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News about Impulse Radio Ultra Wide Band Ic Takes The Lead On Accurate Geo Positioning

Functional tester supports M2M/IoT integration
Lead Acid Battery Balancer
Coexistence measurements ensure good reception in cars
Lead Acid Battery Balancer
Ultra-low-jitter clock generators for comms infrastructure
Leading by example: Polyera's flexible displays
High flex PIM test lead optimised up to 4GHz
DecaWave preps for expansion, next location chip.
2.5 GHz phase locked clock source
Changes to radio rules
Smarter, lighter car battery replaces lead acid types
4-die 365nm LED engine delivers 4W of flux
Implantable RF module is only 5.5x4.5x1.5mm
Most accurate and stable power analyser, claims Yokogawa
Solar powered flight smashes long distance records
Super-fast switching diodes with ultra-low leakage
Signal generator adds support for digital radio with DAB/DMB features
Dual-band Wi-Fi antenna carries video streaming in small connected devices
Not your regular radio top ten
Variable attenuators cover 1.45 to 5.0 GHz
TI unveils low power wideband RF synthesizer
High precision arbitrary waveform generators
FD-SOI development as a service
Thank Einstein for GPS
Integrated fluxgate sensor provides closed-loop current sensing
Corrosion detection through IR impulse thermography
Data logger with wireless sensors operates up to 125°C
Centimeter-accurate GPS receiver to boost digital mapping
Reference design for multi-gigabit 802.11ac Wave 2 WLAN access points
Radio modules and extended API supports swarm location services
Radio modules and extended API supports swarm location services
Glitch-less RF digital step attenuators
Precision sensor signal conditioning for magnetoresistive position sensors
Bi-directional RF doubles cellular capacity
Nanoscale IC technology may double radio frequency data capacity
One-stop-Shop from IC design to silicon tape out
Solar-powered plane completes first leg of global record attempt
IoT analytics come with dedicated fog hardware
Combined Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and NFC modules ease wireless implementation in vehicles
Geo selects S3 DAC IP for video processor
200W DC/DC has ultra-wide output voltage range for radio PA applications
Lead-acid battery-balancing IC handles 4 x 12V batteries
First round-the-world solar plane flight prepares for take-off
High linearity 4-W Ka-band power amplifier
VCO delivers best-in-class phase noise performance
X-band GaN power amplifier delivers 35 W
X-band GaN power amplifier delivers 35 W
LG adds quantum dot technology to 4K ULTRA HD TVs
Power modules offer ultra-wide input voltage range
Software radio FPGA modules double channel density
Wide-voltage-range, low-power temperature sensors
Advanced lead-carbon batteries could enable 48V super hybrid vehicles
GaN driver amplifier serves X-band
First GCF-approved WI-164 eMBMS performance test case
2.4 GHz wireless transceiver for industrial applications
VCO delivers low phase noise and low power consumption
Frequency-programmable narrow-band transmitter
Fixed frequency synthesizer delivers low phase noise
Breakthrough for drive batteries? Ultra-fast battery charges in 2 minutes
Bluetooth beacons nowhere precise enough, says BeSpoon
Dual 16-bit DAC has highest signal bandwidth
Fully-programmable FPGA-based software-defined radios for military comms
Peregrine expands integrated-RF-device coverage from DC to X-band
Reference design for accurate water/heat flow monitoring
Power modules offer ultra-wide input voltage for industrial applications
Wearable equipment market to double in 2014
Ceramic bandpass filters target applications from 300 MHz to 10 GHz
Ultra-compact SIP AC-DC PSUs get low-profile versions
VCO delivers low phase noise in the L-Band
Digital radio Rx chip gets approvals for worldwide reception standards
Infrared sensor array sees a wider field of view, with low-noise imaging
JEDEC reveals JESD229-2 Wide I/O 2 mobile DRAM standard
15 W GaN on SiC pulsed power transistor targets radar
Low-cost Wi-Fi / Bluetooth module targets IoT applications
Single-chip, global coverage car radio receiver
Fixed frequency synthesizer delivers ultra low phase noise
SAW filters suit commercial and military radio
Mobile apps for LED lighting capture public imagination
New class of ultra-thin film materials — the next graphene
Synchronised RF transceiver rapid prototyping kit for software defined radio
Single-box test set for analogue and digital radio
High-gain, 45-W, S-band GaN transistors
Rollable OLED panel targets 60-inch Ultra HD TVs
Power supply modules for extreme temperatures
Audience, InvenSense buy up sensor fusion software firms
Low profile UHF vertical antenna suits harsh environments
Frequency reference system offers low cost of ownership
Digital potentiometers operate at 36V
Small magnetically shielded inductors feature 3.75 A rating in a 2.0 x 1.9-mm size
Testing analog radio equipment digitally
ADC pushes the boundaries for software defined radio
RF SDK targets small cell and backhaul developers
High power radio transceiver offers long range and high reliability
Geo Semi raising cash for automotive, IoT push
Tactile skin gives prosthetics and robots a flexible touch
Analogue front end for digital radios
Microsoft proposes LED light positioning system
Smart-meter ICs offer high level of accuracy
Frequency synthesizer offers ultra low phase noise
X-band amplifiers suit commercial radar and communications
Analogue front-end reference design for 3-phase power monitoring
16x16x6.45mm GPS module integrates patch antenna
Nike FuelBand layoffs: a pivot in wearables?
Next-generation wireless prototyping platform
Power module targets telecom and PoE applications with wide voltage input
High-power ultra-low-ohmic shunt resistors dissipate 5W
4K OLED: the last status symbol before TV obsolescence?
4K TV broadcasting ends-up on smartphones
Cree adds four GaN HEMTs for radar to Digi-Key portfolio
Set-top box reference design for multi-channel ultra-HD services
A snappy approach to low-cost wearable displays
Chipset converts Ultra HD HDMI to MIPI CSI-2
Road magnets help cars to navigate
Energy harvesting switch powers 2.4GHz radio link
Packet microwave 70/80 GHz radio cuts spectrum costs
Saft lands USD20m Boeing battery contract for satellites
DIDO pCell radio re-invents wireless — brings 'mobile fiber' to users
DIN 4.1/9.5 adapters target low PIM aplications
28nm FD-SOI and full voltage scaling break low-power limits for DSPs
Lithium coin cells holder only rises 2mm above PCB
Saft supports French army with multi-million euro battery deal
Sigfox' IoT network infrastructure rolls out beyond France
CML launches software defined radio demonstrator
Front terminal batteries target standby power applications
IHS expects ultra-high-definition digital signage 4K panel shipments to surge in 2014
SDR chip supports multiple digital radio standards - DRM, HD Radio and DAB
ARM Cortex-M4-based ultra-low power MCUs target sensor hub applications
Bosch sets up 'strategic' company to support internet of things and services
LED driver with integrated spread spectrum reduces EMI without adding flicker
Impulse radio ultra-wide band IC takes the lead on accurate geo-positioning
LDO adds features for monitoring, protection & cable drop compensation
Bluetooth Smart design for Rezence Wireless Charging
Imagination strengthens its position in digital radio IP
Silex funded to develop PZT energy harvest process
Toumaz Limited expands its partnership with Imagination Technologies and delivers new digital radio chip
Additive photolithographic process yields micro flex circuits with 5um feature resolution
Systems shrink with solid state upgrade via Empower HPAs
Programmable Hall effect current sensor
Multi-radio module ready-to-embed in demanding IoT applications
Nordic Semiconductor adds IO Components to its UK and Ireland distributor network
Ultra-short laser deposition technology enables thinner precious metal thin films, cuts materials costs
Hermetically sealable HTCC air-cavity QFN packages fit for 40GHz
Mobile indoor pedestrian navigation design suite ready for Android
CMOS chip enables real time location with a precision of ±10cm
Anite leads 5G radio channel model development
Performance analysis and verification software tool specifically targets ARM-based SoCs
2.5D and 3D glass interposer US manufacturer receives $3.2 Million in funding to fill market gap
ARM partners Nordic Semiconductor to develop Bluetooth Low Energy-enabled devices
GPRS data gateway simplifies M2M and telemetry applications
Non-contact radio coupled rotary flange torque sensor measures up to 337N-m at speeds up to 15,000rpm
KNX is approved as Chinese Standard for Home and Building Control
Semtech and IMST team up on long distance LoRa radio technology
GPS positioning module delivers sub-meter accuracy
I/O extension modules make ultra-slim panel-PCs more versatile
Swarm radio platform measures 50x24x6mm
High power C-Band GaAs MMIC amplifier in plastic packaging
MCUs draw only 0.25uA in a 32KHz standby mode
Car-radio tuners combine performance with ease of integration
MIPI RFFE Power circuits maximize battery life in 2G, 3G, 4G LTE devices
China Mobile extends TD-LTE deployment through 2014
Digital radio test set with a very low phase noise
ZTE licenses CEVA-XC DSP for LTE TDD/FDD base station and network infrastructure
Tactical communications technology from Elektrobit on show at DSEI
Ultra-low-loss flexible microwave coaxial cable assemblies
Efficient geolocation using swarm radio
Eutelsat prepares 'smart LNB' for direct-to-home connected TV
Cypress qualifies BLE radio to integrate with PSoC and capacitive touch technologies
Turnkey package for FTTA, remote radio deployments
Open-source, software-defined radio platform
RS Components donates Raspberry Pi kits to schools
Power dividers with 40 dB plus isolation
Ultra-low dropout regulators feature integrated single event effects filter
Charlesbank Capital Partners invests in Trojan Battery Company
Win one of three FiND-iT kits and experiment with EPC Gen 2 RFID label tags
IHS Teardown: Nokia’s ultra-low-cost handsets still profitable at USD20
Switches cover DC to 6 GHZ for applications up to 50 through to 200 W
Touch screen technology goes behind the display
Commercial fleet telematics in government sector to hit 1.6 billion USD by 2018
Imec and Renesas Electronics reveal world's first multi-standard RF receiver in 28nm CMOS
Field test of IPv6 wireless mesh communication at Norway's Smart Grid centre
RF power transistors dedicated to 2.45-GHz ISM band aim to spark innovation
802.11ac Wi-Fi chipsets integrate 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz power amplifiers
Satellites support deployment of remote control drones in commercial airspace
Parallel GPS/GLONASS positioning module measures 9.7x10.1x2.5mm
Single chip integrates JTAG standards and mixed-signal test instruments
Miniature self-charging tracking device generates its own radio signal
DSM Computer markets electro-luminescent displays from Lumineq
Low-power wireless projected to make waves in remote controls according to IMS Research
Ginsbury introduces Kyocera Super Wide View (SWV) TFTs
Opening up new user-interaction scenarios with Time-of-Flight measurements
Imec and Renesas collaborate on ultra-low power short range radios
Triplexer LC filter supports PMR communications between emergency services
Dual-band Ethernet port adapter with external stub antenna
ETSI publishes first specification for Ultra Low Energy DECT aimed at the M2M market
Sub-GHz radio features extended temperature and frequency range
Electric vehicle go-slow hits SiC power devices
Extra-wide 387x86x13cm high-end TFT in a 1280x242 resolution
LCD modules with enhanced viewing angle and colour stability
72-bit WIDE DDR2 in a 29x19x7.6mm 191 BGA package
LeCroy debuts 100/10BASE-T Ethernet decode software
Infrared wide-angle lens features environment-resistant coating for thermographic cameras
USB 3.0 port dual band wireless adapter supports up to 867 Mbps
Automotive intelligent battery sensor reference design
ITTIA DB SQL database now able to distribute large data sets across a wide array of devices
Single-chip digital radio receivers support HD Radio and DAB/DAB+
Industrial strength PCIe/104 form factor A/V Codec
Maintaining investment security with intelligent packaging
Energy harvesting wireless switch transmits on-off data over a 300m range at 868MHz
EMI shielding material can be used over vents and displays
Manchester and NRZ configurable protocol decoders
Avnet Abacus launches thermal management microsite
TI claims breakthrough battery monitoring technology for lead-acid batteries
LED drivers output from 18 to 200W for indoor and outdoor solid state lighting
Revenues for industrial semiconductors totalled USD 32.3 billion in 2012
Converged Bluetooth digital radio module
Ultra-compact GigE industrial camera is powered-over-Ethernet
High precision current sensing IC achieves ten-fold increase in dynamic range
Ultra-broadband capacitors address DC blocking from 16kHz to 40GHz
Fanless single board computer runs dual core 1.7GHz CPU
Programmable 30A brushless DC motor controller targets robotics
Samsung’s mid-power LED package available from Rutronik
Samsung leads the adoption of pressure sensors in Smartphones, for floor-accurate indoor geolocation
Piezoelectric lens actuator module targets micro-cameras
Who's managing your power management?
Thumb-sized MOEMS mini-spectrometer targets visible light spectrometry
2.5x2.5mm FPGA draws only 25-microwatt for portable systems
ST collaborates with Thingsquare to advance easy-to-use Internet of Things technology
TI supports Thingsquare Mist to deliver low power RF connectivity to the Internet of Things
Stereo 3D camera comes with focal lengths from 3.6 to 16mm
Designing a universal software defined radio platform
IGBT product selection tool eases design optimization
17.5-inch color TFT-LCD module offers 1000:1 contrast ratio for industrial use
Motion controller addresses four motor axes synchronously
Varistors provide ESD protection for capacitance sensitive automotive circuits
Low-power 32-bit MCUs draw as little as 350nA
Ultra-low power transceiver supports phase-difference technology complementing IEEE 802.15.4 standards
Digital radio test set adds support for LTE-A carrier aggregation
App developers to be given Google Glasses
24 signal and power contacts in one single IP68 sealed connector
5 to 11GHz amplifier has an ultra-low noise figure of 1.3 dB
Xilinx Virtex-7 based FPGA card for OpenVPX systems
Universal modular industrial connector features 25 different contact inserts
Flexible termination capacitors rated for use at 150°C
16-band ET RF front-end to support global LTE handsets
Modular multi-axis motherboard for systems with up to 11 axes
Touch screens and ultra-thin panels shortage to impact ultra-slim PC availability, says NPD DisplaySearch
Protocol tester adds test scenarios for LTE-Advanced carrier aggregation
TTI now delivers Cooper Bussman's super-capacitors
Compact block converters target space sensitive satellite communications systems
Nano positioning system relies on magnetic levitation, achieves 10nm resolution
Active RFID systems that combine robust RF performance and low power consumption
CEA-Leti granted test licence to validate cognitive radio technologies in the TV white space
Chip resistors for current detection in automotive and power supply applications
Mouser launches enhanced RF wireless technology site
Front end RF module addresses smart metering and ISM band applications
RF modules speed time-to-market for implantable medical device designers
Multiband, modular RF downconverters
High-performance lead screw assemblies for miniature mechatronic systems
Unmanaged switches for harsh duty Ethernet networks
Small-footprint milling machine improves package decapsulation workflows
Developer's kit for ZigBee wireless applications
K-band planar mixer has a high IF bandwidth of up to 13 GHz
Bluetooth silicon IP draws less than half the power of today's standard solutions
Two radio tuners integrated on single chip enable compact car radios
TFT display optical optimization solution enables 80° viewing angle in all four directions
New 6-bit GaAs pHEMT phase shifter offers low phase error and fast switching speed
u-blox expands with the acquisition of Fastrax
Microsemi releases ultra-low power sub-GHz radio in compact chip scale package for wireless sensor applications
New RF Technology site from Mouser Electronics
Plessey enters the medical products market
Remote radio heads to close in on $1B in 2012
Cadence accelerates CSR's low-power, mixed-signal Wi-Fi, Bluetooth combo chip tapeout
Ultra-slim PCs will represent 25% of the mobile PC market by 2015, says NPD DisplaySearch
Call for consensus on small cell base stations
CNRFID and NRFLab collaborate on EPC compliant UHF RFID tag tests
Credit card size software defined radio demonstrator for wireless data
Compact combo chip shrinks keyless entry system
Embedded Wi-Fi Development boards integrate TCP/IP stack for IoT applications
DragonWave concludes field tests using 2048 QAM radios
Acal BFi introduces full-featured GSM/GPRS/GPS quad-band mobile platform
Ultrasonic piezoelectric motor enables remote microwave filter reconfiguration
Stacked radio module uses proprietary easyRadio technology in the 868 - 915MHz ISM band
End-point detection module for improved electronic package decapsulation and sample preparation
Microsemi unveils GaN on SiC-based RF transistor for secondary surveillance radar aviation applications
Plextek to announce solutions for both E-band and V-band at IET conference
Verizon pre-certifies Altair LTE chip
ADCs target low power and wide bandwidth
Connection system targets Class I, Division 2 and Zone 2 hazardous locations
Smart meter RF coupler provides 10kV electrical isolation
Digital radio test system with colour touch-screen targets land mobile radio
Super bright coloured LEDs delivered in 1.0x0.5x0.35mm 0402 ChipLED packages
European Broadcasting Union bids to manage .radio domain
Smart meter RF coupler features 10kV electrical isolation and less than 0.5dB loss at 915MHz
Ultra-low loss Nona-band SMART meter RF coupler offers high electrical isolation
Next-generation embedded Virtual Machine and compilation technology for Symmetrical Multi-Processor systems
Intel adds power amplifiers to 3G RF chip
Rohde & Schwarz takes on North American EMC market
Fast-switching wireless link delivers +27dBm (500mW) RF power output for a 5km range
GPS security a concern for university expert
Digital radio chipset enables next-generation car radios
Next-generation wireless mouse applies 2.4-GHz radio-on-a-chip to enable three-year battery life performance
Push-on RF connectors feature high power handling capability
Imec and Murata join forces on reconfigurable radio research
European real time satellite data network takes shape with new earth stations
Digi-Key and Anaren sign global distribution agreement
Low-power digital PMR processor adds new function images
Tiny Bluetooth low energy proximity key fob runs for a year on a coin cell
Omron's subminiature pushbutton switches now at Mouser
AMI/AMR smart energy transmit/receive front end modules
OIF to define three 56 Gbits/s serial interfaces
RF transmitter improves performance, reduces system cost while extending battery lifetime
Digital voice scrambler for analog radio systems offers secure voice communication
Imec demonstrates a low-power 7-Gbps 60-GHz transceiver for the wireless consumer applications
7Gbps 60GHz transceiver IC implemented in 40nm low-power CMOS
Digital positioning controller enables real-time positioning of synchronized multi-axis systems
Integrated surface-mount DVGAs can reduce basestation BOMs
5-MHz UFm bus controllers support complex data transfers in advanced gaming systems
14GHz power amplifier outputs 100W of power for satellite communications
Wireless sensor networks evaluation kit for measurement and control applications
Alpha Micro Components adds GLONASS/GPS/QZSS positioning module to its portfolio
EU photonic wireless project develops state-of-the-art high speed photodiodes
DSP-based AM/FM one-chip tuner drives car entertainment innovations
Ka-Band LNA MMIC exhibits 1.7 dB noise figure with low power dissipation
RF Monolithics to be acquired by Murata Electronics North America
Signalion removes need for remote radio head in development, trial and prototyping
Analog Devices acquires Multigig to strengthen high-speed signal processing solutions
IF/RF quadrature demodulator IC designed for low power applications
Miniature encoder system for easy motor integration
Nickel-based rail batteries offer space savings and weight reductions
Manual lead tinning station saves time and costs for re-tinning fine-Pitch QFPs
Raytheon to help better detect rocket, artillery and mortar threats
Manual lead tinning station saves time and costs for re-tinning fine-Pitch QFPs
All-CMOS silicon oscillator technology now shipping
Twin Creeks emerges with new solar cell manufacturing approach
Ismosys wins design-in for NetLogic’s DFS processors in LTE remote radio heads and active antenna systems
Radio waves beamed with a twist akin to fusilli pasta allow massive multiplexing
China Mobile drives servers to base station role
Tablet-based multi-technology SON platform for analysing mobile network performance
Alcatel-Lucent and China Mobile to jointly accelerate development of lightRadio
RFMD PowerSmart power platform family expanded with 3G and 4G LTE variants
HiSilicon and imec to jointly research reconfigurable RF transceivers
Radio filter delivers LTE capacity gains of up to 65 per cent
Ericsson leverages standards to lead with LTE
TI claims fastest 16-bit DAC at 1.5 GSPS
Moving implant, body nets advance
One transceiver per radiator is the only effective solution for Active Antenna Systems says Ubidyne
Qualcomm, Ericsson demo LTE-to-3G handover
Half duplex (HDX) RFID mini-transponders for animal and asset tracking
White and colour chip LEDs deliver up to 450 mcd from a 0.8mm profile
Testing modern MIMO Wi-Fi and LTE radios
Wide viewing angle LCDs gain share due to Tablet PC demand, says NPD DisplaySearch
TI unveils high performance AFE for femtocells and SDR
Geo-location could bring new security risks
Reference design for licence-free radio microphones based on DECT
Industrial grade 1200-nit ultra high brightness LED display kit
UMTC connectors target demanding space critical applications
Microchip expands PIC range with lowest active current and new low-power sleep modes
JEDEC publishes Wide I/O mobile DRAM standard enabling chip-level 3D stacking with TSVs
Geo-location tagging in smartphones to potentially cause major security risks
Thermocouple data logger for temperature ranges from -200 to 1350°C
CEA-Leti and ST-Ericsson stack a 3D network on chip
0.8 to 40 GHz omni-directional antenna targets UWB applications
KeyStone multicore architecture scaled to support cloud RAN applications and networked servers
Infineon rolls auto-qualified power MOSFETs in TO package
900 MHz wireless module offer high power in small package
High power C-band GaN amplifiers for Satellite Earth Stations
900 MHz band PIM analyser covers UMTS Band VIII and LTE Band 8 networks
AMC radio for LTE-Advanced frequency bands from 3.4 to 3.8GHz
Portable radio test sets for testing FM radios under challenging conditions
Multihop radio features built-in I/O that connects directly to sensors and probes
VSA software adds multi-measurement capability for wireless research and development
TI targets mission critical systems with latest floating point DSP
EtherWaves adds software defined radio based DAB/DMB to GENIVI and Android
Semtech expands multi-touch support for 4D-Touch platform to enhance the user experience
Map and positioning engine module offers 1km predictive road awareness
S-band phase shifters deliver fast switching speed and low phase error
Media tablets take 75% share of US ultra-mobile device shipments in 2011
Ultra-low voltage SoC targets implantable medical devices
The HomePlug Powerline Alliance launches the Netricity certification program
World’s smallest band pass filters with bottom terminals measure 1.0x0.5mm
Freescale has sub-1GHz ultra-low-power smart radio
RF power transistor delivers cost-effective platform for increased wireless-system performance
Qualcomm takes majority share of application processor market
Agilent claims industry's first 160-MHz signal analyzer for wide bandwidth signal analysis
TinyMesh RF modules with self-configuring mesh protocol for ISM bands
Low-power 2.4-GHz wirelessUSB transceiver
RFID Components now European distributor for PLUS Location Systems
Sharp Arrow targets ultra low power
Migration to digital mobile radio set to accelerate
Ultra-low power wireless networking solution now available
ARM extends Michigan research deal
TI launches ultra-low cost DSPs
1.3-micrometer band 40Gbps electro-absorption laser module
GaN wideband pulsed power amplifier
Rohde & Schwarz supplies emergency radios for aircraft carriers
Integrating antennas within clothes using metallic thread
GPRS modem routers simplify M2M data cconnectivity
Compact OEM GNSS modules for high-accuracy mobile positioning applications
New architecture promises better battery
Cognitive radio capabilities for public safety communications
DVGAs enable higher-performance basestation radio architectures
USB-connected analog and digital radio test set
Short range radio modules now report signal strength
Cavium launches ultra low power search processor into TCAM market
Integrated receive front-end modules for GPS and GLONASS signals measure 2.3 x 1.7 x 0.73 mm
Mindspeed buys assets of W-CDMA chip vendor
Single-chip digital PMR baseband processor conforms to ETSI standard TS102 490
Direct RF-sampling ADC aims to revolutionize radio architectures
Enhanced MMCU-4 modular radio remote control receiver
Maxell introduces a zero-mercury, zero-lead added silver-oxide cells
Broadband BTS LNAs are deliver flexibility and simplify RF design requirements
Compact HD radio tuner modules for automotive applications
CML Microsystems acquires leading-edge vocoder technology
Microsoft, Nokia, Samsung join Neul radio club
Should Google be in 'white-space' radio?
RF Industries to acquire CUI
Temporary bonding equipment market to surf on the growth of thin wafer manufacturing
Neul opens up on 'white space' radio network
Flexible ultra-wideband channelizer offers ultimate radio receiver
Richardson RFPD selected as sole distributor for ATC ultra-broadband inductors
26.8-dBm IIP3 dual broadband RF mixer draws 300-mW/channel for 4G MIMO multi-mode receivers
Avnet Memec takes on Echelon
Rohde & Schwarz moves into security with ipoque acquisition
Handheld analyser adds DMR test and WiMAX fixed and mobile capabilities
Hagiwara Electric launches C-to-FPGA design service
Embedded virtual machine technology with Java 6 compatibility
High performance RF DAC enables linearity performance breakthroughs
BEEcube targets data centers, RF
Infrastructure now key to the future of the connected mobile health platform
Compact LCDs target industrial, medical and handheld applications
Front-end filter module for 802.11 b/g/n WiFi and Bluetooth radios
Arasan Chip Systems is first to unveil MIPI RFFE core
RFM adds Wi-Fi and Bluetooth combo modules to portfolio
RFID tag chip for low cost item-level tagging
Multi-hop data radios with 3km reach extend data transmission to over 20km
Wireless modules combine WLAN, Bluetooth and FM and GPS functionalities
ISM band wireless gateways and nodes for industrial sensor networks
Cadence releases industry's first wide I/O memory controller IP solution
2.4 to 2.7 GHz WiMax and WiFi antenna
Resistor offers very wide operating temperature range
7” widescreen TFTs for industrial usage have wide view technology
Intel's mobile chief resigns
Infrared detector array boasts 25% enhancement in measurement stability
Clock jitter cleaner family claims industry's lowest phase noise
Wide band amplifier delivers cryogenic to +100 °C temperature performance
Industry’s first system-on-chip two-way radio enabling cost effective digital radios
Full spectrum multi-band antenna
Renesas targets ultra low power with RX200
Digital radio frequency V4 test solution combines stimulus and analysis capability
Energy Micro release details of energy friendly radio product family
High-gain linear amplifier module enables WiMAX to coexist with other radios in portable devices
Wireless Ethernet bridges for point to point 60GHz communications
Miniature IP68-rated tactile switch withstands over 300,000 operations
Microwave combiners for satellite news gathering support 1:1 redundancy
RF platform replaces IR and RF discrete designs with low-power radio solution for remote keyless entry applications
CML Microcircuits unveils single chip multi-transcoder IC for SDR and VoIP applications
10 Gb/s multipoint microwave backhaul platform
Win one of two radio energy harvesting kits on offer
Single-SoC platform for concurrent 3G and 4G service operation
Ultra-low energy radio draws less than 3mW
Blaupunkt introduces telematics division
nanoETXexpress releases rev 2.0 for credit card sized Computer-on-Modules
Storage system for third-party manufacturers
RFMD receives first production orders for PowerSmart Power Platforms
Sub 1GHz band radio modules target automation networks
Air radio module family extended with ETSI-compliant units for European applications
Air radio module family extended with ETSI-compliant units for European applications
Digital radio receiver module optimised for slave mode operation
DARPA seeks lighter energy source for radios
Ultra compact embedded computer for extreme applications
NXP introduces multistandard digital radio coprocessor for car infotainment
Hirschmann foil antennas can be integrated into the vehicle's body
LPRS transducers used in energy saving lighting
Huber+Suhner ready for the licence-free 60-GHz band
IP67 single-radio unit delivers industrial class 802.11n connectivity
Huawei buys IMEC spin-off for $10 million
Dual channel 6 Gb/s SERDES with low-noise clock synthesizer targets next generation radio
Ontario microwave startup raises $8 million
Trillium monitoring software brings optimization and security through real-time intelligence to mobile networks
Cellular, GPS and satellite connectivity all in one module for global asset tracking
Auto–identification RF solutions for data-rich applications
Radiometrix enters into channel partnership in India
Firms roll public radio interface IC
Battery tester supports  Li-Ion, Li-FePh, Li-Titanate, Ni-Cd, Ni-MH and lead acid rechargeable batteries
Intel licenses DSP
Perc Ultra now supports VxWorks MILS 2.1
Wireless M2M connection market booms
TFT-LCDs deliver a viewing angle greater than 170º with colour accuracy
RFMD unveils family of configurable components for developing wide dynamic range radio systems
Icera partners with Teleca to develop Android RIL (radio interface layer) for smartphone platform
ATEX approved signal amplifier for load cells
NJR takes on rivals in digital signal controllers
Alternative positioning technologies to generate over $2.5 billion by 2015
Xsens releases wireless 3D motion tracker
DesignArt Networks relies on Tensilica for 4G SoC family
New applications to drive analog demand
RFMD expands portfolio to target microwave and millimeter wave applications
38 GHz packaged chipset solution for point-to-point radio market
High bit rate ISM transceiver for smart grid and home/building automation
Atego ships its first multi-core Virtual Machine for ARM processors
Digital radio switchover is unlikely to ever happen in the UK, says radio specialist Grant Goddard
Ultra low noise OCXOs offer stability benefits
UHF RF power transistor supports DVB-T digital broadcast transmitters
TriQuint rolls new GaAs foundry process
Miniaturized positioning controller offers design flexibility
One-Box solution for IEEE 802.11p testing
Altair Semiconductor announces Digital Dividend reference design
MimoOn claims to lead in LTE PHY software on SDR silicon for mobile terminals
Intelligent Battery project opens new ground in energy storage applications
Atmel rolls very small car radio chip
Code-hopping receiver decoder enables implementation of security oriented RF remote control systems
Enhanced audio scrambler and sub-audio signalling processor IC targets analog two-way radios
Avago claims industry’s first 4G/LTE Band 7 duplexer
Dual-mode receive/transmit internal SMD FM antenna module for embedded FM radio applications
Digital radio to approach 200 million units by 2015
New way found to pattern graphene
Semtech and Microchip deliver reference design for secure, multi-band wireless RKE systems
Virtualization comes to signal generators for radio test applications
SiC RF power device for UHF radar applications extends SiC transistor portfolio to 2200 W
CEA-Leti unveils low-power reconfigurable multicore chip for Software-Defined Radio and Cognitive Radio  
Actel launches space-ready FIR filter
RAD-Hard ULDOs focus on power-restricted high reliability applications
ST's HD radio chipset receives iBiquity certification
MCUs still offer best option for low power operation, says ARM
Increased Flash for low power MCUs
IP67 radio data loggers target harsh industrial applications
One-box tester supports transmit and receive testing of LTE devices using signaling
Lattice partners with Affarii to offer Remote Radio Head solution at 1300-mW per antenna
Saft signs multi-year deal with EADS Astrium to power all GEO satellites
Single-box multi-RAT tester for multi-mode eHRPD/LTE handsets
Vertical alignment represents 42% of the LCD wide viewing angle technologies
IMEC set to take transistors 'sub-threshold'
Complete RF front-end solution for point-to-point radio markets
IBM, MediaTek to debut 60-GHz chipset
Intel rolls mobile CPUs for ultrathin notebooks
GaN HEMT MMIC power amplifiers expand frequency range through X-band
FreeWave Technologies announces latest version of Tool Suite radio management software
PLL synthesizer with 30-V charge pump targets microwave point-to-point systems
Reed relay matrix card supports 448 single-pole matrix crosspoints
NXP tops automotive infotainment chip ranking, says iSuppli
Radio bridge module, an alternative to cables!
Radio module delivers complete custom solution without customer in-house RF
Peregrine agrees with IBM to develop next generation of RF CMOS semiconductor process
Multi-channel VHF narrowband radio transceiver
Netbooks fuel heady notebook growth in 2010
Oscillators incorporate GPS receiver for exact geo-location data
RFMD expands portfolio of single-chip ISM band transceivers
All-in-one tuner brings low cost digital radios to Europe
Femtocell maker opts for Lime's radio
Three European universities join Cadence Academic Network
Enhanced test platforms handle end-to-end tests on mobile phones under field conditions
Unclonable 'silicon DNA' secures RFID tags
SiLabs debuts wireless microcontrollers

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This month Ambiq Micro is giving away five of its 'Apollo EVB' evaluation boards, worth 9 each for EETimes Europe’s readers to assess the capabilities of their cutting-edge Apollo sub-threshold microcontroller.

The new suite of Apollo MCUs is based on the 32-bit ARM Cortex-M4 floating point microcontroller and redefines 'low power' with energy consumption that is typically five to...


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Infotainment Making HDTV in the car reliable and secure

December 15, 2011 | Texas instruments | 222901974

Unique Ser/Des technology supports encrypted video and audio content with full duplex bi-directional control channel over a single wire interface.


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