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Micrel unveils 4G wireless PMIC solution

May 19, 2010 // Paul Buckley

Micrel unveils 4G wireless PMIC solution

Micrel, Inc., is launching a highly integrated Power Management Integrated Circuit (PMIC) to address 4G wireless applications.

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The MIC2829 is a power management solution designed to provide power to processors, multi-standard RF (such as HEDGE/ LTE or WiMAX) transceivers and power amplifiers, memory, USB-PHY, associated I/O interfaces and other system requirements. The device is designed for 3G/4G (HEDGE/LTE and WiMAX) USB wireless applications.

"The MIC2829 is a complete 4G wireless system PMIC. This release to the market represents the beginning of a new level of integration for USB and embedded based LTE or WiMAX 4G standard based mobile communication devices," noted Andy Cowell, vice president of Micrel Analog marketing.

Andy Khayat, director of Micrel's portable product group added, "The MIC2829 integrates all system power and analog functions supporting 4G wireless baseband, RF and digital/analog sub-systems into one IC. It features Micrel's HyperLight Load (HLL) DC converters that greatly extend battery life and Micrel's advanced LDO technologies for ultimate system performance."

The MIC2829 incorporates six DC/DC buck converters, eleven LDOs and digital level shifters for SIM Card support inside a single, compact package. Five general purpose LDOs provide low dropout, excellent output accuracy of +/-3 percent and only require 40 micro amps of ground current for each to operate.

The remaining six are high performance Low Noise Regulators (LNRs) and provide high PSRR and low output noise for sensitive RF subsystems. Each LNR requires only 20 micro Amps of ground current to operate. Four of the six integrated DC/DC buck converters incorporate HyperLight Load (HLL) technology. Each of these buck regulators operate at high switching speed in PWM mode (4 MHz/2.5 MHz) and maintain high efficiency in light load conditions.
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