesis tutorial
Hotspot usage to reach 120 billion connects by 2015, says In-Stat
Rohde & Schwarz supplies emergency radios for aircraft carriers
USB industrial camera featuring angled lens flange as board-level solution
Laird Technologies expands Phantom antenna product line
Samsung puts SATA 6Gb/s SSDs in production
SSD firm rolls accelerators, caching tool
GAMBICA releases VSD energy savings calculator
100-A power MOSFETs offer low power loss benefits for consumer motor drive applications
Analyst sees strong market potential for passive entry and start systems
Growth expected in the medium voltage motors market
PREMO GROUP agrees new French distribution deal
RFID growth potential remains strong despite current apparel rollout slowdown
Fraunhofer, Semikron research aims at improving passive components reliability
European fiber optic test market driven by FTTH deployments
Printed passive memory array reaches 40-bit
Thinfilm unlocks encrypted market with latest printed memory
Ekahau embeds RTLS in Nordic ID RFID readers to add location tracking to passive RFID tags
Rugged high-voltage gate drive ICs in a PQFN 4x4 package offers up to 85 percent smaller footprint
Hybrid drive soars to the airs
Growth in smartphones sees Nvidia enter top 5 application processor vendors
SL Power unveils widest range of Energy Level V and EN60601 3rd Edition external power supplies
Bosch invests billions in automotive technology, sketches autonomous driving scenario
Unified embedded software debugging platform from virtual prototypes to hardware emulation
Mentor Graphics introduces cable harness engineering suite
Lattice CEO reveals growth strategy
75W intelligent servo drives
Optocoupler claims industry-leading fast switching and integrated IGBT protection function
TV station reveals serious security flaws with RFID-equipped credit and debit cards
XP Power calls for an industry-standard for ‘green’ component power supplies
Analog Devices unveils industry-first mixers with wideband performance for multi-band communications
CarMaker 3.5 expands functionality of Xpack4 HiL test system
Seagate to control 40% of hard drive market
Infineon watchdog chip pushes TriCore architecture to highest safety levels
Accellera tips IP tagging standard effort
TriQuint brings GaAs to the masses
RFID tag chip for low cost item-level tagging
Selecting capacitors for battery-operated equipment
Multi-use gamma-sterilizable Gen 2 UHF tag
USB Flash drive/SD card functionality in rugged package
Non-contact solids level monitoring
System-level timing design and timing verification tool
Stereo analog subsystem with Class G headphone amp offers loudspeaker protection for mobile handsets
Industrial and military grade ruggedized GTR II SLC solid state drive
RF platform replaces IR and RF discrete designs with low-power radio solution for remote keyless entry applications
Single chip provides data line protection
Footwear and fashion to drive UHF passive RFID item-level tagging growth
Electromagnetic simulation software reduces design time
Anritsu line sweep tools software brings antenna, cable, and PIM reporting to handheld instruments
Premo to supply current transducers to Eaton Corporation
Fuel cell cars on the long march to the market
Docea Power joins Synopsys System-Level Catalyst Program
MEMS-based tracking tags will survive and function in extreme temps and gamma irradiation
Set-top box chipsets enable content protection
STATS expands wafer level efforts
Industrial 8GB secure digital card with intelligent wear-levelling
China's RFID market set to double by 2014
Intel launches solid-state drive
2.4GHz RF and ANT products soon available in 2.6x2.7mm WLCSP options
Reusable RFID baggage tag for the airline industry
High-density RFID memory IC speeds up maintenance of professional equipment
BEST collaborates with PVA to develop superconducting crystal growth magnet system for PV applications
Enhanced QFN packages ideal for applications to 50 GHz
Richardson and Scintera expand breakthrough linearization technology to UHF broadcast TV power amplifiers
4-A, synchronous DC-DC regulators with integrated MOSFETs achieve 96 percent efficiency
Wafer-level microlens molding process for CMOS image sensors
Austriamicrosystems and NXP Semiconductors develop turnkey solution for authentication of fast moving consumer goods  
External AC-DC power supply series meets latest energy standards
High-voltage line driver for factory automation offers IO-Link functionality
Massive retail deployment boosts 2011 RFID systems revenue growth over 16%
Toshiba targets automotive, industrial markets with 130nm BiCD process
Tin and tantalum industries target March 2011 for full iTSCi conflict mineral tagging
Auto–identification RF solutions for data-rich applications
Upstart Greenliant rolls embedded SSDs
Murata and Kathrein partners in RFID
Step-down controller drives standard logic level from low-voltage supply
Logic-level translator offers an ultra-low-power shutdown mode to extend battery life
Group forms to devise SSD standards
Brazilian startup to make IC for blood bag tracking
Servo drive comes equipped with EtherCAT communication interface
High-performance, cost-efficient RF ICs for car access systems
2.5 solid-state drive with reading speeds up to 105MB/s
LSI unveils first standard product SoC for hard disk drive manufacturers
RFID chip and sensors all in one
ZigBee serial gateway adds wireless connectivity to PLCs, sensors and RFID/bar code readers
Passive matrix LCD features advanced black nematic technology
Retrofit kit adds electric drive to vans
UHF RF power transistor supports DVB-T digital broadcast transmitters
Commercial off-the-shelf solid state drive up to 32GB in a 26x22mm 224-PBGA
Altair Semiconductor announces Digital Dividend reference design
Qualcomm still sees NFC as third-party IC
High voltage gate driver ICs offer improved noise Immunity and performance
Volkswagen presents c2i safety software
Cypress offers CapSense and TrueTouch controllers in WLCSPs
Tagging and authentication through RFID
French lab takes RFID towards 10-Mbit/s
Higher frequency RFID and RTLS-enabled asset management system revenues forecast to reach $845 million in 2014
On-metal UHF RFID tag offers global functionality for IT asset tracking
RFID printer and encoder for advanced item-level tagging
UHF Gen 2 reader chip enables low-cost embedded RFID readers
Hitachi, Seagate, WD forge hard drive research group
Samsung, Seagate develop flash drive controllers
SiC RF power device for UHF radar applications extends SiC transistor portfolio to 2200 W
QNX RTOS safe kernel receives SIL 3 certification
Atheros buys China firm
Elmos rolls DC motor control ASSP
High-current buck converter targets portable applications
Cell phone RFID reader chip uses NFC technology for disposable wireless sensors
LSI and Seagate join efforts on high-capacity hard disk drives
High-performance microcontrollers offer advanced motion detection capabilities
16-channel bidirectional level translators interface different low-voltage I/Os
PMIC gives up to 93 percent efficiency for cell phone displays
Servo drives compatible with multiple Ethernet standards
SSD module meets new JEDEC standard
Organic electronics on the verge to take off, OE-A says
EVE's ZeBu supports TLM-2.0
ETG offers CANopen drive profile update
Unisem eyes IC-packaging expansion in Chengdu
UWB front-end IC supports 112Mbit/s data-rate with remotely powered memory
Despite challenges, heady growth seen for 3-D TV
Integrated baluns shrink Bluetooth antenna connection
Melexis and Phase IV Engineering enable HF RFID sensing applications
Logic translator targets compatibility challenges in mixed voltage applications
RFMD expands foundry services to include high power integrated passive technology
MicroPMIC for multimedia applications offers high integration in a compact WLP
NXP opens RFID application and system center in China
Study: Automotive electronics market returns to growth – in China
IP66 rated antennas for hostile and exposed environments
Rapid prototyping systems uses Vitex-6 FPGAs for 30 percent speed-up
RS Components joins the mbed revolution
ST licenses Mentor's Veloce emulator
Globally compliant UHF RFID Reader dongle and module
MTI to develops new UHF RFID reader based on Simply Gen 2 chipset
CANopen additional application layer functions finalized
Intelligent power modules offer compact solution for AC motor drives
Industrial mini panel PC has ARM9 processor
Single-chip RFID data logger with sensor
EDA sequential revenue trend is positive, says EDAC
Novellus CEO: New (and old) IC growth drivers
Powerlink-compatible drives with onboard motion control programming
Synopsys completes CoWare acquisition
Fully integrated UHF RFID reader/writer module is only 23x13x2.8mm
Broadband receiver monitors diversity signals
Rugged, reliable 600V IC for general purpose automotive drive applications
HeartOS DO-178B RTOS adds support for ARM processors
Power capacitor chip addresses electromobility
Macleod changes focus to revenue growth at National
FPGA startup: Process tech eases ASIC migration
IC Insights boosts 2010 chip growth forecast to 27%
OSCI releases first analog/mixed-Signal standard for SystemC-based design
Dual-interface RFID-compatible EEPROM enables remote access to electronic device parameters
Process control board provides dual redundant liquid level control
Unclonable 'silicon DNA' secures RFID tags
TTI acquires other distributor Flightspares Electronics Ltd

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Infotainment Making HDTV in the car reliable and secure

December 15, 2011 | Texas instruments | 222901974

Unique Ser/Des technology supports encrypted video and audio content with full duplex bi-directional control channel over a single wire interface.


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