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IP67 radio data loggers target harsh industrial applications

July 06, 2010 // Jean-Pierre Joosting

IP67 radio data loggers target harsh industrial applications

This Tinytag wireless data logging system, distributed by PSE- Priggen Special Electronic, consists of a receiver which is connected to a PC and a number of radio loggers. Each radio logger is a self-contained, battery powered unit that can receive, log, store and transmit data to other radio loggers, as well as the central receiver.

Each radio logger (or wireless data logger) has a line of sight range of up to 200 metres, but there is no limit to the number of loggers you can have, or to how far away you have them. Data will always find its way back to the PC because it can be relayed from one logger to another logger in range, until it finds its way back to the receiver.

The self-configuring loggers will dynamically adjust to deal with obstructions. If a logger is unable to find a path back to the receiver, its data is stored up to 2 weeks locally until such time as a path becomes available.

This combination of features delivers a very robust radio network which ensures that data is never lost during transmission. The radio software provides mechanisms for third party software integration using Modbus or http accessible CSV files. This software is also fully compatible with 'wired' Tinytag products and existing users will find the interface familiar. Data from the receiver can be accessed over a network. Forwarding alarm messages via E-mail or SMS is also possible.

The radio loggers have got a rugged waterproof (IP67) housing for the operation in harsh industry environment and in the exterior. They are available in versions for the connection of 1, 2 or 4 external temperature probes or with a temperature/humidity probe. Several thermistor probes as well as a compost probe are available as accessories.

The operation of the wireless system is licence-free in the European Union at 869,8 MHz. There are also versions for Australia and America available. The user replaceable alkaline batteries have got an operation time of up to one year and low battery levels are indicated.

Typical applications for this radio data logger system are the monitoring of chill chains, warehouses and buildings, the capturing of environmental data and composting processes.

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