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Ten European power management startups to watch in 2009

February 16, 2009 //

Ten Startups to Watch in 2009 in the European power management arena.

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Winchester, UK - The credit crunch is continuing to nibble away at companies big and small in the electronics sector worldwide.

Tough times ahead for all concerned but potentially tougher for those startups that need to run faster on limited resources to gain a foothold in the market.

So as 2009 gradually cranks into gear here are my nominations for 'Ten Startups to Watch in 2009'. The list only focuses on European based startups in the power management application arena that have the most chance of 'making it' to 2010 and beyond. It will be interesting to see how these fledging organizations fare in 2009. Will they all succeed? Will they all fail? How many of them be absorbed by larger rivals? Will one of them grow so quickly they make a bid for NXP or Infineon? Time will tell.

The list is compiled alphabetically.

Arctic Silicon Devices AS (Trondheim, Norway)

Arctic Silicon Devices AS (Trondheim, Norway), which is a startup company led by executives previously with Nordic Semiconductor ASA, has already announced its Snowflake family of analog-to-digital converters which have been designed to consume a fraction of the power of market leading ADCs at better or superior performance.

The Snowflake family consists of the following products: the ASD0500: 13-bit dual channel 15- to 80-MSPS ADC, with power dissipation from 30 to 102 mW; the ASD0501: 13-bit single channel 15- to 80-MSPS ADC with power dissipation from 19 to 60 mW; the ASD0400: a 10-bit dual channel 15-80 MSPS ADC, power dissipation from 24 to 78 mW ASD0401: 10-bit single channel 15 to 80-MSPS ADC with power dissipation from 15 to 46 mW.

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