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Four-channel, 16-bit, 125-MSPS ADC claims superior dynamic performance

May 17, 2012 // Paul Buckley

Four-channel, 16-bit, 125-MSPS ADC claims superior dynamic performance

Analog Devices Inc. has added a 4-channel high-speed A/D converter to the company’s data converter product portfolio.

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The AD9653 A/D converter is designed for medical imaging and communications applications where the combination of high channel density, low power and small size provide systems engineers with greater design flexibility and lower per-channel cost for data conversion. The AD9653 16-bit A/D converter joins previously-released 12-bit and 14-bit versions to form a pin-compatible, power- and size-optimized series of high-speed converter products.

The AD9653 16-bit quad A/D converter supports the higher channel densities of MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) systems, medical ultrasound and other high-end imaging applications, such as industrial visual inspection systems and non-destructive ultrasound. It is offered in a non-magnetic package and can be used safely within the magnetic field of an MRI system. This allows the converter to be placed closer to the signal of interest, which can increase the image quality and throughput while reducing the overall component count.

Complementary components for the AD9653 in MRI applications include the ADL5202 variable gain, wide bandwidth amplifier, and the ADA4937 or ADL5562 ultra-low-distortion differential A/D converter driver.

The new quad A/D converter is also well-suited to MIMO- (multiple-input, multiple-output) based radios, 3G infrastructure equipment and other wireless communications applications. Its small package size, low power dissipation, and power-scaling functionality are ideal for femto and pico-cell basestation designs.

Complementary components for this high-speed converter in communications applications include the ADL5202 variable gain, wide bandwidth amplifier, AD8376 ultralow distortion IF dual VGA and ADA4937 ultralow distortion differential A/D converter driver.

For low jitter performance in all applications, the AD9510, AD9511, AD9512, AD9513, AD9514, and AD9515 clock distribution ICs, or the AD9516 or AD9517 family of multiple output clock generators are recommended.

The AD9653 delivers 164 mW per channel at 125 MSPS with scalable power option and a high dynamic range eg SNR = 76.5 dBFS @ 70 MHz (VREF = 1.0 V), SNR = 77.5 dBFS @ 70 MHz (VREF = 1.3 V) and SFDR = 90 dBc (to Nyquist).

The device also offers a 650-MHz full power analog bandwidth and has a serial LVDS digital output (ANSI-644 or reduced power mode similar to IEEE-1596.3). The device is packaged in a 7-mm x 7-mm, 48-pin LFCSP.

Availability and Pricing

The AD9653-125 is available now for sampling and is packaged in a PB-free 48-pin LFCSP non-magnetic package. Pricing each in a 1,000 quantities is $250.00.

More information about the AD9653 16-bit, 4-channel A/D converter at


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