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Xilinx FPGA features in OpenPOWER-based CAPI acceleration kit
Moore's Law extended again?
PSA, IBM tie Connected Car to the Internet of Things
Silicon 'retina' demonstrated on video
IBM invests 3 billion USD to bring IoT to the enterprise
Spray solar cells on any surface
Electronic horizon takes centre stage at Continental's CES exhibit
Opening up the IoT data flood gates
Intel, IBM dueling 14nm FinFETS
3D magnet stack subs for transistors
European researchers drive ultra-low energy electronic systems developments
Austria's AMS is shopping for a wafer fab
IBM pledges nanotube transistor by 2020 or bust
Strained nanowire has tunable electroptic properties
How IBM measured the current data speed record
PSA, IBM jointly develop customized driver services
IBM sets data transfer record in multimode optical fiber
Big blues at IBM India
IBM’s chip unit on chopping block?
Continental to showcase first concepts jointly developed with IBM
Supercomputer accelerator comes to datacenter
IBM Grabs ARM for ASICs
Continental taps IBM for connected car developments
IBM's 9HP SiGe technology coming to next generation Tektronix 70 GHz oscilloscopes
IBM analytics solving cancer
Photonic PCBs demonstrated
Prediction tool reduces traffic stalls
TSMC next for New York fab?
Cadence reveals tapeout of 14-nm test-chip with ARM processor and IBM FinFET process technology
Researchers demonstrate steps toward commercial fabrication of carbon nanotubes as a successor to silicon
Startup pits IBM Power servers against x86, ARM
IBM images molecular bonds
Experts see promise, threat in SDN, OpenFlow
UMC licenses IBM technology for 20-nm FinFETs
IBM demos terahertz graphene photonics
Silicon-on-insulator at STM and IBM closing gap with Intel
Pilot project to focus on bi-directional data link between electric vehicles and the power grid
Connected homes will give greater control over both entertainment and environment
Holey optical transceiver breaks the 1-Tbit/s barrier
IBM reports breakthroughs in quantum computing quest
Voltage regulators stacked in 3-D
Path to optical links still dark
No magic bullet for crosstalk
IBM develops silicon microprobe for tissue diagnostics
Shrinking memory bits a million times through antiferromagnetically coupled atoms
Elektrobit, IBM integrate automotive software tools
Foundry to offer FRAM as standard
IBM to produce Micron's Hybrid Memory Cube with 3D CMOS
IBM pilots datacenter running on solar power
IBM's Blue Gene/Q delivers petaflops on low power
Netezza selects Lattice device to integrate power management across three generations of board designs
IBM and ABB scientists to improve materials for more efficient electricity grids
IBM researchers to report carbon feats at IEDM including record RF performance
IEDM: PCM research moves to 20-nm
Group will define 100G backplanes, cables
Supercomputer, data center nets diverging
IBM plants transactional memory in CPU
IBM demos cognitive computer chips
IBM unveils cognitive computing chips that mimic brain cells
IBM researchers achieve data scan record
IBM reports drift-tolerant multilevel cell PCM
IBM researchers demo graphene IC on SiC wafer
Austriamicrosystems releases new versions process design kit for 0.18-um high-voltage CMOS technology
IBM to test wafer pruning
Next generation scope powered by IBM’s 8HP process
India launches first smart grid project
IBM and ETH Zurich open the Binnig and Rohrer Nanotechnology Center
TSMC joins Sematech, cites 450-mm R&D
Intel tips 22-nm tri-gate, but mobile is MIA
IBM integrates Inchron tool suite into Rational Rhapsody
IBM uses chip engineering to beat MRSA
Austriamicrosystems releases 0.18-µm High-Voltage CMOS process for volume production
IBM licenses 28-nm technology to CNSE
TI growing large-area graphene
IBM, JSR roll out self-assembly litho
Porsche shows hybrid vehicle, mulls e-car, lithium air batteries
ARM, IBM extend collaboration down to 14-nm
IBM,Toppan extend litho for 14-nm
IBM, Samsung expand IC alliance
IBM 'racetrack' memory enters home stretch
IBM Research teams with AZ for IC materials
IBM, Semtech team up for 3-D
IBM, Hynix, Samsung roll STT RAM
Oracle lights Sparcs, breaks database record
IBM debuts CMOS silicon nanophotonics
Researchers carve CPU into plastic foil
New storage architecture from IBM to double analytics processing speed
Cars converge on Brussels as eCall trial kicks off
Linaro demos first open source efforts
Consortium aims to stake 'vampire power'
Steeper research initiative to increase electronic device efficiency 10-fold and eliminate standby power consumption
IBM, Solar Frontier team up in PV
IBM 'fab club' denies problems with high-k
IBM claims fastest MPU
IBM describes Power7 supercomputer
M'soft, IBM describe Xbox 360 250G chip
McAfee buy moves Intel toward IBM model unveils silicon roadmap
Altis Semi finds buyer
Renesas moves to fab-lite strategy
IBM crafts silicon optical amplifier
IBM unifies mainframe architecture in zEnterprise
Hittite Microwave Corporation acquires license to IBM millimeterwave technology
IBM to lead European Union research consortium on interleaving e-services and cloud technologies
IBM to produce infineon's security chips for US government ID programs
Vertically optimized 32/28nm design platform announced
IBM's 'fab club' enters high-k era
IBM, Memsic offer SDK for wireless sensor networks
ARM, Freescale, IBM, Samsung, ST, TI form Linux venture
IBM makes oscillator from nanowire transistors
China taps Nvidia for world's second biggest computer
IBM, MediaTek to debut 60-GHz chipset
Cadence agrees to help IBM make IP for 32-nm SOI
New Manchester development lab focuses on IBM Power solutions
Dassault Systčmes and IBM partner on product lifecycle management cloud computing proof of concept
IBM demos faster, cheaper alternative to e-beam litho
Avago Technologies collaborates with IBM on high bandwidth optical interconnects
IBM benchmarks prod microprocessor designers
IBM warns of 'design rule explosion' beyond 22-nm
Jury: SCO does not own copyright on Linux code
Winners, losers in 2009 chip rankings
IBM, Novellus form 3-D alliance
IBM and partners to cool 3-D IC stacks with microfluids
IBM jumps 'last hurdle' to on-chip optical communication

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Unique Ser/Des technology supports encrypted video and audio content with full duplex bi-directional control channel over a single wire interface.


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