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News about Led

Audi deploys LED technology for virtual dashboard solution
Automotive LED driver lowers cost of LED front lighting systems
LED driver offers triac dimming compatibility
LEDs to become half of horticultural luminaire sales in 2017
16-channel LED backlight controller improves TV picture quality
Hi-Bri LEDs allow exact lighting level
Philips partners Cisco to tackle 1bn euros office lighting market
Dimmer chip simplifies complex LED matrix designs
Luminis expands outdoor LED lighting portfolio
Super low-profile IRED focuses on mobile device eye tracking
Citizen science helps assess artificial skyglow over cities
Transparent LED displays built on monolayer semiconductors
Seven-segment LED display is 2.1mm thin
Smart city wireless control system covers 33000 LED streetlights
Osram reveals 3bn euros investment plan to drive expansion
120 000-lumens single LED COB module offers low thermal resistance
Study: Glare-free LED headlight gives drivers more response time
150-W AC-DC LED drivers support indoor/outdoor applications
Sensor ASIC sees it all from a LED viewpoint
Osram unveils first filament LED to replace incandescent lamps
Ultra-thin perovskite nanocrystals enable tunable, energy-efficient LEDs
PSV introduce LED lighting to Dutch premier league
SiO silicone lenses solve COB optical issues
LED drivers drive two strings of 10 LEDs at 50-mA
Improving reliability and lowering audible noise on LED drivers
Blue LED shows artificial skin sends pressure sensation to brain
Researchers pinpoint how varied light spectra influence crop yields
BMW's fastest production road car premieres OLED technology
AC step driver for LED bulbs improves line regulation by 2x
LED lighting solutions focus on hazardous classified locations
LED shows twice the brightness from same chip surface area
Biosensors: insurance companies call the shots
Osram enables low-cost entry to intelligent light control
High intensity color LEDs offers highest candela performance
Automotive LED prototype focuses on adaptive front lighting solutions
Chip scale optics for GaN-on-Si LEDs
Right angle tricolour SMT LEDs light up to 155 degrees
Cree unveils 'a better LED bulb'
Smart sensing UV LED lamp offers precison control
Imec laminates stretchable LED display onto garments
Plessey clinches GBP6.7m grant for LED production expansion
High power white LEDs achieve 140-lm performance levels
TSMC pulls plug on solar business
Will profits move from LED packages towards LED drivers?
UV-A LED flashlight focuses on nondestructive testing
Flexible, wearable white-light LED offers easy replication
Single-winding-inductor, 500V buck LED drivers
Microwave heating solution lowers cost of quantum dot LEDs
Less expensive, sustainable white LED unveiled
500-V buck LED drivers suit non-dimmable retrofits
Advanced silicone optics delivers lighting design flexibility
IKEA turns to LEDs to light up future sales
4-die 365nm LED engine delivers 4W of flux
IKEA turns to LEDs to light up future sales
LEDs spot quantum dots ready for nanophotonic devices
Red, blue and green LEDs grow food for space travel
Blue LED discovery offers chemical-free food preservation alternative
GaN-on-Silicon LED die target high power applications
High-efficiency infrared LED targets security applications
Cree signs global LED chip patent cross-license agreement with Epistar
Passive cooling modules focus on indoor LED applications
Filament bulb replacements: The GaN-on-Silicon LED solution arrives
First color-tunable graphene-based LED is demonstrated
MSC offers high-intensity LEDs delivering 100,000-candelas
LED is designed for head-up displays
SVGA TFT LCDs rated for 11 years, 24/7 in harsh applications
Nanoco targets cadmium-free quantum dots at lighting demands
Soraa releases world's first 4-degree AR111 LED lamp
Backup module provides emergency LED panel lighting support
Cree high power LEDs improve light output by 50 percent
Photo battery shines light on safer power
Passive cooling module focuses on indoor LED applications
Dielectric material helps keep LED packages much cooler
Drivers for chip-on-board LEDs
LED lighting driver adds ZigBee dongle for control
Wireless lighting control module integrates existing fixtures
Advanced packaging to boost photolithography market, says Yole
Scottish bacteria-killing light fixture targets US healthcare market
Quantum Materials quadruples high-heat tolerant qdot manufacturing capacity
Could nanowires become the LEDs of the future?
Low-dropout LED drivers for any-colour chips
Advanced LED pin fin coolers accommodate tilted spot lights
Quantum dot blinking - a problem solved?
Automotive qualified IR emitters helps improve driver safety
LED roadway solutions focus on rural, remote communities
White COB LEDs target specific grocery lighting
Intelligent lighting control helps road lantern maximize energy savings
High voltage photorelays fit in industry's smallest package
Matrix LED lighting enters the compact class
PCB-free LED package reduces costs for luminaire manufacturers
Color-tunable LED integrates ZigBee connectivity for smart lighting
Low-power integrated optical sensor targets fitness tracking
5000-lm LED cooler delivers ultra-low profile of 20-mm
COB LED arrays lower the cost of industry-leading efficacy
Smart lighting testing program eases global time-to-market pressures
LED projector features intelligent ambient light sensor
Square light guides offer low-cost custom variations
Connected LED opens path to 'intelligent cities'
Acuity Brands targets precise indoor positioning sector
LED module packs 125-lpw and 90-CRI in small form factor
60V LED driver has 4A switch and PWM generator
12W LED module operates directly from 230 VAC
Plessey expands European GaN-on-Silicon LED distribution network
Industry-first 277-V thermistor supports LED lighting applications
Harvester makes light work of powering IoT devices
Wireless-enabled LED fixtures offer cost-effective commercial smart lighting
WiFi-enabled portable light offers iPhone control
US-Irish partnership pioneers GaN nanostructures for power electronics
Philips offloads LED lighting components unit for USD2.8bn
Graphene's first commercial success: energy-saving light bulbs?
Multi-die emitter provides single-source beam control in directional lamps
Nanoco partners Marl to focus Cd-free quantum dots on LED lighting
New owners close in on Philips Lumileds
Roll-to-roll printing of organic solar cells and LEDs
Opel develops headlight control through eye-tracking
Acuity Brands partners Sensity Systems to focus on IIoT
20W smart DC driver for LED modules
LED lighting controller boosts PFC, efficiency specifications for 20-150W
RS Components to host LED Light Experience & Control Workshops
Germany's Epitaxy Competence Center focuses on 3D nano-LED
Modular ceiling LED light consumes less than 15-W
Mouser signs global distribution deal with CUI
MOSFET family delivers lowest on-resistance and output capacitance
Samsung acquires YESCO to strengthen LED display expertise
Durable 480-V passive power supply focuses on high-voltage applications
DMX controllers target total LED lighting control
Switch to LED lighting cuts cruising energy costs by 60 percent
8-bit PIC MCUs focus on LED lighting applications
Li-Fi achieves 224-Gbps data transmission speeds with room-scale coverage
Energy harvesting wireless LED control system simplifies installation
LED arrays offers system cost savings of 60 percent
Will energy-harvesting 3D printed trees charge your smartphone?
Driver chip reduces LED taillight complexity
Blue LED chips claim eight percent efficiency gain
Cree adds field-adjustable color capabilities to LED luminaires
Integrated color sensor provides accurate RGBW spectral sensitivity
Will large-area sapphire substrates spark optical clarity advances?
World’s highest power, deep UV LEDs begin shipments
Gallium-nitride-on-silicon white LEDs deliver more light
Color sensor provides highest infrared cutoff characteristics
Dimmable LED lighting driver design covers wide power range
Atomic level LEDs open up flexible electronics opportunities
Spread Spectrum Frequency Modulation Reduces Automotive LED Driver EMI
SoC brings smart lighting to mainstream consumers
Free app offers Bluetooth control of RGB LED bulb
Mid-power LEDs combines COB performance with lower system costs
BJB deal strengthens Anglia's Cree COB LED connection
Active heat sink for LEDs integrates low-noise fan motor
Factory tragedy makes LG stall display panel production
Smart LED bulb offers Wink and ZigBee compatibility
How the 'LED lighting backlash' could be good for the industry
Smartphone LED lighting controller works with Android or iOS
Mercedes-Benz self driving car communicates via LEDs
Computer simulations solve blue LED production mystery
ROHM extends Rutronik's franchise to a global agreement
Qualcomm partners LIFX to offer Wi-Fi-based smart lighting solutions
Vishay Intertechnology acquires fabless optoelectronic IC design business
The big lie about LED lighting
Sustainable lighting drives building automation systems growth
Silicon more-than-Moore to drive MEMS, RF, LEDs
Smart window tints and acts as transparent battery
Reference design spotlights high-power LED lighting applications
COB LED series offers color on demand options
Triple LED controller for rear lamps
From bionic contact lenses to Li-Fi communications
Integrated, 2-channel, high-brightness automotive LED driver
Zhaga Consortium prepares new COB LED array specification
3-D printed LED is embedded in contact lens
5000 lumen LED module simplifies design-in for lighting manufacturers
Can LED technology puts algae on the menu?
4-channel, programmable LED driver offers design flexibility
Arduino shields for RGB lighting and motor control from Infineon
Constant-current linear regulator improves LED current tolerance
Dimmable LED floodlights render the entire visible spectrum
Tubular LED lamp simplifies linear fluorescent fixture retrofits
Dual dimming LED driver accepts universal voltage input
Tiny LED makes bionic contact lenses realistic
From warm to cool white: colour-temperature tunable LEDs
Standard LED cooler supports high bay lighting demands
Plessey extends European distribution network with Syscom Electronique
6-W and 8-W COB LED packages focus on indoor lighting
LED control chips enable more efficient automotive lighting designs
LED lighting solutions focus on individual needs
TUV SUD receives S-JQA Mark recognition
Plessey focuses on chip scale application specific LEDs
Buck-boost DC-DC LED drivers support 300-600-mA current levels
3-in-1 dimmable LED drivers offer versatility
AllSeen Alliance expands reach to embrace smart lighting
Single-chip LED driver reduces intelligent lighting costs
Smart light bulb market to reach 223m by 2020
855-nm HIR LED focuses on surveillance systems
Digital Lumens raises USD23m for intelligent LED lighting solution
Surface-mountable LED offers oval light-radiating characteristics
Analyzer innovation cuts LED thermal testing times by 90 percent
AC step driver increases design flexibility for LED lighting
Terminal block expands options for LED module/board designers
LED-based projector delivers sharp images on curved screens
1-W SMD LED simplifies omnidirectional products, reduce cost
High-temperature, 125C ZigBee module for embedded lighting
Pixel chip sparks energy-efficient intelligent LED headlamps
HPLEDs double light output, cut costs by 40 percent
Cree patent integrates LED and OLED technologies
Pressure-sensitive adhesive tape cures at room temperature
Multi-function wireless sensor future proofs workplace lighting
200-mA power supply supports 64 DALI device network
Multi-output boost converter LED driver ICs offer fault-tolerant protection
LED matrix manager controls 96 HBLEDs in automotive headlamps
Single IC controls entire LED matrix headlight
LEDs face power-saving rival based on carbon nanotubes
Nanoco signs cadmium-free quantum dot development agreement with Osram
LED compatible solder materials offer performance gains
Blue LED light helps diabetics regulate blood glucose
Osram spotlights brightest LED for car headlights
Osram and Toyoda Gosei extend LED usage agreement
LED power supply meets EMI global lighting standards
MR16 LED lamps offer 30 percent greater efficiency
Cree sees LED sales tumble
Ford invests USD25m globally in LED lighting solutions
3-tiered binning solution delivers light engine customization
Emergency linear fixturefits in single piece design
TMBS rectifiers support LED lighting applications
Small footprint boost controller simplifies LED backlighting
Wembley transforms fan experience with interactive LED lighting solution
Nanotechnology innovation promises cheaper, clearer LEDs
Plessey expands in-house LED assembly line in Plymouth
LED high bay features cloud-based smart controls
Nuclear spins shown to control current in LED
Smart LED bulb does not depend on Wi-Fi gateway
Heat sink technology supports high wattage LED output
LG Innotek releases AC direct LED lighting components
Free circuit-prototyping service supports advanced thermal management technology
Natural light LEDs offer a color quality of >95Ra CRI
Intematix partners SABIC to develop energy-saving LED solutions
Easy-to-use development tools support 24-hour prototyping
App-powered accessories focus on home monitoring and control
Camera flash LED driver solutions offer ultra-compact benefits
Wire switching regulator focuses on LED lighting solutions
LED replacement for 50-W halogen MR16 lamp
Display panels are designed for outdoor operation
Cree targets mid-power LEDs with USD83m Lextar investment
IKEA GreenTech invests in energy-efficient LED technology developer
Infra-red, multi-die emitters boosts surveillance camera range six fold
Can LEDs speed the future of self-driving cars?
Triac dimmable LED lamp driver offers cost savings
IC integrates display power and backlight LED driver functions for smartphones
Plessey expands European distribution network with Solid State Supplies
Copenhagen starts large-scale smart LED lighting experiment
RGB LED fits in compact four-lead PLCC package
Wear-resistant films extend electrostatic chuck lives
Cree Q4 results spark stock market dip
LED downlight reflector options offer designer versatility
App helps patients control their lives and lights
Osram plans acquisition of Italian entertainment lighting specialist
Philips LED floodlights help Chelsea hit new HD TV goals
Mobile apps for LED lighting capture public imagination
Dimmable LED drivers focus on hazardous locations
LED backlit capacitive switch module
Vishay boosts infrared LED production with MOCVD addition
Xiamen Changelight gears up for GaN LED expansion
OLED lighting to be competitive with LEDs by 2016
Dark clouds over lighting business: Osram announces massive job cuts
Track and recessed LED luminaires offer adjustable benefits
GE phosphor powder creates more vibrant LED displays
Can streetlight glare from LED lighting be prevented?
Dimmable bulb requires no dimmer
Consumers fund free energy saving LED lighting initiative
Phosphorescent LEDs offer cheap way to increase light efficiency
Lighting rollout brightens car park energy saving prospects
Veeco partners Agnitron to offer refurbished MOCVD systems
'CrispWhite' COB LED arrays ideal for retail applications
LED linear luminaire is 60 percent slimmer
RPCVD p-GaN offers 10-fold improvement in LED efficiency
Power transistors halve on-resistance
Security vulnerability of smart bulbs is revealed
LED-based luminous textiles enhance retail environments
LED track spotlight needs no external control unit
SMT wire-to-board connectors support thin LED lighting-module applications
Philips hives off LED business
Glasgow smartens city with intelligent LED street lighting
LEDs produce color spectrum close to natural sunlight
AEC-Q101-qualified integrated proximity and ambient light sensor
LEDs offer almost natural sunlight colour spectrum
Mercedes Benz reveals new generation Multibeam LED technology
Solderless system connects LED COB array holders rapidly
Newswatch: LEDs to cash in on smartphone surveillance opportunities
LED modules target harsh environment automotive headlights
LEDs tap indoor location technology for social shopping
Compact LED controller supports lamp applications up to 18 W
Cree LED lamp boosts performance by 38 percent
High lumen output LEDs focus on outdoor lighting
Single-die LED achieves efficacy of 200-lpw at 350-mA
LED lighting in buildings to pass USD10.3B mark in 2014
Osram boosts backend LED capacities to strengthen competitiveness
TUV SUD to issue ENEC+ mark for lighting
LED-driver ICs deliver accurate output power to 12 W
Plessey sign up Alcom for Benelux distribution deal
UL streamlines global certification for portable LED luminaires
LED driver offers enhanced functionality for front and rear light
1:5 output voltage LED drivers reduce inventory costs
Wide format LCD module features high-brighness LED backlight
Apple patents super photo resolution technology, eliminates LED flash
App calculates voltage drop between LED drivers and fixtures
Newswatch - Is induction lighting a gamble worth taking?
Microsoft proposes LED light positioning system
Induction light bulb poses low-cost challenge to LED
Compact mid-power LED enhances white goods designs
Quantum dot deal aims to boost solid-state brightness
Substrate developments drive up LED front-end industry expansion
Exar buys Taiwanese display, lighting chip company
High-current inductor handles temperatures to 180°C
Full service package simplifies switch to advanced LED lighting
Epistar extends LED collaboration with Intermolecular
Curved light guides increase design flexibility
LED bulbs - what is a whiter shade of pale?
LED light engines offer luminaire design flexibility
LED-based solar lamp offers developing countries safer future
Remote power drivers improve LED lighting system flexibility
Ford pickups unveil first LED forward lighting solution
Global HB LED market set to shine by 2018
DALI dimmable LED power supplies can be customised
Nanowire tuning improves LED lighting and PV performance
LED patents - How important are bright ideas?
LED front-end equipment market leaders continue to dominate
Smart glasses light source breakthrough improves image quality
Flush-mountable infrared LED delivers remote control functionality
Revolution Lighting Technologies focuses on European expansion
Newswatch: European LED makers need to act smartly
Soraa targets international expansion with European focus
Zumtobel axes 600 jobs to boost profit margins
Pan-European mark certifies initial performance of LED luminaires
LED driver delivers high-power bulb dimming benefits
Philips collaborates with ABB to target energy efficiency
Osram claims world's most efficient LED lamp
CEA-Leti reveals high data rate Li-Fi prototype
High-bay LED lighting reaches large-scale adoption tipping point
LED driver reduces dimmable MR16 LED lamp footprint
Cree pushes through 300-LPW LED efficacy barrier
Tiny LED focuses on high-volume wearables market
Mid-power LEDs claims unmatched lumen density
LED chip demand to reach 61 billion in 2014
Samsung takes lens-attached LED modules from TVs to lighting
Chip-on-board LED doubles light from half the surface
Mid-power LED offers ANSI-compatible hot color targeting
Discrete LED claims lumen density and efficacy breakthrough
Slideshow: Six shakers and movers in LED technology
700-V power IC platform focuses on driving LEDs
Plessey expands GaN-on-Si LED distribution network into Iberia
Philips lighting JV focuses on Middle East expansion
Dimmable step-down LED driver for lighting products
LED driver comes with heat slug package
Zhaga Consortium appoints Musa Unmehopa as Secretary General
QMC gears up inorganic quantum dot volume production
Thinnest-known LEDs open up new miniaturization horizons
Chinese LED die production to grow by 37 percent
High voltage LEDs help simplify compact fixture design
Certification program clears market path for LED luminaires
Automated SSL test system authenticates LED technology performance
Apple set to transform sapphire wafer market
GaN transistors promise more light for less energy
Plessey appoints former Cree executive to drive LED sales growth
Innovative GaN on GaN LED claims wall-plug-efficiency record
Anti-reflective coating boosts LED lumen output by eight percent
Emitter doubles lumen density and achieves 50,000-CBCP
BMW sports car sparks laser light revolution
LED street lighting-as-a-service by Philips and Ericsson
Newswatch: Are LED lights spying on you?
Ultra-compact yellow LED opens headlamp design horizons
Samsung reveals LED components for advanced mobile devices
High efficiency spotlight exhibits retail potential
Is intelligent in-store lighting the ultimate personal shopper?
EU researchers target large-area, intelligent SSL module breakthrough
Cree LED arrays claim highest lumen density performance
Digital power controller aims to accelerate street-light conversions
LED tube manufacturer targets global market expansion
LED-based detector developer partners Valeo for ADAS advances
Thick print copper paste system targets power applications
LED lighting controls deliver dimmer savings
Valeo takes LeddarTech sensing technology to ADAS
Off-grid LED agricultural lighting aims for growth
LED-backlit capacitive switch module for OEM designs
Atom scale simulation offers nanoscale film growth benefits
LED 'fluorescent lamp' rolls trim luminaire assembly times
Smart-Light control system cuts lighting energy usage by 80 percent
Self-programming wireless lighting controls offer major power savings
High-power LED cuts costs with over 50 percent real-estate savings
Triac-output photocouplers features low LED trigger currents
Single-molecule LED breakthrough opens molecular computer opportunities
Point source LED targets UV and IR applications
Control IC reduces part count for dimming applications
Graphene oxide's conductivity fine tuned on demand
6000-Lumen LED module offers color-quality exceeding 90 CRI
Lowest power RGB digital light sensor optimizes mobile and TV display viewing
Samsung raises light efficacy bar for COB LEDs
LED luminaires market to reach $25bn by 2023
T8 LED tube family reduces energy costs by 60+ percent
LED-based sales surge helps drive Q4 2013 growth for Philips
Innovative LED lighting Energy Savings Calculator
Cree beats LED efficiency benchmark
Emerging technology in LED lighting to shape the outlook for 2014 predicts Yole
Audi to test laser headlight at Le Mans race
45-W and 60-W LED driver offers 3-in-1 dimming functionality
Everlight laboratory gains EPA recognition
San Francisco selects UK's Telensa to implement street lighting 'smart' controls trial
Innovative LED desk lamp combines soft lighting and energy efficiency
UCL joins research consortium to promote adoption of solid-state lighting in European cities
TCP becomes licensee for Philips LED luminaire and retrofit bulb licensing program
LED module claims light density breakthrough: 4000 lumen, 30,000 candela center-beam
UV LED offers light shaping benefits for pinning and curing
Open LED protector prevents damage from reverse polarity voltages
Plessey orders laser dicing system from ALSI to produce GaN-on-Silicon LEDs
LUXeXceL Group raises several million Euros to fund 3D printing of lenses and optical devices
LED street light installations to grow by 400% in next five years forecasts Strategies Unlimited
Cree LED technology provides Munich airport with energy-efficient lighting solutions
Greenvity introduces scalable IoT system solutions for smart LED lighting and home automation
EcoHarvester unveils battery-free wireless LED lamp and switch
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute demos prototype Google Glass-based personal light measurement system
LED High Bay delivers 125 lumens per watt fixture efficiency
LED lighting starter kit aims simplify the adoption of WeMo connected home solutions
Infrared (850 nm) LED chip offers high photoelectric efficiency
New generation controls offer huge benefits for indoor lighting
Flash MCU with LED/LCD driver directly drives display panels for small household appliances
LED driver with integrated spread spectrum reduces EMI without adding flicker
LED A-lamp shipments increased by 72 percent in 3Q13, reports NEMA
Backlight panel LED driver ICs include voltage step-up controller
Chip-on-board LEDs for directional high power applications
Annual revenue of sensors for intelligent lighting to reach USD2.7bn by 2020
LED driver is optimized for dimmable off-line LED bulb/tube applications
The 'Let there be light' applications of 2013
Family of optic modules provide cost effective lighting with mid-power LEDs
Mains-dimmable LED lamp driver offers flexibility and reduce BOM costs
Betting on GaN-on-GaN for efficient white light
Snap-Lock LED driver cartridge offers quick-change serviceability benefits
Intematix patents red nitride phosphor for LED lighting
Direct-type LED TV penetration rate exceeds 60 percent in 2014
High-power projectors provide a system output of up to 1700 lumen
LCD TV technology evolution to see bright moves despite decline in global LCD TV shipments
LED-backlit 27” monitor delivers a 2560x1440 pixels of resolution
Chinese LED lighting market to more than double to $7.4 billion in 2017, forecasts Lux Research
ESCATEC becomes a founding member of the Swiss Photonics Group
Koch Industries acquires Molex for USD7.2 billion
GaN-on-silicon LEDs to grow market share to 40 percent by 2020
Thermal interface gap filler optimised for LED lighting
PHI Group plans acquisition Nord Energy to extend LED street lighting offering
Remote phosphor offers uniform luminance over any length
US demand for LED lighting to grow more than 10 percent annually to 2017, reports Freedonia
Transport for London plans new road network lighting program to trim energy use by 40 per cent
Plessey launches next generation of GaN on Silicon LEDs for entry level lighting
The Top 10 Most Popular LED News Stories of 2013
LED lighting demands spur on sapphire substrate manufacturers production growth
Scottish research centre seeks bright future for Li-Fi internet technology
Avnet Abacus clinches award for sustained sales growth of Kingbright LED range
2.2-mm pitch wire to board connector for power supplies
Performance monitoring solution helps provide intelligent control of high power systems
Battery pack provides constant power to LED arrays during a loss of AC power
Battery pack provides constant power to LED arrays during a loss of AC power
Intelligent programmable LED driver packs 150-W in a compact package
UK LED bulb retail prices see decline in October 2013
High-current LED driver controller handles 250W of LED power
Cost-effective 20.5-cm TFT displays delivers a brightness of up to 1000 cd/m2
Triple output high current LED driver controller drives more than 250-W of LED power
40 or 60W LED power supplies have switch-selectable output current levels
LED for TV backlight applications sees price plunge ease in 4Q13
Philips partners Desso to develop LED-based light transmissive carpets
Global LED lighting shipments forecast to reach USD17.8 billion in 2014
Low profile SMT wire to board system combines space savings with high current capability
55-inch full HD public dual display sets new standards
Fiber optic transmitters and receivers for industrial applications enter full production
Connector offers performance benefits for solid-state lighting designs
Zhaga Consortium publishes interface specification for LED light engines
Wide-area portable LED light focuses on Class 1, Division 2 applications
Lighter AC-DC power supplies deliver performance improvements
ams multi-project prototyping service aims to offer analog foundry customers large cost savings
Programmable LED driver ICs enable digital dimming, wireless control and sensor control
Dialog partners Sengled Lighting to develop Ledotron-compliant smart lighting solutions
Programmable LED driver ICs offer intelligent LED lighting gains
Lynk Labs partners Thomas Research Products to drive low-voltage AC LED technology
Heavy-duty LED lights withstand high-pressure wash-down
GT Advanced Technologies agrees multi-year sapphire materials supply deal with Apple
Remote phosphor LED lighting module delivers 203 lumens per Watt
Floating switch architecture aims to transforms offline LED drive design
LED coolers offer cooling performance benefits for wide array of LED modules and COBs
42-W adjustable, constant current, LED drivers focus on indoor LED lighting applications
High temperature encapsulating compound offers crystal clear benefits for sealing LED arrays
Multi-image lighted pushbutton switch with increased lens brightness
UC Santa Barbara researchers point the way to brighter solid-state lighting
LED luminaires support Light Sensory Networks to provide real-time data for cloud applications
SMD infrared sensor focuses on security applications
Next generation of high-power of flux emitters aim to transform directional luminaires
ITL combines forces with IST METZ to gear up for North American market expansion
Performance of quantum dot LEDs is boosted by nanoscale engineering
LED based luminous ceiling simulates daylight to comfort intensive care patients
Quasi-random structure development helps improve efficiency of solar cells
Intelligent power distribution panel provides direct on/off control for LED lighting
Nanodiamond-based polymer offers 25 percent conductivity performance increase
Surface mount packaged LED driver offers power and space efficiency benefits
Philips sees profits light up but it warns on sales growth
LED lightbulbs access Internet to pave the way for energy saving LiFi technology
China's San'an looks to take lead in GaN LED wafer capacity by end of 2014
16-channel LED backlight driver enhances TV picture quality with advanced dimming capability
Global LED lighting to reach USD35.3 billion by 2014
Chinese chip production rises steeply
Sapphire substrate market to triple as smartphone cover demand rockets
Enhanced vision system for commercial aviation is first to fully detect LED lighting-based runways
Global market for packaged LEDs for lighting to double to USD7bn by 2016
Energy, Mobility, and the Cloud provide key opportunities for power-management solutions
40W constant-current LED driver addresses cost-sensitive applications
DALI lighting control development and evaluation kit as a learning platform
Profiled LED backlight technology minimizes set up costs
LED driver supports high power factor retrofit LED lamps
LED driver enables retrofit LED lamps with high power factor
Low price LEDs accelerate technology adoption into general lighting, says Yole Développement
LED packaging market continues to soar - for the next two years
LED-based light ring targets custom lighting applications
18W to 200W LED drivers feature easy-to-install wiring compartments
LED power supplies up to 300W come with a five year warranty
How LED phosphor IP is shaping the industry
High power LED reliability testing enables higher precision temperature control
10W to 300W LED power supplies bear five year warranty
COB LED series features low thermal resistance
Osram and Sharp share patent rights
Networked lighting controls to surpass USD5.3bn in annual revenue by 2020
COB LED emitter targets Philips Xitanium high voltage power series
Encapsulated LED area lights target industrial environments
Large format wireless instrumentation display
Cost-competitive 1W LED manufactured on 200mm silicon wafer
Demand for LED precursor material set to double, says Displaybank
Tiny UV LED emitter delivers high flux
Development platform for designing communications-enabled lighting
45-W SSL LED driver delivers high performance and lower cost in commercial lighting
Dimmable waterproof LED drivers deliver up to 80W
New technology improves light guide efficiency for office luminaires and computer screens
Azzuro licenses GaN-on-Si technology for LEDs
Annular luminaires allow flexible combination
LED provides efficient and constant display backlighting
LED holder range extended simplify development of lighting products
EpiLEDs further ramps up GaN LED production
LED traffic signal module boasts 15-year warranty
Multi-topology LED driver brings design flexibility to headlamps and fog lights
10-channel automotive LED driver IC operates over the 4.5 to 36V range
Compact 7-W constant-current LED driver offers cost saving benefits
LED lamp replaces 65-W incandescent bulbs
LED backlight driver delivers better screen performance
Osram no longer a Siemens subsidiary
8A photo flash driver exploits supercapacitors to produce 4x brighter flash light
60-V high-current step-down LED driver controller
LED replacement for 387 aviation incandescent lamp reduces operating costs
LED flash driver improves picture quality of smartphone cameras
Plessey releases samples of 350-mW GaN on silicon LEDs
DC-DC converter saves space in LED lighting applications
Triac dimmer operates from 7W
Aerco stocks NVG lamps from Oxley
Bright LED matrix with on-board processor connects to the Raspberry Pi
Flip Chip LED is brighter and cooler than conventional LEDs
Ceramic material drastically shrinks power supplies
OLEDs hardly have a chance against LED Lighting
Silica gets on the passing lane in Europe's LED market
IR LEDs target proximity-sensors and touch panel applications
Automotive LED drivers combine high voltage rating with strong EMC performance
PowerSecure increases ownership of LED and Solar businesses to 100%
Driver chip features primary-side peak-current mode for high-brightness LEDs
Redux Labs spins out from HiWave to develop new haptics and embedded audio
Heatsink housings avoid LEDs overheating
DC input LED drivers tolerate supply voltage fluctuations
Panel mount indicator series resists shock and moisture
Digi-Key now stocks Cirrus Logic’s new single-stage LED drivers
Global trial reveals huge energy saving potential of LED street lighting
Jenoptik and Phoenix Contact join forces to develop intelligent LED lighting for machines
Premier Farnell signs international agreement with Philips Lumileds
Open-ended card edge connectors offers high density pin-count for linear LED strips
Wireless LED lamp conforms to a standard ANSI format
LED lighting power and dimming controls include touch and remote options
LEDs will represent over 25% of the global lighting market by 2016, says NPD DisplaySearch
Power inverted through-board SMT connector is aimed at solid state lighting
LED drivers output from 18 to 200W for indoor and outdoor solid state lighting
LED lamp prototype delivers 200 lumen per watt
2W UV LED delivers 18 lumens in standard 405nm wavelength
Round LED provides more efficient match to circular optical systems
Portable spectro-radiometer measures LEDs’ illuminance and chromaticity
High performance LED driver IC offers low cost, flexible approach for LED lamps to 20-W
Zhaga-compliant linear LED modules offer high efficacy for wide range of applications
LED array driver offers all-around protection
RGBW LED emitters targets narrow-beam stage lighting
High-speed, high-power, infrared emitters offer varied package styles
Online design tool provides CCM, non-isolated PFC buck and buck LED driver designs in less than a minute
Samsung’s mid-power LED package available from Rutronik
Philips targets LED redesigns of halogen fixtures with Fortimo LED Integrated spot
Solar-powered and wave-propelled robots get USD45 million in funding for ocean data mining
Automotive qualified product platform for power management and display backlighting applications
Mid-power LED package with record efficacy
Plastic interconnect system enables easier, more flexible application of LED arrays
High-efficiency dimmable LED Driver
Power supply design software supports LED lighting applications
LED-Luxmeter fully characterizes any type of light source for precise quality control
Intel leads surprise inventory decline
Custom mil/aero LED circuit assemblies operate in harsh environments
Market for Hi-brightness LEDs continues to show double-digit growth
Aluminium heat sinks extend the lifetime of LEDs
LED driver matches flash LED input current in real time with safe output capability of battery
Lighting is on the way to digitization
Two brightness stages without dimmer
6-channel LED driver with digital control engine addresses mid to large-size LCD TVs
Hybrid Memory Cube gen 2 on track to support a total cube bandwidth of 160GB/s
Flickerless SSL LED driver is optimized for commercial and wireless lighting
Two-channel LED drivers for High CRI professional and consumer lamps
General lighting surpasses displays backlighting market
60V LED drivers support up to 18 LEDs in series
HomePlug Green PHY powerline communication SoC for LED lighting
Phosphors, Rare Earths supply remains crucial for LED production
Continental shows system to fight driver distraction
Solderless holder for Sharp’s mini Zenigata LED
LED driver controllers reduce cost, maximize efficiency
Digital solid-state LED driver platform enables cost efficient solutions
High temperature polyamide with halogen-free flame retardant for LED packages
Marl International and Bivar form global opto alliance with manufacturing on three continents
Network LED Dimmer provides control LED lamps over serial networks
LED light control evaluation kit
LED drivers in slim 441x34x32mm form factor support wide dimming range
UV LEDs for counterfeit detection and cosmetic retail markets
Future Lighting Solutions and LG Innotek sign worldwide distribution partnership
High-brightness outdoor LED displays up to 55-inch
LED driver family covers range from 25 W to 60 W
LED packaging boom over next five years says report
Automotive constant-current LED driver IC with 3 A output current
Sharp doubles down on large screen TV
Miniaturized connector designs for LED applications
VTT and Lumichip announce joint LED company investment
Reference design eliminates early death of LED drivers
Lighting out of the printer
LEDs shrink airport operator's lighting bill by 90 %
Scalable LED holder platform enables advanced chip on board LED arrays
High brightness LED driver platform enables design of ultra-thin displays featuring extended battery life
Single-piece, bottom entry, card edge connector for LED bulb assemblies
Cree claims industry’s brightest single-die LED
Driver supplies and dims four independent LED channels
LED packaging system broadens array performance and reduces cost
European Lighting industry bundles forces in new governing body
Infrared LED prototype sets efficiency record
Reference design ensures high efficiency, long lifetime for T8 retrofits
60-V LED controller with internal PWM generator
Compact cylindrical LED drivers simplify retrofit of traditional lamps
OLEDs to face stiff competition from classic LEDs
Powering LED luminaires: is EMC mitigation or prevention the best option?
Wireless power and dimming controls for OEM lighting
Starter kit enables rapid evaluation of high-CRI white light
High-efficiency LED drivers for large industrial displays
Flash LED drivers offer best efficiency for next-generation smartphones
OLED Lighting to reach a USD 1.7B market opportunity by 2020, says Yole Développement
100W constant current LED driver for series strings of up to 20 LEDs
Ultraviolet LED in PLCC-2 package for curing applications
60-V, synchronous buck LED driver delivers more than 300 W of LED power
Global lighting OEM market could reach $108bn by 2016, says Datapoint Research
Asia to extend its share in global LED production, report says
A T Kearney compares LED roll-out with the introduction of the transistor
Fault-management chip offers smarter, safer LED lighting
Sockets for Luxeon LED arrays
Lynk Labs launches 230V AC LED product line for Europe
Cree introduces next-generation color LEDs
Power supply ensures efficiency of Citizen LED solutions
e:lumix cranks up LED production in Germany
RGB LED driver offers BSM addressing for LIN bus
Chip drives LEDs with PWM or constant current
Ikea makes move to LEDs in shops around the world
Configurable 8-channel LED driver family supports monitors and industrial LCD panel backlighting
Highly configurable 8-channel LED driver for LCD panel backlighting
XLamp XP-E2 LED doubles lumens per dollar
Transition to silicon substrate bears risks for LED industry, analyst says
Robust LED lamp addresses industrial lighting markets
High-reliability flexible LED strips for industrial and signage applications
TI develops the first wide-input voltage, high-power LED driver with multiple dimming control modes
Murata launches LED power supplies production
140x70x35mm vision sensor with high-power LED illumination
LED Engine reduces the size of lighting fixtures while boosting performance
Optogan's formula for success: Russian IP, German manufacturing
Win free entries to Bregenz' LED professional Symposium
China, Germany expand LED research cooperation
31.5" 1200-nit high brightness display kit for outdoor applications
Arrow Electronics signs global distribution agreement for Intematix' remote phosphor LEDs
LED driver reference design focuses on 100-W incandescent bulb replacements
Third-generation LED drivers feature flickerless technology and digital dimming control
Holst Centre, Plextronics join forces to drive OLED lighting
Industrial 4.3“ colour TFT display with LED backlight and touchscreen
LED emitter boosts output by 250 %
Shapeable LED backlight is up to 97% thinner than alternatives
Low-watt LEDs set size and efficiency benchmark
Smartlight driver integrates control of three separate banks of smart indicator LEDs
Thermally-controlled AC and DC fans provide 30% power savings for LED cooling
Touchless control sensor modules add multifunctional capabilities to LED lighting
LED driver for high current LED applications offers maximum junction temperature of 150 °C
High-current LED driver IC features automotive qualification
Philips' LED professional lighting solutions manufacturing facility in Chengdu to start production in 2013
Super bright coloured LEDs delivered in 1.0x0.5x0.35mm 0402 ChipLED packages
Packaged LED market will grow from USD 11.4B in 2012 to USD 17.1B by 2018, says Yole Développement
LED driver series offers 30W constant voltage with PFC
Multi-voltage LED panel indicators for applications in harsh environments
Cree develops 170 lumen-per-watt LED light bulb prototype
Digi-Key to distribute LED products from Luminus Devices globally
Toshiba on the home stretch for white LED production
Aixtron GaN-on-Si packet improves HB LED manufacturing productivity
LED drivers with integrated MOSFETs help designers reduce board space
Small LED power supply with PFC delivers 30 W
LED ambient lighting platform offers customization options for car designers
Driver dims LED off a normal switch
SemiLEDs launches C35 LED featuring Color-Precision technology
Heat sinks tailored for Zhaga-compliant light engines
Research project gets granular on entire power electronics value chain
Spintronic OLED promises brighter displays
Innovative LED geometry could increase light output by factor of ten
100-V linear LED driver aims to de-clutter low-power lighting designs
LED power supply covers wide power range
Seoul Semi boosts LED brightness 5x with technology breakthrough
Washable illuminated pushbutton switch available in four LED colours
High-efficiency boost LED driver for HB LEDs
New mathematical approach helps to simulate materials for solar cells and LEDs
New product arrivals hold LED light bulb prices stable in May
Intelligent multi-purpose switch family supports 24V battery systems
Surface mount DC-DC LED driver delivers output up to 700-mA
Wide aspect ratio displays integrates LED driver
Driver IC supports low-cost LED lamps up to 10-W
LED-driver reference design reduces component count and delivers 93 percent efficiency
Romania set to enter fast growing LED production market
Osram Opto develops projection LED for smartphones and cameras
LED controller offers constant power regulation
4-switch synchronous buck-boost controller IC regulates voltage and charges batteries in LED applications
LED manufacturer Lighting Science Group closes $140m in equity funding
AC/DC LED driver powers multiple luminaires
Integrated LED drivers reduce design complexity
LED illuminated pushbutton switches can display two different messages
European LED commercial lighting market value to increase by 7 times
Flexi-Mate system connects LED lighting applications
SMT seven-segment LED displays operate at up to 105°C
ON Semiconductor expands R&D operations in Czech Republic
Compact bi-color LED for backlight and indicator applications
LED controller with constant power regulation provides smooth, flicker-free dimming
Round LEDs offer better efficiency over square ones
High-powered external LED Drivers for street lighting
Photometry chips for labs and measurement equipment
Tough ride for LED equipment vendors ahead, Yole Developpement warns
GE Lighting rolls Zhaga-compatible LED modules
High brightness LEDs optimize automotive exterior lighting performance
Mouser stocks Seoul Semi’s Acrich2 LED engines
Philips highlights LED innovations at Light + Building 2012
European LED market remains promising
Sharp launches new generation of its Mini Zenigata LEDs
LED modules deliver up to 3000 lumens
Endrich widens spectrum of LED drivers
Multifunctional connector system targets LED lighting
World LED replacement lamps market to exceed $ 3.7 bn in 2016, says Strategies Unlimited
In UV applications, LED displace conventional light sources
Zhaga members show Zhaga-compliant, interchangeable LED modules at Light+Building
LED-Component Duris P 5 sets standards for lifetime and corrosion stability
Spot on, clear the stage for Sharp's Zenigata LED portfolio
Opel develops intelligent, non-dazzle LED-based headlight
Digital LED driver technology eliminates harmful flicker
Power Integrations claims first LED-driver IC for replacement of 100 W A19 incandescent bulbs
Cree expands XLamp family of mid-power lighting-class LEDs
Sharp offers more efficiency, luminous flux for Pico Zenigata LED line
Dual mode off-line controller for non-dimmable LED lighting
Osram QOD LED tile facilitates modular combinations
IP66-rated LED AC-DC power supplies from 60 to 100W for power LED lighting
LED lighting set to drive power semiconductor market to reach $3bn in 2016
LEDagon reference system accelerates solid-state lighting designs
Farnell element14 stocks the Velve development kit for OLED designs
60 V synchronous buck-boost LED driver delivers over 100 W of LED power
Lumex expands SunBrite family of general illumination LEDs
LED grid-confocal measuring systems for industrial quality inspection and research
Modular LED lightbar in 6, 12 and 24 inches up to 40W
LED modules do away with drivers
Smart LED driver produces sophisticated light effects in mobile devices
LED driver from GlacialPower is designed for outdoor lighting
LED power supplies claim market's lowest profile
Smartphone LCD backlight LED drivers offer high efficiency on the smallest PCB area
POF transceiver delivers full Gigabit Ethernet performance
DC/DC LED control demonstration kit to facilitate digital LED driver design
Online tool simplifies selection of LED driver reference designs
LED bulb price dipped sharply in January
Increasing demand in backlight and lighting applications to reduce LED oversupply in 2012
LED price drop will alleviate in current quarter
LED upgrade delivers an estimated 70 percent energy savings
LED module supports 230V input and deliver from 850 to 1250 lumens
Current source for LED and LED wafer production tests
LED driver eliminates 3D ghosting and enhances LCD TV picture quality
AC LED module does away with electrolytic capacitors, ballast
Terralux plug & play LED Lighting solution connects to mains
LED driver reference design focuses on high-efficiency universal-voltage fluorescent tube replacement
White LED delivers up to 148 lm/W at 85°C at 350 mA
Precise control and regulation of LED colors for lighting design
Single-string white LED driver IC for LCD backlighting
LED lighting to drive USD 10bn power supply market in 2016
LED driver controller for up to 20 high current LEDs operate from 60V down to 5.0V
High costs, quality concerns thwart market for energy-efficient lighting
Portuguese retail group equips shops with LED lighting
Supercapacitor LED flash/torch controller IC overcomes LED camera flash limitations
Solderless LED socket for Nichia LEDs eases installation
Sharp signage displays integrate LED drivers
White and colour chip LEDs deliver up to 450 mcd from a 0.8mm profile
Seoul Semi builds its future on IP
LED backlight demand expected to pick up in March
Low/mid power LED family provides complete solution for lighting
Consumer acceptance for LED backlight in LCD screens lower than expected
Digital AC LED lighting and communications developer’s kit
Industrial grade 1200-nit ultra high brightness LED display kit
LED driver for LCD backlights up to 21.5” diagonal
10W LED arrays deliver up to 900lm at an efficiency of 106lm/W
Next generation LEDs for lighting ushers in a new era in price efficiency
PwC sees China growth despite IP fears
Energy efficient 100-W LED light bulb uses only 12 W
Bi-Color SMD-LED in 0805 package with wide viewing angle
Miniature board mounted LED drivers
Farnell signs exclusive agreement to stock LED lighting connectors from JAE
Researchers re-create the sky indoors
Demo box gives overview of LED contacting solutions
Beacon tower light segmented with up to four different colour LEDs
Boost converter drives multiple high brightness LEDs in low-voltage lighting applications
High brightness LED optimized for elevated outdoor video screens
Cree grants 5 LED lighting manufacturers licenses to some of its patents
LEDs and LED driver packages for advanced indicator applications
LED modules from Sharp can replace 50W HID lamps
Market research finds LED backlight increasingly displacing CCFL
AC-DC power supplies ideal for high power LED lighting applications
Philips calls for rapid worldwide switch to LED lighting
Louvre in LEDs: New lighting system saves 73 % energy
Clear-glass LED lamps offer light similar to incandescent bulb
Efficiency drives LED market acceptance, Verbatim manager says
NRC announces alliance with Samsung LED
SuperTube LED light replaces overhead fluorescent lighting
Online lighting design tools simplify LED design and transition to solid-state lighting
Versatile, highly efficient LED power supply for exterior lighting
Zumtobel introduces LED solution for Tecton lighting strip system
3D LCD TV panel shipments grew 27% in Q3’11, says DisplaySearch
Mouser signs global distribution for LedLink and expands its LED lighting product line
Ultra-thin backlight module reduces power consumption
Digital color sensors with on-chip IR filtering and proximity sensing
Rohm LEDs, drivers target background lighting and automotive markets
Market watcher: LEDs revolutionize lighting industry
Efficient high-voltage LED controller for harsh environments
Osram turns JV Traxon into a subsidiary
Dymax uses LED lighting in UV curing systems
LED lighting chipset helps optimize a wide range of LED applications
Sapphire market: supply and demand back in check according to Yole Développement
Piezo-phototronic effect improves efficiency of LEDs
LED backlighting becomes prevalent TV technology
LED driver for street lighting targets US, Canadian markets
Light pipe simplifies LED installation, provides optimal light
Seoul Semi improves LED architecture
Austriamicrosystems optimizes LED drivers and backlight power supply for efficiency in LED TVs
Seoul Semi quadruples LED production capacity
Harvard Engineering expands CoolLED driver portfolio
LED street lighting project cuts energy consumption in half
AMS announces "green" LED driver to efficiently power high-resolution LED displays
Optogan launches Europe's second largest LED production line
Offline LED driver dims retrofit lamps to zero light intensity without flicker
TI spotlights two phase-dimmable, offline LED lighting drivers
Austriamicrosystems claims industry's highest efficiency, smallest size for LED driver
LED driver reduces EMI in low-cost lamps
Miniature control IC for energy-efficient white-LED backlights simplifies circuit design
LED lighting searching for balance between efficacy and efficiency
Cost, thermal management are major issues in LED lamp value chain
Mean Well expands LED power supply line to high end
Constant current regulators focus on 1.0 W LED lighting applications
LED lighting is an enabler for many new applications, expert says
Sharp expands range of industrial displays with LED backlight
Infineon LED Driver IC family covers broad application power range
LED backlight provides user brightness control
Packaging represents the single largest opportunity for LED cost reduction, says Yole Développement
LED lighting market grows at the speed of light
A19 LED bulbs: What's under the frosting?
Verbatim introduces LED lamps for retail lighting
Customized LED heatsinks
Cree launches high-performance XLamp XT-E royal blue LED
Seoul semiconductor starts mass production of LED automotive headlights
EnLight project focuses on lowering power consumption of interior LED lighting by 40 percent
LED Engin reveals narrow-beam lenses and LED emitters for entertainment lighting
Phase-shifted LED backlight driver supports ultra-thin notebooks LCD panels for the first time
MediaTek aims at 'partnership' with Philips
Automotive LED driver incorporates hysteretic control and high-side current sensing
Canopy light in two flavors
38 key LED backlit keyboard with 38mm trackball
Osram's near-omnidirectional LED lamp to replace 75 W incandescent lamp
Power Integrations releases 25-W LED llghting ballast reference design sized for T8 tubes
LED market growth accelerated by high demand in lighting applications
LED fixtures for machine vision applications
GE LED Lighting bulb replacement products available off-the-shelf within 16 months
Transition to lighting applications drives LED market, DisplaySearch says
Emerson Network Power unveils 25-W series of high efficiency power supplies for LED lighting
Vishay expands color binning, ordering options for certain white LEDs
LpS 2011 symposium focuses exclusively on LED lighting technologies
Digi-Key corporation signs global distribution agreement with Everlight Electronics
Rare earths get rarer
2001 Electronic Components signs distribution of Lumotech's LED drivers
Bridgelux raises $60 million for LED push
Arrow Electronics to distribute Zenaro lighting solutions
Cree rolls high efficacy 100 mm LED downlight
Energy cost savings from LED Backlit TVs relevant to customers, analyst says
LED driver reduces complexity and cost in automotive lighting apps
US scientists demo long-wavelength LED based on InGaN-on-silicon technology
Austriamicrosystems unveil third generation of LED drivers for use in both LCD edge - and direct-lit TVs
Researcher develops smaller, longer-lasting LED light
Atmel launches power-efficient multi-string LED drivers
Switchtec's beacons use SMD and LED technology
Optical sensor discriminates fog, twilight
Digital PMUs with multi-rail DC/DC offers 94 percent peak efficiency and real-time power sensing and control
LED driver market to show 12% CAGR
Integrated LED drivers claim best-in-class channel matching and accuracy for TFT LCD backlighting applications
Atmel launches power efficient multi-string LED drivers
iWatt claims industry's first driver to power 32 strings of LEDs for direct and segment-edge backlighting in ultra-thin LED TVs
LED lighting driver ICs reached $160m in 2010
Samsung LED files patent infringement lawsuit against Osram in Korea
Split image switch assembly compatible with night vision imaging systems
Automatic phase shifting white LED driver for LCDs
Automatic phase shifting white LED driver focuses on LCD backlighting applications
High-brightness LED driver focuses on simplifying area-lighting design
Bilateral energy program addresses 'smart' grids
LED backlight driver IC for medium and large displays
White LED modules for commercial, industrial, automotive, and residential lighting
Skyworks agrees to acquire Advanced Analogic Technologies
Cool white LED modules with luminous flux up to 1740 lm
Analyst predicts OLED lighting market
Solderless LED socket for Bridgelux RS LEDs
Solderless LED array holder for single piece mounting
Halogen-free 6W LED driver for indoor lighting applications
350-mA constant-current driver provides high reliability for indoor lighting
Chip-on-board LED series for 40W and 60W A-bulb replacement
High-brightness LED-based ceiling lights in four colour temperature ranges
New AC-DC LED drivers offer OEMs high-quality lighting power
Optocoupler claims industry-leading fast switching and integrated IGBT protection function
Low cost 3-W and 6-W LED-driver offers constant current supply in ultra compact design
White high-brightness LED in durable SMT package
Rambus sowing seeds with memory startups
Maxim to demo real-time power efficiency inside LED ballast with Teridian energy-measurement SoC
New micro PMIC targets Li-Ion battery based mobile applications
CamSemi enters LED lighting market with new driver ICs
120lm/W white LEDs in 3.1x3.8x065mm packages for architectural lighting
Marl extends low-cost LED portfolio with white devices up to 3W
15-inch XGA display offer 140°/160° viewing angles, 400 nits brightness and 700:1 contrast ratio
TV Applications to dominate LED demand through 2013, says DisplaySearch
TSMC spins out solar, LED units
RECOM Power agrees global distribution deal with Mouser
80,000 hour LED package features low thermal resistance
Programmable LED driver enables independent control of nine LED sinks
Manufacturing LED products poses unique challenges
LED control IC offers increased efficiency, simplified design and cost savings
Automotive night vision market to reach USD5bn by 2016, says ABI Research
Osram and Cree enter into LED patents cross license agreement
Aggressive LED Fab investment drives 40% growth in equipment spending in 2011
Texas Instruments set to dominate power IC market with 17 percent stake
32-channel 30-mA buck LED driver offers DOT correction and gray scale dimming
Three-LED assembly strips, pre-wired for easy installation
Proximity capacitive touch sensor platform focuses on TV applications
Self-retaining T-1 LED mounting spacers
LED-based retail downlights and track-lights to enter stores
Space saving LED driver offers ultra wide input voltage range
CEA-Leti forms common lab with IPDiA to focus on 3D-integrated passive components
60-V step-down DC/DC converter drives three independent strings of 100-mA LEDs
Environmentally-friendly PCB-type AC-DC power supplies offers 10 year life span
Rohm rolls automotive headlight LED drivers
Charge pump simplifies LED driving in portable products
Digi-Key signs global distribution agreement with Richtek Technology
Bridgelux claims 'silicon' LED is commercial
UV LED flashlight for industrial leak detection
Solderless LED socket with optics snap-on feature
High-voltage LED driver IC simplifies designs for non-dimmable LED retrofit lamps
National Semiconductor offers industry's first analog design tool in Russian language
IP67 rated ultra-compact LED drivers
New global power supply guide spotlights 60 new product ranges
Shunt protectors for sensitive LED lighting applications
Intematix takes on LED phosphor challenge
PFC LED driver IC delivers flicker-free dimming for industrial lighting
LED surge propels MOCVD market
Isolated LED controller offers active PFC
White LEDs deliver up to 120lm/W from a 3.1x3.8x0.65mm footprint
Solid state lighting solution accelerates transition from light bulbs to LED fixtures
Digi-Key starts stocking of Cree's LMR4 LED lighting modules in Europe
Tyco Electronics devises solid-state lighting without complexity
Cree demonstrates 'breakthrough' LED bulb
LED driver ICs target general lighting
Switch-mode LED driver solution enables drop-in replacements for halogen MR16 lamps
Temperature sensor IC optimized for LED lighting
Temperature sensor IC optimized for LED lighting
Digital LED driver ICs deliver flicker-free dimming and hot-plug support for space-constrained LED lighting
RGB LED delivered in 1.0x1.00x0.25mm package
LCD TV panel manufacturers offer unique specifications for emerging markets
Reference design for 5 W LED lamps with PFC and flicker-free TRIAC dimming
Top ten of EE Times Automotive in 2010
Recom Power’s webcasts series to focus on solid state lighting
Webcasts focus on solid state lighting system composition
TI launches colour LED kit
Linear constant current driver provides versatile control for LED applications
New LED drivers offer drop-in replacements for CCFL inverters
Capacitive touch solution helps control innovative, LED-based user interface on new Epson multi-function printers
Compact LEDs target LCD backlighting with expanded color space
SAFC Hitech expands HB-LED operations in Taiwan
National Semiconductor LED Driver claims industry's best dimming performance
Rutronik sets up lighting solutions division for LED concepts
Semtech offers industry's first smart current sink LED backlighting platform
High efficiency charge pump with power saving CABC mode focuses on smartphone LED backlighting
LED fiber optic illuminator module for endoscopy and surgical microscopy
SEMI forms LED standards group
Cyan 1W LEDs deliver 58 lumens at 350mA for traffic signals
Ultra-small energy-efficient LED driver ICs target battery-operated devices
Compact LED driver ICs offer energy savings in vehicle headlights and tail lights
Waterproof LED power supplies are 92 percent efficient
4-channel LED driver IC with dedicated 3D TV features provides power feedback regulation
European collaboration project to accelerate the uptake of solid-state lighting
AMO and SUSS MicroTec nanoimprint collaboration yields UV-SCIL breakthroughs
High-brightness tri-color surface-mount LEDs in 3.4x2.8mm PLCC-6 packages
Accurate control for multi-colour LEDs
Renesas LED headlight driver IC integrates multiple functions
Multi-topology LED driver raises performance of high brightness lighting systems
LED string drivers withstand 40V input transients
60-W open frame AC LED driver series offers ultra compact benefits
New AC input LED drivers focus on high brightness LED lighting
Low power 16-channel LED driver ICs enable brightest and clearest TV pictures
Edge-lit light guides backlight touch-enabled displays
4-leaded RGB LED offers 120° viewing angle
Super barrier rectifier raises efficiency of LED drivers
LED driver simplifies low voltage low cost lighting design
LCD TV panel makers target 40% LED penetration by Q4'10
LED lighting design tool provides faster development
Cree devises 150-mm SiC wafers
144-channel dot matrix LED driver claims industry's highest efficiency and smallest size
Littelfuse now offers more reliable LED protection
High-efficiency multi-string backlight LED drivers support up to 88 LEDs at 360-mA total LED current
Asahi invests in LED firm
High-power LED driver supports up to eight strings of HBLEDs
Report: Blue LED capacity set to double
10-channel LED driver platform drives up to 120 white LEDs for large panels
LG boosts 'green' investment
150-V low RDS(ON) MOSFET offers high performance in isolated DC-DC applications
1500-mA LED flash driver improves picture quality for camera-enabled mobile phones
High-luminosity industrial display with a brightness of up to 1200 cd/m²
HB LED driver targets high-power automotive lighting demands
Triple output LED driver drives up to 24 x 500-mA LEDs
Toshiba Electronics announces 9-channel constant current LED driver with I2C bus interface
9-channel constant current LED driver with I2C bus interface
Lumex expands its TitanBrite LED line with of 2, 3 and 5-watt devices
GE Lighting to license Rambus’ patented lighting innovations for LED lighting solutions
Solderless sockets for multichip LED integration in lighting fixtures
Low noise SLED and LED driver boards
PMIC gives up to 93 percent efficiency for cell phone displays
Everlight Electronics, TPV and Epistar partner on LED backlighting
High brightness LED light fixture with tamper-proof mounting
ZMDI applies mixed-signal expertise to enable energy efficient LED lighting
Slim LED-backlit notebooks rapidly gain market share
Solid state lighting drivers are dimmable
Everlight Electronics, LG Display and AmTRAN pool resources for LED packaging
LED printed circuit assemblies for custom-lighting solutions
LED driver boosts reliability of high brightness lamp systems
3.5x3.5x1.85mm SMT LEDs deliver up to 160lm from 700mA
Flat-flex cable-compatible driver boards power LED-backlit LCDs
LED-based edge-lighting technology ready for mass production
Efficient LED driver meets IP67 standard, suits outdoor applications
Taiwan to install LED street lighting, says report
LEDs in short supply as market booms
Custom SMT pick-and-place nozzles for Cree LED components
LED lighting drivers simplify low power single cell applications
RECOM Power signs global distribution deal with Digi-Key
Piccolo MCU gets LED controller DC/DC developer kit
Dongbu fancies European markets
NatiSemi launches LED Driver with dynamic headroom control for high-power applications
Digital switches complement analog output optical devices
LG selects NXP HDMI Switches to enable first full LED 3DTVs
RoHS-compliant solid state lighting connector
3W power LEDs delivered in a 5x4x1.85mm package
SPTS records shipments of $40M in first quarter
Semtech debuts low-power capacitive touch sensor IC platform
Optrex America expands TFT LCD line with LED backlights
Molex and Bridgelux partner to create interchangeable solid state lighting solution
Still Rambus, but less rambunctious
Analyst: Applied testing LED tool
Seven-segment numeric LED displays operate at up to 105°C
Surface mount high brightness round and oval LED lamps
Philips, researchers light up clothes with LEDs
Ceramic package bases for high-power LEDs
Network-based LED lighting technology for commercial buildings
White LED flash driver boosts picture quality in mobile phones
Optical transmission connectors with integrated LED driver IC
Graphene's the right stuff for organic LEDs, says Stanford team
Avago Technologies launches ultra-thin auto focus LEDs

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