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SMBflat package 40% thinner than SOT-223 for power-package miniaturization

March 11, 2011 // Julien Happich

SMBflat package 40% thinner than SOT-223 for power-package miniaturization

STMicroelectronics’s advanced SMBflat package is 40% thinner and takes half the PCB space of its closest rival SOT-223, taking AC switches, SCRs and Triacs to new levels of performance and safety. Occupying half the printed-circuit-board (PCB) area of the popular SOT-223, the new package allows ST’s new ACS108 1-Amp AC switch to achieve the highest ever current density, a key figure of merit - for this type of device.

Additionally, the ‘creepage’ distances of ST’s X02 series SCRs and Z01 series Triacs, which use this new package, will help meet the insulation requirements of the major safety standards for domestic and industrial electrical equipment (IEC 60370 and IEC 60335). A specific footprint can be designed on the PCB, where either SOT-223 or SMBflat packages can be soldered.

This solution guarantees full compatibility of both packages and provides flexibility at the production stage. The SMBflat package measures 3.95x4.6x1.1mm, it has a 3.4mm creepage distance and is RoHS compliant and halogen free.

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