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News about Silicon Based Optical Fiber With Solar Cell Capabilities Could Be Woven Into Solar Fabrics

Pulse oximeter/heart rate sensor module for wrist-band designs
Solar thermal fuel polymer film helps plug EV power drain
Improved accuracy with optical heart rate monitoring, claims Silicon Labs
Dual-junction solar cell claims world conversion efficiency record
Harman demos pupil-based driver monitoring system
16-cell integrated Li-ion monitor and protector for high-power battery packs
Nanostructured metal coatings enable higher-efficiency optoelectronic devices
Can nanostructured germanium pave the way to portable photovoltaics?
Scattered light measurement technique focuses on 10-nm semiconductor features
Free PCI Express clock jitter measurement tool eases PCIe development
Light trapping innovation lifts solar cell efficiency to 45 percent
Startup uses phase-change material for displays, glazing
Interchangeable cells make traction batteries cheaper
German battery maker puts squeeze on Tesla's solar storage plans
Battery-free internet sensor offers precision monitoring of climate data
Inorganic materials take perovskites to 16% solar efficiency
10 kV protection from digital isolators
Graphene-on-MEMS makes better night-vision sensor
Nanoscale photonics switch could enable 10-100 Terabit/s data transfer
Ultra-thin perovskite nanocrystals enable tunable, energy-efficient LEDs
Boosting solar panel efficiency: Is it simply a matter of angles?
Split/combine optical fibre signals without a beam splitter
Programmable SLIC for advanced voice-over-IP
Silicon Radar seeks funds for 120GHz push
Toshiba optimises ARM Cortex-M0 MCUs for USB
Iron based dyes promise cheaper solar energy applications
Bosch drives development of both batteries and fuel cells
Silicon Europe grows to cover 12 regions
Nanohoops: A new approach to energize future devices
Reference design eases adding voice-control to ZigBee remotes
Elon Musk targets high-volume solar panel dominance
Silicon Labs prevails in Cresta patent dispute
Invisibility cloak focuses on enhancing solar cell efficiency
High bandwidth coherent optical receivers
Coherent optical receivers support tests at up to 130 GBaud
Hybrid solar panel roof helps slash energy bills
Silicon chip detects circularly polarized light
Egypt's semiconductor cluster stronger than reported
Chip scale optics for GaN-on-Si LEDs
Transparent coating cools solar cells while boosting efficiency
EE Times Silicon 60: 2015's Startups to Watch
The Silicon 60 v16.1: A tale of two Cs
Solar cell produced on EpiWafer yield 20 percent efficiency
Can electron superhighway drives organic solar panel innovations?
GaN soon on 8-inch silicon wafers, hopes MACOM
Solar-charged transparent Li-ion battery promises 'smart windows'
Fast isolated current sensing for inverters and drives
Will hardware-based virtualized GPU cards shrink the market?
The route to cleaner e-cars - coupling perovskite solar cells
TSMC pulls plug on solar business
600V power FETs that get 'close to perfection', says ST
Can hydrogen charge your iPhone for a week?
Low-energy MCU with touch sensing in chip-scale package
Natcore takes silver out of photovoltaics
Hexagonal silicon could be light emitter
Google's Project Sunroof makes installing solar easier
Micro rake doubles efficiency of polymer solar cells
New spacecraft data promises improved solar storm forecasts
Clock IC enables pervasive adoption of SyncE and IEEE 1588 network synchronization
GaN-on-Silicon LED die target high power applications
True building-integrated photovoltaics about to take-off, says n-tech Research
Toshiba releases 256Gb 48-layer BiCS FLASH
'Aqueous solar flow' battery lasts longer
Butterflies help boost solar panel power by 50 per cent
Filament bulb replacements: The GaN-on-Silicon LED solution arrives
Demand for radar systems boosts Infineon’s chip production
Breakthrough for really cost-efficient fuel cells in sight?
Can metallic nanoparticles lower the cost of solar cells?
Mouser to sponsor student Solar Car team
Phosphorene opens path to ultralight solar cells and LEDs
Paper-thin solar charger fits inside a notebook
Fuel cell technology approaches on the passing lane
AutomationDesk 5.0 speeds up ECU testing
Thread protocol stack comes with powerful development tools
Nanoscale light-emitting device extends visbility of objects
Perovskite solar cells - can production costs be lowered?
900-V silicon carbide MOSFET
1/3-inch 1Mp BSI CMOS image sensor right for automotive ADAS
Photo battery shines light on safer power
Oxford Photovoltaics raises funds, replaces CEO
Toshiba process technologies target the IoT
Thin film solar cells may rival silicon
3D printing for photonics: a British initiative
Solar powered flight smashes long distance records
CMOS sensor enables medical molecular sensing
High-speed converters aid record terabit field trial
AC/DC converter controller drives SiC MOSFETs
Transceiver IC supports optical USB
Metal-organic framework compounds: The future for flexible solar cells?
The IP licensing business model: a love story
Printed designer organic electronics
Quantum dot blinking - a problem solved?
Hydrogen two-seater drives energy efficiency to the limits
The whole IoT, at API level
Solar passive technologies promise energy efficient building façades
Swiss CIGS PV start-up Flisom enters pilot production
Saft partners KACO to target swarm energy storage solutions
Daimler hosts Silicon Valley Hackaton
FD-SOI development as a service
Black silicon treatment achieves record PV energy performance
Plugging pinholes extends perovskite solar cell lifetimes
Optical test system focuses on GI50 multimode fibres
Infineon brings 60GHz radar technology to Google sensor project
Egg-shaped micro home runs on wind, solar power
Dream development kit takes shape with ARM and Linux
Boron-infused graphene helps quadruple performance of microsupercapacitor
Microsupercapacitor manufacturing process could boost wearable tech
Black silicon solar cells push efficiency record to 22.1 percent
X-FAB partners Exagan to produce GaN-on-Silicon devices on 200-mm wafers
Electrode discovery points to simpler solar cell production method
Organic photovoltaic device innovation releases solar fuel potential
Swindon mixed-signal specialist joins Sensata, appoints CEO
Plastic waveguides for future communication networks
Dialog, Foxconn, Lite-On to form sensor joint venture
Low-power integrated optical sensor targets fitness tracking
Inkjet printing advance simplifies production of kesterite solar cells
Hybrid perovskite FETs in the lab
Focusing on Perovskite's 'dark' flaws to boost efficiency
Analog optical fiber forges RF link
Silicon 'retina' demonstrated on video
Online signal processing benefits from graphical programming
GPTG agrees global distribution deal with Digi-Key
NFC tags check food freshness
Distance sensors stand out with high accuracy
Wind River/Mathworks link sims for model-based design
Charging discovery opens new class of organic electronic devices
Indoor solar-powered wireless mesh delivers 99.999% data reliability
Plessey expands European GaN-on-Silicon LED distribution network
Compliant touch sensors give robots an adaptive grip
Cable driver to support SDI- and IP-based 4K video
Isolators with on-chip DC/DC make plug-and-play power supplies
Is first-pass success possible for silicon IP?
Shunt-based current sensor supports solar inverter applications
Ag nanodiscs to boost MoS2's LED performance
USD 10,000 worth of components offered in Digi-Key/Silicon Labs IoT contest
Tandem photovoltaics for record efficiencies?
Imagination gives away MIPS-based reference tablets
Tiny digital STB tuner ICs
Compact optical switch for non-contact switching applications
A new kilogram standard made of silicon?
Roll-to-roll printing of organic solar cells and LEDs
Graphene-based solar cells and LEDs take step closer
150V diodes combine switching speed and softness
Magnetic position sensor replaces optical rotary encoders
Producing cheap ultrathin perovskite solar cells
SystemC-based UVM testing streamlines IP for Blu Wireless Technology
Silicon Labs and ARM to collaborate on driving mbed IoT device platforms
One-stop-Shop from IC design to silicon tape out
Infineon dual-source Panasonic normally-off 600-V GaN power devices
Looking at quantum symmetry for better solar panels
Solar-powered plane completes first leg of global record attempt
Precitec LR enhances optical inspection capability for CMMs
Forza, NHK show 133-Mpixel sensor
Lower the cost of solar cells - just add water
Polymer blend improves solar cell efficiency by 200 percent
Femtocell improves in-car mobile connectivity
Secure kernel hypervisor moves into ARM
250°C silicon capacitor lines take 11V to 450V
Dual nanowire structure absorbs light efficiently
Nanoscale defect detection focuses on lowering solar panel costs
Camouflaged organic solar cells attract architects' attention
Mixed-signal silicon IP builds accurate, wide-range smart metering
IDE targets concurrent 8/32-bit MCU and wireless design
Voltage tester for beating heart cells
Shrimp shells provide cheap sustainable solar cell material
Silicon nanofiber boosts battery range performance of EVs
Germanium quantum dot advance promises high-efficiency solar cells
Will energy-harvesting 3D printed trees charge your smartphone?
Memory subsystem analysis yields DDR IP performance gains
Ballard IP to boost Audi’s fuel cell developments
Compact LTE metro cells add flexibility in delivering ultra-broadband mobile access
'Baking powder' effect to boost solar cell efficiencies?
'Designer' layered oxides promise band gap tunability benefits
ST leads European research project on next-generation optical MEMS
Silicon-Carbide MOSFET range extended at 1200V ratings
Car's diagnostics M2M communication runs on LTE network simulator
Blue light encoder sensor chip sharpens resolution
Toyota tests SiC technology in near-series designs
Doherty PA reference design for small cell applications
Plugging solar cell pinholes key to perovskite performance
IP builds NVM memory at mid-density
Wafer-scale perovskite solar cells on the horizon
Cell-balancing IC facilitates energy recuperation application design
Optical on-board-transceiver carries up to 300 Gbit/s data
Keysight applies 12-bit high-speed PCIe card to Optical Coherence Tomography
High-speed data acquisition card for optical coherence tomography
SMT production inspection tool offers HD resolution
Nanostructures key to organic solar cell efficiencies?
SFP+ active optical cable for high-speed data links
Antireflective nanotextures create self-assembly surface for solar cells
First round-the-world solar plane flight prepares for take-off
Dual SiC MOSFET drivers, in distribution
Hot-carrier solar cells promise efficiency gains and savings
Ultra-low-power temperature sensors maintain accuracy
EMF measurement option tracks safety limits for RF radiation
Silver matrix electrodes boost lithium-based battery discharge rates
Mercedes-Benz self driving car communicates via LEDs
Monolithic 3D integration beats next node
Toyota boosts electric driving: 5.600 fuel cell patents open for free usage
Solar-powered radio chip monitors windows to save energy
20 percent power boost for hybrid fuel cells
Multi-crystalline silicon PV module claims power output world record
Silicon more-than-Moore to drive MEMS, RF, LEDs
Pathway to converting sunlight to electricity is indentified
Volvo airs cloud-based cyclist protection system
MHL receiver chips meet automotive specs
Fiber-in-textile turns clothes in to motion sensors
Comparing fuel cell performance
Fastest laser measures electron's band-gap jump
Spray solar cells on any surface
Stacking 2-D materials lowers LED/solar cell manufacturing costs
UK collaboration aims to develop graphene-enhanced photovoltaic devices
Custom optical bandpass filters raise solar energy efficiency to 40%
Digital TV demodulator boasts worldwide broadcast standards
German scientists reveal light propagation in solar cells
PCI express buffers provide simpler timing distribution
Rubber-like coating promises longer lasting rechargeable lithium batteries
French-German collaborators claim solar cell efficiency world record
Electrostatic potential technique harvests more of the sun’s energy
New class of layered materials drive PV innovations
FTTH solutions for MDUs
How does a Blu-ray disc improve solar cell performance?
GalaxyCore develops 'through-silicon' image sensor
Ginsbury Electronics brings Kyocera's TFT LCDs to Europe
Ultralow jitter OTN clock translator features tiny footprint
LA Auto Show: Hydrogen fuel cell drive is back
Segger’s J-Link supports Silicon Labs’ 8051 devices
Kyocera 7.0-inch TFT LCD features on-cell touch panel
Can Fool's gold reduce the cost of solar cells?
Low cost OPV company secures GBP1m development funding
Graphene/nanotube cathode into dye-sensitized solar cells
Ethernet comes to ADAS with megapixel camera
Interlaced crystal discovery promises power generation efficiency gains
Plessey extends European distribution network with Syscom Electronique
Sub-GHz wireless range adds 802.15.4/4g connectivity
Semiconducting polymers discovery claims record solar cell efficiency
Plessey focuses on chip scale application specific LEDs
MEMS analogue surface mount accelerometers for vibration measurements
Altera and MathWorks cooperate on model-based design workflow
MathWorks expands model-based design & code generation across ARM Cortex family
Silicon fibres offer cheaper solar power benefits
Utilities keen to own cellular networks
IP builds low power memory for LCD drivers and touch screen controllers
Ultra-fast 650-V IGBTs support fast switching applications
EC puts true cost of energy in the spotlight
SiC power modules halve power losses in inverters
Electrically conductive plastics show promise for batteries, solar cells
'Dark' energy harvesting pushes up solar efficiency limits
Spansion supplements HyperBus system with fast memory
Proximity sensor improves distance sensing in mobiles, consumer, industrial designs
Charge transport jamming optimizes perovskite solar cell efficiences
High-efficiency buck-boost and boost+bypass switching regulators
World’s first solar battery promises cost savings
Google, Silicon Labs mesh for ZigBee-like protocol
Organic tin-based semiconducting polymers show solar cell promise
Plessey expands in-house LED assembly line in Plymouth
Kyocera joins Imec's advanced silicon solar cell program
Transimpedance amplifier drives 28Gbps signals for 100G optical nets
Liquid batteries could make renewables more competitive
Polymer solar cell boosts power generation by 15 percent
Breaking the 'electrode barrier' promises lower-cost organic PVs
Solar microinverter to break USD1bn barrier in 2018
Battery-pack controller manages 14-cell lithium ion sources to ASIL-C
Clock-tree design made easy
1A, 1.5 MHz, 65V boost/inverter DC/DC converter
Digital radio Rx chip gets approvals for worldwide reception standards
Time to switch to free wireless protocol, says Arveni
BioSolar partners UCSB to develop a low-cost supercapacitor
High-performance GaN-on-Si white LEDs simplify lighting designs
EU project takes mm-waves beyond WiGig
Optical circuit advance paves way for low-energy nano-device
FPGA-based MIPI interfaces target video displays and cameras
ABB forms energy storage solutions alliance with BYD
15 W GaN on SiC pulsed power transistor targets radar
Innovation village to gather over 30 European startups
Sensor development kits for environmental, biometric and IoT designs
Single-chip, global coverage car radio receiver
Battery-powered water splitter promises emissions-free fuel cells
Digital pulse density output MEMS variable capacitance accelerometers
IO-Link reference designs for proximity sensing and distributed control
Toshiba targets smart meters with new ARM Cortex-M4F MCU
Can solar cells result from recycling lead-acid batteries?
Wear-resistant films extend electrostatic chuck lives
IP enables noise-resilient audio CODEC for automotive infotainment SoCs
Semiconductor advance makes ultra-thin solar cells a reality
Low jitter clock family targets data centres and internet infrastructure
Spray-on solar cells reduce solar power costs
Low-jitter clock solutions ideal for internet infrastructure and data-centre designs
Supercap develoment kit avoids cell-balancing concerns
Sony, TSMC win award for silicon-plastic process development
A roadmap for cool and lossless lasers, with Bismuth
Single-box, optical network field test set
Peregrine Semiconductor and RF Micro Devices settle all litigation
'Hot carrier' study opens solar cell efficiency advances
Consumers fund free energy saving LED lighting initiative
PV concentrator module attains efficiency of 36.7 percent
EE Times Silicon 60: Hot Startups to Watch
EE Times Silicon 60: Hot Startups to Watch
JOT Automation launches Silicon Valley subsidiary
Orbotech grabs SPTS for packaging, MEMS potential
OPVs embedded in glass offer operating life benefits
Depth cameras interpret shoppers' behaviour
Finnish project focuses on energy storage for renewables
Satellite equipment maker launches own chipset
Inspection tool enables quality control of SiC epiwafers
Magnetically responsive liquid crystals enable novel display applications
Microcontrollers target on capacitive sensing for HMI applications
Optical data center to drive silicon photonics, says Yole
Can tofu ingredient make solar cells cheaper?
Toyota rolls fuel cell vehicle to series production
20-percent efficiency P-type solar cell enters mass production
German researchers cut SMPS energy loss by a third
Nanoengineering quadruples carrier multiplication in quantum dots
One step black silicon process boosts solar-cell efficiencies
Graphene research center targets power devices and OLEDs
Nanoparticle production method promises better LEDs and photovoltaics
Piezo panel touch button controller operates standalone
Can rust really revolutionize solar cell technology?
Silicon carbide Schottky diodes trim power system losses
AEC-Q101-qualified integrated proximity and ambient light sensor
Software-based instrument puts 5 bench instruments in one box
Stationary fuel cells see 50 percent annual growth
Fuel cell boosts airplane and car energy efficiencies
A123 Systems acquires LTO battery IP from Leyden Energy
PLC modems support three standards across spectrum bands
RF SDK targets small cell and backhaul developers
Colloidal quantum dots promise cheaper, lighter solar cells
Photochemical reaction harvests solar energy for light-driven actuators
Silicon carbide 300 A half-bridge module doubles power density
Is European solar panel manufacturing a greener option?
Akros Silicon goes global with Digi-Key
Quantum-dot photovoltaics set new efficiency record
Silicon carbide diodes feature up to 2 kA surge rating
Graphene sheet production method promises to advance solar cell technology
200°C automotive grade silicon capacitors come in die size
Toyota develops SiC transistor, reduces fuel consumption
Triple alliance has platform for camera-based ADAS
Chip innovations drive new smart cards applications and services
Host Card Emulation goes white-label
Silicon dioxide nanotubes help batteries last 3x longer
Samsung's fabs to back adoption of ST’s 28nm FD-SOI
Flexible CIGS solar cells claim efficiency record
VTT to spin-off MEMS-based spectrometer startup
Plug and play solar generator offers iPod sound
Hyperbolic metamaterials pave way for high-performance solar cells
Apple patents super photo resolution technology, eliminates LED flash
Harnessing exciton fission gives solar cell efficiency boost
Microsoft proposes LED light positioning system
BMW showcases solar charging station for e-cars
Series of deals advance sapphire and SiC durability
PERC solar cell breaks conversion efficiency barrier
Can molecularly stretchable materials provide low cost energy?
Newswatch: 2D materials make graphene technology transfer a reality
Cheaper film technology lowers solar cell costs
Anvil targets GaN-based LEDs on large diameter wafers
Four-junction, four-terminal solar cell reaches 43.9 percent efficiency
Molybdenite demonstrates performance benefits for LEDs and solar cells
Thin-film solar cell efficiency mystery is solved
Silicon anode technology gears up for production volumes
Should the solar cell be pensioned off?
High-temperature plasmonics boost solar cell efficiency rates
LED-based solar lamp offers developing countries safer future
European organic PV project aims for material gains
Materials interfaces pave way to solar cell gains
Quantum dot solar concentrator opens energy harvesting window
Photoswitching material harnesses solar power for heat storage
Samsung makes graphene at the wafer-scale
Nanowire tuning improves LED lighting and PV performance
Low-energy light detection breakthrough aims high
Porous silicon generates hydrogen from sunlight
Panasonic cracks solar cell 25 percent conversion efficiency barrier
ARM-based kit enables Apple-compatible accessories
Low-power IP for ROM and RAM in eFlash process at 90 nm
Nanoparticles provide efficiency gains for thinner solar cells
Degradation discovery helps extend solar cell lifetimes
Orientation of organic solar cell molecules improves efficiency
Bosch develops ECUs for fuel cell vehicles
Harnessing the sun to produce cheap solar cells on demand
CMOS silicon photonics gives 28Gbit/s a long reach
Yet another efficiency record for thin-film CIS solar cells
Memory, firms, fabless climb chip vendor ranking
X-ray technique pinpoints path to non-toxic solar cells
PV outlook in the Ukraine looks cloudier
Solar cell efficiency - Is it all in the mix?
Programmable hardware-based encryption chip secures IoT connected devices
GaN-on-Silicon wafer supply deal pushes to mainstream
Light wave filtering layers boost photovoltaics
Photonics breakthrough advances thin-film solar cell performance
Advanced Liquid Metal Battery system heads for commercialization
Infrared breakthrough makes silicon solar cells more efficient
Biofilm-based living materials promise solar cell advance
Perovskite-based solar cell offers 24-hour benefits
III-V solar cells on graphene break efficiency record
40% transparent organic solar cells claim efficiency record
Solar spending gains momentum to reach USD3.8bn in 2014
2-D semiconductor discovery promises solar cell application benefits
Model-based product-line-engineering package
Audio converter with voice detection feature for home appliances
Second life EV batteries to power data centers?
Nanotube composites promise solar cell efficiency boost
Metallization innovation lowers solar module costs, boost efficiency
Chemical breakthrough optimizes solar cell efficiency performance
Next generation optical bonding
Origami graphene nanobox packs hydrogen into fuel cells
ST schedules volume production of silicon carbide MOSFETs for 200C operation
Instrument surveys fibre-optical communication systems at high accuracy
Fullerene-free organic solar cells achieve record conversion efficiency
The EFM32 Zero Gecko starter kit in stock at RS Components
Tungsten diselenide promises flexible ultrathin semi-transparent solar cells
Haptic lens converts light into touch
Optical sensor improves spot welding process
Liquid crystal waveguides split optical fibre signal at MHz speed
Are quantum dot solar cells commercially viable?
Graphene nanoflakes triple solar panel efficiency
Startup slashes SRAM power with standard logic process
IBC solar cell achieves efficiency of 24.4 percent
Suntech targets UK PV market to fuel growth
FPGA-based prototyping for IP verification and pre-silicon software
Synthetic ferrimagnet promises energy efficienct thermally induced switching
Plessey appoints former Cree executive to drive LED sales growth
CdTe solar cell grabs conversion efficiency world record
Thin film solar cell costs cut through 'superabsorbing' design
SMA Solar takes over Danfoss solar inverter business
Intelligent power driver handles extreme temperatures
IBM sets data transfer record in multimode optical fiber
Photovoltaic development deals targets 22.4 percent cell efficiencies
Strain gauge is based on optical fibre
Stretchable optical circuit enables wearable body sensor networks
Record-breaking SiGe transistor runs at 798GHz
Recycling process trims thin film CIGS manufacturing costs
Xilinx rolls out 256 QAM 80GHz small cell Backhaul modem IP
Body motion drives implantable energy harvester
Micrometer-scale electro-optical modulator operates at 40Gbps
Pomegranate inspires silicon anode breakthough for lithium-ion batteries
Fast-charge, 3A buck-boost chip for supercaps
EU researchers target large-area, intelligent SSL module breakthrough
Global wafer revenues declined in 2013
FPGA sandwich secures boot up on embedded systems
VTT develops printable e-nose sensor
UK targets research funds at sustainable manufacturing materials
Quantum optical lithography proven at 1nm resolution
A connector system for 400 Gbps data rates
Digital ultraviolet index sensors will add a function to wellness monitoring
Artificial photosynthesis breakthrough promises low cost hydrogen automobiles
Quantum Materials to expand quantum dot production
Opinion: Powering wearable devices - watch out for safety first
Hydrogen battery aims to replace lithium counter-parts
Atom scale simulation offers nanoscale film growth benefits
Manufacturers’ top tips to cost-effective 3D IC production
More funds for SiC-on-silicon power technology
European buses steer towards zero emission fuel cells
Browser based tool automates project reviews using managed checklists
Precisely not there: fake GPS positioning
Slashing costs in 3D IC wafer processing: forget about adhesives!
Surface imaging and metrology software support 3D imaging and analysis
ARM-based SBC with touch-screen display for HMI applications
Silicon capacitors: a new solution for decoupling applications
GENIVI 5.0 compliant embedded design platform targets Linux based in-vehicle infotainment systems
Project IMAGE yields printable transparent and flexible electrodes for OLEDs and solar cells
Low cost solar cell based on graphene and perovskite delivers an efficiency of 15.6 percent
Saft wins multi-million euro solar PV energy storage contract for La Reunion island
Fuel cell vehicles unlikely to become competitive, expert says
FBGS seals strategic partnership with 4DSP LLC to deliver structural monitoring solutions
Cloud-based interactive reference design implemented as Arrow enVision
Disordered lithium-based compounds could yield better batteries
Optical encoder has an angular tolerance of less than ± 0.14°
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute demos prototype Google Glass-based personal light measurement system
Low-mass accelerometer aimed at industry, transport
China to force rationalisation on solar-cell manufacturing sector
Antireflective black silicon technology slashes solar cell production costs
Br/N-based dopants open up the band-gap in graphene nanoplatelets for the design of FETs
4-wavelength integrated 100Gbps EML-TOSA
Continental to showcase first concepts jointly developed with IBM
Toumaz Limited expands its partnership with Imagination Technologies and delivers new digital radio chip
Meyer Burger Technology Group delivers a printing process to mass produce solar cells
Wireless MCUs draw only 18mA when transmitting at +10 dBm, 50nA in standby
Design-free RF-based wireless charging redefines user experience
Advanced energy-harvesting IC broadens benefits of battery-free technology
Koch Industries acquires Molex for USD7.2 billion
GaN-on-silicon LEDs to grow market share to 40 percent by 2020
Power efficient 'sensor on a chip' family simplifies relative humidity sensing
Optical pen offers an axial resolution of 5nm for the precise measurement of micro-structures
World market for direct current power systems for commercial buildings to be USD10bn by 2020
The Top 10 Most Popular Power Management News Stories of 2013
Instrument detects electromagnetic attacks
80-V battery charging controller actively finds true maximum power point in solar panels
SolarWorld plans to takeover Bosch solar plants in Europe
Singapore, Abu Dhabi, agree to develop MEMS together
IoT on a fingertip is researcher's goal
Wearable textile battery is capable of being recharged by lightweight solar cells
Bio-based solar cell uses photosynthetic proteins to generate electricity
5Gbit/s line-of-sight infrared connection supports fast data sharing
PV materials market to grow nine percent annually through 2018, predicts Lux Research
New test facility focuses on thin-film solar cell research
Optical encoder integration for BLDC-motor feedback
OLEDS and solar cells to come straight from the printer in future
Fiber optic transmitters and receivers for industrial applications enter full production
European research team discover way to make solar cells utilize thermal radiation
Get your digital copy of EETimes Europe
High resolution optical image stabilization IC targets smartphone camera modules
Annual worldwide solar PV installations set to double by 2020
STMicroelectronics and Memoir Systems join forces on faster embedded memories
GT Advanced Technologies agrees multi-year sapphire materials supply deal with Apple
RS Components signs franchise agreement with Silicon Labs
Microinverters and DC power optimizers to approach USD2bn in annual revenue by 2020
Energy democratization will come: it’s called multi-junction photovoltaics
Silicon Carbide start-up company gets Ł1m funding to further develop low-cost SiC power devices
Anvil gains GBP1m funding to commercialise low cost SiC power switch devices
Thermal analysis tool estimates accurate “package bottom” temperature
sureCore tapes-out low power SRAM IP demonstrator chip
32-bit MCU helps wearable fitness tracker maximize battery life
Quasi-random structure development helps improve efficiency of solar cells
IEA PVPS countries sees total installed PV capacity rise to 90 GW
Vanderbilt University develops novel supercapacitor made out of silicon
Perovskite-based solar cells offers major manufacturing cost savings
1000-W step-up DC-DC converter focuses on automotive powertrain applications
Cell monitoring chip simplifies balancing of li-ion battery cells
Emerging PV markets set to drive increased polysilicon demand in 1Q14
CMOS-compatible intra-chip photonics brings new class of sensors
PC-based sampling oscilloscope integrates 9.5GHz optical fibre-to-electrical converter
Automated optical inspection module supports 3D functions
PV production grows despite a crisis-driven decline in investment
Connecting campuses building-to-building: exploring the fiber option
Al2O3 passivation approach through atomic layer deposition supports 20.1% efficiency in industrial PERC Si solar cells
Remote microgrids will surpass $8.4bn by 2020, forecasts Navigant Research
LED-based light ring targets custom lighting applications
Near-to-eye 2048x1536 pixels microdisplay offers immersive field of view
MEMS gyroscopes support shake-free image capture
Solar power bank charges all 5V 1A USB devices
Silicon Designs invests $7 million in MEMS fabrication facility expansion
Global solar inverter shipments fall for the first time in seven quarters
Ultra-low power image processor IC relies on Deeply Depleted Channel transistors
German developer raises €10m for next generation of LTE small cells
Global solar PV module installations to show stable growth until 2020
Imec and Veeco join forces for gallium nitride on silicon devices
ams invests 25m euros to develop dedicated in-house production capacity for analog 3D ICs
German government subsidy will kick-start solar energy storage market predicts IHS
FPGA Mezzanine Card adapter kit supports FPGA/ASIC prototyping
Researchers demonstrate 2µm thick stretchable polymer LEDs
China Mobile extends TD-LTE deployment through 2014
Silica-based optical fibres and hollow silica waveguides
Methanol fuel cell system addresses telecom backup power needs
ESiP completes development of system-in-package solutions to offer miniaturization benefits
Dishwasher-sized fuel cells designed to be ten-fold cheaper
Synthetic polymers lower the cost of alkaline fuel cells
Hybrid indoor location technology to dominate smartphone market
Low-noise rugged MEMS accelerometer offers temperature and stability
System-to-silicon IC design consultancy doubles capacity in Shangai
New 100A, 3-phase burst pulse tester target networks using renewable energy
Electro-optical convertors feature push-pull connector technology
Cobalt replacements make solar cells more sustainable
Motor-control functions shape 8-bit microcontroller feature set
Probing of 25-µm-diameter micro-bumps is a step towards 3D ICs
Solar power inverter market to drop by five percent in 2013
4M-pixel CCD camera designed for selective solder joints optical inspection
Timing closure highlights the challenges of 45nm silicon design and below
Distributed solar power generation to reach USD112bn in annual revenue by 2018
Frontier Silicon opens a software engineering centre in Timisoara, Romania
NFC, MEMS sensors and gesture recognition make the difference in smartphones, says ABI Research
German scientists focus on bringing color to solar facades
South Korea researchers reveal two in one solution for low cost polymer LEDs and solar cells
Silicon Labs and Altium release component libraries for EFM32 Gecko MCUs
16-nm node yields industry's smallest 128-Gb multi-level cell NAND Flash
Soitec's RF SOI wafers now mainstream for producing smartphone switches
Worldwide solar PV market to surpass $134bn by 2020, forecasts Navigant Research
Network synchronization system on a chip
Development kits target long life embedded signal and control for IoT
Development kits aim to speed DSP smart sensor system designs
Thin-film CZTSe solar cell from Solliance and imec reaches 9.7% efficiency
German researchers claim world record in silicon integrated nanophotonics
Imec solves metallization issues in advanced interconnects for the sub-1X technology node
Eurotunnel Group awards Saft major contract for nickel-based rail batteries
Plessey releases samples of 350-mW GaN on silicon LEDs
ARM Cortex M3-based MCU combines 258 kByte of SRAM and 1 MByte of ROM
NeoPhotonics opens new Chinese factory to support Cloud computing demand
X-FAB's analog/mixed-signal reference kit targets advanced Cadence Design flows
Optical jack sockets offer immunity to signal noise
Transmissive optical sensors target encoder applications
Fresh investment is pumped into EU solar technologies research facilities
Fully instrumented sock integrates smart fabrics sensors to provide fitness data
University of Stuttgart develops innovative inspection method for photovoltaic systems
STMicro signs memory design agreement with Rambus
BroadbandSuite 6.2 establishes a new standard for G-PON network interoperability
X-FAB optimizes 180nm process for portable analog applications
Small cells gaining traction in cellular nets
Single-wafer cleaning solution, 3D-IC/TSV, advanced packaging, MEMS
RF front-end amplifiers and filters for small cell transceivers
Field test of IPv6 wireless mesh communication at Norway's Smart Grid centre
Image sensor sensitive to 1mLux for true night vision
European PV installations to fall by more than 6-GW in 2013, forecasts IHS
Ultra transparent conducting oxides offer improved solar cell efficiency
Cloud platform runs Altera's Quartus II tool for chip design workflow
Silicon Labs acquires Energy Micro
Chinese antidumping duties look likely to drive up solar polysilicon devices pricing
Direct semiconductor wafer bonds target next-gen solar cells
System-on-chip challenges the economics of small cells
Japan prepares to become world's largest solar revenue market in 2013
Solar industry about to rebound after consolidation, says Lux Research
Intel outlines 3-D NAND transition
Research project uses alcohol-based fuel cells to extend range of e-cars
TQ Group appoint Embedded Solutions as their UK distributor
Virtex 7-based FPGA module targets multi FPGA prototyping
Single chip integrates JTAG standards and mixed-signal test instruments
Intel pushes for more research beyond 10-nm
Solar industry capital spending hits seven-year low in 2013 but upturn is on the cards
Places2Be project aims to boost European leadership around FD-SOI
u-blox to develop 3G HSPA module based on Intel's XMM 6255 HSPA platform
8.5x8.5x5.91mm CMOS camera module features 8 megapixels
sureCore receives Ł250K SMART Award to prototype its low power SRAM technology
850 and 940nm IR emitters and package-matched Silicon PIN photodiode target IR touch panels
EU antidumping duties could block Chinese modules out of the European Market
Industry's first all SiC three-phase power module offers lower cost power conversion
Shunt-based management system targets lithium-ion batteries
Wireless data logger connects to the cloud through Bluetooth LE
Solar PV wafer production to grow 19 percent in 2013, forecasts NPD Solarbuzz
Swindon Silicon Systems signs technology partnership deal with ZPower
CMOS-based isolated gate drivers provide drop-in replacements for opto-drivers in industrial power systems
M2M data management solution targets multiply-connected embedded systems
Top 20 Solar PV module suppliers capture 70 percent market share in first quarter of 2013 reports NPD Solarbuzz
6-axis MEMS SoC integrates gyroscope and accelerometer in a 3x3x0.8mm chip
Starter Kit for COM Express Type 6 modules features AMD Embedded R-Series APUs
500-W GaN on SiC HEMT pulsed power transistor provides high gain, efficiency over 1.2-1.4-GHz bandwidth
AMD supports designs with customer-specific IP through its Semi-Custom Business Unit
Optical MT backplane interconnect system simplifies VPX-architecture
LCD modules with enhanced viewing angle and colour stability
Jenoptik and Phoenix Contact join forces to develop intelligent LED lighting for machines
'Black Silicon' gives CMOS image sensor true nightglow capabilities
2.8 megapixel USB 3.0 CCD camera takes 1932x1452 images at 26 FPS
USB 3.0 port dual band wireless adapter supports up to 867 Mbps
Automotive intelligent battery sensor reference design
Intelligent alignment system features four camera sensor heads
Market for GaN and SiC power semiconductors set to rise by factor of 18 in next decade
Sealed waterproof silicone mouse is washable
Restored balance between supply and demand helps European solar module prices rise
OPV solar modules project aims to optimize energy harvesting by autonomous sensors within buildings
ITTIA DB SQL database now able to distribute large data sets across a wide array of devices
Single-chip digital radio receivers support HD Radio and DAB/DAB+
Bringing greater Quality-of-Service to small cells
Smart Packaging Solutions adds dual interface certified banking card based on ST's solution
KTH The Royal Institute of Technology develops world's first water-activated charging device for mobile phones
Cambrios partners with Novaled to Produce 100 sq cm OLED lighting tiles with transparent electrodes
IGBT gate drivers feature on-board optical fibre interface for large-scale plants
LED-on-microwire startup raises $13 million
Fully flexible design platform helps OEMs validate new energy harvesting cell concepts
1-cell Li-Ion/Li-polymer battery protection ICs
CNS-EnOcean driver remotely controls energy harvesting wireless networks
Compiler partitioning tool now supports Virtex-7 FPGA-based FPGA platforms
Converged Bluetooth digital radio module
Real-time, video processing system blends multiple channels
Coherent optical signal generation with high performance arbitrary waveform generator
LED luminaires transmit data at high bandwidth
Toshiba begins volume production of SiC power devices
Organic image sensors sensitive to X-rays, visible and near infrared spectrum ranges
ConnectCard for i.MX28 enables cloud-connected devices
Crocus Technology wins IARPA contract to develop 8-bit per cell memory
Plessey is first in the world to release GaN on silicon LEDs on 6-inch GaN on silicon substrates
UMS appoints Link Microtek as representative for III-V MMICs and foundry services
SWINDON Silicon Systems agrees EMEA partnership deal with Redtree Solutions
Murata and Beta LAYOUT offer PCB service with free embedded UHF RFID
First ARM Cortex-A57 processor tapes out on TSMC’s 16nm FinFET technology
Enhanced thyristor power controllers feature integral feedback control to maintain power
Graphensic to develop its graphene on silicon carbide business with new chairman of board
Hermetically solderable IR filters, windows and covers target sensors
First Solar is ranked as largest photovoltaic EPC in 2012
Using color sensors to diagnose skin diseases
Apple buys Silicon Valley startup WiFiSlam to acquire indoor WiFi geolocation technology
25,000 DMIPS-capable SoC targets the automotive infotainment market
MEMS accelerometers target healthcare applications
Solder saver unit for wave soldering machines enables up to 50% savings
World's largest producer of solar panels, Suntech Power production unit goes bankrupt
User-defined VI Chip PRM Modules can be simulated online
ST’s THELMA MEMS manufacturing process available for prototyping through CMP
45GHz optical modulation analyzer solution supports baud rate tests up to 85GBaud
Solar Press partners with KROENERT to provide low cost, flexible organic solar cell production benefits
Grid tunable light source modules for optical test system
Flexible supply chain underpins success of Queen's Award winning manufacturer
Multiport optical power meters detect power levels down to -110 dBm
Optical wavelength meters cover the 1270-1650nm range
19nm NAND SSDs with capacities from 60GB to 512GB
The BMW Group could soon integrate free-gesture paint defect control
Alpha Micro to distribute Axsem's RF ICs and LCD drivers
New company Triton Micro Technologies to develop innovative via-fill technology for interposers
IGBT product selection tool eases design optimization
Optical switches use electro-optical waveguides based on liquid crystals
microSDHC memory card supports HD content viewing
Active RFID tags combine LF wake up and 2.4GHz communication
Single-channel, 2.5-A/5-A gate drivers target IGBT and SiC FET designs
ICFO researchers demonstrate graphene is viable alternative material for light-based energy harvesting technologies
IR time-of-flight proximity sensor opens up new smartphone user interactions
From ROM to Flash for added flexibility
Spray painted solar cells could cut costs significantly
Nexeon secures strategic investment and forms partnership with WACKER Chemie to scale-up silicon anode technology
Rutronik distributes Toshiba’s first 19nm NAND SSDs
Stress analysis software evaluates the effect of forces in electrical devices
Moving from magnetic random access memory to magnetic logic units
Four-year PLAT4M project to secure Europe's silicon photonics supply chain
Silicon Labs collaborates with SIGFOX collaborate to tap the potential of the Internet of Things
Advanced LTE Small Cell software supports Texas Instruments’ latest generation wireless SoC
CSEM's Photovoltaic Systems Center begins operations
Dual display single board computer measures 100x70mm
Xilinx Virtex-7 based FPGA card for OpenVPX systems
Silicon nanocrystals bring light into the smallest dimensions
Varitronix to increase LCD production capacity with US$25m design & manufacturing line
Vienna University of Technology reveals new class of materials that offer solar cell benefits
UKH2Mobility project maps out future of hydrogen fuel cell cars in the UK
Buck-boost DC/DC controller converts input voltages from 2.8V to 80V to fixed output voltage at high efficiency
Fraunhofer Institute opens up new pilot line for organic electronics
World's solar photovoltaic capacity passes 100-GW landmark following strong year of growth
Project MEMS2015 looks at new design methodology for innovative sensors and actuators
Single-chip line card device integrates quad DPLLs for 100G muxponders
ARM rates FDSOI process as 'good technology'
Imec introduces hyperpectral CMOS camera for snapshot and video
Daimler, Ford and Nissan join forces for zero-emission technology
Photocouplers offer high-speed switching and integrated IGBT protection function
Computer simulations point the way to more efficient solar cells
Directional trackside antenna for CBTC applications
Microprocessor-based panel meter displays sensors' data
5-W DC/DC converter delivers cold start up benefits at -55 °C
Hardware emulation solution for ARM Cortex-A9 MPCore processor-based SoCs
Swedish Graphensic is granted business support for graphene on silicon carbide
USB 3.0 imaging solution supports up to 100 meters of optical cable
u-blox demonstrates navigation using Chinese BeiDou satellite system
300-V power MOSFETs offer benchmark on-state resistance to boost system efficiency in industrial applications
High-brightness outdoor LED displays up to 55-inch
Expanded SiC power module product family supports industrial applications with extended temperature ranges
Heliatek establishes new world record for organic solar technology with12% cell efficiency
Matlab, Simulink speed engine development of Mazda’s Skyactiv-D-engine
Research firm HIS expects the number of companies in the solar supply chain to plummet by 70 percent
GeneSiC Semiconductor signs global distribution deal with Digi-Key
High cost limits the adoption of hydrogen fuel cells says Lux Research
Stanford researchers develop the world’s first peel-and-stick thin-film solar cells
A micro-lens array for multiple electron beam lithography tools
Top-10 solar market predictions for 2013 by IHS
Kuwait University and imec to collaborate on advanced silicon solar cell technology
Photovoltaic Industry threatens with legal action against retroactive taxes on PV investments
28nm CMOS 100G Ethernet/OTN PHYs withstand up to 32dB of channel loss
Silicon based optical fiber with solar-cell capabilities could be woven into solar fabrics
University of Warwick pinpoints alternative to fullerenes in organic solar cells
Akros Silicon supports PoE 60-W deployments following interoperability collaboration with Broadcom
Energy-harvesting textile integrates micro spherical solar cells
End-to-end digital transmission content protection
HDCP 2.2 compliant protection for premium content
DC-HSUPA network testing and measurements through user equipment emulation
Virtex 7 2000T multi FPGA-based prototyping system
Wi-Fi 802.11ac silicon IP targets mobile appliances
Lund University discovers new method of manufacturing could revolutionise semiconductor production
MEMS variable capacitive accelerometers with eight-pin connector
Synthetic molecule stores solar energy to provide sustainable energy system
Researchers demonstrate all-paper Li-ion batteries
New wave of touch sensors driven by consumer demand, says NPD DisplaySearch
Alkaline fuel cells offer benefits over acidic ones
With a renewed website, EPIA has increased its focus on solar photovoltaics
MSC signs pan-European distribution agreement with ELMOS
IP-based communication networks centrally managed
Bluetooth silicon IP draws less than half the power of today's standard solutions
Active optical cable doubles reach over copper solutions
Sixth generation 600-V IGBTs claims hard switching efficiency benefits
Hydrogen fuel cell based on solidified calcium hydride combines high efficiency and safety
New European project promotes large-scale integration of Photovoltaics in electricity distribution grids
MEMS barometric capacitive pressure sensor delivers 10cm of altitude resolution
X-FAB announces multiple high-voltage levels on a single chip
X-FAB and Anvo-Systems Dresden to deliver fast energy-efficient nvSRAM
Snap-in power aluminum capacitors with 500-V rated voltage and ripple current to 2.52-A focus on solar applications
More smartphones connect to Wi-Fi hotspots than laptops, says the Wireless Broadband Alliance
X-FAB acquires majority share in MFI renamed as X-FAB MEMS Foundry Itzehoe
Microsemi claims world's first SiGe-based, monolithic RF front end device designed for Broadcom's 5G WiFi mobile platforms
28Kbyte Java virtual machine supports 32-bit MCUs
Imec and Nantero launch joint carbon nanotube memory program
Active optical cables deliver 12-channel, 150Gbit/s speed
Order cancellations drive PV book-to-bill ratio into negative territory
Integrated optical vortex emitters open up new applications
STMicroelectronics and Soitec cooperate to deliver 28nm FD-SOI CMOS process
27″ high-grade IPS monitor with MHL functionality
Smart gate driver optocoupler provides designers with isolated gate driving and fault sensing benefits
Soitec completes delivery of 5 MW in solar-energy systems to Italy
University of Luxembourg researchers focus on preventing solar cell degradation during production
New organic solar cell offers high voltage to recharge a lithium-ion battery directly
Heinrich-Hertz-Institut doubles the efficiency of black silicon solar cells
Silicon Europe: a cluster of clusters to boost the European micro- and nanoelectronics industry
10 A, 1000 V photovoltaic solar panel protection rectifier
10-A, 1000-V PV solar panel protection rectifier fits in the P600 axial package
Thin film solar systems as a complete package in IKEA stores
Silicon photomultiplier module with high sensitivity from near-UV to NIR wavelengths
Call for consensus on small cell base stations
SiC Schottky barrier diodes claim market leading efficiency
Handheld multi-function OTDRs cover optical fibre installation and maintenance tests
Interface module for strain gauge amplifier load cell conditioners
Full-flow analog and mixed-signal design suite includes schematic capture, dual circuit simulators and waveform probing
EC report finds two-thirds of the world's new solar panels were installed in Europe in 2011
Industrial grade SLC-based USB 2.0 flash drive
70V-tolerant, 12-cell battery sensor extends battery life, supports highest automotive safety rating
Optical line terminal transceiver for FTTH networks
IBM images molecular bonds
X-FAB's open-platform MEMS 3D inertial sensor process available for high-volume
Innovative magnetic technologies enhance efficiency of micro-inverter and central-inverter solar applications
Versatile link plastic optical fiber devices integrate digital driver and receiver logic
QSFP+ based active optical cable assemblies support an aggregate bandwidth of up to 56Gb/s
Europe aims for mass production of quantum computing
Investigating nano-electro-mechanical relay-based computing
Startup spins out pay-as-you-go solar
DAB 5.0 Software Development Kit
Electronic sensors monitor 3D medical tissues
Cree introduces 150mm 4HN silicon carbide epitaxial wafers
40G chipset reduces power consumption to boost data-center throughput
Self-charging piezo-power cell converts and stores energy chemically in a single unit
Light-emitting foils could offer cost-effective OLED alternative
Heliatek looks to raise €60m to put flexible solar sheets into production
German researchers discover how superconductivity can be tapped to improve power transmission
Industrial grade MEMS 3D motion trackers maintain accuracy under vibrations
SiC power MOSFET with internal SiC SBD reduces power loss in inverters
Aixtron GaN-on-Si packet improves HB LED manufacturing productivity
40G passive optical networks take shape
Technical innovation to create new revenue opportunities for PV capital equipment supply chain
Highly integrated optical sensors measure RGB, ambient light, proximity motion, infrared, and temperature
In-line fuse protects against ground fault damage
French Post keen to run fuel cell vehicles
Highly integrated optical sensors measure RGB, ambient light, proximity motion, infrared, and temperature
DisaSolar signs bio-mimetic solar panels R&D contract with the French Ministry of Defence (DGA)
SOI wafers facilitate FinFET over oxide creation
SiC Schottky barrier diodes claim the industry's lowest forward voltage
1 Gigabit NAND flash memory in 3.3V, 48-pin, TSOP1 configuration
KIT intensifies printable organic solar cell research to boost efficiencies by more than 10 percent
Toumaz to acquire Frontier Silicon for up to 32.3 million sterling pounds
Multi-cell, multi-chemistry battery gas gauge supports wide range lithium battery chemistries
Software-based gesture recognition solution for programmable imaging and vision platform
Better surfaces could improve heat transfer to advance the design of concentrated solar-power systems
Heinrich Hertz Institute teams with Johns Hopkins on medical sensors technology
MIT textures silicon surface with inverted pyramids patterns to boost solar cells‘output
New mathematical approach helps to simulate materials for solar cells and LEDs
Cubic silicon carbide could be twice as good as silicon for solar cells
New SiC diodes in DPAK package doubles current rating to 10-A
4.8x2.3x0.8mm proximity and ambient light optical sensor with 16-bit resolution
Loughborough University to take the lead at new SUPERSOLAR hub
X-FAB completes noble metal MEMS facility with in-house gold processing
Imec and Kaneka achieve breakthrough in heterojunction solar cells
Second sourcing for STMicro‘s 28nm and 20nm FD-SOI technology with Globalfoundries
940nm reflective optical sensor offers 0.2 to 5mm detection range
5-side inspection add-on for automated optical inspection
Nanosolar raises USD70 million in new capital to drive thin film solar commercialization
Diode controller provides negative input protection and low current operation
Solar retinal implants may restore sight to the blind
Tanner EDA claims 5x to 10x speed improvements for nanometer SPICE accuracy verification tool
38 European partners to focus on model-based analysis and testing of embedded systems
Silicon Labs gains wireless mesh networking technology with Ember acquisition
Patient status engine combines wireless body-worn sensors with cloud-based electronic health record
Silicon Labs announces microcontroller die sales program in quantities as low as one wafer
OIF to define three 56 Gbits/s serial interfaces
SemiSouth begins sampling 650-V 55-mOhm SiC JFETs
Continental integrates engine control and energy flow management into one system
SiC JFETs simplify fast start-up of 3-phase power supplies
Bridgelux and Toshiba achieve excellent performance for 8″ GaN-on-silicon LEDs
US and Asia Pacific pipelines to stimulate PV revenue growth in 2H'12
Black solar cells have lowest reflectance for silicon solar cells
NPT IGBTs offer a reduction of 20 percent in total switching and conduction losses
OpenFlow debuts on an optical network
Open-loop Hall-effect user-programmable current transducers up to 25A DC, AC or pulsed
1200V SiC JFET family features direct drive technology to improve efficiency levels for solar inverters
Micro-miniature Flip-Chip MEMS pressure transducer die is only 1.65x1.2mm
Zinc dyes point way to renewable photovoltaic devices
CEA-Leti promotes LETI-3S (Silicon Specialty Solutions) collaboration mode on 200mm and 300mm platforms
SFP+ and QSFP+ systems deliver high speed performance
NPD DisplaySearch reports 66% growth of touch sensors manufacturing capacity, oversupply looming
MEMS variable capacitive accelerometers with 4-wire snap-in removable connector
NanoMarkets forecasts dye sensitized cell PV market faces to great expansion in years to come
Method could pave way for lower cost, more flexible devices
PXI boundary scan solution speeds verify time by 40 to 50%
High energy density DC link capacitors offer performance benefits for larger inverter systems
Silicon-on-insulator at STM and IBM closing gap with Intel
Solar power junction boxes protected to IP65
Molecular catalyzer breakthrough aims to boost the uptake of solar energy
28Gbps high-speed links through 4mm stack height connectors for pluggable optical transceivers
Growth in multicore software parallelization drives Vector Fabrics to open US office
Global PV installations to grow by up to 21 percent in 2012 forecasts IMS Research
Power electronics to grow to USD15 billion in 2020, predicts Lux Research
European partnership aims to develop next generation of highly efficient silicon thin-film solar modules
Group demos power-saving PON protocol
Innovative 3-D solar PV designs from MIT claim to double the solar power generated from a given area
MCU family delivers cost-effective digital control to reduce energy footprint
Broadcom taps Israeli passive network technology with Broadlight buy
World solar photovoltaic market grew to 27.4 Gigawatts in 2011, Up 40% Y/Y
Using virtual worlds to 'soft control' people's movements in the real one
High-performance silicon tuners offer zero-power loop-through for cable STBs
Nexeon clinches Climate Week Award for Best Technological Breakthrough
All-CMOS silicon oscillator technology now shipping
Twin Creeks emerges with new solar cell manufacturing approach
ST, ST-Ericsson commit to SOI, says Soitec
Heliatek opens production facility for the manufacture of organic solar films
High speed and accurate 3D measurement of components through laser scans
Swedish researchers launch graphene industry in Europe with Graphensic
Electric vehicle motor system features built-in silicon carbide inverter
Solar panels derived from CERN technology will support the one of Switzerland's largest solar energy systems
Holey optical transceiver breaks the 1-Tbit/s barrier
PMC is first to market with symmetric end-to-end 10G-EPON SoCs
CEA-Leti and III-V lab demonstrate integrated silicon photonics transmitter with hybrid tunable laser
YesTech Europe opens UK training and demo facility for automated optical inspection
L-Mount 60 watts fiber-coupled diode laser module for 200 µm fiber
Luxtera, ST in deal to take silicon photonics mainstream
Dual display fiber amplifier with easy teach and programming for sensing applications
University of East Anglia to use ultrafast laser to research energy harvesting on molecular scale
TI and Aricent collaborate on small cell protocol stack optimized for KeyStone multicore processors
Mindspeed and ASTRI demonstrate commercial-grade TD-LTE small cell reference design
Fully integrated proximity and ambient light optical sensor features power-saving interrupt function
European collaboration aims to fast-track organic and large-area electronics developments
Thermal diffusivity sensors are the future
Connector range for future-proof end-to-end 25 Gbps channel interoperability
Path to optical links still dark
C3Nano secures USD 6.7 million in series-B funding for transparent conductive film
Freescale wins ip.acccess LTE small cell design
Heliatek and Reckli to jointly develop building-integrated organic solar panels
Shift to commercial embedded boards creates shifts in the defence market
Soitec to build 50MW solar plant in South Africa
European research project to boost solar cell efficiency
LiFePO4 batteries could lead to cheaper, more efficient solar energy
Russia's new Olympic Winter Games trains look to Saft batteries to deliver cold weather performance
Research project looks into the exhaust pipe
Microsemi joins new SOI-HITS research project to reduce CO emissions and achieve energy savings
Plessey buys LED technology firm, aims at drastically lower HB LED costs
MCU solar kits speed up renewable energy applications
Nexeon's battery technology claims double triumph at environmental awards
Advanced mixed-signal process design kit from X-FAB enhanced with Silicon Frontline's post-layout extraction software
Polyera achieves world-record organic solar cell performance and enables windows to act as solar panels
1700-V SiC Schottky diodes enable cost savings for solar and motor applications
CIGS solar panels sales expected to grow rapidly
3-D IC standards needed within six months
Avago, TI hit signal milestones
Fabless firm offers MEMS optical IC platform
ITU approves G3-PLC as a new worldwide smart grid standard
RS-485/RS-422 transmitters and receivers simplify industrial designs
Imec and Genalyte report disposable silicon photonics biosensor chips
SIGe low-noise transistor enhances reception and signal range of indoor digital TV antenna
SyncE timing devices support telecom, Ethernet and OTN clock rates
The move to 3D die stacks drives interconnect consortia
Street lighting system combines solar, LED technology
PwC sees China growth despite IP fears
Osram creates gallium-nitride LED chips on silicon wafers
Anritsu Cell Master and Spectrum Master enhanced for LTE field test requirements
3D optical profilers integrate imaging topography software
Organic photovoltaics offer greener benefits to provide solar cell
±5 g MEMS capacitive accelerometer modules feature a simple four-wire connection
Researchers create a silicon wire 4 atoms wide, 1 atom tall
Laser-based optical lithography to yield a resolution of 2nm half-pitch lines
Phone charging using harvested solar energy: Nokia’s conclusions
Atomic layer deposition enables high efficiency silicon nanorod solar cells
T-Solar Group signs up $145m to fund 44 MW worth of photovoltaic power plants in Peru
Increasing system performance through the use of optical encoders
Metal-assisted chemical etching enables patterned arrays in GaAs
Nanoparticle-based paint-on solar cells achieve 1% efficiency
Thin-film solar startup raises $130 million
Solar PV companies shift focus to profitability gains in 2012
Optical spectrum analyzer offers optical, transport and datacom testing
Cree expands design and evaluation services to speed LED product development
Imec, Polyera and Solvay set 8.3% efficiency record for organic solar
TSMC goes it alone with 3-D IC process
Carbon better than copper for TSVs
Dow Corning enters long-term silane supply deal with Air Products
Imec reports smallest fully-functional HfO2-based Resistive RAM cell
Hardware validation platform for mobile interface standards enables at-speed validation
Silicon Labs claims lowest power wireless microcontroller
Heliatek claims world record for organic solar cells with certified 9.8 percent cell efficiency
Magna brings camera-based driver assistance systems to volume markets
IBM to produce Micron's Hybrid Memory Cube with 3D CMOS
Maxwell Technologies joins EU research program to study graphene use in energy storage
Imec demonstrates interdigitated back-contact silicon solar cells with efficiency above 23%
Low-g range capacitive MEMS accelerometers
Imec and Kaneka research copper for silicon solar cells
Nokia tweaks Bluetooth for indoor navigation
Silicon temperature sensor features high accuracy, resolution over a wide range
100 Gbps integrated optical transceivers based on CMOS silicon photonics
Modules target single-phase solar inverters and UPS
Optical diode boosts silicon photonics efforts
Stanford's solar car uses STM32s for subsystems
High-efficiency heterojunction silicon solar cells with copper electroplating
Sludge transformed into electricity using solar power, robots
Google Wallet and Apple will force cooperation between mobile network operators
Fuel cell carmakers and industry highlight zero emission mobility
Advanced car radio tuner IC family reduces cost and complexity
'Mobility' proposed for legacy ATSC broadcast
IBM pilots datacenter running on solar power
Silicon temperature sensor offers high accuracy and resolution
Standalone NFC MicroSD features integrated antenna and active booster
Project RAMPLAS targets the first 100 GHz optical RAM silicon chips
European researchers demonstrate reliability of VCSEL vertical laser devices at 40 Gbit/s
Ethernet-based switches for industrial automation
IEEE to define 25 Gbit optical interfaces
Intrinsically safe C-size cell delivers high power performance
Tactical grade MEMS gyroscope rivals fiber optic gyroscopes for performance
Isolated gate driver supports high density power converters
ARM buys optimization tools company
Delphi introduces robust automotive inverter with high power density
Saft to supply Li-ion battery for Arizona energy storage solutions project
Automated optical inspection tabletop system
Ultra-low-power CMOS oscillators claim a breakthrough in frequency accuracy
ACAL Energy demonstrates fuel cell performance record
LMU shows self-organization gives rise to more efficient organic solar cells
CNSE expands research in CIGS solar cells
Surface-mount CAT IV high-voltage isolation optocouplers support solar and wind turbine installations
Thinfilm unveils first scalable printed CMOS memory
Nanoconfined organic solar cell material enhances conductivity
Soitec launches fifth generation of CPV systems for large-scale solar power plants
Best practices in developing application programming interfaces
Mouser launches new Solar Technology PKC training site for engineers
Chip do Boi RFID device is Brazils’ first home-grown chip to reach mass manufacturing at X-FAB
University of Warwick spin-out business claims new record voltage for organic solar cells
10Gb/s optical transmitter module cuts power consumption by 50%
New TSMC reference kit features Cadence Library Characterization scripts
MOST Cooperation demonstrates integration of Ethernet-based devices with MOST
Wireless window contacts benefit from energy harvesting sensors
Optical signal processing device satisfies power-hungry, high-speed networks
Production cutbacks insufficient to prevent solar module inventory buildup
Thermoelectric-based energy harvesting for wireless sensors
Linked nanoparticles promise cheap solar cell benefits
Integrated model- and trace-based timing analysis
An entrepreneur's view of solar
ARM-based development kit meets MIL-STD 1553
Silicon Line unveils the world's first MIPI M-PHY optical media converter ICs for mobile phones
Smaller optical transceivers reach 10km
Open source ARM-based development platforms featured at Maker Faire
Daimler demos innovative hydrogen-powered research vehicle
ST and Microsoft collaborate on sensing technologies for Windows 8-based tablets and computers
40Gbit/s optical modulator demonstrated in silicon
Xilinx FPGA shows 3-D IC progress
90% of Passports to be e-Passports by 2016, says IMS Research
Multi contact double module for optical waveguides
2012 release of 3U high PV-Simulator-in-a-Box offers high-performance testing of PV inverters
Nujira appoints VP of Silicon Operations
Innovative organic solar cell architecture exhibits new performance gains
EPIA predicts solar photovoltaic electricity will become competitive energy source in Europe by 2020
Etchant/dopant material offers non-contact inkjet selective emitter solution for solar front contacts
CoSynth hosts system level synthesis tutorial
IMS Research says Solyndra’s shutdown is no surprise
Ultra-fast 1200-V IGBTs reduces switching and conduction losses
1.3-micrometer band 40Gbps electro-absorption laser module
X-FAB and Micronas partners on 0.18µm high-voltage CMOS process
AdaptiveRF CMOS power amplifier architecture
Ford plans to sell rooftop solar panels with electric vehicles
Metal adaptor for Elio optical contacts
ARM wrestles with silicon, battery hurdles
Navigant releases new market analysis of worldwide solar markets
Tiny gold particles to boost organic solar cell efficiency
Universal MEMS capacitive accelerometer modules
Report: solar demand gains, revenues flat
Digi-Key corporation signs global distribution agreement with Everlight Electronics
‘Unbreakable’ security IP now on Flash-based cSoCs
Battery anode startup raises $65 million
Voice and M2M connectivity in low-power communications chipset
Nexeon receives Ł40m boost for rechargeable lithium-ion batteries expansion plans
Nanocircuits that adhere to any substrate
Small-sized display shipments down except for tablets
Semtech updates TopSync platform to provides signal timing for legacy and next-generation wireless networks
Cypress and UMC deliver ICs on new low-power 65-nm SONOS embedded flash technology
Tektronix buys Optametra for coherent optical testing
Transition to renewable energy looks to stimulate German economy
Strong 2010 European PV market growth crumbles to 14 percent contraction in 2011
US scientists demo long-wavelength LED based on InGaN-on-silicon technology
IC protects battery packs for e-bikes, power tools
Modena v 5.1.0 facilitates specification and testing of infotainment ECUs
University of Freiburg receives prize for research into implantable glucose fuel cells for pacemaker patients
Fully depleted silicon-on-insulator technology shown to be the most cost-effective approach at the 22 nm node
Imec unveils implant-free quantum-well SiGe pFETs for high-performance CMOS architectures
IMEC identifies hot spots in 3-D mixed IC stacks
Solarbuzz forecast PV equipment spending to fall by half in 2012
New DC filter offers PV system inverter noise benefits
Light propagation controlled in photonic chips
Italy’s largest photovoltaic panel manufacturing plant opens its doors
Harvesting solar, wind and rain energy all at once
Roof built-in photovoltaic tiling system is self-financing
First two-layer quantum dot solar cell could yield higher efficiency photovoltaics
ACAL Energy partners Gordon Murray Design to develop affordable fuel cell vehicle concept
Novel organic semiconductor materials achieve ‘better than amorphous-silicon’ performance
X-FAB adds eFlash to high-voltage 0.18 micrometer foundry offering
Atonometrics provides a continuous solar simulator to Fraunhofer ISE for light soaking
Wafer maker joins GaN-on-Si research
Global photovoltaic module inventories to end Q2’11 at 8.6GW
European fiber optic test market driven by FTTH deployments
Digital PMUs with multi-rail DC/DC offers 94 percent peak efficiency and real-time power sensing and control
Optimised tool for network controller based embedded applications

CEVA and Cellguide partner on software-based GPS
Optical waveform analysis near 100 GHz bandwidths
SST and Inside Secure enter design partnership around Superflash embedded memory
Global electric car production forecast to top 16 million in 2021
Symtavision joins efforts with AUTOSAR modelling tool vendors
Optical amplifier claims world record low noise performance
Off-grid energy storage market to grow at a 6% CAGR from 2011 to 2016
LBA differential pressure sensors from 25 Pa full scale
IMEC benchmarks FinFET superiority
Sony Ericsson selects NXP's NFC solution for its Android-based smartphones
40-V gate driver reduces IGBT switching losses
Wazco and Lindsay Broadband partner on optical backhaul for LTE metrocell
Should Google be in 'white-space' radio?
Solar fuse meets both IEC 60269-6 and UL 2579 PV standards
Mouse sensor technology, still evolving and here to stay
ACAL Energy raises a further Ł6m for low cost fuel cell technology
Handheld tester for single-mode fibre can test links up to 15 miles
Optical monitoring boxes for permanent network control
Circadian Solar prepares for pilot production
Industrial grade touch screen PC is based on Atom
QSolar accelerates shipments of PV panels to Europe
Future Energy Solutions demonstrates micro-inverter reference design at InterSolar 2011
Betting on liquid TSV processes for 3D integration
UK grant helps large structure manufacturing in space take a step closer
M/A-COM Technology unveils new portfolio of GaN-based RF Power transistors
Microsemi expands S-band RF power transistor family to embrace high-performance GaN-on-SiC devices
Junction box brings module-embedded safety and monitoring functions to PV panels
X-FAB releases ready-to-use design IP blocks for MEMS accelerometers
Elpida, Powertech, UMC team on 3-D at 28-nm
Donauer Solartechnik creates new e-mobility business
Modbus gateways with built-in Ethernet switches
Cleaner Air Solutions to install more than 3-MW of Solaredge PV systems in UK
AMCC uses 25G signals to hit 100G
TI selects G24i as energy harvest partner
ASIC prototypes on time—or your money back
Capacitor choice is key to solar PV economics
Signal processing for optical sensors
IMEC makes GaN-on-silicon
ZSW uses roll-to-roll system to deposit CIGS thin-film cells on a 25 micrometre thin polymer film
SoC targets 40 Gbit/s coherent optical networks
Chips see 25% surge in solar, wind
Probe visualizer speeds verification of FPG-based prototype boards
New power modules support all major solar converter topologies
Microsemi expands standard power module family to feature SiC technology
Wireless-based, solar-powered sensor module offers continuous monitoring of carbon monoxide levels
3D hierarchical extractor for post-layout verification boasts unlimited capacity
SFT releases industry's first commercial hierarchical 3D extractor for post-layout verification
NI extends PXI platform capabilities
Fresco squeezes new life out of old analog
Low EMI isolation for medical equipment applications
Silicon Labs expands its range of clock ICs and oscillators to cover the whole market spectrum
PCT based multi-touch displays extends range
Flextronics, MEMC expand solar partnership
VCMOs set new benchmarks with jitters of less than 1-ps
Industry's first high-performance 4-PLL clock ICs focus on optical networking challenges
Nanocone-based solar cell improves charge transport
Cloud-based web application firewall service for mid-sized enterprises
New PV junction box supports silicon wafer module
Graphene modulator tackles optics
MEMS sensor delivers ten degrees of freedom
SemiSouth introduces the industry's lowest resistance SiC power transistor for efficient power management
Neonode plans collaboration with Texas Instruments to develop next-generation touch screen devices
ACAL Energy raises fresh investment to fund Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell development
Solar micro-inverter maker raises $41 million
University of Luxembourg develops method to improve electrical conductivity in polymeric composites
Medical robots market to approach USD1.3 billion in 2016, says ABI Research
French firm takes stake in SunPower
TSMC spins out solar, LED units
Solar-thermal device uses a spray-on polymer photovoltaic
IGBT modules for 3-level inverters offer industry-leading current density performance
Nanotube-based solar cells harness viruses
Autotxt, Deutsche Telekom provide automotive M2M security solutions
TI muscles into touch-panel frenzy
Si2 to form 3-D IC standards group
Infrastructure now key to the future of the connected mobile health platform
Woven polymer electrode offers cost effective alternative for indium tin oxide coatings
Telit supports smart metering initiatives with energy-efficient, wireless M-Bus module
Integrated chips fuel smartphone growth
Report: Organic photovoltaics face stiff headwinds
Hidden magnetic effect could yield optical battery design
Anders Display Division become andersDX to focus on display-based interfaces
Declining incentives across Europe to reset PV cell capacity expansion plans during 2H'11
Solar thermal project heats up
Frame-free data-driven asynchronous photodetectors for artificial vision
Concentrated photovoltaic cells with 43.5% efficiency commercially ready
Silicon Image to buy SiBeam for $25 million
MEMS-based oscillator family aimed at Tablet PCs and E-Books
IMS Research releases PV modules 2010 top ten rankings
Solar3D completes design of a key element of new high efficiency solar cell
MEMS-based pressure sensor for high purity applications
ACAL BFi signs pan-European distribution for Silicon Sensing’s gyroscope and inertial systems
LDK Solar expands into Sapphire wafer business
Gennum buys UK-based mixed-signal IC firm
University of Warwick develop golden window electrodes for organic solar cells
Nanosolar releases new printed CIGS efficiency benchmarks
See through material set to revolutionize touch screens
Xilinx buys optical transport chip vendor
Momentum builds for 3-D chips
High voltage SiC power switch offers logic-level gate control 
Semikron offers customized power module service
Logic analyser offers data capture rates up to 4 Gb/s on industry’s smallest eye openings
Researchers integrate silicon, III-V
Quectel Wireless Solutions and MSC sign Pan-European distribution contract
Partnership develops secure NFC solutions
Wireless MCUs Power sub-GHz mesh network modules
Wireless sensor networking chip market to grow 300% in 2011 thanks to advanced metering infrastructure rollouts
CEA-Leti forms common lab with IPDiA to focus on 3D-integrated passive components
Win a ThreadX/PrismX reference design kit for the STM3210E processor
Solarbuzz reports world solar PV Market grew to 18.2-GW in 2010
New oscillator family minimizes jitter and cost in communications/embedded computing
University of Luxembourg reduces tin loss in preparation of thin film solar cells
World’s largest screen-printed dye solar cell module aimed at building façades
QSFP+ active optical cable assemblies achieve 40Gbps data rates up to 4km
Microsemi targets solar conversion
Soitec announces major U.S. CPV solar power project
DC-DC controllers with gate drive signal shaping offers EMI benefits
Bridgelux claims 'silicon' LED is commercial
Low power HD compatible silicon tuner family
Ultrafast laser 'scribing' technique to cut cost, hike efficiency of solar cells
PMC-Sierra unveils first EPON ONU SoC with integrated OAFE technology
Infineon offers medium voltage MOSFETs in CanPAK packaging
40-Gbps QSFP+ optical transceiver modules
Silicon Line unveils first MIPI D-PHY optical bridge IC for mobile phones
Group rolls PCI-based SSD spec
Mini-SFP+ optical transceivers increase port density
Low energy watch that wirelessly communicates with smartphones offers long coin-cell battery life
Synopsys rolls lithography rule checker
Silicon Labs and IMST join forces on smart energy solutions
Sony goes 'coreless' in Cell processors
Fiber optics boosted by crystalline core
Franco-Israeli collaboration aims to develop floating solar power plants
Consortium claims SiGe frequency record
Faraday selects Silicon Frontline's F3D for accurate 3D extraction of ADCs
DC filter helps reduce solar inverter noise
Fraunhofer IMS develops UV-transparent coating for image sensors
SMT coin cell holder saves installation time
Solar panels also encourage plant growth
EPIA declares 2010 was a record year for solar photovoltaics, Europe fuels rapid capacity growth
Vector Fabrics eases heterogeneous multicore development
Intel buys Dutch multimedia DSP firm
Android-operated mobile phone recharges via its own photovoltaic cells
The challenge - and benefits - of porting legacy code to a multicore platform
Mobile solar energy system targets extreme climate conditions
Hydrogels used in diffraction-based environmental sensors
Model-based software development in the automotive industry
Optical power measurement and resolution
Tiny receiver to connect to both GPS and GLONASS satellites
Molex purchases Luxtera’s silicon photonics-based active optical cable business
Anritsu line sweep tools software brings antenna, cable, and PIM reporting to handheld instruments
Image sensor enables multiple inspections in one pass
Cadence updates design flow for 'end-to-end silicon realisation'
Innovative fuel cell system prepares for first installation
Fuel cell cars on the long march to the market
Isolation amplifiers with increased accuracy for motor drivers and renewable energy power converters
Imec to investigate high-bandwidth optical I/O between CMOS chips
Forward error correction board for 40G and 100G OTN deployments
Dual output synchronous step-down DC/DC controller features digital power system management via I2C/PMBus
CEA-Leti and Shinko sign common-lab agreement on silicon interposer
Optoelectronics in a MIL-DTL-38999 connector
PC-based logic analyser and digital signal generator
Quartet of 45-V TMBSTrench MOS Barrier Schottky rectifiers target solar bypass applications
Brightest nanoparticles shun quantum