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Under the Hood: Inside the Apple iPhone

July 01, 2007 //

Semiconductor Insights kep the video cameras rolling as they dove inside the just-released Applie iPod to find out what technologies and companies Apple relied upon to implement what has become the single hottest consumer device on the planet.

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Editor's Note: The iPhone's debut was immediately met with cheap clones designed to capitalize upon the hype. Semiconductor Insights's team went inside two of those clones and was surprised at first by how bad they were, but then later by how close they came to emulatingand possibly surpassingthe original. Click video icon for the first of the clone videos.

COMMACK, N.Y. Semiconductor Insights' Allan Yogasingam waited in line for 12 hours and braved the elements get ahold of the just-released Apple iPhone. He and his intrepid co-workers kept the cameras rolling as they popped the cover and dove inside what is possibly the hottest consumer device on the planet (click icon for video:video icon). The teardown is a follow-up to the company's teardowns of the latest gaming systems (Opportunities abound in nex-gen gaming platforms) and provides insight into what exactly Apple is doing to make a strong entry into the cell phone market.

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Approximately 3 million iPhones were released in the United States at 6 pm local time on June 29th. The mass appeal and interest in the iPhone is a combination of Apple marketing, an interesting and interactive user interface, and the ability to integrate iTunes.

"There are phones available in the market that have better functionality than the iPhone, but much like how there were better MP3 players than the iPod, the iPhone really sets itself apart from its competitors with an interactive touch screen and it's integration of iTunes," stated Allan Yogasingam, SI's supply chain manager. "Not to mention a really slick design. The first thing you say when you see an iPhone is, "Cool".

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