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MSC offers Qseven starter kits

October 05, 2010 // Phil Ling

MSC Vertriebs GmbH is announcing the availability of a family of Qseven Starter Kits which are based on MSC's Qseven modules featuring a 70 x 70mm form factor and the Intel Atom processors. These kits consist of one of MSC´s 3.5” Qseven baseboards and one of MSC's Qseven modules with heatspreader and heatsink and an integrated power supply with suitable cable connectors.

Each kit features a ready-to-run Linux installation in the 4Gbyte Flash Disk integrated on the Qseven module. Optionally, a TFT kit from MSC's wide choice of LCD panels can be ordered which comes with the appropriate cable kit and full implementation in the Qseven module's Graphics BIOS.

Along with the Starter Kit, the user can choose the Qseven module with the most suitable processor and clock speed from the MSC range of Qseven modules. The 3.5” Embedded Platform board to be used for the Starter Kit can be chosen from the growing range of Qseven baseboards available from MSC.

These Qseven baseboards each combine a set of the most popular interfaces for embedded applications: The MSC Q7-MB-EP1 will satisfy most requirements and offers a VGA graphics connector. The MSC Q7-MB-EP2 has a DVI connector and features 2 LAN interfaces for which the board comes with its own Ethernet controller. When available, any future baseboard versions will also be selectable including the forthcoming products which will implement the full feature set according to the Qseven Specification 1.20 recently released.

The most notable enhancement is a CAN interface which will be supported by future Qseven modules designed to conform to the latest version of this standard. In many cases, the Starter Kit will be used to drive an LCD output. To help customers with the difficulties of finding the right TFT panel with related backlight power and cable kits, MSC is offering a number of TFT Kits directly suitable for the Qseven Starter Kits. These LCD Kits encompass a number of popular TFTs with different resolutions and sizes including the “wide” formats getting increasingly popular in the embedded area.

Most TFTs can also be delivered with an optional Touch Screen making use of the Touch Controller already present on the Qseven Baseboards. If customers need any other TFT from MSC's wide product portfolio, from many LCD manufacturers, then the MSC Support Group will strive to find suitable backlight drivers and cable kits to provide a complete, functional Starter Kit with the desired LCD.

Next to the family of Qseven Starter Kits, MSC is also offering a Qseven Evaluation Kit which is based on the Qseven Reference Platform board, an ATX-format evaluation board with a comprehensive set of interfaces offering access to all interfaces coming down from the Qseven module.

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