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Freescale rolls out 28nm network processors

June 19, 2012 // Nick Flaherty

Freescale rolls out 28nm network processors

Freescale is continuing to support the Power architecture, rolling out new quad-core network processors in a 28nm process.

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The QorIQ AMP T1042 and T2080 devices are the successors to the P family of devices, aimed at the entry level and mid range segments, joining the previously announced T4240 for high end systems.
With the addition of the two products, Freescales QorIQ AMP series now provides a scalable portfolio of 64bit, software-compatible devices based on a common architecture and incorporating multicore IP. Advanced acceleration engines, shared virtualization technology, power management systems and next-generation security features are common to all AMP products.
The T1042 processor (above) is the successor to Freescales popular, current-generation P1 and P2 products with twice the core performance and SerDes bandwidth at the same power budget. The T1042 integrates four 64bit Power Architecture cores, Freescales Data Path Acceleration Architecture (DPAA), sophisticated pattern matching/security capabilities and PCI Express and Ethernet networking interfaces. It targets a variety of power-sensitive applications such as WLAN access points, enterprise switching and routing equipment, security appliances, and factory automation networking products.
The T2080 device integrates four dual-threaded 64-bit Power Architecture cores running up to 1.8 GHz and is engineered to double performance per watt compared to the previous 45nm QorIQ P series devices. Key features include advanced virtualization technology, a broad array of I/O options, DPAA and robust security functionality. The T2080 is designed for control plane or integrated control and data plane processing. Target applications include mobile backhaul equipment, LTE/WCDMA channel cards, control cards and NICs, and test & measurement products.
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