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Industry-first 2.8-V to 36-V integrated load switches simplify power management design

November 11, 2010 // Paul Buckley

Industry-first 2.8-V to 36-V integrated load switches simplify power management design

Fairchild Semiconductor has developed the AccuPower load switch series, which claims to be the industry’s first 2.8 V to 36 V integrated load switches, intended to address the designer’s mid-voltage needs to provide power load switching and advanced protection, while also saving board space and lowering overall costs.

Devices in the AccuPower series of load switches include the FPF2700, FPF2701 and FPF2702. Unlike current solutions that require discrete MOSFETs plus external protection circuitry, devices in the AccuPower series of load switches feature built-in protection to eliminate as many as four additional devices, saving over 70 percent board space.

The AccuPower series is a family of current limiting load switches that provide full protection to systems and loads that may encounter large current conditions. The series contains a slew rate controlled N-Channel MOSFET which limits the amount of in-rush current. This protects from abnormalities on the main power supply rails.

The input voltage range operates from 2.8 V to 36 V. Devices in the series offer low RDS(ON) (90 mΩ typical) to optimize power losses across the switch and over the entire input voltage range. Additionally, to address the emerging concern of current surges in these applications, AccuPower load switches feature Safe Operation Area (SOA) current limit protection, which guards against instantaneous short circuit events and protects the system from failure.

Applying technological and process IP gained during the development of the IntelliMAX series of load switches, devices in the AccuPower load switch series are ideal for motor drives, portable power, digital cameras, industrial and computing applications.

Additionally, devices in the AccuPower load switch series feature under-voltage lock-out (UVLO) protection and thermal shutdown protection. Switch control is completed by a logic input (ON) capable of interfacing directly with the low voltage control signal. When the switch current reaches the current limit, the device operates in a constant-current mode to prohibit excessive currents from causing damage.

All of these switches are part of a comprehensive portfolio of solutions that help industrial and portable electronic designers to differentiate their designs and maintain a competitive advantage. Fairchild continues to combine its unique combination of functional, process and packaging technologies with its years of insight and system-level expertise to differentiate electronic designs.

Availability and Pricing

Samples of AccuPower are available now.  The device is priced at $0.92 in 1,000 piece quantities.

More information about the AccuPower load switch series at

Visit Fairchild Semiconductor at

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