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News about Nfc Chip Compliant To Cipurse Open Standard For Secure Transit Applications

Cortus IP for M2M and IoT ICs gets secure embedded operating system
Open-source brain-computer interfaces capture DIY makers' imagination
ARM partners with HeartToHeart to secure wearable healthcare applications
Virtually free crowd-sourced IoT networks on the horizon
120 000-lumens single LED COB module offers low thermal resistance
Decline continues for global chip sales
8 views of Intel’s IoT efforts
OpenVPX single board-computer hosts TI multicore DSP
Industrial AC/DC power supplies cater 150 to 650W needs
Give-away: 32-bit MCU board plus compiler kits
1W thin film SMD resistors have tolerances down to ±0.01%
WLCSP integrates three metal layers
NFC analog front end targets smartwatches and wearable devices
Qualcomm introduces first Wave 2 802.11ac Wi-Fi System-on-Chip
Chip market decline accelerated in August, says ESIA
Development modules support high-res graphics/video HMIs
Open source USB oscilloscopes to grab: 3 units
Silicon chip detects circularly polarized light
Chip scale optics for GaN-on-Si LEDs
Open source code may unite IoT
Designing RF generators for MedTech applications
Wireless power made easy with plug-and-play reference kits
SuperSpeed USB-to-FIFO bridge ICs easy evaluation
Google-led group preempts HEVC
Hardware-based, virtualised GPU gives multi-users access - from AMD
380-micron-thick package puts Bluetooth in credit-card formats
Chip-scale photovoltaics startup raises funds
Secure solid state drive for embedded applications
Chip inductors reduce DCR in 0402-sized RF chokes
Filament bulb replacements: The GaN-on-Silicon LED solution arrives
ROHM Semiconductor to acquire Powervation
1 TB SSD provides secure storage for critical applications
Smart wine bottle thwarts counterfeiters
Home and factory automation at Mouser Electronics
1Mbit SPI FRAM comes in chips-scale packaging
Gartner reduces chip market forecast, again
Weak currencies zap Europe, Japan in global chip market
Secure platform for automotive consolidation on Freescale i.MX 6 processors
TSMC overtakes Intel in chip capex ranking
Electric double-decker buses lead London's zero emission drive
Mouser packs IoT application site with connectivity and sensing solutions
Altera backs open platform for network function virtualization
Advanced packaging to boost photolithography market, says Yole
SSL/TLS for single-chip systems: small memory footprint for IoT
Low-power LTE 4G modem targets IoT
IoT platform comes in a tiny single chip module
Nordic adds NFC to Bluetooth, with ARM M4f core and low power drain
Cavium accelerates SDNs through OpenFlow
Secure Cortex-M3 flash MCU for mobile transactions
Hacking self-driving cars easy but preventable, say firms
FTDI bundles FT90x MikroE compilers with free hardware
Ford, Toyota mull joint approach for app integration
No American chip boom after all, says WSTS
Marquardt integrates NFC into contactless car key
Why the speculations on Nokia’s map service HERE run hot
Chip capacitors are automotive qualified
Why chip design gets relevant for carmakers
Chip market growth was strong Q1 in US, China
Ultra high density COBs aim to replace metal halides for retail
Audio DSP chip embeds AfterMaster's HD technology
How the 3 Cs drive IC consumption
COB LED arrays lower the cost of industry-leading efficacy
Gartner lowers 2015 chip market growth forecast
WSTS marks America up for 2015 boom
NFC makes e-Ink fashionable
Multitest ships first shaker for MT9928 chip tester
EtherCAT slave controller supports cycle times down to 12.5us
Indoor solar-powered wireless mesh delivers 99.999% data reliability
Intel, Samsung up, Qualcomm, Toshiba down in chip vendor ranking
UBM-free WLCSP packaging technology targets wireless and power FPGA applications
European chip market turns 'schizophrenic'
802.11ac Wave 2 access point delivers multi-Gigabit Wi-Fi
Never lose track of things
Nanolaser enables on-chip photonics
End-to-end encryption for the masses
Which chip categories markets' growth will beat the average?
A new kilogram standard made of silicon?
Vicor adds to high-power-density DCM DC/DC converter modules, to 600W
Printed NFC for context-aware gameplay
Heart on-a-chip beats
Open source, 1U rack mount internet appliance, based on Raspberry Pi
Green Hills to support Renesas' R-Car E2 devices
Imperas opens MIPS Warrior processor models
IoTize rejuvenates legacy systems with smartphone-compatibility
Samsung phones pack 14nm SoC
Consortium releases digital point-of-load specification
FTDI Chip's embedded HMI package moves to higher resolution and image quality
Combined Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and NFC modules ease wireless implementation in vehicles
Printed NFC tags detect opened goods
ARM-core microcontroller for secure, connected, high efficiency motor control
Processor IP gains IP stack and RTOS support
Europe, Japan fall in 2014 chip R&D spend
NFC +FeRAM technology and platform
Slashing the costs of network virtualization: Artesyn's Open Compute Project platform
Smartwatch with 'brains' dumps smartphone for 'dumb' screen
NFC as an IoT link enabler
WPC extends capabilities of Qi wireless power standard
1st MEMS spectrometer debuts
World’s highest power, deep UV LEDs begin shipments
Chip market grew 9.9% in 2015
Low on-resistance 2A load switches for consumer applications
SoC brings smart lighting to mainstream consumers
Open source to flood IT in 2015
High-stability frequency reference rivals atomic clock
Mid-power LEDs combines COB performance with lower system costs
Rambus offers on-chip noise monitor IP
IP builds PMIC regulator functions on SoCs at 55 nm
BJB deal strengthens Anglia's Cree COB LED connection
Toshiba to show portfolio for wearable technology and the IoT
SSL/TLS secure-socket code for embedded devices
Global chip market growth softened in November
NFC tags use FeRAM and on-chip AES-128
COB LED series offers color on demand options
Thin, fused, undertab tantalum SMD chip capacitors
ams expands PMIC family for mobile multi-core ARM processors
Zhaga Consortium prepares new COB LED array specification
Foundry sales growing faster than chip market
NFC comes to broadband platform
Chip market forecast raised for 2014, 2015
Europe splutters as global chip market pushes on
Parametric Measurement Module doubles speed in SoC testing
USB 3.0 interface in 56-pin QFN package
32-bit PICs feature wide peripheral menu and scalable memory
Automotive industry drives chip demand
Atmel adds integrated MCU/Wi-Fi module for edge node IoT applications
Wideband IF receiver chip provides highest dynamic range
Software has the last word for PIN entry
Consumers have a say at Cartes
NFC/RFID tag authenticates and configures embedded devices
Chip market growth continues to slow in September
NXP extends NFC ecosystem to the car
Arduino Uno shield-compatible kit for Bluetooth Smart, ANT, 2.4 GHz designs
Daughter cards support FTDI's Arduino-compatible HMI
Mouser dedicates website to security applications
Freescale claims smallest integrated tyre pressure monitoring system
Chip testers meet at VOICE 2015 - Call for Papers
Broadband gateways integrate HAN FUN protocol to enable IoT
Chip power inductors suit deployment in power circuits of portables
SoC architecture is optimised for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems
2D multi-touch and 3D gestures in one development kit from Microchip
High-voltage power supply features low noise and ripple
ARM extends into IoT software
Smartphone terminal combines wireless charging, antenna and NFC
Clear conductive flexible films provide high electromagnetic shielding from 2 to 18 GHz
Nanium takes wafer-level packaging to XXL
Privacy gains traction with secure messaging apps
NFC development kit interfaces to Android, Linux and Windows
Digital radio Rx chip gets approvals for worldwide reception standards
Two years of plenty coming for chip industry, says analyst
Wireless charging/NFC reference design
Multi-rate vocoder chip operates from 2.0 to 9.6 kbps
Development kit enables rapid prototyping for IoT
Wireless charging reference design targets smartphones in cars
FTDI Chip adds embedded USB host stack for FT900 MCU chips
White-chip scale packages cut costs by 80 percent
Single-chip, global coverage car radio receiver
Dual-core MCU targets secure energy calculation, sensing and comms
FPGAs meet NSA guidelines
Consultancy services for secure-application developments
Mobile commerce driving global NFC market
A new breed of analog design tools
Microsemi develops FPGA security/secure-boot programme
Secure configuration software simplifies WiFi network setup
Global chip market growth accelerated in June
Starter kits for web application projects
Atomic clock based on a chip-scale frequency comb
Mentor tackles heterogeneous multicore SoC embedded software development
Gartner raises 2014 chip market growth forecast
Chip market growth moderated in May
Linaro’s Android Open Source Project port for ARMv8-A now running
Automotive OEMs crowd around Google
ARM and Sensor Platforms extend platform for sensor devices
Buck-boost regulators in chip-scale packaging
Hold back your high tech marketing tactics!
Chemical sensor, integrated on a chip
Solderless system connects LED COB array holders rapidly
FPGA and FPASSP mapping tools: online and free
NFC/HF reader features high performance with 0.7 W output
RS Components and Allied Electronics ready to ship Red Pitaya
Chip innovations drive new smart cards applications and services
Host Card Emulation goes white-label
Embedded video engine addresses human machine interfaces
Arduino-compatible development platform offers touch display, audio and MCU resource
NFC conformance test system boasts LLCP and SNEP approvals
Globalfoundries launches auto chip manufacturing platform
Industrial surprise in Infineon's strong Q2
Cloud-based NFC merges product traceability and direct marketing
Chip bead ferrites come in a tiny 0201 package
A Dragon Fruit for test and measurement: Red Pitaya comes to Europe
ARM switches to open-source base for faster compiler updates
Chip market grew 5% in 2013, says Gartner
Market for apps processors is exploding: ARM gives way
Betting $11.6 millions on Android’s host card emulation
Free Windows leaps to IoT: OS battle takes new angle
Memory, firms, fabless climb chip vendor ranking
USB driver software reduces power usage
Chip-on-glass LCD drivers suit vertical-alignment displays
RFID tags talk to electronic appliances through I2C interface
EU agrees on charging plug for electric cars
Self-encrypting drive wipes itself out if breached
Chip-on-board LED doubles light from half the surface
NFC Z-axis antenna is only 3.2mm high
Eight tips to accelerate SoC physical design at RTL
DOSA compatible quarter brick DC-DC converter
NFC Apps of the future: who will hit the mainstream?
ISO/IEC15693 compliant RFID chip authenticates goods through NFC
NFC tag powers richer user interfaces
LTE SOC to drive 64-bit mobile computing
Connected screen takes multi-point NFC and iBeacon
Startup promises bandwidth boost
Samsung reveals LED components for advanced mobile devices
RFID-based shopping assistant digs into fashion inventory
NFC discovery kit connects any electrical device through RFID
Industrial chip market to grow 9% in 2014.
Smooth-sided PAR lamps are dimmable to five percent
Wideband CMOS RF chip aims for M2M software radio
Sales record ends chip industry's year
Samsung raises light efficacy bar for COB LEDs
Fully encrypted? Watch your back!
World's smallest and lowest power Bluetooth v4.0 Smart SoC enters volume production
NFC reference design kit comes with ready-made application software
ArcCore rolls Autosar-4 compliant development tools
Open LED protector prevents damage from reverse polarity voltages
FIPS-certified security comes to enterprise applications in smartphones
Farnell element14 launches Raspberry Pi-ready full NFC expansion board
Vicor unveils Converter housed in Package power modules for high voltage DC distribution
4G LTE modules with UMTS/HSPA+ and GSM/EDGE, GPRS fallback
Global chip market grew 5% in 2013, says IHS
Ten power management startups to watch in 2014
What a mess!
NXP and EnOcean spotlight wireless smart lighting network using energy harvesting switch
Meter-on-a-chip tackles portable health applications
Group prepares Android platform for cars
Americas, Europe drove chip sales in November, says SIA
Open source wearables reference platform supports multiple applications for faster development
DisplayPort adds DockPort extension to royalty-free VESA standard
NFC-enabled digital media kiosk concept doubles as Qi charger
Startup offers chip-scale solar energy harvester
Moortec improves on-chip thermal sensors
Robot automates NFC testing
Chip industry confidence survey reports muted optimism
Toumaz Limited expands its partnership with Imagination Technologies and delivers new digital radio chip
Polymer tantalum chip capacitors feature undertab terminations for high energy applications
2W-rated chip resistor from 0.1 Ohms up to 1MOhm with low self-heating
ARM powered Kinetis miniature MCUs come in 1.9x2mm WL-CSP
Big moves in chip vendor top 20 ranking
Extendible processors go head to head backed by EDA giants
NXP shrinks High-Speed CAN system basis chips
Gartner: Qualcomm, Micron rise in 2013 chip market
High-precision flip chip COTS resistors down to 5Ω, with a TCR of ±0.05 ppm/°C
Smart card payment terminals go mobile to tap into emerging markets
Servo motor controller supports sensorless operation of BLDC motors
Ethernet audio video bridging library for Visualsim
e-passport security chip boasts fast data transfer and of 700 kBytes of flash
Contact smart card secure MCU meets common criteria EAL5+ level certification
EEPROM memory chip with embedded NFC interface supports the NFC Data Exchange Format
Micro SD card turns mobile and embedded systems into secure devices
CIPURSE V2 Secure Access Module (SAM) specification just released
Dedicated microcontroller line secures NFC applications
ESD protection diodes specifically designed for NFC antennas
2x3mm trust authentication chip help protect electronic products against counterfeit accessories
Consortium plans to establish open Smart Home standard
Video codec hardware IP supports latest HEVC/H.265 encoding standard
Performance analysis and verification software tool specifically targets ARM-based SoCs
Cryptographic middleware adds strong security to mobile devices
RFID tag supports visual identification through flashing LED
Ultra-low power FPGAs enable always-on sensor solutions for context-aware mobile apps
UK IC assembly and test facility faces closure
Startup Nanotherm aims to slash LED lighting heat sink costs by half
HomePlug Smart SoC paves the way for smart-home and smart-energy innovations
Semicast’s industry view: Why Intel might win and ARM can’t lose
First mass deployment of VDSL system level vectoring
FIPS-compliant secure processor IC integrates cryptographic acceleration instructions
Imagination preps ray-tracing for 16nm mobile
Bluetooth SIG and A4WP to shape wireless charging standard
Using 802.11 in industrial applications
Panasonic adds electrolytic chip capacitors to European distribution channels
Compact switches meet the EN-14604 test button requirement
NAND Flash moves to 3-D, taking over 30% of the total flash market by 2015 according to IHS
'Particle accelerator on a chip' uses simple silica glass and IR laser
GPS receiver IC supports dual passive antenna and active antenna inputs
Multilayer ring actuator offers flexible sizes and travel ranges
Nordic Semiconductor launches world's first concurrent ANT+ and Bluetooth low energy combo chip
Quick action lock secures spot welding connectors
DisplayID standard future-proofed for stereo 3D and ultra-HD displays
4:1 input 1/8th brick DC-DC converters deliver up to 96W
M2M development kit speeds prototyping for IoT applications
Wireless battery free sensor systems continuously monitors and transmits data
Thick film chip resistor withstands lightning surges up to 5.5kV
NXP, TTTech jointly develop automotive Ethernet switch chips
TSMC and OIP Ecosystem partners release 16FinFET and 3D IC Reference Flows
PSoC 1 devices feature integrated USB
IJTAG automated chip-to-system-level IP integration
Nujira selects ASE as packaging and test partner for handset Envelope Tracking chip
Wideband receiver modules sweeps at 150 GHz/s for signals interception
Consortium develops unbreakable displays for cars
Ultra-low power image processor IC relies on Deeply Depleted Channel transistors
COB LED series features low thermal resistance
TrustZone-ready DRM technology targets set-top boxes
Encoder-ready stepper motor controller
Magnetic ballast control IC eliminates the need for PFC in fluorescent lamps
DARPA invests $5.7 million in neural image processor research
40 and 65W convection cooled AC-DC power supplies ready for medical use
ESiP completes development of system-in-package solutions to offer miniaturization benefits
Processor consolidation compels secure containers, virtualization
NFC tags simplify Wi-Fi and Bluetooth pairing
New NFC tags enable simple Wi-Fi and Bluetooth pairing
Nearly one-third of set-top-boxes to use ZigBee in 2018, says IHS
Wireless charging coil modules meet Qi global standard
First self-encrypted 512G 2.5” SATA SSD erases in 10s
High precision flip-chip 0805 resistor based on Z1 foil technology
DSLR camera remote can be controlled from any Bluetooth v4.0 smartphone using Nordic SoC
NFC, MEMS sensors and gesture recognition make the difference in smartphones, says ABI Research
Cypress qualifies BLE radio to integrate with PSoC and capacitive touch technologies
Open-source, software-defined radio platform
Hardware independent .NET Class library targets FFT and signal processing
Working on the directivity of electrically small antennas
Modeling skew requirements for interfacing protocol signals in an SoC
Multi-chip solution for USB-to-RS232 system development
Network synchronization system on a chip
Synchronization SoC latest addition to network timing platform
RS Components supports collaboration in open source design
Cypress’s PSoC selected for intuitive touchpad in handheld Korg music synthesizer
Hardened hardware crypto chips resist fierce attacks and viruses
Security for smartphones protects users against eavesdropping
Project aims to make robots more trustworthy
Avnet Memec appointed as European Distributor for Microchip
Smart-meter SoC supports Meters-and-More open communication standard
Professional engineers and hobbyists increasingly rely on open source hardware and software
Embedded Linux kernel tuned for virtualization and determinism
Arduino-based development kits for cloud-based M2M apps include GSM chip and M2M SIM card
ABI Research expects indoor location applications to break 1 billion downloads by 2016
Engineering plastics for electronic systems with environmental constraints
Optimized RF Silicon-On-Insulator (SOI) drives monolithic integration of multi-band radios
NFC transponder hardware simplifies Bluetooth and Wi-Fi pairing
Quad-core HSPA+ processor with 5G WiFi, NFC, GPS and indoor positioning
Authenticator IC integrates an ECDSA cryptographic engine
Teseq EMC test facility expands field probe calibration service
Revised IEEE 1149.1 'JTAG' standard should reduce IC design costs through test re-use
Imec and Renesas Electronics reveal world's first multi-standard RF receiver in 28nm CMOS
System builder design tool targets ARM-based SmartFusion2 SoC FPGAs
Single chip clock integrates MEMS resonator in an SOT23 housing
Flip Chip LED is brighter and cooler than conventional LEDs
Agile code development tool is optimised for use across multiple sites and repositories
Chip resistors deliver resistance values up to 10TΩ for operation at up to 300şC
Chip capacitors available from SemiGen's RF Supply Center
Software development toolkit targets cloud-based cross-platform and context-aware applications
nVoy certification program to support hybrid home networking
OpenVPX multiprocessing DSP module hosts 4th Generation Intel Core i7 processors
2.0x1.2mm Tantalum chip capacitors have capacitance values from 22uF to 220uF
Programmable SoC IDE aims to speed and simplify embedded designs
Broadcom GNSS location chip with geofence capabilities wins top industry award
Lime Microsystems partners with Europractice to bring flexible RF to universities across EU
Single-chip solar energy harvester operates wireless mesh nodes
DSM Computer markets electro-luminescent displays from Lumineq
Microsemi begins shipping production-qualified SmartFusion2 SoC FPGAs
Digital and analogue I/O modules have built-in web servers
Bluetooth SoC only draws 3.8mA at transmission and reception
Industrial USB camera delivers 2592x1944 pixels at 15fps in a 23x26.5x21.5mm casing
Exploiting depth sensing for 3D interfaces and complex image analysis
High temperature multilayer stacked capacitors offer high temperature reliability
Heatsink housings avoid LEDs overheating
The OSPT Alliance and UK-Based ITSO join efforts on smart ticketing standardization
Altera acquires power technology innovator Enpirion
Nokia claims best camera features with the newly launched Lumia 925
ETSI publishes first specification for Ultra Low Energy DECT aimed at the M2M market
Magnetic sensor guides robotic vehicles along magnetic tracks
Space-grade 32Mb PROM memory has 20 years of garanteed life data retention
Cipurse V2 Mobile guidelines address new form factors
Optical MT backplane interconnect system simplifies VPX-architecture
Integrated temperature sensor in BAP RFID chip is ideal for wireless real-time or data-logged monitoring
72-bit WIDE DDR2 in a 29x19x7.6mm 191 BGA package
Isolated 8-port PoE PSE controllers eliminate expensive opto-couplers
Single chip combines Wi-Fi and ZigBee IP for networked devices
12-bit universal magnetic position encoder in a TSSOP20 package
Open-ended card edge connectors offers high density pin-count for linear LED strips
First Lab-on-Chip for detecting multiple tropical diseases
New members expand PRIME Alliance's smart grid community to 53 companies
LED arrays output from 2205 to 6635 lumens for high illumination outdoor applications
Bluetooth Chip surge driven by mobile devices, could reach 3.1 billion units in 2017 says IHS
15W DC motor delivers 53mNm of torque for fine rotary motions
Tiny Bluetooth low energy and ANT+ ICs
High performance set-top box SoC supports high-end Android-based IPTV
One-piece SMT antenna contact targets mobile applications
Surface mount 32.768kHz crystal is only 1.6x1.0x0.5mm
Fully flexible design platform helps OEMs validate new energy harvesting cell concepts
EMI shielding material can be used over vents and displays
New standard tracks soft IP usage through the semiconductor design
Design and yield reliability could delay 20nm SRAM, says Gold Standard Simulations
Single-chip solution combines instrument cluster graphics with hardware security
Richardson backs open source RF project
Inside Secure NFC solution supported in Linux kernel 3.9 release
Wireless non-contact switch supports a range up to 305m in line-of-sight
Fundamental mixer targets up- and down-converting applications between 11 and 21 GHz
Video SoC claims best-in-class low-light technology for the megapixel IP camera market
LED lamp prototype delivers 200 lumen per watt
Single-chip ‘indoor GPS’ solution offers real-time location systems a 10cm accuracy
Low-cost development kit for Cypress PSoC 4 architecture
Projected capacitive displays in 15.0, 15.6 and 17.3” sizes
ConnectCard for i.MX28 enables cloud-connected devices
Software defined networks snare open source spotlight
Robert Bosch GmbH to coordinate 9D Sense research project
Zhaga-compliant linear LED modules offer high efficacy for wide range of applications
Open-source driving simulator software targets research and development
Analog Devices CEO Jerry Fishman dies
I2C bus interface soft core fully compatible with Philips v. 3.0 specification
Programmable 30A brushless DC motor controller targets robotics
Self-powered microfluidic chip enables early cancer detection in as little as 20 minutes
Samsung’s mid-power LED package available from Rutronik
MSC Vertriebs stocks Fujitsu’s latest 1 Mbit and 2 Mbit SPI FRAMs
Hermetically solderable IR filters, windows and covers target sensors
Implementing real-time geolocation for medical personnel and patients
Power wafer-level testing and automated characterization
Multi-component force plates support clinical gait, running and balance analyses
STMicroelectronics secures Euro 350 million loan from the European Investment Bank to boost R&D
SEGGER teams with iSystem for ARM Cortex J-link development tool
Apple buys Silicon Valley startup WiFiSlam to acquire indoor WiFi geolocation technology
Touch panel computers target SCADA and process control system
China to build standard OS around Ubuntu
MEMS accelerometers target healthcare applications
Micro extrusion primary wires meet tight tolerance for medical applications
Customised wirewound resistors virtually available off-the-shelf
Implantable 'lab on a chip' monitors health via Bluetooth
Digital mass flow sensors with very high accuracy in both flow directions
User-defined VI Chip PRM Modules can be simulated online
PSoC 4 architecture claims lowest-power ARM Cortex-M0-based devices for embedded designs
VDSL2 splitter module now with optional lightning and power fault protection
Online tool suite boosts user-configurability capabilities for PoL buck-boost or factorized power applications
SystemC AMS 2.0 standard for mixed-signal design freshly released
Chip-embedded packaging integrates DC/DC driver and MOSFET VR power stage
ST and Ericsson agree to break up joint venture
32-channel M-LVDS FMC Mezzanine module
Audio processor IC slashes overall system cost for TV SoundBar applications
Thumb-sized MOEMS mini-spectrometer targets visible light spectrometry
Dual-interface NFC tags connects smartphones to any device
Intel leads surprise inventory decline
Arduino-compatible computer with Bluetooth low energy enables smartphones and tablets to be added to projects
TI supports Thingsquare Mist to deliver low power RF connectivity to the Internet of Things
High accuracy battery fuel gauge maximizes battery capacity and boosts user confidence
European chip industry throws switches to regain global competitiveness
64M SPI Flash has a maximum standby current of only 10µA
IGBT product selection tool eases design optimization
Digi-Key to distribute MEMSIC’s sensors globally
Atmel acquires IDT’s smart metering IC product line to enhance smart energy offerings
17.5-inch color TFT-LCD module offers 1000:1 contrast ratio for industrial use
Mill-Max SMT Headers now also with .030” diameter pins
Baseplate-cooled AC-DC power supplies deliver 355W at 93.5% efficiency
Luso Electronics now stocks 'golf ball dimple' cooling fans
Flip-chip platform and 3D IC design to boost wafer shipments
Swarm radio platform for industrial safety applications
Chip market starts year brightly
Win a kit to evaluate Atmel's complete 2.4GHz system-on-chip solution
Active RFID tags combine LF wake up and 2.4GHz communication
Low-power 32-bit MCUs draw as little as 350nA
From ROM to Flash for added flexibility
150-W DC-DC converter targets micro cell transmitter and power amplifier applications
Mouser signs international magnetic components distribution agreement with Coilcraft
Vector signal generator offers cost-efficient generation and analysis of WLAN IEEE 802.11ac signals up to 160 MHz
Plug-retention safeguard for IEC appliance inlets and cord sets
Dynamic NFC-screen overlays multiple NFC tags within the displayed content
Pittman Motors now offers enhanced customization for its DC motors
Ultra-thin NFC ferrite sheet antenna meets EMVCo 40mm specification
Wolfson and Sensory demonstrate world's lowest-power speech recognition solution for mobile devices
Decorative cases feature universal tubular aluminium housings with integrated guide slots
Robust and compact WLAN access points target transport applications
Low-power chip enables intra-cardiac ventricular fibrillation detection
All-in-one secure NFC system-in-package includes no-tune antenna
Open source hardware changes the game
Power Line communication analog front end reduces PLC bill of material
36.5mm diameter, 22mm deep buzzer outputs up to 94 dB for alarm equipment
Dual display single board computer measures 100x70mm
Ultra fast camera lens enables full-resolution touch and re-focus mobile applications
System-in-package with no-tune antenna and simplifies and speeds NFC integration
High-current connector system supports up to 100A per bay
LED in flip-chip die offers more flexibility for luminaire designers
10.4” multi-touch rugged tablets survive the toughest conditions
36.5mm diameter, 22mm deep buzzer delivers 90 dB for automotive applications
Universal modular industrial connector features 25 different contact inserts
HomePlug Green PHY powerline communication SoC for LED lighting
Single-molded colour-coded test points
Solderless holder for Sharp’s mini Zenigata LED
Project MEMS2015 looks at new design methodology for innovative sensors and actuators
TTI now delivers Cooper Bussman's super-capacitors
"Coil on Module" chip package could help ramp-up adoption of dual interface smart cards
Hardware emulation solution for ARM Cortex-A9 MPCore processor-based SoCs
3U OpenVPX module supports 24 virtual cores in QorIQ processor
Solid tantalum chip capacitors from 3.3µF at 35V to 220µF at 4V
Solid tantalum chip capacitors with low profiles target space-constrained consumer electronics
2TB SSD drives with a standard 2.5" SATA interface, only 9.5mm thick
Chip resistors for current detection in automotive and power supply applications
Identifying UHF RFID tag design weaknesses
Bundesdruckerei, Infineon Technologies and Fraunhofer IZM join forces on "SeManTiK" project for contactless ID documents
Texas Instruments unveils smaller pixel architecture for its DLP Pico technology
Bluetooth low energy software stack delivers over-the-air downloads and support for multiple stacks on one SoC
Will e-payment become Smartphone-centric?
MOSFETs in ultra-slim molded chip scale package designs
Developer's kit for ZigBee wireless applications
Triple-output 45-W power supplies are released with medical and IT equipment safety approvals
PSoC 5LP family powers high-precision programmable analog with a single-cell battery to advance embedded design
10x10x2mm piezo-actuator chip delivers up to 2000N with a displacement of 2.2µm
End-to-end digital transmission content protection
Gigabit Ethernet MAC IP with audio video bridging
Mifare NFC mini reader USB development platform
USB development platform offers faster way to create RFID applications
Single-chip video processors enable HD IP security cameras
NFC chip targets next-generation mobile payments
Arasan expands portfolio with a MIPI conformant Camera Serial Interface (CSI-3) receiver IP core
Automotive instrument cluster MCU offers comprehensive security features
Single-chip secure microcontroller targets multimedia-enabled portable POS terminals
Arasan Chip Systems extends UFS leadership with UFS, UniPro, and M-PHY IP solutions
Integrated LCD touchscreen computers
Intel buys graphics chip team from ZiiLabs U.K. subsidiary
Security module protects automotive electronics against hacking and tampering
270nH chip inductor comes in a 0.6x0.3x0.3mm package
KNX transceiver with built-in 20V voltage regulator and two DC-DC converters
Anti-sulfur chip resistor arrays have very low resistance shifts
Car industry should benefit from semiconductor economies of scale, NXP suggests
GreenPeak’s ZigBee Input Device platform achieves Golden Unit Status
TFT display optical optimization solution enables 80° viewing angle in all four directions
Renesas Electronics expands the RL78 family of MCUs with industry's highest segment count LCD controller
Automated PCI Express 3.0 transmitter and receiver test suite
NFC solution fits into SIM cards for secure contactless payment
Bi-directional NFC interface chip harvests energy from RF emissions
NFC tag IC with increased RF performance supports 48 up to 888 bytes of memory
One-chip synchronization system for all telecom timing standards
NXP delivers NFC to Microsoft's Windows Phone 8 devices
Dual mode IC works as serial EEPROM or smart secure element
Chip-card MCUs offer dual contact/contactless interfaces
Ultracapacitors offer short-term power boost
Global digital-security SHA-3 standard to be published soon
Common mobile payment platform supports NFC services
Five wireless connectivity standards within a 24.6x18.0x3.0mm package
Wirebondable 1mm˛ thin film chip resistors up to 100 MOhms
Industrial-grade high-efficiency 150W power supply
Engine management chip brings fuel economy to motorbikes and lawn mowers
Fault-management chip offers smarter, safer LED lighting
Laser driver with auto-calibration mode and SFP controller
20nm and CoWoS reference flows enable next generation chip designs
NXP's SmartMX2 secure microcontroller receives CC EAL6+ security certificate
Chip embedded instruments now automatically generated through JTAG/boundary scan
CIPURSE V2 open standard specification released
IEEE 1588 synchronization module can be applied to new systems or retrofitted
EMV-compliant smart card reader controllers in a 5x5mm footprint
Erbium on silicon chip speeds up light
Bluetooth low energy proximity key fob is first in world to be compatible with both Apple and Samsung smartphones
Ultra-thin, flexible chip features bendable and stretchable interconnects
PLX preps PCI Express fabric amid server debate
Inside Secure and TazTag deliver secure, NFC-enabled android tablet
Car sharing as a smartphone app - the key to future urban traffic
Target access device supports on-chip debugging of 16-bit and 32-bit MCUs
Renesas claims first NFC wireless charging solution
IO-Link master ASSP for 2/4/8/16 port master applications
Industry's first molded chip scale package offers power benefits for space-constrained portable devices
Secure cabling system offers several mating face variants
High efficiency PoE++ PD controller offers up to 90-W delivered power
Polytec joins ASAM to drive standardization of data interfaces
Underfill formula reduces stress and controls warpage for next-generation flip chip devices
New Integrated Design Environment is released for PSoC 3 and PSoC 5 architectures
100W open frame AC/DC power supplies operate from 85 to 264 VAC
NXP maintains 70% market share in electronic ticketing despite increasing competition
Rutronik now stocks WPC-compliant receiving coils from Vishay
FinFETs-on-SOI able to double battery life
Floor-standing open frame 19-inch racks in heights of 12, 37 and 42U take up to 150kg
Security manager ensures smart grid infrastructure security
Automotive application site puts design engineers in the driver’s seat
Wearable devices are made possible with next-gen Bluetooth low energy application software
Heat sinks tailored for Zhaga-compliant light engines
Next-generation wireless mouse applies 2.4-GHz radio-on-a-chip to enable three-year battery life performance
Thin receiving coil for wireless power transfer targets mobile devices
Powdered-iron-based receiver coil designed for 5 V wireless charging
Cadence adds new capabilities to PCIe VIP including PIPE4 support to boost performance
48-V-to-processor power converter soulution reduces power conversion loss per processor
Microsemi releases advanced motor control algorithms for SmartFusion cSoCs
1 Gigabit NAND flash memory in 3.3V, 48-pin, TSOP1 configuration
PSoC power monitoring and fan control solutions aim to simplify system design
Ultra-low power wireless SoCs slash power consumption, free designers from proprietary software frameworks
MPEGIF closes its doors as new HEVC standard patent callemerges
Low ESR RoHS-compliant multilayer ceramic chip capacitors from 0.5pF to 240pF
SoC supports multiple ZigBee PRO networks
JEDEC udpates universal flash storage standard for lower power, faster performance
Ultra-slim NFC tags, stickers and labels, less than 0.6mm thick
FPGA-based SoC verification challenges
Power Line Carrier modem SoC targets smart metering and building automation applications
MCU and system basis chip combo ease design of safety-critical features
Microsoft's 10.6-inch touch-screen tablet, an attempt to keep pace with Apple’s hit
Open frame 40W, AC/DC power supplies on a 102x51mm PCB
MicroRead NFC reference platform achieves NFC Forum certification
FPGAs and cSoCs that operate at 150 to 200şC
Tiny Bluetooth low energy proximity key fob runs for a year on a coin cell
Transonics launches I˛C “Chip on Board” LCD from Displaytronic
Intel FinFETs may need SOI to shrink
Microcontroller features ARM Cortex M3 and dual 24-bit sigma-delta ADCs
Freescale drives wireless recharge with reference designs
How low can you go? Driving down standby power in next-generation adaptors
This month, get the IPEmotion software standard edition 1.09 for free
Quad core HD audio processor SoC offers HD audio for smartphones and tablets
25W to 2500W medical power supplies approved to IEC60601-1 3rd edition standard
Intel's FinFETs are less fin and more triangle
JEDEC publishes LPDDR3 standard for low power memory devices
Imec and Holst Centre report single-chip ethylene sensor to monitor fruit ripening
NXP powers NFC in Samsung's new GALAXY S III smart phone
Open-loop Hall-effect user-programmable current transducers up to 25A DC, AC or pulsed
0402X4 and 0402X2 thick film chip resistor arrays available with a 5% tolerance
Micro-miniature Flip-Chip MEMS pressure transducer die is only 1.65x1.2mm
Arasan Chip Systems develops MIPI compliant Low Latency Interface (LLI) IP
Austriamicrosystems extends 0.35um high-voltage CMOS periphery library to include 8-kV ESD protection
2012 chip market to grow 7%
Zhaga standard drives LED lighting breakthrough
Google describes its OpenFlow network
60-A multi-chip module family enables designers to meet stringent energy savings standards
Mouser now stocking Embedded Artists Android development kit
PHARAON project bets on parallel processors to reduce energy consumption
NXP enables mobile ticketing for smart mobile devices
Chip security startup raises VC for mobile push
Capacitive touch evaluation kit compliant with IEC/EN 61000-4-6 industry standard
Low-cost UHF reader chip targets FMCG applications
Adeunis-RF partners Avnet Memec to develop a NFC 'reader-writer' smart module
Z termination thin film chip resistors take voltage ratings from 30 to 200V
Bosch takes Open Kernel Labs into the center stack
cSoC reference design focuses on industrial and medical LCD displays
Dual RFID-ZigBee sensors enable NFC applications for the Internet of Things
Ambiq launches nanoampere RTC chips
Faraday Technology and Arasan Chip Systems to integrate MIPI DSI receiver and MIPI D-PHY
High voltage multilayer chip capacitors with built-in protective coating
Set-top box IC family enables more value-added services for entry-level equipment
Protective coating minimizes the risk of flashover with MLCCs
Compact SoC focuses on high-end hybrid set-top box applications
Report claims ST-Ericsson re-organisation is preparation for sale
Surface-mount molded tantalum chip capacitors offer low DC leakage current in five standard case sizes
Avnet to distribute Adeunis RF modules for wireless M-bus, KNX and proprietary wireless systems
Evaluation kit provides practical training for embedded system access
PMC is first to market with symmetric end-to-end 10G-EPON SoCs
NFC application revenues to reach $10.6bn in 2012
GaN power market to rise to $10 million in 2012
Fewer design starts are yielding higher value
JTAG debug tool takes control of MicroCores for PCB test and debug
PSoC further enriched with digital filter co-processor
Thermal modeling software bridges gap between thermal experts and system architects
FTDI launches range of USB interface chips
Intel's new partnerships and processors for the mobile space
USB interface ICs feature integrated USB battery charger detection capability
Passivated Nichrome thin film precision chip resistors from 10 Ohm to 1 MOhm
NFC chip to coordinate multiple NFC secure apps on smartphones
Authentication chip with MIPI BIF standard interface
Samsung and FeliCa Networks partner on mobile NFC
Multi-standard transceiver for sensor networks sets record for low power
Harman demos automotive LTE connectivity platform
Secure Device Solutions and charismathics bring hardware independence to the PKI market
NFC-based chip protects luxury goods from counterfeiters and cloners
Voltage regulators stacked in 3-D
Open-source IT-level security tools, lean, fast and portable
Terahertz CMOS debuts at ISSCC
LED driver IC integrates dimming function for more compact systems
Samsung chip lowers cost of LTE
Market for transparent conductors in photovoltaics to reach USD 300 million in 2016
Chip stocks have room to grow
NFC aid for the visually and hearing impaired
Chip-on-board LED modules allow scaling across wide power range
Global chip sales squeeze 0.4% annual growth
SoC offers measurement and diagnostics benefits for high-power monitoring in industrial applications and data centers
Big Switch releases open source controller for OpenFlow
All-In-one MP3 audio system-on-a-chip for audio processing applications
Multiple chip architectures pursue the $14 billion small cell market, says NPD In-Stat
CEA-Leti launches Open 3D initiative to include design, layout, testing and packaging
“Project P” and “Hi-MoCo” projects focus on safety critical model-based integration and code generation
Continental joins OPEN Alliance Ethernet consortium
Prepaid meter reference design enables secure energy credit purchase through NFC
Imec and Genalyte report disposable silicon photonics biosensor chips
Voltage-level translator supports the Secure Digital 3.0 standard
Open Smart Grid Protocol (OSGP) for grid technologies approved
The move to 3D die stacks drives interconnect consortia
Inside Secure introduces open NFC stack for Google Android 4.0
Infineon leads globally in security chips for NFC
Qseven module based on AMD Fusion G-series APUs in a 70x70mm format
50x50mm computer module combines ARM Cortex A8 processor with DSP and 2D/3D graphics
01005-size Hi-Q monolithic ceramic chip capacitors
Testronic Labs selected as Qi Interoperability testing center
High-speed inter-chip compliance test software for real-time oscilloscopes
Digi-Key expands distribution relationship with Microsemi
Arasan Chip Systems opens two new sales offices in Europe
Single chip for low cost motion-enabled remote controls
Open source platform for smart sensors
Demo box gives overview of LED contacting solutions
Flash memory rights protection – or protectionist?
CompactPCI serial system meets the PICMG CPCI-2.30 standard for test laboratories
LEDs and LED driver packages for advanced indicator applications
NFC solutions are ramping up: not just for secure mobile payment transactions
3D CAD models provide design simplicity for digital panel meters
SMD isotropic antenna for NFC applications at 13.56MHz
Inside Secure agrees technology transfer and services agreements with Intel
Microsemi's next-generation IDE solution Streamlines cSoC design efforts
Moveable ground pin in QFP test & burn-in socket
Hardware validation platform for mobile interface standards enables at-speed validation
Android ‘Ice Cream Sandwich’ tablet runs on 1GHz low-power MIPS-based XBurst CPU
Tantalum surface-mount chip capacitors resist high temperatures
Wraparound thick film chip resistors operate from – 55 to +230 °C
UCLA shows low-cost printing process for OLED backplane transistors
SecuRead NFC chip now supports HID global' iCLASS credentials digital keys
Smart posters and mobile marketing to account for 70% of NFC tag shipments in 2016
Wireless Innovation Forum launches open source framework for commercial baseband software
Chip-level layout editor speeds final physical design steps
Google Wallet and Apple will force cooperation between mobile network operators
Chip resistor handles up to 3 kV
Automotive MCU increases in-vehicle security and tamper-proofs ECUs
NFC chip compliant to CIPURSE open standard for secure transit applications
Researchers tout chip that mimics brain activity
Home health hub reference platform targets telehealth applications
VSA software adds multi-measurement capability for wireless research and development
DC-DC converter combines increased power density and low noise with fast time to market
NFC-ready, universal contactless reader IC targets multiple ID applications
INSIDE Secure partners with IDT for low-power USB security tokens
NFC security chip to protect high-end consumer products
TI calls baseband a distraction, but is it?
Dual-interface memory relies on RF energy harvesting
Printed electronics enables prototypes of interactive bottle labels
Moto sees challenges in NFC, Wi-Fi, DLNA
Dual-interface memory applies energy harvesting to enable true battery-free system design
EU project IMOLA starts R&D on large-area, intelligent OLED lighting
Huawei proposes video server standard
NXP claims Google phone design win
Open Source tool speeds CAN bus related developments
Global chip sales show September growth
Austriamicrosystems unveils the high performance NFC Reader IC for payment and automotive applications
SWP, HCI and NFC conformance testing platform
Product platform integrates ARM Cortex-M4, -A5 cores
Seoul Semi improves LED architecture
Single-chip encryption engine certified to most stringent non-military security level
Category 1 multi-channel receiver for social alarm applications
Researchers use glass to imprint lab-on-chip sensors
Multiple secure elements drive NFC market above USD1 billion in 2016, says ABI Research
Arasan Chip Systems unveils mixed-signal USB 2.0 PHY IP
Chip do Boi RFID device is Brazils’ first home-grown chip to reach mass manufacturing at X-FAB
SmartSense auto-tuning for PSoC 3 programmable SoCs
New TSMC reference kit features Cadence Library Characterization scripts
Long life compact SBC for demanding industrial and multi-media applications
Highly featured CAN chip supports new ‘partial networking’ for improved fuel efficiency and emissions
GHS and Silex build secure Wi-Fi platform
R&D group begins TSV chip pilot production
Analyst sees 1% chip market growth for 2011
STMicroelectronics and MTL develop ultra-low-voltage SoC for future wireless and implantable devicess
The HomePlug Powerline Alliance launches the Netricity certification program
Space-saving SmartFusion cSoC measures only 11x11x1.05mm
Faster NFC payments promised
Six handset makers back Isis NFC payment
Synopsys launches a web portal dedicated to transaction-level model technology
Sub-1 GHz 6LoWPAN solutions deliver mesh wireless Internet connectivity to metering networks
Single-chip hybrid TV receiver simplifies STBs
Touch-transfer technology will complement NFC, says Toshiba
Subminiature snap-action switches rated to IP40 or IP67
FPGA-controlled test inserts automate board debugging
Fujitsu and Fraunhofer IIS join research efforts on nanometre chips
Fujitsu standardizes on Cadence DFM technologies for 28-nm ASIC and mixed-signal designs
u-blox acquires Fusion Wireless, expands its reach in the US CDMA wireless markets
Demand for NFC grows, says NXP
Secure RFID keys feature a 13.56 MHz interface for access control, e-cash, and ID cards
SK Telecom embeds NFC in SIM card
Open source ARM-based development platforms featured at Maker Faire
PoE+ PSE single port magnetic jack
Assembly tool for standard buccaneer inserts
Graphics card with four outputs views digital signage and gaming applications
GHS launches open platform for autonomous vehicles
OSPT Alliance publishes CIPURSE open security standard for Transport
Android app demonstrates EEPROM with added NFC for smartphones
Tegal to sell nanolayer deposition patents
New WLCSP packaged PLD offers benefits for low density PLD designs
Mini-ITX board supports Standard Display Port
Ident Technology secures 7.1 million Euros funding to launch 3D gesture control chip
Analyst sees upside in 2H11 chip market
GlobalFoundries charts road to 14 nm
Femtocell base station-on-chip supports up to 16 simultaneous users
TI launches 10 new Bluetooth low energy profiles for rapid design of consumer medical, fitness, alert applications
1.3-micrometer band 40Gbps electro-absorption laser module
Continental brings high-end HMI to volume segment
Single chip shunt monitor boasts 10x accuracy
SiP and MCM pick and place machine offers high repeatability
Single-chip solution for instrument clusters targets hybrids
Single-chip current monitoring
Microsemi unveils IEEE 1588 PTP IP and reference design on SmartFusion cSoC devices
IBM unveils cognitive computing chips that mimic brain cells
Non-magnetic surface-mount MLCCs from 6.3 VDC to 3000 VDC
85% of payment terminals shipped worldwide will be contactless-enabled in 2016, says ABI Research
Serial ATA, PCIe converge for flash drives
TI claims lowest power NFC transceiver
Microsemi makes Intrinsic-ID's Security IP on its Flash-based cSoCs, FPGAs and development boards
Digital audio SoC family enables cooler new flat-panel TV designs
Energy harvesting could reach a USD4.4 billion market in 2021
Secure IC supports Calypso ticketing standard
TI achieves certification of ZigBee Alliance's Smart Energy 1.1 profile implementation
Cypress and UMC deliver ICs on new low-power 65-nm SONOS embedded flash technology
Ten mobile vendors license chip interconnect
Microsemi offers FreeRTOS support for SmartFusion cSoC devices
TAOS agrees to join forces with austriamicrosystems
Growth forecast for flip-chip packaging gear
Researchers define brain's neural hierarchy
Elmos equips signal readout chip with SENT interface
SD card targets industrial applications
Low cost FPGA now PCIe 2.0 compliant
MLCCs offer stability benefits to reduce design compromises
Micropelt opens thermoelectric wafer and chip production plant in Germany
Optimised tool for network controller based embedded applications

SST and Inside Secure enter design partnership around Superflash embedded memory
Lab-on-chip solution to detect and differentiate several food-borne pathogens
Gartner: Chip market to grow 5.1% in 2011
LBA differential pressure sensors from 25 Pa full scale
SIM controllers address the M2M markets
Startup has ultrasound alternative to NFC
20 Mbit/s TTP product line compliant to SAE AS6003 standard
Chip equipment book-to-bill slips
First eMMC host controller focuses on supporting new high speed standard
Sony Ericsson selects NXP's NFC solution for its Android-based smartphones
IBM researchers demo graphene IC on SiC wafer
Mobile application downloads to approach 48 Billion in 2015, says In-Stat
Elan's VUB300 USB SD/SDIO bridge chip drivers now included in the latest Linux kernel
Japan 'actual' chip sales collapsed in April
Qualcomm will give Web apps a boost
X-FAB releases ready-to-use design IP blocks for MEMS accelerometers
April global chip sales show softness
Integrated GPS chip antenna is a complete miniature positioning engine
Vision helps secure homes
CoFluent Studio v4.0 system-level modeling and simulation
NXP says it is 'Google Wallet' chip supplier
ASIC prototypes on time—or your money back
Energy harvesting reference design targets wireless sensor node applications
NXP and Intrinsic-ID demonstrate hardware intrinsic security chip platform
Analog Devices introduces single-chip automotive radar frontend
Avago Technologies expands family of smallest RF amplifiers
Chip-on-board LED series for 40W and 60W A-bulb replacement
Open source protocol targets ‘internet of things’
Development kit for low energy sensor applications
Real-time open source license management tools
IEEE1101.10/11 injector-ejector latching handle for front panel assemblies
Mouser launches medical applications site
Totally flat touchscreen promises consumer look for industrial applications
White high-brightness LED in durable SMT package
NFC integrated circuits shipments to reach 920 Million in 2015
MIFARE4Mobile industry group announced roadmap
Combined torque and angle sensor for electric power assisted steering applications
Universal AC/DC-converter outputs 1 or 2W, draws only 30mW in standby
Specification turns USB3 into chip link
W case size for high-capacitance, high-voltage molded tantalum chip capacitors
Application-specific secure MCU targets USB tokens
Win one of five Snowball developer boards
India preps $5 billion two-fab plan
Arasan Chip Systems is first to unveil MIPI RFFE core
Open source wireless connectivity solutions for low power applications
Khronos API tackles device and sensor input
Flip-Chip packages accounted for 13% of all IC packages by the end of 2010, still growing
Cypress extends PSoC 3 programmable system-on-chip architecture with new development kit
Z termination chip resistors offer high reliability benefits
Disposable, mass-producible polymer-based nanophotonic sensors
RFID tag chip for low cost item-level tagging
Chip capacitors filter high speed circuits in automotive applications
Energy measurement SoC offers management of AC/DC power supplies in servers and data communication equipment
Embedded module for handheld electronics
Vishay SMT tantalum capacitor operates under high temperatures
Fuel-cell-on-a-chip demonstrated
Turnkey security module protects brands from counterfeiting and cloning
Google joins NFC Forum as 'principal' member
Embedded computer offers high power with low footprint
Chip coolers target accelerator card applications
Cadence releases industry's first wide I/O memory controller IP solution
Media processor SoC for multimedia display products
Tag writing app targets NFC-enabled Android smartphones and tablets
TrueTouch touchscreen solution drives display in Acer Liquid MT smartphone
Partnership develops secure NFC solutions
Group aims to develop open Web TV spec
Gemalto and STMicroelectronics partner on secure NFC solutions
SMT Hi-Rel COTS series of solid tantalum chip capacitors
EPC releases two lead-free and RoHS compliant eGaN FETs
Range of standard antennas eliminates tooling lead-time and cost
Kemet introduces ceramic chip capacitor array in smaller case
Russia shows home-grown chip for digital TV
4x4 matrix switch simultaneously connects each of its four outputs to any of its four inputs
Chip equipment market up 148 percent in 2010
Industry’s first system-on-chip two-way radio enabling cost effective digital radios
TrueTouch PSOC solution delivers accurate touchscreen for new Fujitsu mobile phone
SMD antennas for HF/NFC applications in the 2 to 13,56 MHz range
Energy measurement SoC offers improved control of AC/DC power supplies in servers
Labs in Europe, US and Asia open for NFC Forum certification testing
Renesas Electronics announces support for Microsoft Windows Embedded Compact 7 for its SoCs
MIPS makes virtual processor models available to licensees
Accellera approves universal Verification Methodology (UVM) standard
Magillem Design Services and CEA join forces on unified hw/sw design platform
UK company chooses OMAP for its latest SBC
Continental, NXP to integrate NFC into cars
PROFINET-compliant cabling for industrial data networks
High speed inter-chip (HSIC) compatible PHY IP
ST-Ericsson launches the Igloo open source community
CSEM partners with Nano Retina to restore sight to the blind
Open-source software increasingly part of IT strategy to gain competitive advantage
Inside enables bio-metrics for NFC
Open NFC protocol stack for Android promises consistent API
Drop-in surface-mount limiters protect high-power receivers
Mouser to distribute Arduino's open-source hardware worldwide
Engineers believe in coding standards but fail to effectively enforce them
Accellera releases new standard
Arasan adds Universal Flash Storage IP core to its portfolio
Single-chip audio system solution sets new standard for audio quality
Intel pumps $100M into new research model
Apple eyes mobile payments over NFC
Top ten OEMs buy 34 percent of chips, says Gartner
NXP high-speed converters achieve interoperability with Nujira OpenET envelope tracking solutions
ESC process for bonding flip chips on to flexible circuit boards
Single-chip enables standalone GPS unit of 7- x 8-mm footprint
Air radio module family extended with ETSI-compliant units for European applications
Air radio module family extended with ETSI-compliant units for European applications
Contactless functions boost smart card market
Startup offers FAT32 for Android, Linux
Qualcomm-Atheros to propel 'combo' efforts
Broadcom joins HomePlug Powerline Alliance
GlobalPlatform redefines its industry positioning
Ruggedised 19” subrack with enhanced shock and vibration resistance
NFC poised to take off, iSuppli says
IP reuse standard said to be gaining steam
2.4GHz RF and ANT products soon available in 2.6x2.7mm WLCSP options
Semantic design startup raises $3 million
12x12mm LED emitter platform delivers up to 5500 lumen
Low power 2D to 3D video conversion IC enables 3D experience for smartphones and tablet PCs
Dialog Semi's gambit on mobile 2D/3D chip
EDA startup focuses on semantic-IC design for ASIC, FPGA, ASSP
Startup outlines monolithic 3-D chips
EU Project SmartCoDe focuses on smart local energy grids
Sematech, SRC and SIA plan 3-D chip infrastructure
TSVs help Samsung cut DRAM power by 40 percent
The Open Standard for Public Transport Alliance makes its debut
Analyst: chip market to grow 2.3 percent in 2011
Industry's first MCU integrating NFC and security functions for smartphones
Cooperation boosts mobile phone use as e-ticket
NXP collaborates with Google to integrate NFC in Android 2.3 and support Nexus S phone
NXP Semiconductors achieves first-ever security certification from Cryptography Research
New NFC chip offers increased wireless connectivity for mobile handsets
ETSI supports EC regulations for secure electronic signatures
NXP's Mifare to add NFC support to SIMs
Universal measuring amplifier in 5B standard
Broadcom agrees to acquire Gigle Networks' Powerline networking technology
Singapore's A*STAR joins EU research on molecular-sized processor chip
Industrial computer specified with Intel i7 for processor intensive applications
Cypress passes the 750 million shipment milestone of PSoC devices
Update: Android, RIM will support NFC
Atmel brings open source to car immobilizers
Samsung adopts Arteris for mobile chips
Ultra-small 2.4 GHz MDA ceramic chip antenna
Startup opens retina implant fab
Virtualisation solution now deployed in over 1 billion handsets
NXP sees demand for NFC, lighting ICs
Chinese RF startup files for IPO
Graphene bandgap opened by vapor
microSD card enables secure IP telephony for smartphones
IPWireless and Samsung partner on mobile broadcast
System Basis Chip for automotive applications features integrated DC-DC converter and CAN interface
Microcontrollers with 2.5MB built-in SRAM eliminates external buffer memory
High power DC to 40 GHz chip termination
CSR asks for injunction against Broadcom
SiLabs acquires single-chip CMOS sensor company, ChipSensors
Tanner EDA joins the Silicon Integration Initiative
Survey on wireless trends shows growth and innovation in the US market
LSI debuts 28nm chip design service
LSI unveils first standard product SoC for hard disk drive manufacturers
Inside Contactless completes purchase of Atmel's secure MCU solutions
AMCC takes another shot at multicore
TriQuint rolls new GaAs foundry process
Qualcomm defines format for 3-D chip stress
MIPS, friends tape-out IC at 40nm for 2.4GHz
GSA kicks off 3-D chip, MEMS work
August sees chip sales slip
6 Gb/s SAS RAID-on-Chip IC targets RAID performance
Qualcomm still sees NFC as third-party IC
Nepes Corporation licenses Freescale's redistributed chip packaging technology
SoC for wireless Bluetooth 2.1 mice improves battery life and tracking
Cypress offers CapSense and TrueTouch controllers in WLCSPs
Fingerprint chip rivals merge
New PSoC Creator Design Environment release adds programmable peripherals for PSoC 3 and PSoC 5 architectures
Turning NFC mobile phones into secure ID
Shipments of Bluetooth, NFC, UWB, 802.15.4 and Wi-Fi ICs to 20% in 2010
Wide dynamic range camera chip designed for IP and high-res CCTV cameras
UHF Gen 2 reader chip enables low-cost embedded RFID readers
NXP's SmartMX security chip supports new German National Identity Card
SMD wraparound thin-film chip resistors operate at up to 215°C
Wind River joins Open Screen Project
Research project aims at higher integration for automotive, consumer, medical electronics
IEEE 802.3af/at-compliant PSE controller saves space and cost in PoE+ powered devices
Virage Logic strengthens silicon-proven IP with SiANA analog IP solution
India, Israel plan chip innovation fund
Penn raises 2010 chip market forecast, cuts 2011
QNX RTOS safe kernel receives SIL 3 certification
Multichannel, 16-bit DAC drives productivity, energy efficiency and reliability in industrial process control I/O systems
Industrial-grade solid tantalum chip capacitors come with 75V rating
TI pushes pillar flip-chip for next-gen ICs
NFC comes to the PC
OKW offers plastic cases made of renewable raw materials
Lead times for some chips at 20 weeks, says iSupply
Cell phone RFID reader chip uses NFC technology for disposable wireless sensors
AFSCM and GlobalPlatform to cooperate on NFC specifications
austriamicrosystems releases process design kit for 0.18-um High-Voltage CMOS technology
ISuppli: IC inventories still below average
10G Ethernet MAC IP core to boost network bandwidth
IBM to produce infineon's security chips for US government ID programs
Half-chip PRM regulator offers improved power density solution
TSMC, Tela trim logic die area by 15 percent
Industry collaboration to feed future chip designs
NFC tag targets non-payment applications such as smart posters
High reliability 32 and 40Mbit SRAM multi-chip memory modules
Intel tips plan for 50-core processor
NFC IP from Innovision Research & Technology available for licensing
TSMC rolls two reference flows
Cypress unveils new scalable development platform for PSoC 5 system-on-chip architecture
European NaNoC project to focus on future Network-on-Chip design platform
Gartner ups IC forecast but sees slowdown
Atmel analog companion chip enables ARM9-based multimedia solutions
Standard and custom capability for faceplates and front panels
ST and NXP partner on Android API for NFC
EVE's ZeBu supports TLM-2.0
April averaged chip sales beat expectations
April chip sales push annual forecast to 33%
RTI and Remedy IT integrate CORBA component model and DDS Standards
Mentor, Lauterbach team on accelerated hardware/software debug/verification suite
Architecture readied for embedded processor enhancements
Duolog's Socrates chip integration hub to support Cadence's EDA360 Vision
Rugged chip-on-glass display measures 98.7x79.7x5.7mm
Wi-Fi power amplifiers target 802.11n access points, routers and gateways
3-A, 4-A, 8-A, 12-A PowerSoCs achieves 17.6 -W per square centimeter power density
Samsung enters power management IC market
Boards show NXP CGV converter / Lattice ECP3 FPGA interoperability
Aptina rolls sensors, tips backside technology
Viewpoint: Current thoughts on custom IC design
Automotive-qualified touch-sensing portfolio features capacitive touchscreen solution
AMS Technologies agrees distribution deal in Croatia and Slovenia with Caddock Electronics
Springsoft joins the Si2 OpenPDK coalition
Atmel expands its maXTouch solutions to large screen applications
MicroSD to bypass embedded NFC says ABI Research
Piezo switch certified for use in explosive atmospheres
Penn raises chip market growth forecast to 31%
Cadence accelerates SoC realization with new open integration platform
Cypress unveils online design community for PSoC platform
Firm raises chip forecast
NatiSemi launches LED Driver with dynamic headroom control for high-power applications
Railway standard DC/DC module offers more power from same footprint
Microsoft to provide embedded developers with Windows 7 update
VLSI ups IC forecast but sees red flags
Partnership extends LDRA’s support of C coding standards
eSOL unveils eSOL for Android
Configurable I/O chip supports SDI broadcast video equipment
WiMax device testing centers to open in May
Innovision wins cell phone chip deal for NFC IP
EnOcean brings exhibition and training to London
ACAL to sell Swissbit memory in UK and France
Maxim to buy Teridian for $315 million
Precision thin film resistors operate at up to 175°C
Altreonic bundles its real-time tools
February's poor chip sales: a blip or a sign?
Altera, others join open core protocol group
Single-chip RFID data logger with sensor
Chip market recovery still has legs, says analyst
Quadros RNDIS supports plug-and-play connection
Analog Q1 preview: What analysts are saying
Tyco Electronics doubles port density of the standard RJ 45 Ethernet link
IC shortages seen, but inventories grow
Automated hierarchical test of multi chip modules
Jury: SCO does not own copyright on Linux code
Micrel unveils PoE power sourcing equipment controller
MoSys acquires MagnaLynx and expands SerDes development team
Metal alloy current sense resistors withstand large surge currents
SPARK Pro update increases security assurance
SYSGO adds Phaedrus Systems as UK distributor
First programmable solution for data communication over existing power lines
Six-core Intel Xeon processors power ATCA node blade and EATX server board
Chip market to slow in second half, says TSMC's Chang
Research activity to drive ultracapacitor sales ten-fold in five years
Research activity to drive ultracapacitor sales ten-fold in five years
Power capacitor chip addresses electromobility
Winners, losers in 2009 chip rankings
IBM, Novellus form 3-D alliance
Price hikes, shortages hit chip market
IMS Research expects smartphone shipments to quadruple in Asia by 2015
Chip profitability jumps to decade high
Cypress Expands offering of PSoC 3 and PSoC 5 free online trainings
Microwave self-heating sensor chips for thermal resistance measurements
Startup seeks to merge IC floorplanning, IP sourcing
How Autosar helps reduce electronics complexity
STMicroelectronics arms Pay-TV industry in battle against piracy
China IC industry targets renewed and repurposed fabs
Nanotech fuels high-density power source
IC Insights boosts 2010 chip growth forecast to 27%
ARM upgrades AMBA spec for on-chip comms
OSCI releases first analog/mixed-Signal standard for SystemC-based design
Chip market to see 'modest' 2010 recovery, says iSuppli
Nangate announces 45nm Open Cell MegaLibrary
Mentor CEO: IC design costs to hit USD 100M
LRA model predicts 40% chip market growth for 2010
Unclonable 'silicon DNA' secures RFID tags
Altium adds Cortex-M support to TASKING VX toolset
Siano launches ultra low cost CMMB mobile TV chip
SiLabs debuts wireless microcontrollers

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This month, FTDI Chip is giving away six MCU development board packages complete with a dedicated compiler (including a full integrated development environment).

Worth Euro 315 each, the packages include a credit card sized Clicker 2 board for the FT90X 32-bit MCU supplied alongside a powerful dedicated compiler from MikroElektronika.


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Infotainment Making HDTV in the car reliable and secure

December 15, 2011 | Texas instruments | 222901974

Unique Ser/Des technology supports encrypted video and audio content with full duplex bi-directional control channel over a single wire interface.


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