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Opinion : Stress tracker tames drivers - Save me from overbearing IoT analytics
News & Technology : NXP, Freescale plan mega merger – NXP/Freescale takeover and automotive electronics - NXP CEO : “Security, IoT, Cars’ drove Freescale deal - IoTize rejuvenates legacy systems with smartphone-compatibility - AMD describes notebook processor Carrizo - IKEA and Samsung back QI wireless charging - Is this the Tesla Killer ? - Graphene polymer speeds electron transport - Samsung phones pack 14nm SoC - Semitrex’ ultimate goal : one size fits all power conversion - The future of custom ASICs - Porsche rainmaker advocates platooning - Parrot takes instant 3D mapping to the sky
Design & Products : Debugging & Programming tools - Power Management -
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This month, Freescale is giving away 5 RIoTboards, worth 74 dollars each, for EETimes Europe's readers to win.


Designed to run Android operating systems efficiently or to run under Linux, the board is based on the Freescale i.MX 6Solo processor; using the ARM Cortex-A9 architecture.

The RIoTboard platform also includes a rich set of peripherals including a 10M/100M/Gb Ethernet port, 1...


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Infotainment Making HDTV in the car reliable and secure

December 15, 2011 | Texas instruments | 222901974

Unique Ser/Des technology supports encrypted video and audio content with full duplex bi-directional control channel over a single wire interface.


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