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ODM solution for unified threat management appliances

February 16, 2011 // Phil Ling

ODM solution for unified threat management appliances

Freescale Semiconductor, Aewin and Atheros are collaborating to target SMB and branch office markets. Freescale, systems designer Aewin and network connectivity provider Atheros to develop a unified threat management (UTM) design allowing networking equipment companies to source $100 (USD) original design manufacturer (ODM) solutions for the small/medium business (SMB) and branch office markets.

Powered by Freescale's QorIQ P1010 processor, the design is intended to help equipment manufacturers create high-performance security products that offer hardware-accelerated security and intrusion prevention services (IPS) at price points previously serviced only by lower-performance, commodity processors.

The UTM solution was jointly developed by Freescale and leading ODM Aewin. It incorporates Atheros ETHOS Ethernet components to enable a low-cost security appliance that can deliver two gigabits per second of stateful firewall, and greater than 200 Mbps of IPS. The solution also integrates Freescale's advanced VortiQa security application software.

The UTM solution will be available through Aewin and is available now for evaluation and initial development, the QorIQ P1010 processor is planned for ODM production in 2011. Silicon and VortiQa software pricing can be obtained through local Freescale sales representatives. Pricing for the UTM solution is available from Aewin.

For more information about the UTM solution based on Freescale silicon, visit


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