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Step-down DC/DC converter with 150C maximum junction temperature

July 02, 2010 // Christoph Hammerschmidt

Step-down DC/DC converter with 150C maximum junction temperature

Linear Technology announces the H-Grade version of the LT3686. Besides operating under rough environmental conditions, the step-down switching regulator is also designed to work under cold-crank conditions.

The LT3686H is a 1.2A, 37VIN step-down switching regulator. It operates within a VIN range of 3.6V to 37V with overvoltage lockout, protecting the regulator and load from transients as high as 55V, making it suitable for load dump and cold-crank conditions commonly found in automotive applications as well as 24V industrial supplies.

Its internal 1.85A switch can deliver up to 1.2A of continuous output current at voltages as low as 0.8V. The LT3686H's switching frequency is user programmable from 300kHz to 2.5MHz, enabling designers to maximize efficiency while avoiding critical noise-sensitive frequency bands. Its low minimum on-time enables it to provide high switching frequencies even with high step-down ratios. For example, with an input as high as 16V, it can deliver a 3.3V output using a 2MHz switching frequency. The LT3686H also uses a unique design, which ensures that it maintains constant frequency switching, even in very light load conditions. The device's 3mm x 3mm DFN-10 package and high switching frequency, which keeps the external inductor and capacitors small, provides a compact, thermally efficient footprint.

The H-grade version operates up to a junction temperature of 150°C, compared to the E and I grade versions' 125°C maximum junction temperature. All electrical specifications are identical for the E, I and H grade versions. The H-grade versions are tested and guaranteed to the maximum junction temperature of 150°C, making them ideal for automotive and industrial applications which are subjected to high ambient temperatures.

Pricing for the LT3686HDD starts at $3.03 each in 1,000-piece quantities and is available from stock. For more information, visit

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