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Microsoft's 10.6-inch touch-screen tablet, an attempt to keep pace with Apple’s hit

June 19, 2012 // Julien Happich

Microsoft's 10.6-inch touch-screen tablet, an attempt to keep pace with Apple’s hit

Microsoft has just unveiled a 10.6-inch tablet in a 16:9 aspect ratio, dubbed the Surface, to be available in two options, one powered by Intel's 22nm Ivy Bridge chips running Windows 8, and another Surface powered by an ARM chipset and Windows RT.

The Windows RT version is 9.3mm thin, weighs 676 grams, includes a built-in kickstand, and is claimed to be the first PC with a vapour-deposited magnesium case. It will ship in 32GB or 64GB versions and will compete head-to-head with Apple’s iPads.

The Intel-based Surface tablet will run Windows 8 Pro, with a thickness of 13.5mm, to compete with lightweight laptop PCs, at 903 grams.

This version will also include magnesium casing and a built-in kickstand, but will ship with either 64GB or 128GB storage. The Intel version will also include additional digital ink support through a pen that magnetizes to the body of the tablet, and a touch-capable 10.6-inch ClearType “Full HD" display. The lighter, thinner version of the Surface tablet, built on an Nvidia Corp chip designed by ARM Holdings, will be the first to market at the same time as the general release of Windows 8, and will come with Microsoft's popular Office suite of applications.

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