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STMicroelectronics unveils next-generation STB IC

December 20, 2010 // Phil Ling

STMicroelectronics unveils next-generation STB IC

Decoder/demodulators add-features to simplify design and production, and allow standard-definition (SD) or high-definition (HD) equipment to share the same printed-circuit-board (PCB) design and software from earlier product generations, enabling TV operators and equipment vendors to satisfy growing end-user demands for differentiated services at highly competitive prices,

The STi7162 for HD STBs and STi5262 for SD products are based on the STi7167 and STi5267, respectively, targeting free-to-air, cable and terrestrial STBs, as well as hybrid products with added support for IPTV.

Each device combines the STB decoder with DVB-C cable and DVB-T terrestrial demodulators, plus optional Ethernet support, with targeted functions for cost-optimized STBs with built-in security features.

The STi7162 and STi5262 have identical pin assignments, allowing manufacturers to save the costs of developing a separate PCB for SD and HD products. Each chip also simplifies PCB design and reduces build costs, as the pin assignments allow a straightforward two-layer board instead of a complex and expensive multi-layer board.

In addition, software compatibility between the latest devices and the proven STi7105 and STi7167 enables project teams to re-use existing software and thereby focus development resources on creating innovative, value-added features.

Major features of STi7162/5262 include: advanced, low-power 55nm process technology; configurable cable/terrestrial demodulator; ST's proven DELTA video decoding system for SD and HD (MPEG2, H264, VC-1) signals; 2D graphics and display subsystem, plus 3D user-interface effects; Linux/OS21-compatible application processor with up to 1000-DMIPS performance.

The STi5262 and STi7162 are available now in 27 x 27mm, 620-ball PBGA packages. Pricing is available on request to lead OEM customers.

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