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News about Power Management

1.5-V clock ICs support PCIe timing functions with SoC designs
5V, 2.5A, 35V input buck regulator powers USB, with cable drop compensation
Will Infineon's power IC gambit pay off?
'Dark' energy harvesting pushes up solar efficiency limits
Wireless charging transmitter coil for Qi wireless charging pads
Function library speeds real-time simulation
Automotive-qualified 40V dual FETs for low power motor applications
USB, LAN Power Sensors offer world's widest dynamic range
LED power supply meets EMI global lighting standards
High-efficiency buck-boost and boost+bypass switching regulators
Power modules offer ultra-wide input voltage for industrial applications
High-voltage power supply features low noise and ripple
Atomic shuffling pintpointed as failure trigger for rechargeable batteries
Power modules support ultra-wide input voltage ranges
Will fault management solution be key to DC switch?
Farnell element14 signs global agreement with RECOM Power
Maxim showcases chips and boards in micro-PLC
DC/DC digital PWM power controller
Electron innovation prolongs power in mobile devices
What Is Digital Power System Management?
Software turns oscilloscope into power measurement platform
European researchers drive ultra-low energy electronic systems developments
ON Semiconductor partners Transphorm for GaN solutions
TMBS rectifiers support LED lighting applications
Online software analyses power stages, suggests semiconductor choices
Cloud-based online design tool simplifies power part selection
Power efficient drivers for 12-, 14- And 16-bit A/D converters
Ultra-compact SIP AC-DC PSUs get low-profile versions
High power-density, surface mount inductors
Liquid batteries could make renewables more competitive
Polymer solar cell boosts power generation by 15 percent
Lab power supplies from Rohde & Schwarz add control/logging functions
Solar microinverter to break USD1bn barrier in 2018
Tiny encapsulated 60W off-line PSU
Battery-pack controller manages 14-cell lithium ion sources to ASIL-C
Wireless charging receiving coil delivers high efficiency for 10 W applications
PXI reference system for full characterization of next-generation power amplifier modules
Simple Switcher DC/DC range grows with 36/60V, low Iq parts
Automotive-qualified 100-V transistors boost power efficiency
Improved thermal contact removes need for pastes or greases
Battery charger for wearable, sensor and industrial designs
Free circuit-prototyping service supports advanced thermal management technology
What Is Digital Power System Management?
ADC families enable power, size reductions in industrial designs
Lattice offers packaged design for power functions in USB 3.1 Type-C connectors
ABB forms energy storage solutions alliance with BYD
JEDEC reveals JESD229-2 Wide I/O 2 mobile DRAM standard
High-voltage switcher cuts energy usage in shome automation
15 W GaN on SiC pulsed power transistor targets radar
Rail-to-rail amplifiers offer 75 MHz BW for 0.5 mA current drain
Multi-channel audio amplifier gets power scalability
Any-to-any-frequency clock multiplier and jitter attenuator
App-powered accessories focus on home monitoring and control
Still a place for the efficient high power DC relay
Primary-side switcher cuts power supply size and cost
Turning off the tick in the RTOS cuts MCU power consumption
FRAM microcontrollers target metering, health/fitness and wearables
Dual low-side driver IC supports automotive SMPS applications
EMC feed through capacitors
Surface-mount TVS diodes simplify assembly and cut costs in AC/DC PSUs
JEDEC unveils standard for low power memory devices
Solid state battery advance removes 'range anxiety' fears
IO-Link reference designs for proximity sensing and distributed control
Dual-core MCU targets secure energy calculation, sensing and comms
IC integrates display power and backlight LED driver functions for smartphones
Evaluation module and reference design simplify Power-over-Ethernet design
Wear-resistant films extend electrostatic chuck lives
DC/DC controllers offer multiphase power management with PMBus interface
Power divider /combiner operates over 6 to18 GHz
Spintronics discovery reduces low-power memory device costs
A new breed of analog design tools
Small 18-V eFuse power switch protects portable products
Dual power MOSFET reduces losses for DC-DC applications
Panasonic Bluetooth Low Energy modules in distribution
MIPI Alliance releases Battery Interface Specification for mobile devices
Programmable PSUs ideal for battery-powered device mesurement
Power integrity analysis software for IC designs
Liquid alloy electrode improves sodium-beta battery performance
Electromagnetic innovation optimizes public lighting power consumption
Motor driver ICs suit home appliances and battery operated equipment
ATCA/PoE front-end power supply fits 1-U slot
Impedance and power-handling calculator for RF materials
Offline power converters offer high efficiency for consumer applications
Qi-certified power coils charge portable consumer devices
Dual 13A or single 26A μModule regulator integrates digital power system management
Arbitrary/function generators focus on sweep and modulation facilities
OrCAD PCB software adds data management and library tools
DC/DC switching regulator fuels bus-powered applications
Electric motor pre-driver supports ASIL-D protection in autimotive applications
Motor pre-driver chip targets electric power steering
Monolithic switching IC meets EU CoC Tier 2 guidelines
Failed merger talks won't stop Dialog
Power Modules simplify inverter design
Monolithic Power Systems signs with Avnet Memec
Thoughts on energy harvesting for wearable equipment
Digital power monitor offers high accuracy and wide common mode input voltage range
2-W wireless power receiver for wearable devices
Silicon 60 Reveals Shifts in Technology Focus
Programmable power supplies deliver up to 650Vdc
DC generators reduce opex/capex costs
Sharp moves to offload European solar cell business
90-W GaN avionics power module
Power supply modules for extreme temperatures
Coaxial power divider covers 8 to 2300 MHz
Power supply is designed for test and measurement applications
Advantest further expands T2000 test platform
Controller advance makes robots consume 40-percent less power
Power transistors halve on-resistance
Dual 13A or single 26A μModule regulator integrates digital power system management
Murata agrees digital power module collaboration with Ericsson
DC power grid taps electronic circuit breaker research
Microcontrollers target on capacitive sensing for HMI applications
Field-solver extensions for Altium Designer address high-speed design
Infineon to create 200 new jobs in Austria
50A point-of-load regulator features dynamic loop compensation
Inertial sensor unit supports precise 9-axis sensor data at under 1mA
Power supplies address benchtop and manufacturing test applications
20-percent efficiency P-type solar cell enters mass production
Power inductors with shielding target DC/DC designs
Power analyser offers simultaneous narrowband, full spectrum and harmonics
Small magnetically shielded inductors feature 3.75 A rating in a 2.0 x 1.9-mm size
Power line communication modems to support all major standards
Reference design drives Cree LEDs as standard lamp bulbs
Blackfin processors taget power-constrained intelligent lighting
High performance III-V MOSFET targets next-generation servers
Low pwer wireless microcontroller features 32-bit processor core
PLC modems support three standards across spectrum bands
Solderless system connects LED COB array holders rapidly
Ipetronik invests in telemetry firm
AC/DC controller added to Dialog's Rapid Charge portfolio
A4WP extends wireless charging to 50-W for tablets
Switching charger IC targets USB powered smartphones
Prototype transistor extends battery life of portable devices
RF power module in plastic and efficient Doherty amplifiers
Silicon carbide 300 A half-bridge module doubles power density
Automotive processor get ISO 26262 ASIL D qualified code tools
Smartphone UI creates multi-purpose, self-powered data port
Superconductor discovery points to energy efficient power transmission
Changing the batteries: wireless power in the home
Wireless power transfer technique stimulates 'electroceutical' medical advances
CEO interview: Exar's 'reboot' almost done, says DiNardo
Toyota develops SiC transistor, reduces fuel consumption
LED-driver ICs deliver accurate output power to 12 W
1 kW power supply in a 1U high module
Terahertz power meter: High accuracy through calorimeter principle
Collaboration harnesses fibre optic solutions for power switching
The Wireless Power Challenge for the medtech industry
Plug and play solar generator offers iPod sound
Scientists seek direct approach to overhaul power grid
Dual carbon battery charges 20x faster than lithium-ion batteries
Industrial power tester simulates and measures lifetime performance
Gold-plated bondable resistors optimize heat dissipation
Power supply vendors shift rankings in turbulent market
Dual-channel comparators run at lower voltage
Convection-cooled power supply delivers 400 W
BMW showcases solar charging station for e-cars
Connectors increase high-current, power and signal density
Is Infineon really back on track?
Power dividers for 1 to 40 GHz applications
Advanced programmable power supply suits lab environments
Single box completely characterise power devices
X-band amplifiers suit commercial radar and communications
Insect-based EDA gets funds
Industrial surprise in Infineon's strong Q2
Power USB VBUS in Autos with the LT8697
Imagine a world without cords – The Wireless Power Challenge
Remote power drivers improve LED lighting system flexibility
RF power-amplifier test reference setup
Smallest conduction cooled power supply focuses on LED lighting
Photoswitching material harnesses solar power for heat storage
DALI dimmable LED power supplies can be customised
Low-energy light detection breakthrough aims high
Power module targets telecom and PoE applications with wide voltage input
GE metal process improves MEMS RF switches
Power USB VBUS in Autos with the LT8697
Harnessing the sun to produce cheap solar cells on demand
MCUs target motor control and digital power conversion
USB driver software reduces power usage
55m euros project ramps up power electronics production plans
Envelope tracking company attracts USD20m for growth plans
Connector provides 60A to backplane line cards
GaN-on-Silicon wafer supply deal pushes to mainstream
28-nm silicon tests confirm world-leading SRAM power efficiency
Philips collaborates with ABB to target energy efficiency
PXI 10A power multiplexers support hot switching
Can mid-power LEDs compete in the mass lighting market?
2-W amplifier delivers over 40 dB of gain from 1500 to 2700 MHz
Advanced Liquid Metal Battery system heads for commercialization
Slideshow: Focusing on power trends at APEC 2014
Power film capacitors suit PFC and AC filtering
Low resistance load switch features controlled turn-on
HV supplies enable safe breakdown testing at up to 10 kV
Advanced digital power controller with PMBus interface
POL digital power modules reduce design complexity
Second life EV batteries to power data centers?
Energy efficient induction stove innovation cuts cooking costs
Interview: Intersil powers up
Competing for wireless power
SMPS: a crucial component of the “system Data Center”
700-V power IC platform focuses on driving LEDs
Reference design cuts costs of lithium e-bike batteries
ST schedules volume production of silicon carbide MOSFETs for 200C operation
Point-of-load DC/DC regulator modules
Audio codec features low, always-on power levels
CEO Interview: Doluca preps Maxim for IoT era
Digi-Key adds XP Power product line
Thinnest-known LEDs open up new miniaturization horizons
XP Power inks global distribution deal with Digi-Key
High voltage LEDs help simplify compact fixture design
Fullerene-free organic solar cells achieve record conversion efficiency
Low-power wireless modules market reaches USD1.40bn in 2014
Executive Interview: Channelling higher power into smaller packages
Novel nickel-manganese-cobalt cathode technology gains patent clearance
PMA reveals advanced specifications for vehicle wireless charging
60-A digital POL dc-dc module sets performance benchmarks
Liquid crystal waveguides split optical fibre signal at MHz speed
Fairchild faces $315 million charge for patent infringement
Low-power STM32 (ARM) MCUs add memory up to 512 kB
High-power TVS diodes for AC/DC power line applications
Scalextric slot-cars get Bluetooth connection to smartphones
Suntech targets UK PV market to fuel growth
Newswatch: Mediatek v Qualcomm – let the duelling commence
Dual-mode Qi, PMA wireless power receiver
Real time clock IC integrates up to 100h of power back-up on chip
Synthetic ferrimagnet promises energy efficienct thermally induced switching
Energy harvester and power manager IC extends battery life
Key management system secures car software updates
Dual-mode 5W wireless power receiver enters volume production
Microinverters/DC optimizers drive solar PV sector growth
Intelligent power driver handles extreme temperatures
Compact 5-V Qi wireless charger offers design freedom
Rapid charge controller supports MediaTek fast charge protocol
Can lightning strikes protect smart grid components?
Custom power system design/manufacturing service supports European markets
System automates battery life analysis for mobile devices
V-Lock compatible power connector integrates 10A fuses
Envelope tracking: a game-changer for smartphones?
First major PC manufacturer supports wireless charging standard
DC building controls market to reach USD5bn in 2020
Wireless power charging coils stick anywhere
Wireless charging shift ahead
633-nm red laser diode offers energy saving benefits
Fast-charge, 3A buck-boost chip for supercaps
Woven piezoelectric yarns lead to 3D textile energy harvester
Battery management IC is first to comply to MIPI BIF
Wireless charging standards to be consolidated
UK targets research funds at sustainable manufacturing materials
150 W GaN on SiC HEMT power transistor
Thick print copper paste system targets power applications
Bosch returns to traction battery business with new JV
Off-grid LED agricultural lighting aims for growth
Step-up converter generates up to 27 V at low power levels
Powervation invests USD5.5m in digital power platform
Buck converter supplies 0.25A and boasts 12 µA shutdown
150W ATX PSU features a stackable PCI/104-Express form factor
ARM broadens IP partnership with SMIC
1A switching regulators offer up to 95% efficiency, replace TI Power Trends legacy types
Siva Power nears 19 percent efficiency for CIGS solar panel
Triac-output photocouplers features low LED trigger currents
Polymer breakthough for the manufacture of bendable tablets, smartphones
Weekly Power Product Watch
More funds for SiC-on-silicon power technology
European buses steer towards zero emission fuel cells
JM Energy invests $60m in high-volume LIC production
Control IC reduces part count for dimming applications
Graphene oxide's conductivity fine tuned on demand
Power monitoring IC measures AC power in real-time
Vicor boosts Northern European sales together with Firefly
Lowest power RGB digital light sensor optimizes mobile and TV display viewing
Global EV charging equipment market to reach USD5.8bn in annual revenue by 2022
High-speed SMD MOSFET family rated to 250-V
MPS claims industry's first programmable power product family
AVX receives MIL-PRF-49470 QPL approval for C0G (NP0) SMPS capacitors
Multiphase synchronous step-down DC/DC controller enables sub-milliohm DCR sensing
1.5-A monolithic synchronous buck-boost DC/DC converter delivers 95 percent efficiency
Profitable TI to cut 1,100 jobs
3-W isolated Dc-Dc converters reduce board space and cut power consumption
Advanced batteries for portable power will pass USD12.4bn in annual global sales by 2023
WPC 1.1-compliant controller halves component count for 5-V or 12-V charging stations
High power COT switching controller delivers one percent output accuracy
Asymmetric dual TrenchFET MOSFET increases efficiency with 57 percent lower RDS(on)
Front terminal batteries target standby power applications
Slave current-mode step-down phase extender offers 300-A with sub-milliohm DCR sensing
5-W axial fusible wirewound safety resistor offers surge voltage capability up to 6-kV
Vicor unveils Converter housed in Package power modules for high voltage DC distribution
Exar enters power module market with industry's lowest profile high density power modules
Power over Ethernet for automotive use at no additional system cost
Low-profile, high-current inductor delivers rated currents to 100-A in 8787 case size
Precision Power Scope combines oscilloscope and power analyser
Dual MOSFET increases the efficiency of smartphone and tablet battery charging
Magnetic 'lens' aids wireless power transfer
Saft wins multi-million euro solar PV energy storage contract for La Reunion island
16-A micromodule regulator configurable output flexibility to power FPGAs and ASICs
Power analyser boasts complete feature set
Ten power management startups to watch in 2014
Microgrid market to approach USD20bn in annual revenue by 2020
HiTek Power launches range of high performance, medium output voltage power supplies
NXP and EnOcean spotlight wireless smart lighting network using energy harvesting switch
650-V green mode buck switches deliver power efficiency with system design scalability
Powerstax strengthens transformer rectifier portfolio with customized solutions
ARM Cortex-M4-based ultra-low power MCUs target sensor hub applications
85-V half bridge MOSFET driver offers shoot-through protection benefits
5-W chipset enables fast wireless charging
Ultra-compact power miniLEDs deliver luminous intensity to 4900-mcd at 70-mA
PowerbyProxi signs licensing agreement with Texas Instruments for wireless power solutions
Yuasa adds high capacity 12-V industrial battery to support UPS applications
Low power Bluetooth Smart jewellery shows off the benefits of wearable technology
UPS service revenues forecast to grow to USD3.1 bn in 2014
AC/DC medical power supply saves energy
Intelligent rack PDUs drive total global rack PDU revenue growth of six percent in 2013
Novel circuit helps make laptop charger smaller and cheaper
7/16 DIN coaxial connectors support high power communications applications
Dual 12-A PoL modules offers 30 percent reduction in board space
LED driver is optimized for dimmable off-line LED bulb/tube applications
Snap-in power aluminum capacitors offer high ripple current to 2.80-A over full lifetime
Bluetooth Smart design for Rezence Wireless Charging
Digital PWM controller for high-current, non-isolated DC-DC power supplies
IEC presses for a single charger specification for notebook computers
Embedded 100G Ethernet in 22-nm FPGAs save power in demonstration
AC-DC power supply achieves 92 percent efficiency at 50 percent full load
Wide-dynamic-range, high-accuracy RF power detectors
Cloud-based tool helps board designers select best DC/DC power module based on specified requirements
Smart activity tracker integrates ultra-low power MEMS accelerometer for longer battery life
IEC publishes technical specification for a single external charger for notebook computers
2.5-A monolithic active cell balancer features telemetry interface
Workflow enables fast, cost-effective simulation of electric drives
Qi compliant wireless power receiver IC reduces heat generation by 30 percent
SMD power inductors come with the highest reliability rating currently available
Power supply IC protects automotive antenna amplifiers
Systems shrink with solid state upgrade via Empower HPAs
3-phase input, power factor corrected encapsulated AC-DC isolated module delivers up to 300W
Advanced energy-harvesting IC broadens benefits of battery-free technology
CUI launches complete range of free 3D power supply models to speed power supply design
700 MHz to 2700 MHz PA, now with a single output device
Modular power supplies offers five-year warranty and price/performance benefits
High ESD switches offer guaranteed latch-up protection for high-voltage industrial applications
The Top 10 Most Popular Power Management Technical Articles of 2013
Thermoelectronic generator design improves efficiency of heat and solar energy into electricity
60-W high density power supply features small footprint ideal for medical applications
6-W DC-DC converters fit in DIP-24 package to offer space-saving benefits
Hot-swap modular power supplies offer fast response and flexibility
Transphorm acquires Fujitsu's GaN power conversion business
1200-V field stop trench IGBTs offer faster switching performance with improved reliability
Power supply implications of envelope tracking
Power efficient 'sensor on a chip' family simplifies relative humidity sensing
AMETEK acquires power management systems provider Powervar
Battery management chip targets e-bikes and HEVs
World market for direct current power systems for commercial buildings to be USD10bn by 2020
Joint venture develops native data management system for electrical harness design
The Top 10 Most Popular Power Management News Stories of 2013
Spending on DCIM software to pass USD4.5bnn by 2020, forecasts Navigant Research
Low RDS(on) 30V MOSFET gets below 1 mOhm
Infineon extends dominance in the power semiconductor sector, says IHS
80-V battery charging controller actively finds true maximum power point in solar panels
The Saft Group reveals expansion plans in China
WPC-compliant receiving coil enables wireless charging 7-V portable electronic devices
Renesas agrees software pact with TMG and Molex to support industrial Ethernet solutions
Supercomputer accelerator comes to datacenter
2.2-mm pitch wire to board connector for power supplies
Performance monitoring solution helps provide intelligent control of high power systems
Ultra-low-voltage switch claims industry's lowest ON resistance at an input voltage of 0.75-V
Battery pack provides constant power to LED arrays during a loss of AC power
Battery pack provides constant power to LED arrays during a loss of AC power
Triple output high current LED driver controller drives more than 250-W of LED power
Solexant rebrands as Siva Power, switches to CIGS to aim for gigawatt production capacity
40 or 60W LED power supplies have switch-selectable output current levels
Fairchild Semiconductor reveals new 'No Obsolete' product and lifetime supply policies
Miniature coupled power inductors support flyback and SEPIC applications
Physically aware synthesis in RTL compiler delivers 15 percent improvement in power savings
Pan-European research project seeks energy efficient solutions by using environmental sensors
Uninterruptible power supply guarantees reliable data acquisition
Global annual supplier revenues for smart building applications to grow 150 percent by 2017
X-Fab ready for global growth says CEO: Part 2
Nordic Semiconductor adds IO Components to its UK and Ireland distributor network
Ultra-low PMICs aim to enable next wave of energy harvesting design
BME capacitor series with 25-V rating offers extended capacitance range for 50-V parts
Analog foundry put up for sale
Low-power flexible microcontrollers focus on the industrial Internet of Things
Automotive infotainment system designs get easier with multi-output power management ICs
Performance monitoring solution cuts development costs of high power IGBT module systems
Low-power digital isolators reduce power by a factor of 1000 compared to optocouplers
Thermal absorbing films lower the CPU and skin temperature of handheld devices
Global market for stationary battery market for telecommunications will grow to USD3bn in 2017
864W quarter-brick DC/DC module for datacom supplies
Lighter AC-DC power supplies deliver performance improvements
European research team discover way to make solar cells utilize thermal radiation
Tiny remote-reset rocker switch supports Ecodesign implementation
Power-supply controller IC slashes system cost and footprint
Power integrity analysis tool supports massively parallel execution for complex ICs
Digital DC/DC power controller's compensation free control loop reduces design risks and costs
800-W and 1500-W PSUs provide constant current output down to near zero volts
Power integrity analysis engine delivers 10X faster performance
Power amplifier solution for mobile base stations doubles efficiency
Innovative fuel cell device aims for portable energy freedom
Texas Instruments releases the industry's most extensive reference design library
Power piezo-composite patch transducer uses d33 elongation effect
Charging controller offers multi-chemistry operation for different battery systems
Yokogawa adds real-time power analysis to data-acquisition recorders
IEC-certified X-capacitor discharge IC saves time, cut design complexity and reduce cost
Single-chip solution performs all charging and battery management functions
Louder audio from portables with audio speaker driver IC
Lattics partners Azcom Technology to offer programmable low-power HetNet solutions
Audio speaker driver IC brings 3X power output to Ultrabooks
Floating switch architecture aims to transforms offline LED drive design
Consumer Electronics to drive Bluetooth Smart chip growth to over 55 percent
ZMDI partners Murata Power Solutions to release true-digital POL solutions
Wireless charging receiving coil operates with or without alignment magnet
Triple 10-A step-down micromodule regulator delivers enhanced heat dissipation benefits
Dual multiphase current-mode step-down DC/DC controller enables sub-milliohm DCR sensing
4-pin low-current mini optocouplers offer protection from electrical shocks and voltage spikes
Silicon Carbide start-up company gets Ł1m funding to further develop low-cost SiC power devices
Anvil gains GBP1m funding to commercialise low cost SiC power switch devices
Altera's Stratix 10 SoCs to incorporate quad-core 64-bit ARM Cortex-A53 processor
Single-chip 3x2.5mm wireless power receiver meets the WPC 1.1 “Qi” specification
14-pin CMOS logic devices offer upgraded performance
ARM partners Nordic Semiconductor to develop Bluetooth Low Energy-enabled devices
Low-power reference designs simplify factory automation with end-to-end signal chain integration
Half-bridge power modules provides up to 300-W of power for motor applications
Fast automotive-grade power management chips reduce BOM
Samsung opts for Dialog Semiconductor PMIC to power new Galaxy smartphone platform
Diagnostics chip integrates configurable automotive buses and power management functions
IEA PVPS countries sees total installed PV capacity rise to 90 GW
Semtech adds low power devices to ultra long range transceiver platform for IoT applications
Vanderbilt University develops novel supercapacitor made out of silicon
Intelligent power distribution panel provides direct on/off control for LED lighting
Embedded Linux adds 64bit ARM support with Open Source innovations
Low power analog video decoder eliminates the need for external op amps
Three-phase inverter with integrated PFC shrinks appliance motor drive design
AC/DC converters provide 5-W in ultra-miniature SIP packaging
Diode bridge controller minimizes power loss in PoE powered devices
Joint project research develops new type of cost-effective high efficiency converter system
42-V, 4-A, synchronous step-down silent switcher keeps quiescent current load under 2.5-uA
FPGA reference designs for DC-DC power converters improve power efficiency by 35 percent
100-W baseplate-cooled Ac-Dc power supply targets ITE and telecommunications applications
ARCOL Resistors places global distributor inventory online
1A load-switch comes in plastic package
Power Integrations releases Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 smartphone charger reference design
High performance common-drain MOSFETs help battery pack designers simplify designs
Connectors to offer secure power benefits
TDK-Lambda UK appoints Caltest Instruments to support laboratory power supplies in the UK
Thermal management for LEDs and power electronics to grow to USD4.8bn by 2020
Nanopower op-amps optimize system power consumption
Infineon adds new transistors for UHF TV power amplifiers to broadens RF portfolio
Four-phase buck controller for VR12.5 CPUs claims best dynamic transient response
Automotive power MOSFET increases power density while reducing system size and cost
Low voltage power connector supports lighting, fire and security applications
Isolated energy measurement chipset reduces design cost, size, and complexity
Industry's first baseband IC is compliant with HD-PLC Inside
Small profile, rugged digital output pressure sensor offers low power and cost benefits
A roadmap for the internet of power
Semtech partners IMST to unveil radio module deploying long distance LoRa technology
CAD tool offers end-to-end simulation environment for wireless power transfer systems
3-axis high-g accelerometer offers accurate impact, shock, and concussive detection benefits
Mouser offers TI designer tool to speed designs
Envelope tracking DC/DC converter for supports all 3G and 4G LTE bands
40W constant-current LED driver addresses cost-sensitive applications
Low-profile CAN board suits small embedded systems
400mA wireless power receiver simplifies contactless battery charging across 12mm air gap
Electric vehicle charging equipment sales to reach 4.3m units worldwide in 2022, says Navigant
Convection-cooled, low cost DIN rail power supplies offer 91% efficiency
Development board showcases 100-V enhancement mode eGaN FETs for high current demands
5W USB switching power adapter measures 41x30mm
18-Bit, 1-Msps, ±10.24-V true bipolar SAR ADC simplifies input signal conditioning
PFM DC/DC converter offers space and cost savings
TI unveils smallest 2.5-kVrms digital isolation devices
Battery-operated Wi-Fi-based power and gas reader
LED driver supports high power factor retrofit LED lamps
Quick action lock secures spot welding connectors
Reduced consumer demand pulls power semiconductor business down, says IHS
Altera starts to ship FPGA industry's highest performance SoCs
GaN transistors enable amplification into the multiple GHz range
Online design tool adds power train discrete device power loss and efficiency analysis modules
Stamped CPU heat sink improves air convection by up to five percent
Remote microgrids will surpass $8.4bn by 2020, forecasts Navigant Research
300-mA LDO regulators offer current and thermal shutdown protection benefits
IAR Systems updates development tools for TI's ultra-low-power MSP430 core
Shielded power inductors rated up to 53A
Taiyo Yuden claims world's first 330-uF multilayer ceramic capacitor
High-current power inductors address Hi-Bri LED drivers and more
Data concentrator evaluation module can manage more than 2,000 e-meters
TTI releases medically-approved MVAC power supplies from Murata
Synchronously-rectified DC-DC step-down converter claims unmatched power efficiency benefits
4:1 input 1/8th brick DC-DC converters deliver up to 96W
Microcontroller evaluation tool incorporates integrated power measurement function
JEDEC releases Universal Flash Storage (UFS) version 2.0 standard
SMD power inductor series is automotive qualified
MOSFET platform delivers integrated Schottky performance with low leakage current
PSS controller series helps lower cost of USB chargers for smartphones
LED power supplies up to 300W come with a five year warranty
800W configurable power supply targets avionics and defence applications
750-W GaN on SiC RF power transistor delivers high-power performance
High voltage power supply modules support mass spectrometry applications
Six billion portable battery cells forecast to be shipped annually by 2023
Gallium nitride power transistor delivers high frequency switching for DC-DC power conversion
Wireless charging controller is WPC 1.1-compliant, enables Qi developments
WPC 1.1-compliant power controller simplifies development of Qi charging stations
High power C-Band GaAs MMIC amplifier in plastic packaging
Non-contacting torque sensors target power steering applications
Wireless power system charges multiple consumer devices, remotely
MCUs draw only 0.25uA in a 32KHz standby mode
TTP overcomes the Faraday Cage effect to power wireless sensor technology advances
Compact 300-W front-end hold-up module targets high reliability military applications
Low inductance decoupling capacitor arrays suit military/aerospace applications
Solar power bank charges all 5V 1A USB devices
Rugged and flexible high power AC/DC PSUs delivers up to 1000W
Mouser unveils online Infineon SMPS Design Center
Digi-Key signs distribution for GainSpan’s low-power Wi-Fi
Multi format 180W power supply has an efficiency of 93% typical
Multi format 180-W power supply delivers power efficiency of 93 percent
SMIC adopts Cadence Digital Flow for improving area, power and performance
TMBS rectifiers in low-profile SMPD package target commercial applications
1, 3 and 5W SIP AC-DC power supplies measure as little as 35x11x24mm
Miniature SIP Ac-Dc power supplies help maximize board space
Bluetooth Smart enables world's thinnest wireless touch surface
10W to 300W LED power supplies bear five year warranty
Fairchild Semiconductor kicks off power seminars program in Europe
300-W ac-dc power supply targets cost-sensitive industrial applications
Active harmonic filters support 690-V systems
MicroTCA.4 chassis offers rear I/O options
Power Integrations offers reference design for PAR38 LED spotlight
MIPI RFFE Power circuits maximize battery life in 2G, 3G, 4G LTE devices
Hall switches deliver power saving benefits
MLCCs extend voltage ratings up to 500-V
Digi-Key to distribute Sanken Electric’s portfolio globally
Methanol fuel cell system addresses telecom backup power needs
COB LED emitter targets Philips Xitanium high voltage power series
80-V, 98% Efficient, 4-Switch Synchronous Buck-Boost Controller IC with 4 Regulation Loops
40 and 65W convection cooled AC-DC power supplies ready for medical use
Dishwasher-sized fuel cells designed to be ten-fold cheaper
Expansion PICMG 1.3 backplanes target machine vision
1-kW power supply and charger in one unit for 400-V ultracaps
LED driver handles up to eight white LEDs for backlighting
SMT radiation hardened MOSFETs increase efficiency at half the footprint
24V input 50W DC-DC power modules address railway applications
Maxim to buy integrated-power-silicon supplier Volterra
Memory magnetization technique offers faster computing and lower power consumption
Wireless controlled power SSR for AC power includes a remote control
Wireless controlled power SSR for AC power
CP Automation enters active filter joint venture deal with Comsys
Power controller combines quad buck regulators and 200 mA LDO
Programmable USB port power controllers support 12-W charging
LIN slave companion IC is first to support automotive ISO26262 requirements
Meter shunt resistors offer low resistance values
Development platform for designing communications-enabled lighting
World market for power supplies in medical applications to grow by USD100m in five years
High voltage power supplies target mass spectrometry applications
Small integrated voltage regulator delivers 97.5 percent efficiency
TO-style film power resistor designs offer high-frequency performance benefits
EV market boom drives motive battery revenue to rise more than 50 percent from 2013 to 2017
Cree licenses GaN device patents to Transphorm
Power supply market to grow by 2.4 percent in 2013
Wireless charging coil modules meet Qi global standard
Single chip enables DisplayPort, USB and power over a single cable
Amplifier targets high power 2-6-GHz broadband applications
High efficiency rectifiers ideal for commercial applications
Ultra-broadband 2-way power dividers up to 50 GHz
Ametherm forges global distribution partnership with Mouser Electronics
Dual output boost regulator offers extended battery life
DockPort chip enables DisplayPort, USB and power over a single cable
Low power 12-bit SAR ADC
PMICs for i.MX6, ARM Cortex and advanced portable application processors
China's smart grid commitment aims to prompt SCADA boom
Distributed solar power generation to reach USD112bn in annual revenue by 2018
LED power supply offers IP67 for exterior lighting
DSLR camera remote can be controlled from any Bluetooth v4.0 smartphone using Nordic SoC
TTI signs pan-European franchise deal with Ericsson Power Modules
250W convection cooled power supply eliminates audible noise
28-V, 32-channel solid-state power controller offers light-weight benefits
Ultra-compact photorelay delivers low trigger current
SuVolta's transistor technology speed-power benefits are validated in ARM processor
Industrial Energy Management Systems market to reach USD22.5bn by 2020
Programmable 2.4 kW power supply in a 2U profile
Cree SiC MOSFETs enables Delta Elektronika’s new generation of high efficiency power supplies
Power wirewound SMD resistors range from R005 to 50k
Precision power wirewound resistor is surface mountable
IntelliBat research project receives 2.6m euros in funding from the BMBF
Tiny PFC boost IC fits in a 5-pin SOT-23 package
Compact 7-W constant-current LED driver offers cost saving benefits
Compact 400-W power supply is capable of 700-W peak power output
Multi-mode power management unit extends battery life in MCU-based systems
AC-DC power supply delivers full 1500-W output across its 90 to 264 Vac input range
Lattice Semiconductor signs a global distribution deal with Future Electronics
Digital audio SoC packs 2x20 W in small 2.57 mm x 3.24 mm footprint
Premier Farnell signs global distribution deal with Advanced Power Electronics
Power dividers with 40 dB plus isolation
High isolation DC-DC converters for demanding applications
Rad-hard LDO ideal for high performance aerospace and satellite power designs
Nujira extends foundry partnership with TowerJazz for Envelope Tracking IC for 4G smartphones
Modular tool simplifies the development of battery management systems
Smart city project near Vienna launched by Siemens
Rail-mounted PSU controlled over Modbus
Future Electronics extends distribution deal with STMicroelectronics to cover most of Europe
AC/DC power supplies feature ultra-wide input voltage range
Global external power adapter and charger market to rise 19 percent by 2014
Single cable for high-speed networking performance and power technology
Embedded Workbench for ARM supports the Atmel SAM D20
Small wideband amplifier delivers ultra-broadband performance
Dialog Semiconductor acquires iWatt
IGBT power modules offer increased life in wind turbines
0.1 to 50 kVA three-phase transformers for heavy duty instrumentation
UK's EPSRC opens National Centre for Power Electronics
Smart-meter SoC supports Meters-and-More open communication standard
Premier Farnell expands global partnership deal with Emerson Network Power
5W fixed-blade USB adapter targets personal electronics
German distributor GvA to expand portfolio with Amantys high-power IGBT drivers
PCB termination system enables flexible power distribution in lighting and control systems
Energy-efficient PCI Express IP helps reduce power consumption for datacenter applications
DC-DC converter saves space in LED lighting applications
Ruggedized hybrid connector targets space sensitive and high vibration applications
Android app puts precision power measurements on portables
Power analyzers optimize new electric motor designs for electric vehicles
Low output voltage power supplies fit into 1U enclosures
High voltage programmable DC power supplies offer floating output capability
125-V tantalum polymer SMD capacitors surpass 100-V milestone
500-V DC power supply is ideal for supporting EV/HEV and PV applications
Universal power cell offers motor load control benefits
96 percent efficient 1-MHz buck converter demonstration board features eGaN FETs
Microsemi signs global distribution agreement with Future Electronics
Intelligent power modules offer enhanced system reliability performance
Power current sensing resistors have a TCR of ±0.2 ppm/°C
STMicro signs memory design agreement with Rambus
RF front-end amplifiers and filters for small cell transceivers
Ultra-compact high efficiency power supplies reduce parts count by 80% in automotive applications
Transfer-moulded super-mini dual in-line package power module rated up to 35A
Ultra-compact high efficiency power supplies target automotive applications
EDA tool optimises cell libraries for processor cores in SoCs
Vitreous enamel-coated tubular wirewounds for load dump applications
UPS service market sees first quarter growth in 2013
Software version management system boosts distributed teams
Agile code development tool is optimised for use across multiple sites and repositories
BLDC motor control reference design includes PFC
Nujira start of volume production ramp of Envelope Tracking modulator for mobile handsets
High-isolation DC/DC converters deliver power to IGBT systems
Real-time power monitoring and code optimization is made more affordable
Diode bridge controller minimizes rectifier heat and voltage loss
Continental supplies powertrain for Renault's e-car Zoe
New battery fuel gauge and charger chipsets squeeze more life out of Li-Ion batteries
Power measurement market forecast to exceed USD4bn in next five years
RF power transistors dedicated to 2.45-GHz ISM band aim to spark innovation
802.11ac Wi-Fi chipsets integrate 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz power amplifiers
HomeGrid tests interoperability in Hull as it readies for global launch
Gresham Power offers UK based custom design and manufacturing service
Low power ZigBee PRO sensor nodes will accelerate Smart Home product launches
Rotor / stator stacks enable up to 50% more torque for electric motors
S and T coding versions extend M12 power connector family
GaN HEMT 50W power transistors qualified for continuous operation at 2.5GHz
TD-LTE networks to benefit from NXP's latest LDMOS RF power transistors
Thirty years of DC/DC power technology
Power management IC helps reduce thermal stress on processors in phones and tablets
Inductive coupler kit transmits PLC signals between power line and PLC data transceiver
650-V n-channel power MOSFET series adds 23 new high power density devices
Nujira surpasses own world record for ET PA linearity
Mobile accelerated processing unit line-up addresses new PC form factors
PFC IC enables compact designs for consumer products and PCs
Radiation hardened DC-DC power conversion devices support space power systems
420-W quarter brick DC-DC converters are PMBus compliant
EPC offers GaN power library online
Wifi board combines Arduino with Linux for easy M2M use
Requirements lifecycle management tool targets safety-critical FPGA and ASIC design
Industry's first ultra-wideband Doherty amplifiers support broadband operation
Bluetooth SoC only draws 3.8mA at transmission and reception
Exploiting depth sensing for 3D interfaces and complex image analysis
Imec and Renesas collaborate on ultra-low power short range radios
Miniature Rogowski coils enable accurate non-contact current measurement
sureCore receives Ł250K SMART Award to prototype its low power SRAM technology
Amantys partners Fuji Electric to launch IGBT gate drivers for wind and solar markets
Cambridge Nanotherm starts mass manufacturing of thermal management substrate
Altera acquires power technology innovator Enpirion
Industry's first all SiC three-phase power module offers lower cost power conversion
Brake resistor passes salt water spray challenge
Altera buys power management chip specialist
ETSI publishes first specification for Ultra Low Energy DECT aimed at the M2M market
Characterization tools reduce power by ten percent for mobile applications
Shunt-based management system targets lithium-ion batteries
Advanced MCU combines floating point and low leakage
J1-Series power modules feature compact 6-in-1 package for use in electric and hybrid vehicles
Identifying the best power supply for your test application
Swindon Silicon Systems signs technology partnership deal with ZPower
800-W programmable power supplies offer 2U rack mounting benefits
CMOS-based isolated gate drivers provide drop-in replacements for opto-drivers in industrial power systems
Sub-GHz radio features extended temperature and frequency range
Low-power 32M CMOS SRAM in a 12x20mm TSOP-I package
Large-scale grid integration of variable photovoltaic power offers new possibilities
Safety capacitor range offers higher capacitance values
DC power supply extends perfomance capabilities to high-voltage applications
TO 247-4 pin package for CoolMOS MOSFETs improves efficiencies in hard switching topologies
Automotive 3-phase power module enables higher torque systems for lower fuel consumption
Power-One enters into patent license agreement with Microchip
PCIe accelerator card targets enterprise servers and storage applications
M2M data management solution targets multiply-connected embedded systems
Mouser signs global distribution deal with ADI
Superjunction MOSFET innovation brings the world's lowest RDS(on) to hard switching applications
6-axis MEMS SoC integrates gyroscope and accelerometer in a 3x3x0.8mm chip
500-W GaN on SiC HEMT pulsed power transistor provides high gain, efficiency over 1.2-1.4-GHz bandwidth
Dual n- and p-channel MOSFETs for battery management applications
Servo motor controller supports fluctuation-free motor speed range from 0 to 150,000 rpm
Apple’s pull effect on MEMSs raises suppliers’ profile and revenues, notes IHS
SILICA invests in Power ’n More design support strategy
IPx8 waterproof 11x15x2mm speaker delivers 94dB of maximum sound pressure
NMI prepares power electronics technology roadmap for the UK to boost share of Ł135bn global industry
Isolated 8-port PoE PSE controllers eliminate expensive opto-couplers
Single chip combines Wi-Fi and ZigBee IP for networked devices
High energy thick film resistors: power density and non-inductive
Advanced Power Electronics Corp. agrees distribution deal with Neutron for UK and Ireland
Research project to strengthen Europe's role as power semiconductor production site kicks off at Infineon in Villach
Integrated low-side gate driver incorporates 3.3-V LDO regulator in 5-lead SOT 23 package
AC/DC power supply packs 60-W in ultra-compact package
Market for GaN and SiC power semiconductors set to rise by factor of 18 in next decade
Simple and efficient sub-2W isolated power supply
UPS market in the Middle East and Africa is forecast to continue to expand in 2013
OPV solar modules project aims to optimize energy harvesting by autonomous sensors within buildings
Intelligent power modules target electric and hybrid vehicles
Bringing greater Quality-of-Service to small cells
150-V N-channel power MOSFET offers on-resistance down to 18-mohms
Programmable DC power supplies offer high power density at competitive prices
USB video card delivers feature-rich H.264 compression
Power inverted through-board SMT connector is aimed at solid state lighting
Step-down switching regulators with built-in 800mOhm power MOSFET
Cree SiC MOSFETs enable Delta Energy Systems to develop next-generation solar inverters
Avnet Abacus launches thermal management microsite
LED drivers output from 18 to 200W for indoor and outdoor solid state lighting
Mini dual-inline-package intelligent power modules target industrial applications
Real-time, video processing system blends multiple channels
Power supply selector guide offers quick and easy method for specifying power supplies
Medical configurable power supply offers 1 x MOPP from input to earth
AC sources/frequency converters deliver outputs ranging from 30-kVA to 180-kVA
Toshiba begins volume production of SiC power devices
Ultra-compact GigE industrial camera is powered-over-Ethernet
Upgraded TDK-Lambda selector tool features dedicated Vega AC-DC power supply configurator program
Microsemi teams with Virtual Extension to offer lowest power sub-GHz mesh network for energy harvest applications
DC-DC converters offer improved efficiency, isolation, and thermal performance
Texas Instruments aims to develop a better way to the cloud with HP Project Moonshot
Laird Technologies to demonstrate wireless power generator
Two-pin, right-angle DC jack for external plug-in power supplies
Standard practice
28VDC powered wireless access points targets in-cabin aircraft video streaming
500-W baseplate-cooled PSUs help with restricted airflow
EPC upgrades development board featuring eGaN FETs using dedicated TI's GaN FET gate driver
Simple and efficient sub-2W isolated power supply
Power cord integrates locking system for IEC inlets
18V boost regulator for mobile product displays
Compact front-end power supplies feature 80 Plus Platinum standard efficiency
Yageo’s aluminium precision power wirewound resistors at TTI
Power adapter chipsets achieve fast standby recovery with ultra-low standby power
Smallest plastic packaged load switch offers reliability benefits
High-speed, high-power, infrared emitters offer varied package styles
Online design tool provides CCM, non-isolated PFC buck and buck LED driver designs in less than a minute
Samsung’s mid-power LED package available from Rutronik
Large-area flexible printed thermoelectrics harvest energy from waste heat
The three essentials of RTL power optimization
3A ultra-low dropout linear regulator
Enhanced thyristor power controllers feature integral feedback control to maintain power
Programmable hall switch extends flexibility of detection circuit designs
STMicroelectronics secures Euro 350 million loan from the European Investment Bank to boost R&D
85-100-W AC/DC power modules offer space saving benefits
RMS power detector claims unparalleled frequency performance and flexibility
Programmable power supplies with built-in waveform generation and storage
Farnell element14 becomes an authorised reseller of Micrel
Power IC family offers compact, energy-efficient mobile charging benefits
Automotive qualified product platform for power management and display backlighting applications
Power interface modules help to simplify energy monitoring
World's largest producer of solar panels, Suntech Power production unit goes bankrupt
Mid-power LED package with record efficacy
Ultracapacitor modules deliver high power and energy density benefits
Reconfigurable DC arc detect reference solution detects electrical arc faults to avert fires
Mouser becomes authorized global distributor of Micrel’s high-performance IC solutions
Redox flow battery reaches stack power up to 25kW with a cell size of 0.5m square
DC-DC Boost converter with ultra-high speed gallium nitride switch achieves 1-MHz switching capability
Wideband power meters do not require directional couplers or power attenuators
VDSL2 splitter module now with optional lightning and power fault protection
Buck-boost charge pump offers low conducted and radiated noise
Power supply design software supports LED lighting applications
Perfect storm forces European St-Ericsson chip JV break-up
STMicroelectronics makes MEMS technology available for prototyping through CMP
Narrow-linewidth micro integrated tunable laser assembly targets 100Gbps and beyond
Power-aware debug emerges
Chip-embedded packaging integrates DC/DC driver and MOSFET VR power stage
New "responsive" EDN-Europe website accessible across all platforms
Power adapter market to grow by $2bn in five years forecasts IMS Research
Digital power management solution features built-in autocompensation to reduce design times
Renesas Electronics Europe appoints PT Electronics to drive sales in Russia
Fan speed control through digital power management
Development board provides eGaN driver to speed designs of high frequency switching power conversion systems
Contactless connectivity platform targets applications that contain moving parts
Docea Power improves its thermal modelling tools’ solvers and usability
Who's managing your power management?
Infineon readies next-generation power transistor production
Multiport optical power meters detect power levels down to -110 dBm
Docea Power enhances dynamic power and thermal management analysis software
19nm NAND SSDs with capacities from 60GB to 512GB
Cree begins volume production of second generation SiC MOSFET to deliver cost savings to power conversion systems
GaN Systems opens new technical support centre in the UK
Digi-Key signs global distribution deal with E Ink Sign
Power jacks and plugs offer IP68 sealing capability
Smart bypass diode claims industry's lowest power dissipation performance
High accuracy battery fuel gauge maximizes battery capacity and boosts user confidence
Martek Power signs up Patlon Aircraft to boost railway power supply sales in Canada
First low VCEsat double transistors in 2-mm x 2-mm leadless package
IGBT product selection tool eases design optimization
High voltage power supplies focus on mass spectrometry application benefits
40-W battery-backed switch-mode PSU offers advanced control features
Polish researchers develop air-breathing biobatteries
400-W quarter brick DC-DC converter supports telecom applications
Miniature through-hole power MOSFETs combine fast switching and low gate charge
Enhanced online IGBT product selector and performance evaluator tool simplifies device optimization
element14 offers new Freescale Freedom development hardware for the Kinetis family
Baseplate-cooled AC-DC power supplies deliver 355W at 93.5% efficiency
SMT connector simplifies LED installation
Developing sensors for the global medical market
48-V constant on-time synchronous step-down converter targets automotive and industrial applications
Japanese researchers develop low-power amplifiers for high-spatial-resolution biomedical and environment monitoring system
NXP releases power MOSFETs in LFPAK56 packages to address automotive applications
Electronic design data management platform boosts IP reuse
ROHM develops PMIC to support Intel's 'Bay Trail'Atom-based platform
Motion sensor hub optimizes and operates multiple motion sensors
Power switch can take 10A in a TO-257 package at up to 225°C
Pulse Electronics changes name to become Ipeco Electronics
Desk top power supplies meet Level V CEC energy saving requirements
Transphorm partners with Yaskawa Electric to enable the world’s first GaN-based high power converter
12V-optimized zero voltage switching buck regulator delivers over 95% of peak efficiency
EnerSys unveils first Lithium-ion battery for motive power
Nordic Semiconductor adds Distrelec ELFA Group to its European distribution network
RFMD unveils suite of products for entry smartphone segment
Low-power 32-bit MCUs draw as little as 350nA
Single-channel, 2.5-A/5-A gate drivers target IGBT and SiC FET designs
Low power contactless smart card is ISO/IEC14443A and ISO/IEC15693 compliant
Microchip claims world's first to use human body as a Framework to provide a secure, low-power communication channel
Tensilica partners with Sensory to drive industry’s lowest power DSP-based voice activation solution
Renesas Electronics Europe unveils next-generation low-power microcontroller series
150-W DC-DC converter targets micro cell transmitter and power amplifier applications
Mouser signs international magnetic components distribution agreement with Coilcraft
Texas Instruments plans to speed wireless power adoption with multi-mode power circuits
Plug-retention safeguard for IEC appliance inlets and cord sets
300-W AC-DC power supply ensures superior field reliability
MOSFET driver IC offers enhanced protection and diagnostics for automotive applications
Enhanced online thermal simulation tool enables users to define more real-world conditions
Wolfson and Sensory demonstrate world's lowest-power speech recognition solution for mobile devices
Maxim Integrated partners Freescale to showcase a comprehensive outdoor LTE/3G picocell base station
Rugged mobile 150-A DC power rectifier targets defense applications
Low-power chip enables intra-cardiac ventricular fibrillation detection
Design tool utilizes digital power solutions to bring DC/DC controller features to market quickly
Infineon revives former Qimonda production line for power semiconductors
Infineon begins shipping worldwide power semiconductors manufactured on 300-millimeter thin wafers
Power Line communication analog front end reduces PLC bill of material
Analog front end improves reliability of power line communication for smart grids
Nujira claims breakthrough LTE performance for CMOS PAs
Buck converter extends power scalability for smartphones and tablets
Ultra fast camera lens enables full-resolution touch and re-focus mobile applications
High-current connector system supports up to 100A per bay
10.4” multi-touch rugged tablets survive the toughest conditions
Thermal interface paste provides enhanced thermal conductivity for power modules
Linearization technique achieves -50-dBc ACPR and 60 percent efficiency for LTE signal at 29-dBm
Video image stabilisation IP core is optimised for Xilinx’ Zynq-7000 SoC
Energy Micro partners Mjolner Informatics to create high-end touch graphics solution for energy efficient MCU applications
Market for supercapacitors to grow 30% year on year and reach $11 billion within ten years
10-kW UPS offers low-cost back-up benefits
LGA 2011-0 CPU socket supports latest Intel Core i7 Series processors
Inverter market set to reach $71 billion by 2020 reports Yole
VID interface controller provides adjustable start-up current for core-voltage regulators
DC/DC power supplies with RCC topology provide cost effective solutions for digital applications
Advanced Bus Converter powers Network-Attached-Storage applications with high capacitive loads
600-V Trench ultrafast IGBTs offers reliability benefits
Miniature DC/DC converters increase power rating, insulation and isolation performance
Solderless holder for Sharp’s mini Zenigata LED
10-kW high voltage power supply systems meet demands of ion and electron beam systems
CUI expands DIN rail AC-DC power supply line to address higher power industrial applications
Programmable 1U 750-W AC-DC power supply family offers wide-adjust output voltages
Fibre-coupled high power laser diodes emit at 635nm, deliver 1.6 to 2.5W of optical power
Power management front-end chip boosts battery run-time in ARM Cortex A15-based designs
Taking a new direction with analog
GreenPeak opens new European office in France
Photocouplers offer high-speed switching and integrated IGBT protection function
Switching regulators help reduce current consumption during stand-by
element14 expands loyalty programme to be about more than money
Compact dual mode Wi-Fi network controller targets home appliances
Triple output 110-W power supply features 90 percent efficiency and small form factor
HV power modules add reduced temperature coefficient option
Shorted-anode IGBTs provide superior switching for high-power induction heating
Axial cemented wirewound resistors feature high-voltage surge withstanding capability up to 12-kV
Unipower extends warranty to three years for key front-end and rectifier families
Sealed M12 connector suits applications up to 630V and 16.0A
EnSilica expands the eSi-RISC ecosystem to develop embedded smart grid solutions
Avnet Abacus supports SILICA agreement with Philips Lumileds to deliver complete lighting solutions
Analog-based power management controller with integrated MCU
CUI and Future Electronics sign global distribution agreement
Low on-state resistance power MOSFETs offer more power efficient ORing applications
Power supply demand set to drive growth for semiconductors in 2013
USB thermocouple power sensors plug directly into PCs
True fail open tantalum capacitor offers reliability benefits for filtering applications
Power efficient switching regulator family of non-isolated step-down converters delivers value for money
200% peak power capability enable power supply to drive high current start up devices
Kalray completes the Prometheus low power processor project and secures a new funding
CUI signs global distribution deal with Future Electronics
Digital power market forecast to quadruple in five years according to IMS Research
Near field analysis for EMI/EMC
300-V power MOSFETs offer benchmark on-state resistance to boost system efficiency in industrial applications
TDK-Lambda opens Advanced Technology Centre in Bristol, UK
Expanded SiC power module product family supports industrial applications with extended temperature ranges
SindoPower revamps online power electronics shop
Energy Micro’s low power MCU extends battery life in touch screen remote control
Design center opens in Ense, Germany to deliver custom IGBT driver solutions
Next generation power MOSFETs offers hot-swap application benefits
Low-power photocoupler delivers enhanced isolation for IPM motor control in high-noise environments
CT-Concept Technologie opens German design center to offer custom IGBT driver solutions
Metal-backed PCB reduces LED device temperature by up to 20°C
Dialog Semiconductor makes strategic investment in MIT spin-off Arctic Sand
Dialog Semiconductor invests in MIT spin-off power management start-up company
Rutronik adds new automotive power inductor from KOA to portfolio
Family of integrated power modules offer a compact, heatsink-free solution for low power Class D audio applications
Integrated power modules enable heatsink-free solution for low-power Class D audio
Digital power meter feature 0.1% of reading accuracy from a few mA up to 40A
GeneSiC Semiconductor signs global distribution deal with Digi-Key
Ams sensors enables 42-inch flat panel TV to consume less electricity than a 60-watt light bulb
100-V N-channel power MOSFETs offer industry-low on-resistance in 1.6-mm by 1.6-mm and 2-mm by 2-mm footprint areas
Compact chassis mount ac-dc power supplies simplify installation in challenging environments
Micropower fuel gauge reduces quiescent current by 4x and size by 3x
Power metal strip resistor combines 2-W power rating with low resistance values down to 0.001-Ω in 2010 case size
Riscure is named an accredited evaluation lab for DPA testing program
LDOs enable power management solutions to be customized
Reference design eliminates early death of LED drivers
GaAs MMIC power amplifiers cover the 5 to 11GHz range
Power connector handles currents up to 16A and voltages up to 600V
Programmable dual range DC power supplies for bench and ATE applications
HiTek Power releases high voltage power supplies for mass spectrometry applications
Power amplifier offers optimum system performance for next-generation Wi-Fi applications
Family of low-profile, high-current inductors feature new device in the 8787 case size
Low power bidirectional I2C isolators extend industrial isolation lifetime
Triple-output 45-W power supplies are released with medical and IT equipment safety approvals
NanoMarkets forecasts smart grids will use $6.1bn in electrical storage products in 2018
WPC Qi-compliant magnetic induction wireless power transmitters
ST to restructure into two divisions
Akros Silicon supports PoE 60-W deployments following interoperability collaboration with Broadcom
STMicroelectronics ready to manufacture 28-nm FD-SOI technology at Crolles fab
Energy-harvesting textile integrates micro spherical solar cells
Triple-supply controller simplifies power system design, protects against reversed inputs
TI supports new Alliance for Wireless Power specification in addition to Wireless Power Consortium Qi standard
Low profile 600-W power supply delivers 89 percent efficiency
DLA-certified RAD-hard ultra-low dropout DC-DC voltage regulators focus on space applications
Laird Technologies publishes thin film thermoelectric handbook
High current density devices offer forward currents to 5-A and VF down to 0.37-V
30-A fully-encapsulated DC/DC power module delivers 100-W
Intersil selects Future Electronics to be global distributor
Reference design ensures high efficiency, long lifetime for T8 retrofits
Encapsulated 50-W and 100-W dc-dc converters improve reliability in demanding conditions
L2Tek deal with Valens brings reduction in HD video transmission costs to the UK market
Powervation closes funding round, adds Semtech as strategic investor
Enpirion agrees global distribution deal with Digi-Key
8-channel MIL-STD-1553 XMC card couples maximum performance with reliability benefits
60-V LED controller with internal PWM generator
UNIPOWER adds high voltage DC input option to front-ends and rectifiers
24-bit, 3-channel ECG analog front end cuts power consumption by 85 percent
Power MOSFET family for industrial applications delivers ultra-low on-state resistance benefits
Thin film thermoelectric power generators deliver up to 50mW of DC power
Power MOSFETs offer on-resistance down to 43-mohms at 4.5-V in tiny chipscale MICRO FOOT package
Enpirion partners with Future Electronics to offer the world’s lowest-cost Power-System-on-Chip DC-DC converters
Ultracapacitors to power multimedia and passenger comfort systems in London's first urban cable cars
IGBT drive unit boosts the efficiency of inverters up to 400-kW
PSS controller targets lower cost USB chargers for new generation smartphones
Compact high-efficiency 150-Watt power supply medical-grade benefits
Low-power industrial Ethernet chips feature integrated real-time OS offload engine
20-V p-channel MOSFET in 3.3-mm square package offers low on-resistance
Multi-output 60-W power supplies meet green power specifications
100microOhm 36W rated battery shunt resistor in 8518 package size
Bluetooth silicon IP draws less than half the power of today's standard solutions
Laird Technologies signs Avnet Abacus as a distributor
Sixth generation 600-V IGBTs claims hard switching efficiency benefits
Linear Technology reveals eight-channel configurable 1-A buck DC/DCs for multi-rail systems
All-SiC power module handles 100A at up to 100kHz switching
Efficient linear voltage regulator with better than 2% initial voltage accuracy
Future Electronics digs up power from full design to off-the-shelf solutions
GaN power transistors deliver superior linear performance
KEMET unveils ceramic high voltage bulk capacitance solution at Electronica 2012
Saft unveils the world’s only high power ATEX/IECEx certified lithium cells
48-V PRM regulators deliver 1,700 W per cubic inch
Cree sets new standard with industry's first fully qualified, production-ready All-SiC power module
Two single-channel power MOSFETs drive power efficiency and protection in portable and consumer electronics
CUI claims efficiency benchmark with auto compensated digital point of load series in second source footprint
Adapter power controller claims lowest standby power capability
Ruggedised AC/DC power supply targets harsh environments including Mil-COTS applications
Premier Farnell completes global franchise deal with Lattice Semiconductor
160-V ultracapacitor module for wind turbine pitch control reduces costs and lowers installation expense
14.2-A output current PMIC supports ARM quad-core application processors
60-V input step-down DC/DC controller draws 40-uA in battery-powered systems
Digi-Key signs global distribution deal with Fremont Micro Devices USA
Digital power software tool unlocks new levels of flexibility to optimize energy consumption
Thin-film power generators offer energy harvesting benefits
Snap-in power aluminum capacitors with 500-V rated voltage and ripple current to 2.52-A focus on solar applications
Lockable power cord compatible with new Swiss safety mains plug
DC-DC converter targets graphic and core processor applications in portable electronics
Double-layer capacitor powers start-stop system
250-W and 400-W AC-DC power supplies with medical approvals offers convection-cooled operation up to 250-W
DC/DC converters for curved, uneven or thermally non-conductive surfaces
Uprated PWM controller offers space saving and cost benefits
Unipower restructures to improve service to worldwide customer base
TDK-Lambda ups investment in UK power supply manufacturing facility
Stainless steel power resistor takes up to 20kW at +40°C
Powersolve acquires Safety Power Group to add programmable supplies to product portfolio
Innovative high-current inductors combine real-estate and cost savings with reduced power losses
375W constant current power supply for high power LED lamps
28-V, 500-mA step-down converter provides highest efficiency at light loads
HiTek Power applies custom design expertise to create standard high-voltage power supplies for mass spectrometry applications
Dynamic-Bus-Voltage architecture aims to reduce power consumption in datacenters
Startup pits IBM Power servers against x86, ARM
Power connector targets outdoor applications
Seven flexible parametric curve tracer solutions offer power device characterization benefits
Computer-supported heat simulation helps select efficient thermal management
FPGA-based kit combines programmability with ease of use to enhance interface protoyping
Field stop trench technology IGBT devices expand current ratings and deliver high speed switching capabilities
FPGA-based kit combines programmability with ease of use to enhance interface protoyping
600 V N-channel power MOSFET series adds 17 new devices offering on-resistance down to 39-mohms
Power resistors dissipate from 175 to 300 Watts
2.5-A, 15-V synchronous boost regulator offers 95 percent efficiency
Quad N- and P-channel MOSFETS offer switching speed, on-resistance and price benefits
Reverse conducting IGBT portfolio claims industry’s best-in-class efficiency and highest reliability
Industrial-grade high-efficiency 150W power supply
New all-solid-state, rechargeable battery technology claims record energy density
RFMD unveils multiple GAN-based amplifiers for cable applications
38-V, 10-A rugged step-down uModule regulator features fail safe load protection
Rugged 350-W AC-DC power supplies comply with SEMI-F47 requirements
Industrial-grade high-efficiency 150-W power supply features high density
Rugged PDU offers 300-A of intelligent solid-state power control
Digitally controlled fully regulated intermediate bus converters
Automotive multiple-output regulator ICs feature 2.2 MHz switching
Laser driver with auto-calibration mode and SFP controller simplifies optical module manufacturing
Fault-management chip offers smarter, safer LED lighting
Fully regulated intermediate bus converters incorporate digital control to provide high performance benefits
RF power amplifier outputs 1kW of power in the 20 to 1000MHz range
Smart gate driver optocoupler provides designers with isolated gate driving and fault sensing benefits
Avnet Abacus to distribute Fischer Elektronik across Europe
Soitec completes delivery of 5 MW in solar-energy systems to Italy
Nujira samples low noise second-generation Envelope Tracking chip for smartphones
Updated PWM controller offer size and cost benefits
Dual- and triple-channel programmable power supplies for accurate component characterization
New IEC Technical Committee is formed to accelerate the integration of renewable energy
600-V trench IGBTs offer improved performance for appliance motor drives
Off-line switcher IC family offers line-compensated overload protection and light-load efficiency benefits
Test platform combines Android, Linux and VxWorks
IMS Research predicts data center infrastructure revenues will surpass USD15bn by 2014
High power connector offers versatility in rail applications
Integrated, green-mode controllers lower operating costs, reduce board space in high-power PoE applications
Relay enables total disconnection of electric vehicles' battery
Upgraded development boards feature eGaN FETs using dedicated GaN FET gate drivers
Cortex-M4 processor-based IC enables PRIME-compliant smart metering applications
Smart-meter SoC combines metrology, security and communication capabilities
TT electronics opens new production centre in Romania
ON Semiconductor joins imec's GaN-on-Si research program
Census shows investment in data centres has grown globally by 22 per cent from 2011, power requirements rise by 63.3 percent
PFET high-side load switch with level shift and slew-rate control offers flexibility benefits
World's smallest humidity and temperature sensor aims to set new standards
300-W DC power supply series offer versatility and safe operation
Designing control loops for linear and switching power supplies: a tutorial guide
MOSFETs offer industry-low on-resistance in 2 x 2-mm and 3 x 1.8-mm footprint areas at 4.5-V
Dual-core microcontrollers promise higher performance, increased memory and more I/Os
Cissoid signs a global distribution deal with Future Electronics
Four 2-A high voltage half-bridge MOSFET drivers offer best-in-class performance
Configurable 8-channel LED driver family supports monitors and industrial LCD panel backlighting
CamSemi unveils 'constant power' PSS flyback controller for low cost networking adapters
Power management ICs offer multi-channel operation and low quiescent current in portable applications
Diodes Incorporated agrees to acquire Power Analog Microelectronics
Ultra-low power microcontrollers with on-chip 40-nm flash memory target automotive body applications
24-V power amplifier offers state-of-the-art audio performance to truck cabs and buses
Small 2.5-A power module offers 65-V transient protection
Rackmount and bench-top power systems offer 90 percent efficiency
Delta agrees pan-European franchise deal with Avnet Abacus
Digital Class D speaker amplifiers aim to simplify design and provide unmatched audio performance
Buck-boost converter cuts power in half for 3G, 4G LTE power amplifiers
Intel looks to beat ARM on power consumption beyond 20 nm
TriQuint wins contract to triple performance of RF power amplifiers
Automotive qualified dual power-SO8 MOSFETs offers 77 percent smaller footprint than DPAK solution
Arrows launches a cloud-based design platform for FPGAs
CISSOID selects APC as specialized distributor in UK and Ireland
TI develops the first wide-input voltage, high-power LED driver with multiple dimming control modes
70V-tolerant, 12-cell battery sensor extends battery life, supports highest automotive safety rating
Quartet of European research centers launch Smart Integrated Solutions initiative
Functional safety design packages accelerate safety-critical design development and certification
Micron declares high-volume availability of 30-nm DDR3L-RS SDRAMs for ultrathin computing devices and tablet
Power inductor offers 0.11 to 0.23 micro Henry in a 6.5x7.5x3.0mm package
Mouser unveils power supply technology web site to support design development
High density 330W AC/DC power supply achieves up to 90% efficiency
2Q12 revenues for rack PDU look healthier, says IMS Research
Low power system design optimizations with SAR A/D Converters
SPI/digital or I2C uModule isolator provides three isolated power rails
Isolated 1-W DC-DC converter offers tight load regulation plus improved efficiency
Liqualloy-based power inductor offers industry-leading high efficiency performance
element14 launches a new wireless power microsite
CUI unveils industry's first no-bus self-compensating digital point-of-load modules
IGBT sales to drive power semiconductor market growth in 2012 as MOSFETs struggle
High-performance, low-power switch supports Thunderbolt technology interface
12-V battery targets remote area applications
Second generation of digital POL modules dynamically set optimum stability in real time as conditions change
Solar array simulators claims highest bandwidth and isolation voltage in the industry
Innovative magnetic technologies enhance efficiency of micro-inverter and central-inverter solar applications
CamSemi develops low cost solution for offline applications above 8-W
E-beam power supplies boost process performance with arc management handling capability
Dual 13-A or single 26-A DC/DC micromodule step-down regulator with integrated heat sink delivers up to 100-A
Gresham Power Electronics appoint RECAB as distributor for Scandinavia
Schottky barrier diodes and dual N-Channel MOSFETs claims industry’s highest performance in a 2-mm package
Stacked radio module uses proprietary easyRadio technology in the 868 - 915MHz ISM band
Gresham Power Electronics appoints RECAB as new distributor for Scandinavia
Nujira raises $12 million to support rollout of Coolteq.L IC technology and start volume production
600-V short circuit rated IGBTs improve motor drive efficiency and reliability
Microinverters and power optimizers to see 70 percent growth in 2012
Next-generation digital battery charger offers enhanced communications and charge control
IDT signs global distribution partnership deal with Mouser
High voltage power supply range is extended to address most demanding applications
CISSOID signs distribution deal with SETRON for Central and Northern Europe
Efficient Power Conversion releases Safe Operating Area Capabilities for eGaN FETs
LED driver reference design focuses on 100-W incandescent bulb replacements
600-V IGBTs deliver higher power density and increased efficiency for motor drive applications
Microsemi unveils GaN on SiC-based RF transistor for secondary surveillance radar aviation applications
High current output chokes with planar technology supports electric traction applications
Industry's first molded chip scale package offers power benefits for space-constrained portable devices
Li-Ion battery charger targets next generation power efficiency demands
Powerstax appoints CompuMess Elektronik as new distributor for Central Europe
Networked cars are opening new opportunities to automotive value chain
High power density 3U 4HP pluggable PSUs offer slimline benefits
Evaluation kits target iCE40 mobileFPGA family optimized for low power, low cost and small footprint
High efficiency PoE++ PD controller offers up to 90-W delivered power
200-W programmable DC power supplies offer high flexibility
MIL grade ceramic switch mode power supply capacitors support high frequencies
Step-down DC/DC controller with onboard EEPROM features I2C/PMBus digital power system management
Self-charging piezo-power cell converts and stores energy chemically in a single unit
AC-DC power system provides up to 1300 W of continuous power with up to 92 percent efficiency
Research project digs into thermal management for e-cars
Intelligent rack PDUs to top USD 500m by 2014 forecasts IMS Research
Advanced die packaging shrinks radio modules for miniaturized implantable medical devices
Apex reemerges as analog chip company
Polymer COTS capacitors enable designers to customize capacitance solutions for power management
German researchers discover how superconductivity can be tapped to improve power transmission
Magnetic topological insulators could yield dissipationless electronics
Waterproof Push-pull connectors reduce connection time by a factor of10 X
300-W ac-dc power supplies offer power density benefits and meets EN60601-1 3rd edition for medical applications
Ultra-quiet modular power unit delivers 800W in 1U, 12 configurable isolated outputs
Combined PFC/CC converter chip raises efficiency of LED street lamp drivers to more than 92 percent
Mid-voltage MOSFETs provide improved reliability in synchronous rectification applications
University of Huddersfield forges new research links with India to develop next generation of lithium batteries
Farnell element14 to speed delivery of Emerson Network Power's MicroMP series of configura​ble power supplies ​
100W open frame AC/DC power supplies operate from 85 to 264 VAC
EPC releases high efficiency wireless power demonstration system featuring high frequency Gallium Nitride FETs
Ultra-low IR Schottky barrier diodes reduces power consumption in automotive and power supply devices by 40 percent
GreenPeak rolls out new radio chips to support the Smart Home evolution
Avnet Memec extends relationship with Coilcraft to support Spain and Portugal
TTI signs Europe-wide deal with Murata Power Systems
Automotive power MOSFETs optimize piezo injection systems performance
Proportional microsize HV power supplies offer improved output voltage stability
800-V primary-side switcher offers accurate AC/DC power control
Smallest single-lead heart-rate monitor analog front end offers industry's lowest power performance
Compact PCI power supply supports on-board railway applications
300 to 700W medical grade ATX PC power supplies approved to the Latest 3rd edition safety standards
1.2 to 8 GHz, 180 degree power divider
Rutronik now stocks WPC-compliant receiving coils from Vishay
Intel adds power amplifiers to 3G RF chip
5-A DC/DC converter requires a low VIN to generate positive or negative regulated voltage
Low-cost remote control programmable switching DC power supplies deliver up to 360W
200-V Schottky barrier rectifiers support high frequency inverter applications
Wireless power market led by Japan says IMS Research
RS Components boosts its power conversion offering with Tracopower
Low voltage LDOs deliver industry's lowest dropout voltages
SiC power MOSFET with internal SiC SBD reduces power loss in inverters
Wireless power market looks to the east for growth
8-V power MOSFETs lower power consumption and extend battery life
Energy-efficient, off-line switcher ICs introduce primary-side regulation to power supplies up to 90-W
Surge stopper integrates ideal diode for comprehensive protection against transient voltages
Comparing uninterruptible power supply topologies
Analog front ends claim industry's lowest-power, highest-precision for smart e-metering
LDO regulators claim the industry's lowest dark current performance
Buck regulators maximise power density and flexibility
Mouser signs global distribution agreement with Intersil
Tiny 600-mA boost power module extends battery life for smartphones and tablets
Renesas looks to automotive and smart society to drive recovery
36-V, 1-A step-down synchronous regulator simplifies intermediate power bus and point-of-load power designs
Mobile audio solution delivers more than five times the power to micro speakers
P-channel MOSFETs offer power and space saving benefits
Next-generation wireless mouse applies 2.4-GHz radio-on-a-chip to enable three-year battery life performance
Quartet of power supplies meet latest medical safety approvals
Thin receiving coil for wireless power transfer targets mobile devices
Powdered-iron-based receiver coil designed for 5 V wireless charging
Power consumption hurdles litter path to exascale computing
Cryptography Research teams with Discretix on differential power analysis
48-V-to-processor power converter soulution reduces power conversion loss per processor
100-V linear LED driver aims to de-clutter low-power lighting designs
High power density thin film modules provide precise temperature stabilization for optoelectronics and laser diodes
Wireless environmental sensor evaluation kit offers energy harvesting benefits
PCB-type AC-DC power supplies are 30 percent lighter yet more efficient
Avnet Memec is named as pan-European distributor for Infinite Power Solutions
SiC Schottky barrier diodes claim the industry's lowest forward voltage
Power supplies for industrial applications use battery-back-up
LED power supply covers wide power range
KIT intensifies printable organic solar cell research to boost efficiencies by more than 10 percent