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IC-output optocouplers with extra-long creepage distance of 14.5 mm

May 17, 2012 // Julien Happich

IC-output optocouplers with extra-long creepage distance of 14.5 mm

Renesas Electronics has launched two IC-output optocouplers with long-creepage-distance for applications such as industrial equipment employing the maximum commercial power supply voltage of 690 V or solar power generation systems employing high voltages of up to 1,000 V.

The PS9924 is a high-speed optocoupler supporting internal system communication speeds of 10 Mb/s and the PS9905 is an optically coupled 2.5 A IGBT driver featuring high speed switching performance and reduced output voltage drop due to MOSFET-MOSFET output form. The PS99XX Series devices are housed in a novel 8-pin Long-SDIP (LSDIP) package, which combines the small pin pitch (1.27 mm) with increased distance between the input and the output. Thus despite small space requirement outstanding isolation properties are achieved. In addition to a minimum external creepage distance of 14.5 mm, the device is specified for an isolation voltage of 7500 Vrms. The new devices comply with the international safety standards such as UL, CSA, and VDE (optional) making these well suited for deployment in harsh application environments like motor control, measuring instruments as well as factory automation.

The PS9924 is designed for 10 Mb/s bandwidth operations over an extended temperature range from -40 to +110°C. The detector IC of the “active low” type PS9924 features an open collector output and low operation voltages from 2.7 to 5.5V allowing a flexible circuit design. Thanks to specified maximum propagation delay time of 75ns and typical value of 40ns at 25°C, a communication bandwidth of 10Mb/s can be achieved. For safe operations in noisy industrial environment, the new Renesas optocoupler incorporates an internal shield providing common-mode transient rejection (CMR) of minimum 15 kV/µs and typical values of 20 kV/µs. The PS9924 delivers low power consumption characteristics that can be counted among the best in industry, making it ideal for applications requiring both high insulation voltage and low power consumption.

Equipped with a MOSFET-MOSFET output, the PS9905 allows an efficient and safe IGBT control. A galvanic isolated Gallium-Aluminum-Arsenic (GaAlAs) LED at input and a photo diode with signal processing circuitry and power amplifier at the output not only allow high switching speeds but also up to 2.5 A output current. The maximum propagation delay time (tPLH or tPHL) of 0.15µs is guaranteed over the complete operating temperature range from -40 to +110°C. The PS9905 optocoupler in 8-pin LSDIP (Long SDIP) package is characterized by very high common-mode transient rejection of 25 kV/µs (MIN.) allowing an error free transmission of the control signals through the isolation layer.

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