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News about Nxp Semiconductors

These topics moved auto electronics designers in 2015
Software-upgradable cars launch new platform race
Merged NXP, Freescale focused on the road ahead
Super low-profile IRED focuses on mobile device eye tracking
Driven by IEEE Standards, Ethernet Hits the Road in 2016
NXP, Freescale merger clears FTC hurdle
Decline continues for global chip sales
Osram unveils first filament LED to replace incandescent lamps
Infotainment link quadruples bandwidth
NXP-Freescale: merger of 'compatible' giants on track
LED shows twice the brightness from same chip surface area
Automotive LED prototype focuses on adaptive front lighting solutions
Car security at IAA: No need to reinvent the wheel
Car key enables bi-directional communications
Can electron superhighway drives organic solar panel innovations?
GaN for power to show extended market boom
NXP rolls Ethernet product family for next-gen data-rich cars
Synchronous rectifier controller maximises efficiency across load profiles
AMS buys environmental sensor business from NXP
NXP adds security and authentication to USB Type-C offering
Can GloFo and Europe's chip firms unite?
Automotive King Redefines Future
Apple Watch tear down reveals European chips
Nominations sought for best EMEA company
Automotive qualified IR emitters helps improve driver safety
NXP agrees RF power business sell off
Continental swallows Elektrobit’s automotive branch
Low-power integrated optical sensor targets fitness tracking
NXP / Freescale: A chipmaker takes shape
NXP adds mesh capability to Bluetooth Smart offering
IREDs boost output to tackle camera-based applications
Automotive chip reliability: a matter of design methods
Plessey expands European GaN-on-Silicon LED distribution network
NXP V3 LPC Xpresso development boards, in distribution
Auto chip market: upheaval ahead
Germany's Epitaxy Competence Center focuses on 3D nano-LED
NXP to focus on all CMOS radar
Opinion: The NXP/Freescale takeover and automotive electronics
European chip market contracted in January
NXP, Freescale plan mega merger
Microcontrollers employ security features to protect application code and data
Blue LED chips claim eight percent efficiency gain
Toyota tests SiC technology in near-series designs
Nanocrystallite discovery points way to device performance optimization
The Key to a 'Cool Car' Is a Cool Key – NXP
US consumer research on IoT shows privacy is a major concern
Mouser launch design contest around NXP's dual PCB configurable logic
NXP acquires Quintic's Wearable and BTLE IC business
Large GaN-on-Si LEDs offered to lighting system designers
GaN Systems supports Little Box Challenge
Vehicle-to-X technology: 1.300 km drive starts at electronica
NXP extends NFC ecosystem to the car
Surface-mountable LED offers oval light-radiating characteristics
Pixel chip sparks energy-efficient intelligent LED headlamps
Osram spotlights brightest LED for car headlights
Will Infineon's power IC gambit pay off?
Consortium facilitates adoption of solid-state RF energy technology
Infineon's secret weapon: Dresden Fab, 48V car battery
Trillion Sensor Summit program set for Munich
A roadmap for cool and lossless lasers, with Bismuth
Connected car: Where threats meet new business opportunities
Infineon to create 200 new jobs in Austria
Laser multi-chip package offers 50-W optical output
Dual radio transceiver for Car-to-X applications
Conrad to stock Embedded Artists' products and tools
Compact LED controller supports lamp applications up to 18 W
Smartphone add-on turns audio jack into multi-purpose data port
Smartphone UI creates multi-purpose, self-powered data port
Osram boosts backend LED capacities to strengthen competitiveness
Plessey sign up Alcom for Benelux distribution deal
Compact mid-power LED enhances white goods designs
Anvil targets GaN-based LEDs on large diameter wafers
Ford pickups unveil first LED forward lighting solution
Flush-mountable infrared LED delivers remote control functionality
ARM Cortex-M0+ based MCUs offer extended temperature range
55m euros project ramps up power electronics production plans
Telit Wireless launches automotive telematics business
Chip-on-glass LCD drivers suit vertical-alignment displays
RFID tags talk to electronic appliances through I2C interface
Tiny LED focuses on high-volume wearables market
Vertical alignment display drivers enable Tesla-like dashboards
Power platform targets smaller portable adapters
Plessey expands GaN-on-Si LED distribution network into Iberia
Pay rise agreed at NXP
NFC Apps of the future: who will hit the mainstream?
NFC tag powers richer user interfaces
Plessey appoints former Cree executive to drive LED sales growth
Compact 5-V Qi wireless charger offers design freedom
BMW sports car sparks laser light revolution
More funds for SiC-on-silicon power technology
Osram Opto Semiconductors boosts capacity for InGaAlP LEDs
Compact versatile infrared LED opens up numerous industrial applications
NFC reference design kit comes with ready-made application software
Volkswagen approves chokeless HS-CAN transceivers
Vicor unveils Converter housed in Package power modules for high voltage DC distribution
Low-power ADC aims at wireless sensor nodes
Ten power management startups to watch in 2014
SDR chip supports multiple digital radio standards - DRM, HD Radio and DAB
NXP and EnOcean spotlight wireless smart lighting network using energy harvesting switch
Top ten product articles on Analog in 2013
High-power projectors provide a system output of up to 1700 lumen
NXP shrinks High-Speed CAN system basis chips
NXP, Datang Telecom launch first Chinese automotive chip company
Infineon extends dominance in the power semiconductor sector, says IHS
Contact smart card secure MCU meets common criteria EAL5+ level certification
ESD protection diodes specifically designed for NFC antennas
Silicon Carbide start-up company gets Ł1m funding to further develop low-cost SiC power devices
Anvil gains GBP1m funding to commercialise low cost SiC power switch devices
MCU packs 204MHz ARM Cortex-M processors with 80Msps 12-bit ADC
New photoresist technology enables submicron organic semiconductor patterns
Apple's A7 chip fabricated at Samsung's foundry, M7 controller from NXP, says Chipworks
MOSFET platform delivers integrated Schottky performance with low leakage current
NXP, TTTech jointly develop automotive Ethernet switch chips
Car-radio tuners combine performance with ease of integration
Self-calibrating touch and proximity switches deliver low power consumption under 10-uA
More than 150 companies sign up for MIFARE4Mobile V2
UHF PCB antenna design online software tool targets RFID
Maxim to buy integrated-power-silicon supplier Volterra
NFC tags simplify Wi-Fi and Bluetooth pairing
Materials characterization systems from Lake Shore Cryotronics on show at ICNS 2013
UHF transceiver for automotive applications enables simultaneous multi-channel data reception
LED provides efficient and constant display backlighting
Class-AB audio amplifiers reduce smartphone interference issues
Premier Farnell signs global distribution deal with Advanced Power Electronics
LCD segment drivers designed for driving vertical alignment displays
Cohda, NXP offer reference design for production-line connected vehicles
4.6% sequential monthly increase for worldwide semiconductor sales, the largest since March 2010
Logic product family operates down to 0.8V
Single-stage controller IC drives and dims 12V retrofit lamps
RF power transistors dedicated to 2.45-GHz ISM band aim to spark innovation
NXP Semiconductors gets GBP2 million in government funding to boost power development GaN devices
NXP upgrades UK power fab to GaN with government backing
TD-LTE networks to benefit from NXP's latest LDMOS RF power transistors
Industry's first ultra-wideband Doherty amplifiers support broadband operation
Miniature Rogowski coils enable accurate non-contact current measurement
NXP acquires Code Red Technologies to leverage its embedded software tools portfolio
NXP expands FlexRay transceiver portfolio
Research project to strengthen Europe's role as power semiconductor production site kicks off at Infineon in Villach
Market for GaN and SiC power semiconductors set to rise by factor of 18 in next decade
Bluetooth Chip surge driven by mobile devices, could reach 3.1 billion units in 2017 says IHS
Revenues for industrial semiconductors totalled USD 32.3 billion in 2012
Miniature real-time clock family operates at low voltages down to 0.9-V
NXP shows ZigBee RF4CE two-way remote control for smart homes
Mobile video streaming drives demand for networking semiconductors in cars
UMS appoints Link Microtek as representative for III-V MMICs and foundry services
NXP forms C2X alliance with Cohda Wireless and Lesswire AG
Plessey Semiconductors signs Chinese distribution deal with Alphatec
Power IC family offers compact, energy-efficient mobile charging benefits
Automotive-qualified CAN transceiver offers galvanic isolation
New "responsive" EDN-Europe website accessible across all platforms
Digital television semiconductor market dips in 2012 as TV sales stall, says IHS
Infineon readies next-generation power transistor production
Renesas passes automotive semiconductor competitors
First low VCEsat double transistors in 2-mm x 2-mm leadless package
Plessey Semiconductors signs up Supreme Components to expand distribution network in Asia
NXP releases power MOSFETs in LFPAK56 packages to address automotive applications
Chip market starts year brightly
NXP claims sound quality breakthrough with 9.5-V boost voltage in mobile micro speakers
Navigation module works with Glonass and GPS in parallel
Infineon begins shipping worldwide power semiconductors manufactured on 300-millimeter thin wafers
Thermal interface paste provides enhanced thermal conductivity for power modules
Power supply demand set to drive growth for semiconductors in 2013
Korean researchers hold out promise of ultra-low cost flexible display
Enhanced RFID realizes its full potential
Seeing the light
Next generation power MOSFETs offers hot-swap application benefits
Wireless microcontrollers support ZigBee and JenNet-IP
Family of wireless microcontrollers connects the smart, energy-efficient home with ZigBee and JenNet-IP
Cisco, NXP push commercialization of Car-to-X communication
Single-chip video processors enable HD IP security cameras
Two radio tuners integrated on single chip enable compact car radios
NXP unveils wireless microcontroller family for the Internet of Things
Car industry should benefit from semiconductor economies of scale, NXP suggests
NXP puts 32bit ARM core in 8pin package for 39˘
NXP and Murata join efforts on dual interface RFID solution
Osram will showcase complete solid-state lighting program at electronica
Smart paper ticketing IC offers three independent 24-bit one-way counters
NFC tag IC with increased RF performance supports 48 up to 888 bytes of memory
IQ modulators feature high dynamic range with DC-independent DAC interfacing
NXP delivers NFC to Microsoft's Windows Phone 8 devices
FlexRay not dead, chip vendors claim
NXP's SmartMX2 secure microcontroller receives CC EAL6+ security certificate
Compact combo chip shrinks keyless entry system
Automotive qualified dual power-SO8 MOSFETs offers 77 percent smaller footprint than DPAK solution
Digital signal controller family offers advanced signal processing
Singapore as a test bed next-generation congestion management systems
Industrial semiconductor market to grow to USD 55 billion in 2017
Researchers grow semiconductors on graphene
High-performance, low-power switch supports Thunderbolt technology interface
ESD protection chips targets high-speed signal lines
German research project aims to improve energy distribution in smart grid
NXP maintains 70% market share in electronic ticketing despite increasing competition
Distributor stocks NXP development boards for DALI, DMX512 and KNX
Large transistor portfolio expanded with ultra-small DFN1006 package
IDT buys NXP's data converter assets
Uniform LED solder pad design enhances flexibility, simplifies logistics
Mobile audio solution delivers more than five times the power to micro speakers
NXP paves the way for smart lighting with JenNet-IP evaluation kit
Mini infrared LED provides highest radiant intensity of its size class
Dual sensors in a single package, simplifying assembly process and reducing costs
Low-power USB MCUs based on ARM Cortex-M0
Tiny LNAs enhance GPS signal reception
New mathematical approach helps to simulate materials for solar cells and LEDs
RF power transistors claims best-in-class efficiency, power density
2-mm x 2-mm MOSFETs with tin-plated solderable side pads
G&D and NXP sign MIFARE licensing agreement
Next generation high-speed sigma-delta ADC architectures
Genetic engineering for synthetic semiconductors
Driver IC supports low-cost LED lamps up to 10-W
Plessey offers low-cost version of EPIC sensor for consumer applications
Low power digital wideband VGAs offer high linearity and flexible current settings
TrenchMOS power transistors tested for high reliability
Soleriq E LED offers up to 4500 lm even at high ambient temperatures
Plessey Semiconductors focus new sensor technology on automotive applications
Austriamicrosystems rebrands to “ams” after restructuration through acquisition of TAOS
NXP powers NFC in Samsung's new GALAXY S III smart phone
Altium and NXP to deliver component content online for AltiumLive
Low-power 32-bit microcontrollers provide first development platforms for DALI and DMX512 wired lighting control systems
Development platforms support DALI, DMX512 application worlds
5-MHz UFm bus controllers support complex data transfers in advanced gaming systems
Blue laser diode for professional projectors
Plessey reveals EPIC sensor technology to create a heart monitor in a wristwatch
NXP unveils world’s smallest logic package with the largest pads
Evaluation board supports design of twisted pair building automation networks
DSP-based AM/FM one-chip tuner drives car entertainment innovations
NXP enables mobile ticketing for smart mobile devices
NXP Semiconductors acquires the Catena Group to focus on high performance mixed signal applications
Efficient low-VF schottky rectifier for mobile devices
Low-cost UHF reader chip targets FMCG applications
IAR Embedded Workbench tool supports ARM Cortex-M0+ and Freescale's Kinetis L series
NXP Cortex-M0 microcontroller features UVLO for power control and power monitoring applications
NXP unveils longevity program for ARM Cortex-M microcontrollers
NXP enables flicker-free deep dimming performance of compact fluorescents down to two percent
Renesas takes pole position in automotive semiconductor race
High-performance silicon tuners offer zero-power loop-through for cable STBs
LED lighting set to drive power semiconductor market to reach $3bn in 2016
NXP FlexRay transceivers support 48 V supply
ARM targets low cost 8 and 16bit designs with new M0+ Flycatcher core
Semtech buys French IP developer
Path to optical links still dark
NXP offers complete product catalog as a Windows phone app
Dimmable driver IC integrates PFC and boost functionality
NXP driver chips make HF-TL lamps dimmable
Mouser now stocking NXP Semiconductor’s LPC4300 Cortex-M4 / M0 MCUs
Dual supply voltage ARM Cortex-M0 microcontrollers claim world first
Industry's first PFC and LLC resonant combo converter enables EuP Lot 6 compliance
GreenChip Power ICs offer low-load efficiency and no-load standby power benefits
Power MOSFETs in LFPAK enable slimmer AC/DC adapter designs
Global chip sales squeeze 0.4% annual growth
NXP gives sneak peek at new engineering workbench app
Ultra-flat package Schottky rectifiers handle currents up to 1.5-A
Portuguese retail group equips shops with LED lighting
Semtech to buy Gennum for $494 million
SIGe low-noise transistor enhances reception and signal range of indoor digital TV antenna
Street lighting system combines solar, LED technology
Osram creates gallium-nitride LED chips on silicon wafers
NXP launches compact high-precision MEMS frequency synthesizer
NXP teams with Treehouse for machine networks
GPS LNAs dynamically suppress strong jammer transmit signals
AMR angle sensor targets brushless DC motor control
Dow Corning enters long-term silane supply deal with Air Products
Industry’s fastest ARM Cortex-M4 and Cortex-M3 microcontrollers start shipping
LED family where the application determines current
NXP reveals ARM Cortex-M0 MCUs with integrated USB drivers
Medium power transistors come in 2x2-mm leadless DFN package
NXP focuses Cortex-M0 32-bit microcontrollers on the 8-bit space
NFC-ready, universal contactless reader IC targets multiple ID applications
FM background receiver chips enable cost-effective data functions in car radios
NXP claims breakthrough Class-AB and Class-D audio amplifiers for start-stop systems
Plessey EPIC sensor targets movement sensing applications
Campbell Collins releases family of 270-V input DC/DC converters for avionics and military applications
Broadcom, NXP, Freescale and Harman join forces to establish in-car Ethernet
NXP claims Google phone design win
Global chip sales show September growth
New chip technology bestows Osram Oslon LEDs 20 % more light
Low-pin-count 32-bit ARM MCUs in high-volume TSSOP and SO packages target 8/16-bit applications
NXP shows smart home control using 6LoWPAN
LDO with best-in-class performance in a small wafer-level chip-scale package
LED street lighting project cuts energy consumption in half
Infineon produce first silicon using 300-mm thin wafer technology for power semiconductors
Eliminating HDMI signal conditioning challenges
Bombardier Transportation partners Infineon to develop drive electronics for advanced rail vehicles
NXP offers M0 with LCD driver
NXP to offer emWin graphic library free with ARM microcontrollers
New Ku-band downconverters for satellite TV receivers consume 50-percent less current
Gartner warns over semiconductor inventory levels
Demand for NFC grows, says NXP
Low power RF technology enables intelligent hand hygiene system to prevent hospital infections
Plessey Semiconductors open offices in China to support local demand
EnLight project focuses on lowering power consumption of interior LED lighting by 40 percent
MediaTek aims at 'partnership' with Philips
Crocus buys NXP's MRAM patents
Osram Opto Semiconductors presents smallest infrared LED in 1-W class
NXP unveils world's first no-offset I2C-bus buffers
Partial Networking solution for vehicles helps reduce CO2 emissions and improve energy efficiency
Speeding the development of organic semiconductors for flexible displays
NXP unveils ultra-compact power management solution for portable devices
New generation of position sensors improves performance of automotive applications
HDMI signal-conditioning IC offers transmission line ESD protection for HDMI transmitters
Semikron gears up for sales growth
Next generation dual high-speed CAN delivers improved performance and vehicle efficiency
NXP transfers NXP Sound Solutions business to Dover's Knowles Electronics
NXP's MIFARE Plus contactless IC is selected to power unified transport card project in St. Petersburg
Sony Ericsson selects NXP's NFC solution for its Android-based smartphones
High reliability 65-V GaN process is offered to RFMD's foundry service customers
LDMOS RF power transistors offer best-in-class ruggedness and performance without added cost
NXP provides live demo of next-generation GaN technology
NXP unveils new plastic packages for RF power transistors
Plessey Semiconductors unveils first IC design using Electric Potential sensor technology
120-MHz ARM Cortex-M3 MCU features Ethernet, USB and external memory controller
NXP says it is 'Google Wallet' chip supplier
Skyworks agrees to acquire Advanced Analogic Technologies
NXP and Intrinsic-ID demonstrate hardware intrinsic security chip platform
NXP releases new 25-V and 30-V high-performance N-channel, logic-level MOSFETs
Chips see 25% surge in solar, wind
NXP demos car-to-x communications platform
20nm dual Damascene structures plated with new copper chemistries
New packaging technology replaces wire bonding to double the current density in power semiconductors
NXP's GreenChip smart lighting solution opens new dimension in energy efficient lighting
NXP metrology labs hands calibration contract to Tektronix
Growth in mobile data traffic focuses NXP technology on the wireless infrastructure sector
Semiconductor industry loves automotive - but carmakers bet on more software
MIFARE4Mobile industry group announced roadmap
Tektronix Service Solutions to manage calibration and repair at NXP Metrology Laboratories
High performance RF DAC enables linearity performance breakthroughs
NXP unveils CGVxpress High Speed Serial Interface
Controller IC enables new levels of solid state lighting illumination efficiency with a high PF rating
NXP teams up with I2IT to set up Automotive Centre of Excellence in India
Quantum dots enable plasmonic semis
Development tool optimized for dual-core debug
Report: NXP not in talks, would consider offer
Osram and Cree enter into LED patents cross license agreement
Report: NXP in takeover talks with Intel, Broadcom, Qualcomm
NXP moves automotive center of gravity to China
TI agrees to acquire National Semiconductor
New instrument is optimized for high power semiconductor test
Mouser and Osram Opto Semiconductors expand distribution into Europe
Current feedback op amps are offered as quad-configuration devices in a SO-14 package
Worldwide manufacture braces itself for semiconductor shortage
Digi-Key first to Stock NXP LPC11C2x
NXP releases LIN transceiver supports robust nodes in LIN bus systems
Supply chain: too lean, too mean, too late now
Industry's first 10 Gbps CMOS multiplexer/demultiplexer switch offers low power benefits
3 to 6 channel RF power splitter handles broadband RF or video signals
Highly efficient family of low-power adapters claims world's lowest standby power capability
Panel reveals concerns over 450-mm wafers
IXYS extends high power device range up to 3600-V
Intel's Gargini sees tunnel FET as transistor option
NXP renews MCU partner role with ARM
High-voltage LED driver IC simplifies designs for non-dimmable LED retrofit lamps
Biomedical signal processor targets wearable biomedical sensor systems
IAR first to support NXP LPC1227 microcontroller
NXP expands industrial control series to support energy-efficient controls and appliances
Continental, NXP to integrate NFC into cars
Secure microcontroller brings smart card security to device authentication
Silica launches 'Core 'n More' programme to support microcontroller customers
NXP high-speed converters achieve interoperability with Nujira OpenET envelope tracking solutions
NXP launches industry's first Integrated MCU and CAN transceiver
NXP offers prizes worth 25,000 US Dollars for High Performance RF Design Challenge winners
NXP begins shipping dual silicon tuner for cable TV applications
NXP divestments play key role in new high performance mixed signal strategy
NXP introduces multistandard digital radio coprocessor for car infotainment
Compact LEDs target LCD backlighting with expanded color space
Madrid transport system adopts NXP's MIFARE platform
NXP collaborates with Google to integrate NFC in Android 2.3 and support Nexus S phone
NXP Semiconductors achieves first-ever security certification from Cryptography Research
Wavien, Osram team on LEDs for picoprojection
30-V MOSFET claims industry's lowest RDSon
Austriamicrosystems and NXP Semiconductors develop turnkey solution for authentication of fast moving consumer goods  
Research projects explores GaN for automotive, solar applications
Startup raises VC for GaN-on-Si factory
NXP ready for mass adoption of eCall vehicle emergency call system
NXP's Mifare to add NFC support to SIMs
Plessey signs to make 'disruptive' sensor
Cars converge on Brussels as eCall trial kicks off
Plessey Semiconductors collaborates with the University of Sussex to pioneer Electric Potential Sensor technology
Electronica: CEO panel basks in upbeat mood
Compact LED driver ICs offer energy savings in vehicle headlights and tail lights
Non-dimmable CFL driver ICs improve energy-efficient fluorescent bulbs for consumers
NXP sees demand for NFC, lighting ICs
Plessey Semiconductors started the development of 8-inch SiGe BiCMOS technology
Chipworks launches world's first reverse engineering eStore
Ultra-low noise, high current linear regulators feature input voltages as low as 1.7-V
Semiconductor replication service offers better alternative to system redesign says Rochester Electronics
MCUs based on ARM Cortex-M Series claims industry's lowest 32-bit power consumption
Plastic Logic extends Dresden R&D
NXP puts ARM in energy-monitoring chip
UHF RF power transistor supports DVB-T digital broadcast transmitters
Arrow to buy Nu Horizons
150 MHz MCU claims industry's highest ARM Cortex-M3 performance
CAN controller added to development kit
Versatile satellite silicon tuner reduces system costs
Tagging and authentication through RFID
Former NXP fab workers to get EU support
Next-Generation CAN/LIN SBCs address the EMC requirements of global car OEMs
Adeneo announces Windows Embedded Compact 7 support
WIN Semiconductors and Presto Engineering join their efforts on GaAs testing
NXP IC Enables Up to 98 Percent-Efficient Power Extraction in Solar PV Applications
NXP's SmartMX security chip supports new German National Identity Card
NXP buys Jennic, boosts short-range RF portfolio
Crystalline plastic chips: Cheap and fast
Penn raises 2010 chip market forecast, cuts 2011
Semiconductor input costs vs output prices – managing the squeeze
Plessey ports bipolar process to Plymouth fab
NFC comes to the PC
Global chip sales beat expectations - again
Cell phone RFID reader chip uses NFC technology for disposable wireless sensors
CISSOID introduces DC-DC converter platform for extreme temperatures
Low-cost organic semiconductors said to rival silicon
ST and NXP partner on Android API for NFC
Microchip unloads NAND products from SST
Freescale rolls microcontrollers for smart meters
Boards show NXP CGV converter / Lattice ECP3 FPGA interoperability
NXP tops automotive infotainment chip ranking, says iSuppli
NXP opens RFID application and system center in China
ISuppli revises 2010 IC forecast, sees 31% growth
Dialog Semiconductor licenses NXP's CoolFlux DSP and accompanying firmware
Comparing components gets easier
NXP breaks even on rising sales
NXP, AVL in research project aiming at extending range of e-cars
NXP, Trusted Logic open up NFC-Android API
RS Components joins the mbed revolution
NXP unveils automotive qualified Power SO-8 MOSFETs in LFPAK
It's official: NXP files IPO
LG selects NXP HDMI Switches to enable first full LED 3DTVs
Memristor emulates neural learning
High power laser diode drivers are easy to operate
Virage Logics's new IP venture: It's the subsystems, stupid!
Innovision wins cell phone chip deal for NFC IP
End of the CPU? HP demos configurable memristor
Gartner: Fab tool spending declined 46 percent in 2009
IBM benchmarks prod microprocessor designers
IBM warns of 'design rule explosion' beyond 22-nm
Java support for multi-touch interfaces
Analysis: NXP shares sale could open IPO floodgate
NXP is planning billion-dollar IPO, say reports
Winners, losers in 2009 chip rankings
Price hikes, shortages hit chip market
Chip profitability jumps to decade high
Digi-Key launches the NXP SimPort design center
End of conflict at ST-Ericsson Caen
Digi-Key adds price, availability to NXP datasheet simulator
Report to urge U.K. state funding for tech, says FT
Xilinx and Inova Semiconductors launch new core for the XA Spartan 6
Unclonable 'silicon DNA' secures RFID tags
Plessey Semi prepares for product introductions
Lattice inaugurates Asia operation center in Singapore

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December 15, 2011 | Texas instruments | 222901974

Unique Ser/Des technology supports encrypted video and audio content with full duplex bi-directional control channel over a single wire interface.


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