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Lightfair: NXP gets serious about Internet-enabled smart lighting

May 16, 2012 // Christoph Hammerschmidt

Lightfair: NXP gets serious about Internet-enabled smart lighting

What if every light bulb had an Internet IP address? Since NXP Semiconductors N.V. first raised the question at Lightfair International (LFI) nearly one year ago, interest in IPv6-enabled smart lighting has soared. The potential energy and cost savings – as well as the comfort, convenience and lifestyle benefits for the consumer – have mobilized a growing ecosystem of innovators in lighting, connectivity, energy management and home automation to enable and support wirelessly controlled intelligent lighting.

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Past week at LFI 2012 in Las Vegas, NXP showcased two wireless smart lighting solutions based on IEEE 802.15.4 standards, including:

  1. JenNet-IP network layer software for the Internet of Things. Based on the open 6LoWPAN standard, JenNet-IP is fully IPv6-compliant, and makes it possible to extend secure connectivity, two-way communication and control to a broad network of up to 500 devices in the home. Supported by an open ecosystem including lamp manufacturers such as TCP, Inc. and Leedarson, gateway manufacturers such as Belkin, and energy management solutions provider GreenWave Reality, JenNet-IP is helping to drive down the cost of adding smart functionality into devices ranging from light bulbs to air-conditioning systems and enabling interoperability with other communication standards in the home. In Q3, NXP will launch a certification program for JenNet-IP, and will be delivering its first JenNet-IP evaluation systems. Later this year, NXP will also announce its roadmap for the open-source release of JenNet-IP, as well as the retail availability of the first Internet-enabled lamps.
  2. ZigBee Light Link. NXP today announced that it has achieved product certification for a ZigBee Light Link Color Scene Remote Control and an Extended Color Light. Both products are based on the JN5148-001 single-chip wireless microcontroller which has been certified as a ZigBee Compliant Platform and is a suitable development platform for the various ZigBee profiles. NXP supports ZigBee Light Link as a solution for smaller, short-range, room-based lighting applications with plug-and-play functionality.
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