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Movea launches unified motion-enabled TV platform

September 12, 2011 // Phil Ling

Movea launches unified motion-enabled TV platform

The MoveTV is a new SmartMotion solution aimed at the PayTV market, that provides entertainment ecosystem players a single platform on which to create a complete motion-enabled end user experience. It is anticipated to enable service providers, game and application developers, remote control and STB manufacturers, TV OEMs and system integrators, to use a unifying platform for motion technology.

“Motion powered entertainment in the living room is quickly growing beyond console-based gaming to encompass the television viewing experience as PayTV service providers adopt motion control to improve the User Experience and pave the way for valuable new interactive TV services,” said Sam Guilaumé, CEO of Movea.

“MoveTV is the first platform that takes an ecosystem approach, offering an integrated suite of SmartMotion technology components tailored to the needs of service providers, application developers and the different PayTV ecosystem partners.” 

The platform components work together seamlessly on the backend and are designed to be modular, giving ecosystem partners the flexibility to adopt different levels of motion-driven functionality and capabilities.  Movea says its MoveTV is in the integration phase with major service providers and STB manufacturers, and is in the deployment phase with ODMs and systems integrators, demonstrating the market enthusiasm for motion-enabled home entertainment products. 

Key components of MoveTV platform include Air MotionIC firmware, GestureBuilder, and SmartMotion Server.  Air MotionIC firmware brings motion intelligence to handheld devices like remote controls.  GestureBuilder creates and manages databases of 2D and 3D gestures.  SmartMotion Server forms the bridge between the remote control device and the applications running on the STB or  DTV. 

White label Smartphone and Tablet apps are also part of the MoveTV platform and are offered to service providers as an alternative to traditional remote controls for delivering an enhanced user experience.

Paul O’Donovan, Principal Analyst for Consumer Electronics Research at Gartner, concluded, “Motion-enabled entertainment in the home has been largely limited to game consoles where the console OEM’s control the entire solution.  By comparison, TV OEM’s, service providers and application developers only own pieces of the entertainment experience and, as a result, they have been individually challenged to create large enough value proposition around motion for the end user.  A platform solution like MoveTV is what’s needed to enable the PayTV ecosystem to work together in a unifying environment to deliver more excitement, fun and value to the consumer.”

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