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Integrated photonics design flow automation for multi-project wafer runs

May 25, 2012 // By Twan Korthorst and Remco Stoffer

Integrated photonics design flow automation for multi-project wafer runs

By using a small set of re-usable building blocks that are integrated in mature foundry processes, a wide variety of Photonic Integrated Circuits can be designed and fabricated using the same family of fabrication processes.

Without trading in on the performance of the photonic component, these stable fabrication and integration technologies bring the cost price and development time of photonic integrated components down. Instead of optimizing the fabrication technology for every specific application, the product design is adapted to the capabilities of available, mature, high performance fabrication processes. To create these stable processes one needs the right tools (such as a manufacturing execution system), methods (in-line and off-line quality control) and sufficient numbers of wafers being processed.

Read the full article on page 32 of our May digital edition.

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