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Reversible USB connector fits into ports either ways

July 08, 2010 // Julien Happich

Reversible USB connector fits into ports either ways

The Flipper USB connector from UltraTek can plug into computer ports in either orientations, upside or downside. The patented design has several advantages over the traditional non-flip-able USB devices. Users simply plug in their USB device without looking, trying, thinking or guessing. It simply just works with no second attempt.

It simply just works with no second attempt. This means users can't find themselves pushing the device too hard in the wrong orientation, therefore avoiding damage to the computer or the USB device.

In addition to its friendly features, the Flipper USB connector offers spare connections. In case of damage to one side of the connector, users can simply flip the connector over and use the other side of the USB device without loss of data or connections.

UltraTek offers Flipper connectors for all USB related products such as USB flash disk, Wi-Fi, BlueTooth, mouse, keyboard, camera, cables and adapters. In addition, the Flipper adapter converts the regular, non-Flipper USB product to a Flipper USB product.

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