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Trio of 2-A slew-rate-controlled load switches fit TDFN4, SC70-6, and TDFN8 packages

April 14, 2011 // Paul Buckley

Trio of 2-A slew-rate-controlled load switches fit TDFN4, SC70-6, and TDFN8 packages

Vishay Intertechnology, Inc., has released three new single and dual 2 A load switches designed for 1.1 V to 5.5 V operation. Offering low switch on-resistance at 1.2 V for increased efficiency, the SiP32411, SiP32413, and SiP32414 feature a controlled soft turn-on slew rate of 150 µs typical that limits the inrush current, providing a controlled smoother turn-on transition that minimizes switching noise.

The SiP32411 is a single switch available in both the 1.2 mm by 1.6 mm TDFN4 package and the SC70-6 package, while the SiP32413 and SiP32414 are dual switches available in the 2 mm x 2 mm TDFN8 package. The load switches released today guarantee low switch on-resistance of 66 mΩ at 1.2 V input (105 mΩ for the SiP32411 in the SC70-6 package), with each switch supporting over 2 A of continuous current.

The space-saving SiP32411, SiP32413, and SiP32414 feature a low-voltage control logic interface that eliminates the need for extra level shifting circuitry. The devices offer a low quiescent current of <1 µA when disabled and 6.7 µA at 1.2 V, allowing for longer on-times in battery-powered equipment. When disabled, the switches provide reverse blocking to prevent high current from flowing into the power source. The SiP32411 and SiP32414 integrate output discharge switches that enable rapid turn-off of a load circuit when the switch is disabled.

The two load switches in the SiP32413 feature reverse control logic. The device can easily be configured as a two-to-one power source, routing two power rails of different potentials to the common load point. The SiP32414 consists of two load switches of the same logic, and is ideal for loads with dual power rails.

The SiP32411, SiP32413, and SiP32414 will be used in USB, SIM, SDIO, POL, RF, and Wi-Fi module load applications in wireless modems and portable devices including, netbooks and notebook computers, cell phones, GPS products, digital cameras, and eBooks. The devices are compliant to RoHS Directive 2002/95/EC and halogen-free according to the IEC 61249-2-21 definition.

Samples of the new load switches are available now. Production quantities will be available in May 2011, with lead times of 10 weeks for larger orders.

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