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News about Maxim Integrated Products

Apple buys wafer fab in San Jose
Tower buys Maxim's Texas wafer fab
Integrated EMI filter for BroadR-Reach automotive Ethernet connectivity
Single connector packs power and signal contacts
Maxim reference design applies 24-bit signal chain to industrial sensors
Digi-Key’s pushes IDT’s wireless power reference kits through hackster
Power management IC eases hearing aids design
Report: Analog Devices, Maxim in merger talks
Integrated 7.8 mΩ power switch handles 9A, with reverse-blocking
Coventor updates its MEMS design platform for IoT era
Anybus CompactCom 40 industrial protocols on tiny FPGA
Wireless power made easy with plug-and-play reference kits
Synchronous boost regulator integrates output disconnect
Energy harvesting power management IC addresses wireless sensors
True building-integrated photovoltaics about to take-off, says n-tech Research
NASA preps Venus ICs
Four camera streams, one deserializer chip
Current-sense amp integrates precision shunt resistor, in single package
IGBT and diode function on single chip deliver enhanced reliability
3-channel, fully-integrated ultralow power regulator/switch
Low power PCIe clock generators anticipate upcoming PCIe Gen4 specification
Single modem for all narrowband powerline comms standards
Secure Cortex-M3 flash MCU for mobile transactions
IDT partners EPC to integrate GaN and silicon technologies
Sensing galvanic skin response for medical and fitness wearables
Lowest power, low-noise sigma-delta ADC for precision measurements
Digi-Key has Würth automotive-rated magnetic products on stock
Infineon and Fraunhofer join forces on automation security
Energy measurement processor manages sensor data in multi-phase power monitors
IDT to speed CERN' data analytics
IO-Link temperature sensor is more cost efficient than discrete alternatives
At the forefront of MEMS design
Stick a PUF to your board
Acal BFi to supply Bosch's combo sensors
8W wireless power receiver outputs 3 to 7V
Renesas bases detector design kit on low-power RL78/I1D MCU
Designing robust, fully isolated data and power I2C/PMBus data interfaces
Maxim exits consumer MEMS, touch sensors
Renesas MCUs cut power demand in domestic/industrial sensing
High-accuracy, adjustable, dynamic power limiters
Heliatek completes world's first BIOPV concrete façade installation
Integrated, 2-channel, high-brightness automotive LED driver
Field-programmable clock generator has very low jitter
Low-power FRAM with integrated counter function, for energy harvesting apps
High-efficiency wireless power transmitters for wire-free charging
NFC/RFID tag authenticates and configures embedded devices
24V dual-output industrial sensor transceiver
Power metering IC platform cuts design time for worldwide utilities
High-voltage, latchup-free analogue switches come in 16-ch BGA packages
Metrology platform enables easy localisation
Realizing Industry 4.0: Essential system considerations
Programmable Hall sensor fits simply into industrial designs
Spansion supplements HyperBus system with fast memory
Peregrine expands integrated-RF-device coverage from DC to X-band
Reference design for accurate water/heat flow monitoring
4.5V - 36V full-bridge DC motor driver cuts complexity
Integrated-sensor fan drivers for simplified designs
Maxim showcases chips and boards in micro-PLC
Could low-power 3D nanomagnetic logic replace transistors?
Reference design builds Pmod adapter for Arduino platforms
Intelligent touch displays come with high-level command set
24-bit, 10 mW, 130 dB SNR, 64 ksps Δ-Σ ADC
AC current sensor boasts differential output, galvanic isolation
IKEA GreenTech invests in energy-efficient LED technology developer
IO-Link reference designs for proximity sensing and distributed control
DC/DC controllers offer multiphase power management with PMBus interface
Current sensor ICs deliver high accuracy and internal isolation
A new breed of analog design tools
Integrated triple-output synchronous buck converters
Offline power converters offer high efficiency for consumer applications
IC provides fully adaptive RF PA linearisation over 225 MHz to 3800 MHz
2-Watt wireless power receiver targets wearables
Digital power monitor offers high accuracy and wide common mode input voltage range
2-W wireless power receiver for wearable devices
SHA-256 master/slave authentication system tightens security
180 MHz low-noise, fully differential SAR ADC driver
Integrated wireless controller takes user application on-board
30-A, PMBus converters feature integrated MOSFETs
First configurable data converter delivers flexible signal handling
Software-based instrument puts 5 bench instruments in one box
Accurate automotive, 3-axis digital-output gyroscope
IQ modulator reduces power in LTE and MIMO systems
TUV SUD to issue ENEC+ mark for lighting
Asynchronous SRAM features on-chip error-correcting code
1:5 output voltage LED drivers reduce inventory costs
Scientists seek direct approach to overhaul power grid
Integrated IoT wireless controller features low power
App calculates voltage drop between LED drivers and fixtures
Exar buys Taiwanese display, lighting chip company
Analogue front-end reference design for 3-phase power monitoring
20-bit SAR ADC makes no compromises
Single-phase electricity meter SoC integrates four 24-bit ADCs
DC-DC converter boasts internal compensation
SerDes chipsets cut cabling in automotive applications
Gen2 RFID tag aims at luxury goods protection
Ambient conditions sensing widens wearables‘ potential
Pan-European mark certifies initial performance of LED luminaires
BIPV glass to crack USD2.7bn barrier in 2019
8-bit PICs reduce system cost with integrated peripherals
Temperature monitor with RTC targets battery-powered systems
Synchronous buck regulator with integrated switches delivers high currents
Programmable clock generator has phase jitter under 0.7ps
CEO Interview: Doluca preps Maxim for IoT era
Sensor network spares batteries
Dual precision sense amp simplifies current monitoring in industrial applications
4.8-inch AMOLED ultra-thin smartphone hits the streets
Designing compact medical ultrasound systems
Teardown: Samsung Galaxy S4
The Top 10 Most Popular Power Management Technical Articles of 2013
Smart card payment terminals go mobile to tap into emerging markets
100-channel neural-recording IC achieves record low power consumption
UCL and Cambridge University to boost education in integrated photonic and electronic systems
Ultra-low PMICs aim to enable next wave of energy harvesting design
Dedicated microcontroller line secures NFC applications
Dialog Semiconductor and Richtek Technology partners in china
Brushless DC tachometer to monitor industrial motor speed
Lynk Labs partners Thomas Research Products to drive low-voltage AC LED technology
Single-chip 3x2.5mm wireless power receiver meets the WPC 1.1 “Qi” specification
Low-power reference designs simplify factory automation with end-to-end signal chain integration
Samsung opts for Dialog Semiconductor PMIC to power new Galaxy smartphone platform
Single IC enables any portable device to be quickly charged over USB in a car
Smart grid reference platform integrates metrology and secure communications
Isolated energy measurement chipset reduces design cost, size, and complexity
Test-flow cost modelling tool helps 3D IC manufacture optimisation
5W USB switching power adapter measures 41x30mm
Synchronously-rectified DC-DC step-down converter claims unmatched power efficiency benefits
Secure authenticator uses symmetric-key cryptography to protect electronic devices
ZIF connectors comes with flap locking system
10GBASE-T press-fit integrated connector targets data centers
Entegris and Imec join their expertise on 3D wafer handling
Reference design cuts power, cost and size in PLC digital-input subsystems
Digi-Key to distribute Sanken Electric’s portfolio globally
Maxim to buy integrated-power-silicon supplier Volterra
Maxim begins sampling 1-Wire thermocouple-to-digital converters to simplify multisensor designs
RFID antennas ready for integration into fibre composites
German researchers claim world record in silicon integrated nanophotonics
Authenticator IC integrates an ECDSA cryptographic engine
Integrated development environment allows to record and display instruction trace data
American Technical Ceramics signs with Digi-Key for global distribution
Win one of five SoCKIT evaluation kits
Time for a new UI programming paradigm
Mobile accelerated processing unit line-up addresses new PC form factors
Wifi board combines Arduino with Linux for easy M2M use
Industrial USB camera delivers 2592x1944 pixels at 15fps in a 23x26.5x21.5mm casing
Heatsink housings avoid LEDs overheating
VDSL chipset supports data rates of 200 Mbits
Fast axis collimators can be optimally used with monolithically integrated reference surfaces
Mouser launches dedicated MEMS technology site
GE invests USD 1.5 Million in New Product Introduction Accelerator Lab
Free Android software eases ambient light and proximity sensors integration
12-bit universal magnetic position encoder in a TSSOP20 package
Intelligent alignment system features four camera sensor heads
UK test house partners with Yokogawa for its EcoDesign test programmes
LED lighting power and dimming controls include touch and remote options
Coto Technology adds Texim Europe as distributor for the Benelux market
Bluetooth Chip surge driven by mobile devices, could reach 3.1 billion units in 2017 says IHS
2.6x2.6mm 3D-TOF camera chip delivers millimeter resolution
Avnet Abacus launches thermal management microsite
Control and status panels with thin-film backlighting
Acal BFi launches new UK custom services centre
Laser scanner authenticates goods through “topographical fingerprinting”
Over-voltage protection in 0.45x0.2mm SMT package
18V boost regulator for mobile product displays
Battery charger delivers safe and fast charging for mobile equipment
MSC Vertriebs stocks Fujitsu’s latest 1 Mbit and 2 Mbit SPI FRAMs
China rising with branded products strategy
MEMS oscillators feature 100fs typical phase jitter and frequency margining capability
Farnell element14 to become an authorised reseller of Micrel's products
Line of advanced mezzanine cards offers extensive I/O signal processing
Designing closed-loop MEMS-based capacitive inertial sensors
Philips targets LED redesigns of halogen fixtures with Fortimo LED Integrated spot
Perfect storm forces European St-Ericsson chip JV break-up
Narrow-linewidth micro integrated tunable laser assembly targets 100Gbps and beyond
Chip-embedded packaging integrates DC/DC driver and MOSFET VR power stage
OrCAD now supports schematic designs in a team environment
High accuracy battery fuel gauge maximizes battery capacity and boosts user confidence
Digi-Key to distribute MEMSIC’s sensors globally
Richardson RFPD announces M2M Tech Hub microsite
Luso Electronics now stocks 'golf ball dimple' cooling fans
Motion sensor hub optimizes and operates multiple motion sensors
Texas Instruments plans to speed wireless power adoption with multi-mode power circuits
Premier Farnell signs international franchise with Coilcraft
Bit by Bit, DRAM module testing
Maxim Integrated partners Freescale to showcase a comprehensive outdoor LTE/3G picocell base station
Machine-mountable remote display provides noise immune monitoring
Digi-Key signs distribution agreement with CogniMem
Quad frequency MEMS oscillators offer multiple synchronous outputs
RGB laser driver for head-up displays outshines LED-driven pico projectors
Integrated LTE modem and application processor platform
Single-phase energy-measurement processors accurately monitor power for a fraction of the cost
LED driver family covers range from 25 W to 60 W
50-Ohm sub-miniature RF connector operates at up to through 40GHz
Integrated power modules enable heatsink-free solution for low-power Class D audio
Intelligent LCDs now support Unicode fonts for localization everywhere
Micropower fuel gauge reduces quiescent current by 4x and size by 3x
GaAs MMIC power amplifiers cover the 5 to 11GHz range
Software platform for device characterization and modeling
Developer's kit for ZigBee wireless applications
16-bit ADCs offer lower power and high integration for precision measurement applications
WPC Qi-compliant magnetic induction wireless power transmitters
Integrated connector module for 10GBASE-T Ethernet switches
Single-chip secure microcontroller targets multimedia-enabled portable POS terminals
Bluetooth silicon IP draws less than half the power of today's standard solutions
Compact linear variable differential transformers for long stroke position sensors
Maxim Integrated partners with RadioPulse to offer ZigBee-based solutions for the smart grid
Europe to tackle efficient, low-cost quantum cascade laser sensors
Highly integrated 18-bit DAC aims to save design and debug times
Laser driver with auto-calibration mode and SFP controller simplifies optical module manufacturing
Laser driver with auto-calibration mode and SFP controller
Smart-meter SoC combines metrology, security and communication capabilities
High-voltage battery sensor extends Li-ion battery life
Power management ICs offer multi-channel operation and low quiescent current in portable applications
Digital Class D speaker amplifiers aim to simplify design and provide unmatched audio performance
Maxim sees integration as the engine of sales growth
The Heterogeneous Technology Alliance: a European platform for smart integrated systems
10.2" intelligent LCD features built-in flash for graphics, animations, fonts or text templates
Maxim Integrated plans to demo new wearable vital signs monitoring shirt at electronica 2012
Maxim Integrated reveals energy measurement and diagnostic solution for mission-critical motors
70V-tolerant, 12-cell battery sensor extends battery life, supports highest automotive safety rating
Bluetooth low energy proximity key fob is first in world to be compatible with both Apple and Samsung smartphones
Maxim forms Corporate Venture Group to invest in startups and innovative technologies
Debugging tool for RTOS-based embedded designs supports over 200 new target devices
IDT signs global distribution partnership deal with Mouser
40G chipset reduces power consumption to boost data-center throughput
PCIe Gen3 Flash controller support standard NVMe SSD solutions
New Integrated Design Environment is released for PSoC 3 and PSoC 5 architectures
German research project aims to improve energy distribution in smart grid
Cloud computing to boost global memory IC market, says GBI Research
Magnetic position sensor integrates protection components
Security manager ensures smart grid infrastructure security
IDT buys NXP's data converter assets
Highly integrated optical sensors measure RGB, ambient light, proximity motion, infrared, and temperature
Highly integrated optical sensors measure RGB, ambient light, proximity motion, infrared, and temperature
Maxim unveils collection of analog and mixed-signal peripheral modules to enable lower cost rapid prototyping with FPGAs
EBV Elektronik and IDT sign EMEA distribution
Maxim to spend USD 200 million in expansion and manufacturing equipment upgrades
Digi-Key and Anaren sign global distribution agreement
Thin and thick film resistive product series optimized for 4W to 800W
Integrated photonics design flow automation for multi-project wafer runs
Integrated power modules reduce component count, shrink PCB size up to 70 percent and simplify class D amplifier design
German researchers develop quick and easy way to measure power consumption
World’s first piezoelectric MEMS oscillators operate up to 625MHz ±50 ppm
Piezoelectric MEMS oscillators focus on high-performance applications
MOS-AK/GSA Modeling Working Group creates compact modeling open directory
Digi-Key signs global distribution with Thomas Research Products
NanoMarkets forecasts dye sensitized cell PV market faces to great expansion in years to come
Low-power, high-accuracy temperature sensor for solid state disk drives
Ghent University and imec release open source parametric design environment for integrated photonics
Han-Yellock cable laying with socket housings for sizes 30 and 60
OpenET Alliance unveils first members, releases updated interface specification
Antistatic materials and products in electronics to reach USD3.4 billion in 2019
Small 3/8/12/18-A DC-DC regulators focus on space-constrained applications
Beyond-the-rails mux and switch family simplifies power-supply requirements
Advanced single-phase power metering SoC for smart grid applications
Fully programmable universal GNSS receiver that improves performance, reduces cost, and saves space
High speed and accurate 3D measurement of components through laser scans
Overvoltage protectors use reverse bias blocking for multiple power sources
Elma expands its range of enclosure solutions through US acquisition
Integrated development environment for LCD graphical applications
Voltage regulators stacked in 3-D
Verotec unveils integrated power development systems
Heliatek and Reckli to jointly develop building-integrated organic solar panels
Dual station constant ESD monitor safeguards electrostatic protected areas
USB battery charger detectors will work with virtually any proprietary power adapters
Single-ended multi-output PLL clock generators based on pMEMS technology
Low-voltage digital thermometers/thermostats with versatile SPI/3-wire interface
SMT press-fit card-edge connector system
SoC offers measurement and diagnostics benefits for high-power monitoring in industrial applications and data centers
Industrial-strength 4-port USB hub for operation in the -40 to 85°C temperature range
High-speed USB 2.0 automotive-grade protectors
Sharp signage displays integrate LED drivers
Industry's first dual IF VGA supports multi-mode 4G base station transceivers
ITU approves G3-PLC as a new worldwide smart grid standard
Microsemi acquires timing, synchronization and synthesis business from Maxim
Optical sensor combines ambient light and proximity sensors
NFC-enabled phones as a tool for brand protection
Low-power, low-distortion RF to IF mixers
XMOS platform simplifies multi-axis motor control applications
High-voltage autozero op amp improves sensor performance
TI introduces industry's smallest power management ICs for solid state drives
Intelligent plug aims to save energy
Dow Corning enters long-term silane supply deal with Air Products
High-density 6-A power module features integrated inductor
Touchstone adds six analog ICs to alternate-source Maxim product family
Piezoelectric MEMS oscillators claim world first
USB measurement control units interconnects analogue I/O, digital I/O and digital counters to PCs
INSIDE Secure partners with IDT for low-power USB security tokens
High specification AT-cut crystals for 10 to 42MHz in fundamental mode
High-speed transceiver offers reliable broadband powerline communications in industrial environments
Autoliv introduces the next generation safety control system
Ultra-low-power CMOS oscillators claim a breakthrough in frequency accuracy
Maxim supports leaded parts for Mil/Aero customers
TI introduces wireless audio products with USB support
In-target embedded software test automation and quality
Offline LED driver dims retrofit lamps to zero light intensity without flicker
Maxim platform evaluates smart grid security
Smart meters reference platform
Reference platform aims to accelerate the design of next-generation smart meters
3D lessons to increase students’ focus and scoring, says TI DLP Products
Integrated model- and trace-based timing analysis
Intel wins sockets in 10PFLOPs supercomputer
PCB design productivity applications for Cadence’s OrCAD Capture
IR transmission beats RF links on BOM
IDT extends timing leadership with ultra-flexible frequency translation devices
Fujitsu and Fraunhofer IIS join research efforts on nanometre chips
13.56MHz RFID keys and cards support both ISO 14443B or ISO 15693 protocols
Secure RFID keys feature a 13.56 MHz interface for access control, e-cash, and ID cards
Maxim makes organizational changes to provide closer customer support
Front end modules for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth applications
World’s highest performance Gen 3 PCI Express Switch targets SSD storage arrays and cloud computing applications
Qualcomm acquires IDT video IP, engineers
Plessey Semiconductors open offices in China to support local demand
IDT moving from Fab-lite to Fabless business model
Freescale rolls out first products in QorIQ Qonverge wireless base station processor portfolio
Low-jitter VCSO solutions focus on high-performance optical networking and telecom applications
Isolated power, 36-V, H-bridge transformer driver enables simple and flexible isolated DC-DC designs
Obsolescence mitigation program for discontinued Mil/Aero parts
TRaC unveils Zigbee Smart Energy 1.1 test suite as standard is released
Fully integrated ADC targets portable equipment
World's first portable audio subsystem with integrated programmable clock generator targets tablet computing
IDT's HyperGear solution reduces motherboard power consumption and boosts CPU performance
Maxim takes over MEMS expert SensorDynamics
Low-power audio codec optimizes audio performance, prevents speaker damage
Low-power audio codec prevents speaker damage
Precision coplanarity through floating pins
Fraunhofer, Semikron research aims at improving passive components reliability
Durable USB connector for high stress applications
Low ripple output industrial tachometer generator
OEMs show systems with Intel MIC chips
Compact energy-harvesting and power-management IC enables low-power wireless devices
Low phase noise SMD OCXO in the 10 to 40MHz range
Magma and Fraunhofer IIS partner to accelerate analog macro cell design
Data acquisition systems with up to 128-channels of USB multifunction analog I/O
Industry's first PCI Express Gen2 to RapidIO Gen2 protocol conversion bridge supports x86 processor applications
Maxim to acquire Edinburgh-based Calvatec Ltd for its analog mixed-signal solutions
High speed optocoupler has integrated IGBT protection circuit
Real-time open source license management tools
Maxim to demo real-time power efficiency inside LED ballast with Teridian energy-measurement SoC
Multi-function upconverter MMICs extend to 24 GHz
G3-PLC chipset complies with IEEE P1901.2 pre-standard for smart grid communications
New micro PMIC targets Li-Ion battery based mobile applications
Durr Assembly Products shows multifunction multifunctional automotive test stand
IDT claims industry's widest range of poly-phase power metering solutions for smart grid applications
Miniature telemetry crystal for use in medical implantable devices
Security manager IC with 1024 bytes of nonimprinting memory
Manufacturing LED products poses unique challenges
HDCP GMSL chipset enables secure transmission of digital content in cars
Thales wins support contract with Lockheed Martin
Mini-MIL connectors, filtered and unfiltered with feed-through or Pi capacitance
Maxim unveils power-management solution for Intel Atom-based embedded applications
Energy measurement SoC offers management of AC/DC power supplies in servers and data communication equipment
MEMS applications are broadening the traditional scope of ferroelectric thin films
IDT expands RapidIO Gen2 switch portfolio
U-shaped coaxial interconnect eliminates costly cable assemblies
IF VGA claims industry's lowest noise and improves QoS in multi-protocol 2G/3G/4G wireless base stations
Self-powered blood analysis chip could deliver diagnosis in minutes
Large diameter high temperature solder-in EMI filters
Broadband amplifier family extended to create a one-box solution
SoC for smart power measurement
Infinera describes device for Terabit nets
DC link power film capacitors take voltage ratings up to 1300 VDC
Miniature 4-pad crystal available in the 26.0 to 80.0 MHz frequency range
Energy measurement SoC offers improved control of AC/DC power supplies in servers
1 terabit per second data rate on a single integrated photonic chip
Maxim enters digital power market
Digital ambient-light sensors cut power consumption by over 100x
Maxim extends TacTouch
‘Size 8’ slotless brushless DC motors are autoclavable for medical use
RF transceivers target standalone femto basestations
Step-down converter with linear bypass supports multimode PAs in mobile handsets
SoC integrates power with audio and touch-screen controller
Single chip provides data line protection
Industry's smallest 2-A synchronous buck integrates MOSFETs for up to 96 percent efficiency
Maxim unveils 850-kHz/500-kHz SMBus-programmable battery chargers
Digi-Key signs global distribution deal with Advanced Linear Devices
Maxim unveils single-chip PMICs for Icera's E400/E450 platform
GPS LNAs provide low noise and save space with a WLP package
Imec and Coventor combine expertise in IC and MEMS design
Imec and Coventor combine expertise in IC and MEMS design and manufacturing
Hot-swap controller facilitates current monitoring in high-availability systems
Precision 7-16 DIN adapters hold up to frequent torquing
Patch antennas meet Iridium compliance and testing requirements
Switch-mode LED driver solution enables drop-in replacements for halogen MR16 lamps
Infineon opens new production facility in China to meet IGBT needs
Infineon opens new Chinese IGBT stack manufacturing facility
Mouser and Maxim Integrated Products go global
Smartphones raise profile, prospects for analog/mixed-signal
New power supplies target green energy
EU project progresses in regularity-aware synthesis methodology development
Air radio module family extended with ETSI-compliant units for European applications
Air radio module family extended with ETSI-compliant units for European applications
Nemesis connectors target mission-critical functionality in integrated soldier systems
ISSI spins off Giantec Semiconductor
Fully programmable, multistate, dual analog + digital variable-gain amplifier
GPS LNAs offer an industry-low 0.65-dB noise figure
Improving yield through precise crystal tuning
Maxim unveils industry's highest performance ambient-light sensor
2.1MHz automotive step-down converters consume only 25µA
3.3-V/5-V multiprotocol transceivers provide integrated switchable termination
2.1-MHz automotive step-down converters consume 25 microamps
IDT unveils world’s first true single-layer multi-touch projected capacitive touch screen technology
4-A, synchronous DC-DC regulators with integrated MOSFETs achieve 96 percent efficiency
Torque-limiting card-lok retainers prevent board damage
NXP's Mifare to add NFC support to SIMs
Multichannel power-supply managers integrate thermal-management and fault-logging
IQD publishes 400-page definitive guide to frequency control
High stability 9.7x7.5x4.1mm OCXO specified from 5MHz to 50MHz
New hall encoder enables 3-axis differential measurement of the magnetic field for 3D tilt sensor applications
CamSemi appoints new chairman and strengthens executive team
TI, Maxim ramp 300-mm analog chips
Maxim starts production shipments from 300-mm wafers
Real-time clocks feature tamper-detect functionality
High temperature, battery-less, RFID telemetry chip
Logic-level translator offers an ultra-low-power shutdown mode to extend battery life
ATEX approved signal amplifier for load cells
High-definition PC audio codecs offer 3-state Class-D modulation, extend battery life
IDT unveils world's most accurate all-silicon CMOS oscillator
EMI filter plates feature 1500 VDC flash protection
Compact 2.4”, 3.5” and 4.3” TFT displays for portable and hand-held applications
Low-power op amps self-calibrate
24-bit ADC provides high resolution for low power precision sensor applications
CommAgility and N.A.T. selects for IDT Serial RapidIO Gen2 switch to support next-generation designs
LSI unveils first standard product SoC for hard disk drive manufacturers
Maxim readies 'lite' powerline device
RIM: Smartphone OEMs face memory challenges
Maxim unveils industry's first battery charger with automatic USB enumeration
Maxim acquires Phyworks - opens up new high-speed opportunities
Infinera transmits 100-G more than 800 miles
Audio codec protects against loudspeaker damage, boosts audio fidelity
Fully programmable variable gain amp reduces solution footprint by 32%
MCU cuts power and cooling costs in enterprise equipment
1-Wire secure authentication IC combines encryption with advanced die-level security
Actel releases Windows 7 compliant Libero IDE toolset
Active-clamped, current-mode PWM controller offers more than 90 percent efficiency
Push-back test probe with integrated switch function
Haptic actuator controller integrates circuitry for touch pressure measurements
New IC reduces battery-management system costs by 80 percent in hybrid and electric vehicles
Hot-swap controller integrates 10-bit I2C system monitor to target high-availability systems
BIPV solar sector prepares for rapid growth
Class D amplifiers prevent clipping, protect speakers from damaging output voltages
IEEE 802.3af/at-compliant PSE controller saves space and cost in PoE+ powered devices
National Semiconductor unveils first analog audio subsystem with integrated noise reduction
First FRC processors with integrated resolution-enhancement engine provide smooth motion for 120-Hz and 240-Hz HD displays
High-current buck converter targets portable applications
HB LED driver targets high-power automotive lighting demands
Ferrotec acquires Integrated Materials and expand its lines of advanced materials
RF voltage-variable attenuator features 44 dB of linearly controlled dynamic range
SFP optical module controller with dual-receiver interface
Ultra-low-power security manager provides nonimprinting memory and tamper detection
WLED driver integrates a 48-V MOSFET to provide a complete backlighting solution
New scan driver IC provides power solution for GOA notebook LCD panels
16-channel bidirectional level translators interface different low-voltage I/Os
Serial RapidIO Generation 2 switches slash power by 40% and support 20Gbit/s
PMIC gives up to 93 percent efficiency for cell phone displays
Intel speeds up single-chip cloud computer
TTTech delivers distributed avionics test bed to Sikorsky Aircraft
RS-485 transceivers integrate switchable dual-termination for remote network configuration
Intel tips plan for 50-core processor
Adaptive mode switching helps backlight drivers boost efficiency by 12 percent in portable devices
ON Semiconductor integrates current regulator and automotive lighting controller
±15-kV ESD-protected EL driver provides lowest audible noise, offers maximum flexibility
High-performance PXI Express data acquisition module offers integrated signal conditioning
Digi launches out-of-the-box M2M cloud connectivity for embedded platforms
Integrated baluns shrink Bluetooth antenna connection
Flexible IDC connector with 1.27mm pitch
Maxim rolls out a medical website plus a 220-page solutions guide
Micrel unveils 4G wireless PMIC solution
Touch controllers offer ultra-low power consumption, faster time-to-market
RFMD expands foundry services to include high power integrated passive technology
Three-output DC-DC controllers with tracking/sequencing reduce 40nm logic devices costs
MicroPMIC for multimedia applications offers high integration in a compact WLP
Low-power microprocessor supervisory circuits target portable equipment applications
All-silicon CMOS oscillators offer quartz-crystal-level performance in die/wafer forms
Doulos and Feabhas announce global partnership in embedded software training
Four-channel PMIC targets automotive applications
PowerCentric clock tree synthesis tool included in TSMC's 65nm ISF
Maxim to buy Teridian for $315 million
CEI launches new bus bar division for customised solutions
SPTS records shipments of $40M in first quarter
Semtech debuts low-power capacitive touch sensor IC platform
Analog Q1 preview: What analysts are saying
Dual-input linear charger offers safer charging of Li+ cell
RF design team improves simulation depth by up to 16x, minimizes tapeout risks
WLED driver with PWM-controllable boost converter maximizes power efficiency
Programmable low power timing devices target portable consumer applications
IDT and Samplify agree to develop data transmission semiconductor solutions
Safety testing of in vitro diagnostic medical systems
Current-sense amplifier offers power consumption and accuracy benefits
Six-core Intel Xeon processors power ATCA node blade and EATX server board
12-/8-channel system monitors integrate current monitoring and nonvolatile fault registers
Organic-silicon hybrid aims at optics
FPGA startup: Process tech eases ASIC migration
Peregrine expands European design operations in Aix-en-Provence, France
Optical transmission connectors with integrated LED driver IC
12-/8-channel system monitors simplify current monitoring
PMIC integrates three regulators to provide high-efficiency, fixed-frequency operation for LCD HDTV panels

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