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High-density RFID memory IC speeds up maintenance of professional equipment

December 15, 2010 // Julien Happich

STMicroelectronics has launched an innovative RFID device, the LRiS64K, that allows technical equipment to ‘talk back,’ providing detailed information, such as a full maintenance history, to speed up servicing and simplify record keeping for OEMs and equipment operators. The chip combines radio tagging circuitry with a large 64-Kbit non-volatile EEPROM capable of storing extensive data, such as initial manufacturer details and complete records of repairs or upgrades.

Engineers servicing equipment such as medical devices, industrial equipment, automotive controllers or avionics modules containing an LRiS64K can access important unit-specific information held directly on the device, by using a standard RFID reader. This on-board storage can eliminate any need to retrieve paper records or access an online database.

The unit’s service history can be updated in the LRiS64K memory for access during subsequent inspection or servicing. This feature can save downtime and help reduce MRO (Maintenance, Repair & Operations) costs in sectors such as healthcare, aviation, logistics, oil and chemicals, construction, and manufacturing.

The LRiS64K is a long-range 13.56MHz device, based on the international ISO 15693 and ISO 18000-3 mode 1 standards for RFID devices and capable of co-existing with other devices within range. Its integrated tuning capacitor simplifies connection to an external antenna.

The memory can retain data for more than 40 years and withstand more than one million write/erase cycles. The chip features a 64-bit unique identifier, 64-Kbit of user memory, multi-password protection and supports 53-kbit/s of wireless data rate. Typical memory programming time is 5.75ms. The LRiS64K is available in bumped and sawn wafer suitable for Direct Chip Attachment (DCA).

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