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Google selects austriamicrosystems for Arduino prototyping platform

July 07, 2011 // Paul Buckley

Google selects austriamicrosystems for Arduino prototyping platform

Google has selected austriamicrosystems' EasyPoint mini joystick module for the company’s new Android Open Accessory Development Kit (ADK). The new reference design platform uses the N50P111 EasyPoint joystick module with the AS5013 linear Hall sensor IC to support a new user interface for developers.

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Googles new Android Open Accessory Development Kit is an open-source electronics prototyping platform based on flexible, easy-to-use hardware and software. It's intended for developers, engineers, designers, hobbyists, artists and anyone interested in creating interactive objects or environments.

The Arduino board using the EasyPoint module operates with the Android OS (2.3.4 or later) and allows users to interact with their Android Phone - or any other Android-based device - and the entire environment. The device controls Servos and LEDs and can fetch information from various sensors or Human Machine Interfaces (HMI). austriamicrosystems EasyPoint module was selected and designed in as one of the main HMI devices on an Arduino accessory board of the official Google Android Open Accessory Development Kit. EasyPoint replaces older, less reliable HMIs such as analog sticks and circle pads.

An open system such as Android is attractive to developers. There are no NDAs, no fees, no approval process, and it is completely open for fast and easy development.

Our EasyPoint module is based on our unique AS5013 magnetic encoder IC and provides a robust and accurate user interface for a variety of position sensing applications, said Alfred Binder, Marketing Manager for HMI at austriamicrosystems. Being designed in as the key user interface on the Google Android Open Accessory Development Kit compatible board will speed development time for designers and proliferate our success in the Android space.

EasyPoint is low power consumption module that is ideal for battery driven portable devices, but also offers many other features that simplify and speed design time. Such features include: full 360 degree navigation; low power mode, down to 3 A; I2C interface; progressive speed control, and highly reliable contactless sensing (>1 million Cycles). These features and capabilities make EasyPoint well suited for gaming phones, remote controls, gaming consoles, keyboards (additional mouse control on keyboards), and MIDs (Multimedia Internet Devices).

The AS5013 linear Hall sensor is a contactless magnetic encoder IC that monitors the displacement of a magnet incorporated in a knob relative to its center position and provides x and y position information via an IC interface. austriamicrosystems AS5013 Hall sensor IC is used in the EasyPoint mini joystick module, which consists of a mechanical stack incorporating a navigation knob, a magnet and the AS5013 magnetic encoder IC. The joysticks simple construction and contactless sensing technology give the module high reliability and is designed for any kind of 360 navigation input device.

The AS5013 Hall sensor is available now and is priced at $2.92 in 1000 piece quantities. The EasyPoint mini joystick module is available in many types with pricing starting at $4.58 in 1000s.

More information about the EasyPoint mini joystick module at


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