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High-performance microstep motor drivers offer selectable excitation modes

October 12, 2010 // Paul Buckley

High-performance microstep motor drivers offer selectable excitation modes

ROHM Semiconductor is expanding its line-up of high-performance, high-reliability stepper motor drivers with its new BD63843EFV, BD63847EFV and BD63860EFV families offering selectable excitation modes - full-step to sixteenth-step with 1.0 A or 2.0 A output current and full-step to eighth-step with 2.5 A output current.

The new microstep drivers enable designers to optimize motor torque, noise and vibration for a wide range of applications. Full-step mode is ideal for sets requiring large current for high torque, while eighth or sixteenth-step mode features a smooth output waveform for lower noise and vibration. The selectable current decay pattern (FAST/SLOW/MIXED decay modes) further enhances motor performance. Circuit design is simplified through a combination of features including an internal voltage regulator, control input translator and DMOS output. The built-in regulator permits operation from a single (max.) 36 V supply. Instead of parallel control lines, a single clock (CLK) input is converted by the device's internal translator into motor drive signals. Additionally, ROHM's advanced DMOS (Pch + Nch) output topology eliminates the need for external charge pump components.      

The combination of advanced power semiconductor process technology and enhanced packaging has resulted in exceptional motor driver solutions incorporating undervoltage, overvoltage, overcurrent and thermal protection not typically included in motor driver ICs. Packaging benefits include bottom-side heat sinking to simplify thermal design, adjacent-pin short protection to reduce production and field failures as well as pin-compatibility among parts with different current ratings. The series also features ROHM's Ghost Supply Prevention (GSP) function that prevents aberrant operation in the off mode delivering an unmatched degree of reliability.     

These stepper motor drivers are ideal to optimize the combination of function, performance, power and package size for applications such as robotics, factory automation, sewing machines, security cameras, printers, copiers, scanners, lasers and any other application requiring precision motor control.     


Samples of the new microstepper motor drivers are available now.   

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