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High Voltage, High Current Controller Enables Multi-Topology mW to kW Battery Charging

February 27, 2012 // Steve Knoth, Linear Technology // 0 comments

High Voltage, High Current Controller Enables Multi-Topology mW to kW Battery Charging Download White Paper 524Ko

The LTC4000 is a high voltage, high current battery charging controller and PowerPath manager that forms a powerful battery charging and power management solution when combined with any externally compensated (ITH/VC pin) DC-DC converter. Virtually any topology switcher is compatible, including (but not limited to) buck, boost, buck-boost, SEPIC, and flyback.

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This month, Cherry is giving away five of its Energy Harvesting Evaluation kits, worth over 266 Euros each, for EETimes Europe's readers to win. Cherry's energy harvesting technology benefit mostly applications where a complex wire assembly and/or batteries would be inappropriate.

The required RF-energy is created by the mechanical actuation of the switch and the data is transmitted wirelessly using RF-technology. The technology is very easy to install, fit and forget, with two standardised package versions for industrial applications: a rocker switch for actuation by hand and a snap-action switch for mechanical actuation.


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Infotainment Making HDTV in the car reliable and secure

December 15, 2011 | Texas instruments | 222901974

Unique Ser/Des technology supports encrypted video and audio content with full duplex bi-directional control channel over a single wire interface.


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