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News about University Of Bath Receives 2.27 Million Funds For Energy Harvesting Nemesis Project

LED grown on semi-polar GaN emits green and yellow colors
Implantantable sensors monitor brain injury before melting away
Mono-silicon crystal growth technique lowers solar sell costs
Innovative powertrain significantly reduces fuel consumption
BMW launches energy storage company
Solar thermal fuel polymer film helps plug EV power drain
Dual-junction solar cell claims world conversion efficiency record
New technologies to spur auto sales for next decade and beyond
Startup raises funds for battery-less IoT
LEDs prove cost-saving horticulture alternative to sodium lamps
Can prime-time charging of EVs reduce smart grid crunch?
Quantum cryptography can be hacked
Plastics-graphene compound opens up path or more efficient capacitors
Power source tailored for wearable electronics
ZigBee 3.0 to include energy harvesting
Sensitive measurements point to next generation low energy spintronics
Energy-harvesting buck/boost DC/DC starts from 300 mV
Energy analysis algorithm aims to trim industrial energy bills
Nanostructured metal coatings enable higher-efficiency optoelectronic devices
24/7 drone surveillance as a cloud service
Novel phase of carbon shows enhanced electronic properties
Can nanostructured germanium pave the way to portable photovoltaics?
Paper-based material stores electricity
Graphene microphone up to 32 times more sensitive
Light trapping innovation lifts solar cell efficiency to 45 percent
10.4" industrial multi-touch display kit targets interactive kiosks
Hybrid sensor spots cable fires before they start burning
German battery maker puts squeeze on Tesla's solar storage plans
Energy harvesting on paper targets flexible wearables
Researchers cut cost of graphene production
Energy harvesting market set for 20% CAGR
Battery-free internet sensor offers precision monitoring of climate data
Ford fathoms out human-machine interaction for autonomous driving
Implantable wireless microLED devices shown to block pain signals
Optimizing power quality: Locating short circuits in power grids
On-chip optical interconnects one step closer
Smartphone camera filter improves low-light photography
Research vehicle on autonomous drive through Mexico
Nanoscale photonics switch could enable 10-100 Terabit/s data transfer
Redox-flow batteries: Higher performance at lower costs revealed
Energy-efficient computing needs new devices and architectures
Boosting solar panel efficiency: Is it simply a matter of angles?
Battery-based local energy storage to back renewable-energy generation
Apple fined $234 million for infringing university patent
Reducing e-waste: biodegradable displays is an option say researchers
Three technology megatrends by IDTechEx
Reserchers develop wireless charger that supports different wireless standards
Iron based dyes promise cheaper solar energy applications
Nanohoops: A new approach to energize future devices
A new measure for wireless power transfer to support highly efficient links
High-integration Bluetooth Smart module
Murata’s small energy storage device not a cap not a battery
Measuring the most stable light source in the world
Are mushrooms the answer to lithium-ion battery degradation?
Bluetooth 4.1 LE in a 3.5x3.5x1.0mm chip
Optical phase-change memory can increase bandwidth
Hybrid solar panel roof helps slash energy bills
Silicon chip detects circularly polarized light
Toolbox offers virtual battery testing
Open source code may unite IoT
Transparent coating cools solar cells while boosting efficiency
Solar cell produced on EpiWafer yield 20 percent efficiency
Can electron superhighway drives organic solar panel innovations?
Can transparent batteries become a reality?
Toyota, Stanford partner on AI-assisted driving
Solar-charged transparent Li-ion battery promises 'smart windows'
Imec laminates stretchable LED display onto garments
Butterfly wings inspire gas sensing innovation
Smart mouth guard monitors health markers in real time
Aquion Energy forges technology partnership with Eguana Technologies
The route to cleaner e-cars - coupling perovskite solar cells
Racing car technology reaches road freight vehicles
Another fusion reactor breakthrough
Head impact sensors prove too slow to measure sporting concussions
Can hydrogen charge your iPhone for a week?
Smoothing robot movements delivers 40 percent energy savings
New superconductivity temp record achieved
380-micron-thick package puts Bluetooth in credit-card formats
Chip-scale photovoltaics startup raises funds
Energy-harvesting power management ICs for wireless sensor nodes
Low-energy MCU with touch sensing in chip-scale package
Flexible, wearable white-light LED offers easy replication
Energy harvesting power management IC addresses wireless sensors
Microwave heating solution lowers cost of quantum dot LEDs
Less expensive, sustainable white LED unveiled
Google's Project Sunroof makes installing solar easier
Bats inspire ultrasound sensor for locating dangerous structural cracks
Apple self-driving car a reality, says report
Micro rake doubles efficiency of polymer solar cells
New spacecraft data promises improved solar storm forecasts
World's smallest emergency phone charger makes Kickstarter debut
3D-printed 'cocktail party listener' picks out voices in a crowd
LEDs spot quantum dots ready for nanophotonic devices
Anite’s channel emulation and protocol expertise to contribute to 5G research
A 3D cursor for a 3D world
Blue LED discovery offers chemical-free food preservation alternative
Nanoparticle electrodes offer capacity boost for lithium-ion batteries
3D-printed 'benchtop' brain promises drug, disorder advances
Energy storage unit combines truck battery, ultracaps
Shock absorber harvests energy from car's suspension
'Aqueous solar flow' battery lasts longer
Butterflies help boost solar panel power by 50 per cent
Sol-gel capacitor dielectric achieves record energy storage
Startup offers energy harvest management IC
First color-tunable graphene-based LED is demonstrated
'Test city' opens for autonomous cars
Eight percent of Europe’s electricity now supplied by wind energy
Smart meters can destabilize grid, study says
Can metallic nanoparticles lower the cost of solar cells?
Phosphorene opens path to ultralight solar cells and LEDs
Digi-Key and ARM support University Program with 'Lab-in-a-Box' logistics
3D sub-surface imaging tackles landmine detection
Nanoscale light-emitting device extends visbility of objects
Amazon launches its largest renewable energy project
Artificial light harvester reveals quantum physics of efficient photosynthesis
Graphene-based film cools high power LEDs
Campus to become 'living lab' for the IoT
Energy harvesting wireless switches for industrial applications
Energy harvesting wireless switches for industrial use
3D printing for photonics: a British initiative
Ultrasound sensor protects pedestrians
Do head-up displays lead the wrong way to safety?
Nanogenerator harvests energy from rolling tires
Evaluation Kit demonstrates energy harvesting switch
Conductive ink turns textiles into stretchable electronics
Scottish bacteria-killing light fixture targets US healthcare market
'Skin-like' full-color display can be applied to plastics, fabrics
Conductive ink advance opens up wearable device opportunities
Could nanowires become the LEDs of the future?
Haptic prosthesis gives back missing limb's natural feel
Cloud system leverages IoT's idle processing power
France’s largest battery storage to stabilise power grid
X-ray imaging pinpoints improved battery performance at high voltages
Brazil startup offers PMIC for solar energy harvesting
Electrolyte additives prevent fires in next-generation lithium batteries
Quantum dot blinking - a problem solved?
Bluetooth LE plus expanded memory enable over-the-air upgrades
PMIC targets USB solar chargers, wireless sensor apps
Startup beats Google's Ara to smartphone modularity
Nanographenes OLEDS give off luminescent blue
Yole predicts the 'sensorization' of modern life
Saft partners KACO to target swarm energy storage solutions
Quantum thermometer pushes the limits
Black silicon treatment achieves record PV energy performance
3-D printed aircraft parts will save weight, fuel says study
Quantum LEDs stick to the skin
Plugging pinholes extends perovskite solar cell lifetimes
Bluetooth Smart remote control and touch mouse reference design kits
New 'designer carbon' to boost batteries and supercapacitors?
Wood aerogel promises elastic high-capacity batteries
Daimler takes on Tesla in the stationary battery market
Gaelectric introduces Tesla battery storage solution to Irish market
Egg-shaped micro home runs on wind, solar power
New class of magnets attract energy harvesting attention
Expanding magnets promise new sensor, energy harvesting applications
Williams helps develop world’s first sodium-ion powered vehicle
Liquid metal antennas promise larger tuning range
Boron-infused graphene helps quadruple performance of microsupercapacitor
Microsupercapacitor manufacturing process could boost wearable tech
Black silicon solar cells push efficiency record to 22.1 percent
Electrode discovery points to simpler solar cell production method
Spin detection of single electrons boosts measurement sensitivity
Ultrasounds and plastic in place of complex electronics
Hybrid perovskite FETs in the lab
Centimeter-accurate GPS receiver to boost digital mapping
Single material battery is safer, simpler and more efficient
Focusing on Perovskite's 'dark' flaws to boost efficiency
Snap-action switch evaluation kit harvests energy
Feeling augmented
Exploding lithium-ion batteries: a real-time analysis
Iron fluoride to triple energy storage?
Magnesium ions for car batteries
Self-powered image sensor could charge smartphone
Newswatch: ARM seeks energy harvesting edge in IoT push
Charging discovery opens new class of organic electronic devices
Energy harvesters power wearables
Is GDC the future for more efficient batteries?
Harvester makes light work of powering IoT devices
Drones: relying on image processing for balance
Fast-charging aluminum-ion battery challenges Li-Ion on safety
Will metal-free catalyst lower rechargeable zinc-air battery costs?
Polymer discovery paves way for low-cost ultrafast batteries
Ag nanodiscs to boost MoS2's LED performance
A new candidate for ultra-thin optoelectronics: DNA-peptide
Europe leads PV uptake charts as global growth continues
Graphene's first commercial success: energy-saving light bulbs?
Nanolaser enables on-chip photonics
Big data sets drones to fly
Samsung SDI forges microgrid systems alliance with ABB
Tandem photovoltaics for record efficiencies?
Innovate UK pumps funding into lithium sulfur battery R&D
Wind River widens OS support for embedded Linux
Cut landfill: Transform packing materials to rechargeable batteries
Sensor network on board of ISS secures air quality
Merus raises cash for audio amp roll out
Cathode discovery unlocks performance potential of lithium-sulfur batteries
Producing cheap ultrathin perovskite solar cells
Germany's Epitaxy Competence Center focuses on 3D nano-LED
One-stop-Shop from IC design to silicon tape out
Looking at quantum symmetry for better solar panels
Silicon electrode extends lithium-ion battery life cycle
Polymer blend improves solar cell efficiency by 200 percent
Glass coated cathode promises lithium-sulfur battery performance gains
Finely patterned OLEDs prove key to organic lasers
Graphene polymer speeds electron transport
Dual nanowire structure absorbs light efficiently
Nanoscale defect detection focuses on lowering solar panel costs
Flexible organic circuit makes fever alarm
Molybdenum disulphide makes gas and chemical sensors
Voltage tester for beating heart cells
Quantum transistor harnesses new effect
Shrimp shells provide cheap sustainable solar cell material
Li-Fi achieves 224-Gbps data transmission speeds with room-scale coverage
Slashing the costs of network virtualization: Artesyn's Open Compute Project platform
Silicon nanofiber boosts battery range performance of EVs
Germanium quantum dot advance promises high-efficiency solar cells
Will energy-harvesting 3D printed trees charge your smartphone?
Can mimicking biology improve Li-ion battery performance?
Tesla reveals plans to target household energy-storage market
Snail shell peptide could lead to better batteries
'Baking powder' effect to boost solar cell efficiencies?
'Designer' layered oxides promise band gap tunability benefits
HIV blood test micro-lab plugs into smartphones
Atomic level LEDs open up flexible electronics opportunities
Dutch government pushes for PUFs in smartphones
Plugging solar cell pinholes key to perovskite performance
Can Kevlar prevent lithium-ion battery fire risks?
ARM backs printed electronics startup
Pinpointing perovskite's ability to produce cheaper solar energy
Nanostructures key to organic solar cell efficiencies?
Improved dendrite formation control helps lithium batteries last longer
First round-the-world solar plane flight prepares for take-off
pureLiFi ships world’s first full wireless Li-Fi networking system
Nanocrystallite discovery points way to device performance optimization
Zinc oxide materials show promise as piezoelectric nanogenerators
Laser-induced graphene enables 3D supercapacitors power next-generation wearables
Hot-carrier solar cells promise efficiency gains and savings
Are next generation EV batteries a step closer?
Silver matrix electrodes boost lithium-based battery discharge rates
Computer simulations solve blue LED production mystery
Lead atoms on a graphene sheet enable powerful magnetic fields
Graphene oxide discovery helps boost rechargeable batteries
Pathway to converting sunlight to electricity is indentified
Sony transforms eyewear into smart augmented reality devices
Smart window tints and acts as transparent battery
Graphene wrapper boosts lithium-sulfur battery performance
Europe's largest battery-storage project goes operational in the UK
Comparing fuel cell performance
Spray solar cells on any surface
Stacking 2-D materials lowers LED/solar cell manufacturing costs
UK collaboration aims to develop graphene-enhanced photovoltaic devices
Custom optical bandpass filters raise solar energy efficiency to 40%
Low-power FRAM with integrated counter function, for energy harvesting apps
Tin-oxide nanoparticle network for fast-charging batteries
Tubular LED lamp simplifies linear fluorescent fixture retrofits
French-German collaborators claim solar cell efficiency world record
Proton-conducting graphene membranes enhances fuel cell performance
New class of layered materials drive PV innovations
Tiny LED makes bionic contact lenses realistic
Can Japan get her groove back with IoT?
NXP acquires Quintic's Wearable and BTLE IC business
Polarizing filter reduces energy drain from smartphone displays
EnOcean eyes the consumer market
Can Fool's gold reduce the cost of solar cells?
Bio batteries take step closer to clean energy
Graphene/nanotube cathode into dye-sensitized solar cells
Glass transistor discovery promises faster energy-saving electronic devices
Interlaced crystal discovery promises power generation efficiency gains
Controlling graphene conductivity with short pulses
Microwave amplifier noise limited by quantum particles of heat
Semiconducting polymers discovery claims record solar cell efficiency
Tiny batteries from billions of nanopores
Supercapacitor innovation promises panel-powered cars in five years
Switch to energy harvesting now!
Can controlling nano-level energy make mobile batteries last longer?
Dual-purpose film gives extra edge to energy storage
Could magnesium battery innovation end lithium's dominance?
Piezoelectric material cuts cost of micro-energy harvesting
Discovery pinpoints toxic halogen threat in Li-ion batteries
LCD technology delivers energy efficient 3D display solution
Silicon fibres offer cheaper solar power benefits
Can Big-data solution free EVs from range anxiety?
Next generation aqueous hybrid ion battery delivers 40 percent more energy
Breakthrough for drive batteries? Ultra-fast battery charges in 2 minutes
LEDs face power-saving rival based on carbon nanotubes
Nanoco signs cadmium-free quantum dot development agreement with Osram
Can superfast LEDs pave way for light-based telecommunications?
'Smart' lithium-ion battery alerts users to fire risk
Ultra-fast charging batteries are capable of lasting 20 years
Cheap fusion beats fossil fuels
Electrically conductive plastics show promise for batteries, solar cells
Startup helps mobile app developers reduce smartphone battery drainage
'Dark' energy harvesting pushes up solar efficiency limits
Consortium facilitates adoption of solid-state RF energy technology
Inventors of blue LEDs achieve Nobel Prize recognition
Averaged crowdsourcing for the ultimate development kit
World’s first solar battery promises cost savings
Atomic shuffling pintpointed as failure trigger for rechargeable batteries
Will fault management solution be key to DC switch?
X-ray imaging reveals path to extending battery lifetimes
Electron innovation prolongs power in mobile devices
Organic tin-based semiconducting polymers show solar cell promise
European researchers drive ultra-low energy electronic systems developments
Ten-fold lifetime extension for blue PHOLEDs offers power gains
PZT making waves in MEMS
Tire sensor for industrial trucks solves a burning problem
Nanotechnology innovation promises cheaper, clearer LEDs
Low-cost transistor points to 'greener' flexible electronics
Polymer solar cell boosts power generation by 15 percent
Nuclear spins shown to control current in LED
Breaking the 'electrode barrier' promises lower-cost organic PVs
Harvesting every bite of energy
Can plant-based batteries be a viable option?
Water-based nuclear battery generates electrical energy
Is rapid charging batteries really so damaging?
Nanomaterial energy storage mechanism points to better batteries
Time to switch to free wireless protocol, says Arveni
Topological materials add a twist to conventional electronics
BioSolar partners UCSB to develop a low-cost supercapacitor
ABB forms energy storage solutions alliance with BYD
The EEBus for an efficient European smart grid
Energy harvesting sensor monitors high current distribution systems
Photodevice detects color with metal grating
Germanium nanowire process could improve lithium-ion batteries
Winged parcel delivery: Google's way
UK armed forces consider lithium sulfur batteries
Battery-powered water splitter promises emissions-free fuel cells
FlexTiles European project hints at reconfigurable 3D chips
Monitoring deteriorating bridges with wireless sensors and drones
Tattoo biobatteries produce power from sweat
Nanotubular material opens new energy harvesting opportunities
Hemp nanosheets could trump graphene for supercapacitors
Spintronics discovery reduces low-power memory device costs
Spintronics could lead to new generation of electronics devices
New class of ultra-thin film materials — the next graphene
Could perovskite discovery lead to cheaper LED displays?
Semiconductor advance makes ultra-thin solar cells a reality
Spray-on solar cells reduce solar power costs
Wireless charging - a more cost-effective approach
Pure lithium anode promises more efficient rechargeable batteries
High-temperature superconductivity discovery paves way for energy superhighways
Is a room temperature superconductor possible?
Vibration harvester power supply claims highest efficiency
RFID tags track honey bees
Steep growth for thermoelectric energy harvesting, says Infinergia Consulting
Thoughts on energy harvesting for wearable equipment
Will laser ignition replace the venerable spark plug?
Can streetlight glare from LED lighting be prevented?
PV concentrator module attains efficiency of 36.7 percent
Reducing energy consumption for e-cars - in small increments
Phosphorescent LEDs offer cheap way to increase light efficiency
Wireless modules monitor railway bearings in real time
Theoretical model helps speed commercialization of lithium-ion batteries
Lighting rollout brightens car park energy saving prospects
EETimes Europe reader receives the MS2711E SpectrumMaster from Anritsu
Micro sensor monitors properties of liquids
Surfer triples Li-ion battery performance with sandy solution
Energy harvesting switch operates wireless link
Researchers push atomic-scale circuitry for smaller, greener electronics
Controller advance makes robots consume 40-percent less power
£15m for four UK University technology Enterprise Zones
Wireless multicore chip offers data farm energy savings
EnOcean Alliance specifies intelligent commissioning of smart buildings
Finnish project focuses on energy storage for renewables
Magnetically responsive liquid crystals enable novel display applications
Nanopower buck-boost DC/DC converter with energy-harvesting charger
Seeing is believing with Google’s Tango tablet
Can tofu ingredient make solar cells cheaper?
Sputtering method cuts cost of producing GaN LEDs
Lithium-titanate battery to support UK's first 2-MW ESS
One step black silicon process boosts solar-cell efficiencies
Graphene research center targets power devices and OLEDs
E-car research project sets efficiency standards
Fuel cell boosts airplane and car energy efficiencies
A123 Systems acquires LTO battery IP from Leyden Energy
InN nanowires address the LED 'green-gap'
Chemical sensor, integrated on a chip
High performance III-V MOSFET targets next-generation servers
Electromagnetic software enables magnetic energy storage
Alstom-Saft consortium supports EDF 'Concept Grid' demonstration
Can ion 'highway systems' solve battery safety problems?
Battery anode architecture helps charge portable electronics in ten minutes
Foldable OLED displays come in at 5.9 inches
Colloidal quantum dots promise cheaper, lighter solar cells
Can copper wires be transformed to become batteries?
Cheap lithium sulfur batteries soon on the horizon?
Will controlling thermal conductivities boost battery performance?
Prototype transistor extends battery life of portable devices
Photochemical reaction harvests solar energy for light-driven actuators
Is European solar panel manufacturing a greener option?
LEDs tap indoor location technology for social shopping
Nanoscale structural changes pinpoint lithium-ion battery degradation
Can graphene make large scale electricity storage viable?
LED/PV technologies to benefit from energy transfer solution
Fine prints and gigabits of data: on paper
Graphene sheet production method promises to advance solar cell technology
Wireless power transfer technique stimulates 'electroceutical' medical advances
Conductor discovery reduces lithium ion battery fire risk
Structural supercapacitor promises release from power cords
Novel supercapacitor architecture provides 2x more power performance
Silicon dioxide nanotubes help batteries last 3x longer
Dual carbon battery charges 20x faster than lithium-ion batteries
Mobile phone camera doubles as random number generator
Fiber supercapacitor aims to power wearable devices
Hyperbolic metamaterials pave way for high-performance solar cells
Smart-meter ICs offer high level of accuracy
PERC solar cell breaks conversion efficiency barrier
Can molecularly stretchable materials provide low cost energy?
Grid batteries investment promises lower renewable costs
Newswatch: 2D materials make graphene technology transfer a reality
Four-junction, four-terminal solar cell reaches 43.9 percent efficiency
Thin-film battery for wearable electronics requires no lithium
Energy harvesting needs new tools
Google's modular phone to bypass wearables
Mixture of graphene/carbon nanotubes produce low-cost ultracapacitors
Should the solar cell be pensioned off?
Li-Fi reaches 1Gbps: lighting the path to a new internet model
High-temperature plasmonics boost solar cell efficiency rates
Texas Instruments bets on iBeacons with reference designs
Materials interfaces pave way to solar cell gains
Quantum dot solar concentrator opens energy harvesting window
Photoswitching material harnesses solar power for heat storage
Nanowire tuning improves LED lighting and PV performance
Low-energy light detection breakthrough aims high
University of Parma refines autonomous driving
Cellulose processing yields cheap supercapacitors
Biomedical sensors analyse vascular deposits
2-D molybdenum diselenide process holds promise for LEDs
Electric powertrain does away with rare earth metals
Siemens forms smart grid joint venture with Accenture
Orientation of organic solar cell molecules improves efficiency
Harnessing the sun to produce cheap solar cells on demand
Indium nitride nanostructures boost efficiency of LEDs
Saliva provides fuel source for microelectronic energy harvester
X-ray technique pinpoints path to non-toxic solar cells
Low power boost regulator targets energy-harvesting
Solar cell efficiency - Is it all in the mix?
Photonics breakthrough advances thin-film solar cell performance
Sticky composites make lithium-ion battery safer
Advanced Liquid Metal Battery system heads for commercialization
Perovskite-based solar cell offers 24-hour benefits
III-V solar cells on graphene break efficiency record
40% transparent organic solar cells claim efficiency record
A tomahawk for 5G radio networks
Topological insulators boost spintronic devices
Superconductivity in LEDs sheds new light on quantum entanglement
Coating advance makes LEDs brighter and more resilient
Slideshow: Six shakers and movers in LED technology
Energy efficient induction stove innovation cuts cooking costs
Nanotube composites promise solar cell efficiency boost
3D corduroy patterns: key to low magnetic coercivity for better switching efficiency
Acoustic invisibility cloak tricks sound waves and sonars
Chemical breakthrough optimizes solar cell efficiency performance
Origami graphene nanobox packs hydrogen into fuel cells
Thinnest-known LEDs open up new miniaturization horizons
Energy efficient 4-Gb DDR3 memory enters mass production
Tungsten diselenide promises flexible ultrathin semi-transparent solar cells
Micro smart grid plugs renewables into EV fleets
Graphene nanoflakes triple solar panel efficiency
IBC solar cell achieves efficiency of 24.4 percent
Cluster FLEET aims to commercialize flexible OLED encapsulation
Interferometer approach improves bio-sensor sensitivity
Synthetic ferrimagnet promises energy efficienct thermally induced switching
AFEs integrate up to eight 24-bit ADCs for multiple load power monitoring
Energy harvester and power manager IC extends battery life
Energy harvesting gesture recognition is always on
Energy harvester PMIC works with thermoelectric generators
Energy harvesting switch powers 2.4GHz radio link
Thin film solar cell costs cut through 'superabsorbing' design
IBM sets data transfer record in multimode optical fiber
Energy harvesting switch is KNX-RF ready
Piezo-nanowires boost fingerprint resolution
Photovoltaic development deals targets 22.4 percent cell efficiencies
Stretchable optical circuit enables wearable body sensor networks
Snake-shaped energy harvester promises viable trickle charger
Graphene rediscovered as the ultimate electromagnetic shield
Swiss consortium to set up pilot line for heterojunction solar cells
Body motion drives implantable energy harvester
Batteries innovations fuel utility-scale energy storage growth
Micrometer-scale electro-optical modulator operates at 40Gbps
Pomegranate inspires silicon anode breakthough for lithium-ion batteries
Artificial graphene-like 2D materials get tunable
Woven piezoelectric yarns lead to 3D textile energy harvester
UK targets research funds at sustainable manufacturing materials
Bosch returns to traction battery business with new JV
Non-flammable electrode replacement discovered for lithium ion batteries
Novel anode breakthrough to speed up battery charging
Opinion: Powering wearable devices - watch out for safety first
Hydrogen battery aims to replace lithium counter-parts
Can gum reduce lithium ion battery fire hazard?
Smart-Light control system cuts lighting energy usage by 80 percent
JM Energy invests $60m in high-volume LIC production
Is graphene a real opportunity or just hype?
Browser based tool automates project reviews using managed checklists
Audi, Bosch get granular on GaN
Grid2Home demonstrates Smart Energy Profile 2.0 over Tatung Gateway One
National University of Singapore partners BASF to develop graphene for use in OLEDs
How much power from MEMS windmills?
Wireless automotive module combines 802.11ac, Bluetooth 4.0 LE and NFC
Smart Carbon additive aims to boost battery performance in Partial State of Charge applications
EnE-HVAC European project launch: Energy saving through efficient HVAC components
Standard technologies set to displace classical automotive ecosystems
Project IMAGE yields printable transparent and flexible electrodes for OLEDs and solar cells
Low cost solar cell based on graphene and perovskite delivers an efficiency of 15.6 percent
Harvard researchers demonstrate metal-free flow battery to support renewable energy sources
Three-dimensional liquid crystal hemisphere can be used as a micro-lens
Startup offers chip-scale solar energy harvester
University of Valencia develops low cost thin film photovoltaic device with high energy efficiency
Ford rolls research platform for automated driving
Silex funded to develop PZT energy harvest process
European BLIM4SME project aims to further streamline Bluetooth Low Energy integration
Advanced energy-harvesting IC broadens benefits of battery-free technology
EnOcean joins the OSGi Alliance to define universal open interface for energy harvesting wireless
Measurement technique allows survey of 3D micro objects
PHI Group plans acquisition Nord Energy to extend LED street lighting offering
Stanene may be better than Graphene
World market for direct current power systems for commercial buildings to be USD10bn by 2020
Researchers significantly improve efficiency, capacity of lithium-air batteries
Scottish research centre seeks bright future for Li-Fi internet technology
Emergency Steer Assistant avoids collisions
SolarWorld plans to takeover Bosch solar plants in Europe
Multi-radio module ready-to-embed in demanding IoT applications
Israeli research points way to improved performance for composite-based electronics
100-channel neural-recording IC achieves record low power consumption
UCL and Cambridge University to boost education in integrated photonic and electronic systems
National Instruments, University of Edinburgh jointly develop ultra-high bandwidth wireless technology
Pan-European research project seeks energy efficient solutions by using environmental sensors
New test facility focuses on thin-film solar cell research
Global annual supplier revenues for smart building applications to grow 150 percent by 2017
Nordic Semiconductor adds IO Components to its UK and Ireland distributor network
Minor rotation of graphene's 'chicken wire' modifies conductivity performance
Ultra-low PMICs aim to enable next wave of energy harvesting design
New communication convention enables data exchange in energy harvesting wireless networks
European research team discover way to make solar cells utilize thermal radiation
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Bluetooth low energy wireless comms IC gives fitness monitor extra kick
Novel OLEDs pave the way for cheaper display technology
BASF to set up an Electronic Materials R&D Center in South Korea
Innovative fuel cell device aims for portable energy freedom
US researchers pinpoint polymers that react and move to light
Energy democratization will come: it’s called multi-junction photovoltaics
Understanding X-Parameters for RF/µW modelling, by Agilent engineers
StrainWISE project yields autonomous communicating sensor networks for aeronautics
ARM partners Nordic Semiconductor to develop Bluetooth Low Energy-enabled devices
Quasi-random structure development helps improve efficiency of solar cells
IEA PVPS countries sees total installed PV capacity rise to 90 GW
Vanderbilt University develops novel supercapacitor made out of silicon
Perovskite-based solar cells offers major manufacturing cost savings
Online automated battery sizing calculator supports off-grid renewable energy applications
LED lightbulbs access Internet to pave the way for energy saving LiFi technology
Bluetooth interface IC eases integration of Classic Bluetooth together with Low Energy
HomePlug Smart SoC paves the way for smart-home and smart-energy innovations
Test-flow cost modelling tool helps 3D IC manufacture optimisation
Energy harvesting device sales forecast to reach 19m annually by 2020
'Particle accelerator on a chip' uses simple silica glass and IR laser
First carbon nanotube computer integrated with CMOS
Stretchable OLEDs for displays, lighting
Nordic Semiconductor launches world's first concurrent ANT+ and Bluetooth low energy combo chip
AdaCore University offers free resources to learn the Ada programming language
RGB/ambient light and proximity sensor IC offers high resolution output and wide dynamic range
The Pellworm project as a blueprint for a smart energy future
Project cyFLEX aims to deliver OLED-based luminescent smart-packaging
Consortium develops unbreakable displays for cars
Single-IC supercapacitor-based power supply backup solution
element14's energy harvesting design challenge: the winning entries
German government subsidy will kick-start solar energy storage market predicts IHS
Flexible touch sensor system as thin as 2μm, feather light
Engineers transfer all-wheel drive to e-bike
DARPA invests $5.7 million in neural image processor research
EU-funded project ManuCloud yields combined OLED and organic photovoltaic panels
Dishwasher-sized fuel cells designed to be ten-fold cheaper
Synthetic polymers lower the cost of alkaline fuel cells
Memory magnetization technique offers faster computing and lower power consumption
ZigBee’s lead in home automation to be surpassed by Bluetooth in 2015
System-to-silicon IC design consultancy doubles capacity in Shangai
Cobalt replacements make solar cells more sustainable
University of Alicante researchers convert cement into an electrical conductor
Perpetuum lands Southeastern Railways wireless sensor systems contract
DSLR camera remote can be controlled from any Bluetooth v4.0 smartphone using Nordic SoC
Cypress qualifies BLE radio to integrate with PSoC and capacitive touch technologies
Industrial Energy Management Systems market to reach USD22.5bn by 2020
Silicon Labs and Altium release component libraries for EFM32 Gecko MCUs
IntelliBat research project receives 2.6m euros in funding from the BMBF
ZigBee-enabled smart energy devices to surpass USD110m in annual sales by 2016
Working on the directivity of electrically small antennas
Development kits target long life embedded signal and control for IoT
Development kits aim to speed DSP smart sensor system designs
Runsafer EU-funded project to prototype running shoe with built-in sensors
element14 energy harvesting road test design challenge - part 2
Xeon-based AMC card targets high energy research and data centers
Thin-film CZTSe solar cell from Solliance and imec reaches 9.7% efficiency
German researchers claim world record in silicon integrated nanophotonics
Industry group aims to strengthen OLED competitiveness
Agilent Technologies and Tyndall National Institute open teaching and research laboratory for wireless communications
Lighting offers highest potential for energy saving
Car-to-car communications protocols pass field testing trials
University of Stuttgart develops innovative inspection method for photovoltaic systems
Field test proves Car2x maturity for real-world operation
Li-ion energy storage technology helps make smart grid for Pellworm Island even smarter
Maxwell Technologies and Soitec join forces on photovoltaics with integrated energy storage
Silicon Labs acquires Energy Micro
OLEDs and inorganic quantum dots hybrid approach through inkjet-printing
Direct semiconductor wafer bonds target next-gen solar cells
Colaboration between Volkswagen and Stanford University benefits from increased investment
Graphene-based broad spectrum sensor could enable clear photos in dim light
Solar industry about to rebound after consolidation, says Lux Research
CORMORAN Project explores intra- and inter-communication between WBANs
Schneider Electric collaborates with Saft to supply electrical energy storage systems
Research project uses alcohol-based fuel cells to extend range of e-cars
element14 energy harvesting road test design challenge: month one
Single-chip solar energy harvester operates wireless mesh nodes
6.5 million euros European project AMBASSADOR aims for eco-friendly districts
Ultra-low-power SoC supports world's smallest Bluetooth location stickers
EU antidumping duties could block Chinese modules out of the European Market
ETSI publishes first specification for Ultra Low Energy DECT aimed at the M2M market
Advanced MCU combines floating point and low leakage
Wireless data logger connects to the cloud through Bluetooth LE
GE invests USD 1.5 Million in New Product Introduction Accelerator Lab
New growth opportunities for Electroactive Polymers
Global trial reveals huge energy saving potential of LED street lighting
ZigBee Alliance ratifies Smart Energy Profile 2 standard
Roboteq backs Raspberry PI-based robot navigation computer project on Kickstarter
PV storage market set to explode to USD19 billion in 2017, says IMS Research
Following 80% of growth in 2012, TSMC passes specialty MEMS players in Yole’s annual ranking
Spurred by Google Glass, IHS Forecasts nearly 10 Million smart glasses to ship from 2012 to 2016
element14 launches the Energy Harvesting Road Test Design Challenge
OPV solar modules project aims to optimize energy harvesting by autonomous sensors within buildings
OLED light bulb aims at replacing incandescents
Innovation centre receives funding to boost sensor and imaging systems developments in Scotland
Will ASICs be replaced in comms gear?
Energy harvesting wireless switch transmits on-off data over a 300m range at 868MHz
Fully flexible design platform helps OEMs validate new energy harvesting cell concepts
Cree SiC MOSFETs enable Delta Energy Systems to develop next-generation solar inverters
CNS-EnOcean driver remotely controls energy harvesting wireless networks
UK student training programme aims to boost China's IC design talent
GapSense unclogs WiFi channels
EnOcean claims first middleware for energy harvesting wireless technology
LED lamp prototype delivers 200 lumen per watt
2W UV LED delivers 18 lumens in standard 405nm wavelength
Novel process could reduce OLED manufacturing costs, researcher suggests
Texas Instruments aims to develop a better way to the cloud with HP Project Moonshot
Robotics makes inroads into education
ARM Keil RTX RTOS offers 'tickless' power-saving mode on Energy Micro EFM32 Cortex-M MCUs
Software defined networks snare open source spotlight
Bluetooth low energy temperature sensor platform offers low cost smart monitoring using a smartphone
Robert Bosch GmbH to coordinate 9D Sense research project
University spin-out UltraSoC wins competition to fund energy efficiency development
EPSRC invites bids to tap £85m research capital fund
Large-area flexible printed thermoelectrics harvest energy from waste heat
Graphensic to develop its graphene on silicon carbide business with new chairman of board
STMicroelectronics secures Euro 350 million loan from the European Investment Bank to boost R&D
Apple buys Silicon Valley startup WiFiSlam to acquire indoor WiFi geolocation technology
Flexible RFID-enabled sensor tag could monitor food freshness and reduce waste in the supply chain
Rechargeable lithium battery manufacturer BMZ to invest 5 million Euros into Europe-based automated production plant
Smartphone app uses gaming approach to deliver energy savings
Solar-powered and wave-propelled robots get USD45 million in funding for ocean data mining
Deutsche Telekom signs double-digit million euro M2M partnership with arviem
Raising the standard
Redox flow battery reaches stack power up to 25kW with a cell size of 0.5m square
High-performance piezoelectric material optimizes voltage charge coefficients
Flexible battery still functions when stretched up to 300 percent of its original size
Infineon readies next-generation power transistor production
Multiport optical power meters detect power levels down to -110 dBm
Single and multi-channel isolated switches for hazardous area load control safety
New company Triton Micro Technologies to develop innovative via-fill technology for interposers
Nanometric transistors take miniaturization into a new dimension
Energy harvesting wireless technology enables new single room control system
ARM, Khronos back low-energy parallelism conference
Atmel acquires IDT’s smart metering IC product line to enhance smart energy offerings
Microsoft fined $730 million over browser
VarioTAP emulation test extended to Energy Micro's Giant Gecko Series
Low power, high efficiency DC-DC converter optimized for low load efficiency
Nordic Semiconductor adds Distrelec ELFA Group to its European distribution network
ICFO researchers demonstrate graphene is viable alternative material for light-based energy harvesting technologies
Spray painted solar cells could cut costs significantly
Four-year PLAT4M project to secure Europe's silicon photonics supply chain
App developers to be given Google Glasses
Silicon nanocrystals bring light into the smallest dimensions
Universal modular industrial connector features 25 different contact inserts
Vienna University of Technology reveals new class of materials that offer solar cell benefits
Energy Micro partners Mjolner Informatics to create high-end touch graphics solution for energy efficient MCU applications
UKH2Mobility project maps out future of hydrogen fuel cell cars in the UK
Farnell element14 starts stocking Panasonic’s EZPE Electrolyic Series of electrolytic capacitors
University of Bath receives €2.27 million funds for energy harvesting Nemesis project
MEMS technology helps to track bird migration and behavior
€11.2-million European project to take flexible OLEDs from lab to fab
So-Light research project gives OLED technology a boost
Bluetooth low energy link to smartphone opens up professional laser distance measurement to the mass-market
Computer simulations point the way to more efficient solar cells
Nano positioning system relies on magnetic levitation, achieves 10nm resolution
Cambridge gets into graphene research
Research project taps LED lighting for broadband communications
Swedish Graphensic is granted business support for graphene on silicon carbide
A first look at the £61m graphene research institute to be built in Manchester
Novel E-Mobility Grid Model (NEMO) will gear up European electricity networks for influx of electric vehicles
Joint research project develops car2x modelling environment
Single-phase energy-measurement processors accurately monitor power for a fraction of the cost
Heliatek establishes new world record for organic solar technology with12% cell efficiency
Energy Micro’s low power MCU extends battery life in touch screen remote control
Research partnership for the production and supply of sustainable energy
BMW tests e-car long-term behaviour with commuters
MIT’s newly developed polymer film could harvest energy from water vapour
Front end RF module addresses smart metering and ISM band applications
Panasonic unveils a 56-inch OLED panel produced with RGB all-printing method
University of Southampton scientists claims lightest glass nanofibres in the world
Flexible re-programmable 256-bit transistor-based and 1-kbit diode-based non-volatile memory
Tablet computing takes shape of flexible interactive paper sheets
U.S. military pursuing microgrids
Bluetooth low energy software stack delivers over-the-air downloads and support for multiple stacks on one SoC
Kuwait University and imec to collaborate on advanced silicon solar cell technology
Artificial intelligence helps University of Gothenburg to develop used batteries sorting solution
Photovoltaic Industry threatens with legal action against retroactive taxes on PV investments
Supercapacitors enter the realm of stretchable electronics
Ultra low-power family of comparators enhances portable technology for healthcare, safety and security
Silicon based optical fiber with solar-cell capabilities could be woven into solar fabrics
University of Warwick pinpoints alternative to fullerenes in organic solar cells
Indium-free organic light-emitting diodes
Energy-harvesting textile integrates micro spherical solar cells
Smart home splits over low power
Planar lighting technology outshines OLED
Energy-friendly MCU design aimed at remote medical systems
SmartCoDe European project looks at energy-efficient management systems
Imec and UGent demonstrate a fully pixelated contact lens display prototype
Harvard receives funding to develop a new type of storage battery to advance renewable technologies
Lund University discovers new method of manufacturing could revolutionise semiconductor production
Rutronik includes 160V ultracapacitor module from Maxwell
Ultracapacitors to power multimedia and passenger comfort systems in London's first urban cable cars
Synthetic molecule stores solar energy to provide sustainable energy system
TSMC next for New York fab?
'Antenna-on-a-chip' speeds infrared light transmission
Carbon nanotubes 'cloned' by USC researchers
Novel etch method produces 3D microstructures in silicon
Hydrogen fuel cell based on solidified calcium hydride combines high efficiency and safety
Pre-approved Bluetooth low energy module allows prototypes to be developed within hours
SECO begins shipments of NVIDIA CUDA on ARM development kit
APx4 wireless system-on-module
Aalto University researchers develop cheaper and safer production method for producing lithium batteries
EnOcean forges strategic partnership with ROHM to advance energy harvesting wireless technology
Paper: Technology to better protect mobile devices
160-V ultracapacitor module for wind turbine pitch control reduces costs and lowers installation expense
Complete energy harvesting developer kit set offers fast integration and configuration of batteryless wireless technology
Digi-Key signs global distribution deal with Fremont Micro Devices USA
Premier Farnell strengthens EnOcean's international distribution network
Miniature laser could emit light at specific angles according silicon lattice parameters
Europe to tackle efficient, low-cost quantum cascade laser sensors
ZigBee network processor supports three standards concurrently
All-carbon solar cell could shave off expensive materials from today’s photovoltaics
SensorTag kit helps to jump-start Bluetooth low energy smartphone app development in minutes
Energy Micro and CODICO to give away EFM32 Cortex-M3 MCU development kits at Electronica 2012
Texas Instruments begins sampling of MSP430FR59xx low-power microcontrollers based on leading Wolverine technology
Electrically conductive carbon nanotubes for thin touchscreens
Ultracapacitors offer short-term power boost
Analog Devices university program design contest now open
Graphene on SiC: technology offers interesting perspectives for power electronics
Modular, reconfigurable augmented reality system supports manual work across many industries
Princeton researchers claim quantum computing breakthrough
Field stop trench technology IGBT devices expand current ratings and deliver high speed switching capabilities
University of Luxembourg researchers focus on preventing solar cell degradation during production
New organic solar cell offers high voltage to recharge a lithium-ion battery directly
New IEC Technical Committee is formed to accelerate the integration of renewable energy
Heinrich-Hertz-Institut doubles the efficiency of black silicon solar cells
Transparent 2-terminal memories on flexible sheets could find use in head-up displays
Census shows investment in data centres has grown globally by 22 per cent from 2011, power requirements rise by 63.3 percent
Printable silver nanowire ink enables transparent and flexible conductive patterns
Online forum opens energy-friendly design competition around Energy Micro‘s EFM32 Gecko MCU
Isolated metrology chipset ensures energy meter magnetic immunity
Biocompatible electronics dissolve in reaction with water when no longer needed
Organic lasers could be printed on any surface, say Cambridge researchers
Piezo wireless switch: No battery, no cable, no wear to run basic training courses and an Expert Forum at 2012 electrical energy storage (ees) Fair
Taiwan embeds ReRAM in 28-nm logic process
TriQuint wins contract to triple performance of RF power amplifiers
Erbium on silicon chip speeds up light
Thermoelectric material expected to convert 15 to 20% of waste heat to useful electricity
Maxim Integrated reveals energy measurement and diagnostic solution for mission-critical motors
Solid fuel type hydrogen fuel cells deliver high efficiency with increased safety
Bluetooth low energy proximity key fob is first in world to be compatible with both Apple and Samsung smartphones
EUR 19.5 million to research model driven physical systems operation
Electrically conductive energy chains speed up manufacturing processes
UK leads in energy efficiency rankings as Germany pushes ahead
PLX preps PCI Express fabric amid server debate
Turning waste heat from industrial piping into electrical energy
Energy harvesters: a thin film approach
12-V battery targets remote area applications
Get your digital copy of EETimes Europe
European project to reduce household carbon footprint by 25% targets microwaves
Battery-powered evaluation kit enables engineers to test wireless accessory and sensor applications
Europe aims for mass production of quantum computing
Electronic sensors monitor 3D medical tissues
Laser tuning a 3D lab on a chip
Light-emitting foils could offer cost-effective OLED alternative
Magnetic topological insulators could yield dissipationless electronics
German research project aims to improve energy distribution in smart grid
University of Huddersfield forges new research links with India to develop next generation of lithium batteries
Researchers print wireless power antenna for less than 1¢
Ultra-low power 2.4GHz transceiver platform draws less than 10mW
Animated characters brought to life by 3-D printing
ARM signs 64-bit deal with Cavium
Thermoelectric energy harvesters to make up a $750 million market in 2022, says IDTechEx
Physicists claim smallest semiconductor laser
FinFETs-on-SOI able to double battery life
Europe launches grid-connected renewable energy storage project
Wearable devices are made possible with next-gen Bluetooth low energy application software
A peek at innovation from Minalogic
Spintronic OLED promises brighter displays
Innovative LED geometry could increase light output by factor of ten
MIT develops tri-source energy harvest control IC
Wireless environmental sensor evaluation kit offers energy harvesting benefits
Energy Micro opens new design center in Poland
TI, Stanford look to optimise networking chips for OpenFlow
Soap film forms textured display screen
Avnet Memec is named as pan-European distributor for Infinite Power Solutions
Energy-aware plug-in enables 20 percent energy savings in data centers
Nanotechnology switches back to vacuum transistors at low voltage
Researchers report solid-state quantum leaps
Compact ultra low power Bluetooth Low Energy module includes chip antenna
Cubic silicon carbide could be twice as good as silicon for solar cells
Navigation on Mobile Objects and 3D Access (NOMAD) project yields “Interaction” software toolbox
World's first Bluetooth low energy bike speed and cadence monitor is released
Loughborough University to take the lead at new SUPERSOLAR hub
Tiny Bluetooth low energy proximity key fob runs for a year on a coin cell
Start-up company sketches thin film OLEDs
Sharp, SEL reduce display power consumption with innovation in semiconductor technology
Energy Micro offers free sample program for EFM32 Gecko microcontrollers
Genetic engineering for synthetic semiconductors
Micro-energy harvesting from conductive droplets
How low can you go? Driving down standby power in next-generation adaptors
ARM supports European research on GPU programming
Solar retinal implants may restore sight to the blind
Intel invests in UK institute to create global centre for research in sustainable connected cities
Nesscap appoints Easby Electronics as UK ultracapacitor distributor
UK researchers follow silicon-oxide ReRAM route
Energy Micro partners withSpectrum Design Solutions to offer energy-efficient wireless designs
ON Semiconductor expands R&D operations in Czech Republic
European SILVER project aims to further cut semiconductor industry’s energy and water consumption footprint by 10%
Graphene quantum dots and nano-ribbons cleaved from graphene sheets
Continental integrates engine control and energy flow management into one system
Reducing waste through better design and simple repairs
German researchers develop quick and easy way to measure power consumption
Finnish researchers plan to unravel the mechanical properties of atomically thin films
Trojan battery expands industrial line with new 2-V designs to enhance transport applications
MECHALD project budgets 2.2 million euros to apply atomic layer deposition to MEMSs
OpenFlow debuts on an optical network
New Kelvin contactor supports high power applications
Research project aims at a high-volume urban e-car
Micropelt raises 6.5 million euros for market launch and expansion
Zinc dyes point way to renewable photovoltaic devices
EnOcean creates new energy harvesting wireless technology education program
Better driving range though energy management
Giant starter kits target memory-hungry and energy efficient applications
Nanocrystal-coated fibers might reduce wasted energy
Research finds semiconductor derivative of graphene
Quick charging station closes infrastructure gap
SMT switching regulator series offers efficiencies up to 92 percent
High energy density DC link capacitors offer performance benefits for larger inverter systems
Ultra-sensitive electrical biosensor based on Tunnel-FET design beats conventional field effect transistors
ISO/IEC wireless standard optimised for ultra-low power consumption and energy harvesting
Wearable human motion energy harvester
Ghent University and imec release open source parametric design environment for integrated photonics
Molecular catalyzer breakthrough aims to boost the uptake of solar energy
Pilot project to focus on bi-directional data link between electric vehicles and the power grid
OpenET Alliance unveils first members, releases updated interface specification
PHARAON project bets on parallel processors to reduce energy consumption
Major chip maker orders optics for EUV lithography
Google unveils Project Glass, augmented reality specs
Power Integrations aims to acquire Swiss-based CT-Concept Technologie
Energy Micro MCU minimizes power consumption in e-paper display solution
BGA48 packaged microcontrollers suits wireless sensing applications
'Thermal cloak' to dissipate heat in electronics
IAR Embedded Workbench tool supports ARM Cortex-M0+ and Freescale's Kinetis L series
ANSI plans exploratory meeting for energy efficiency standards panel to support clean energy economy
IEEE802.15.4 certified wireless microcontroller targets the Smart Grid market
Multi-channel AFE energy measurement chip improves flexibility in monitoring applications
Energy Micro launches Gecko development kit
BAE Systems selects Saft to supply Li-ion energy storage system for US Army's Ground Combat Vehicle
University of Central Lancashire prototypes the world's first digital interactive newspaper
150-W external power supplies achieve 87 percent average efficiency
University lab to provide interoperability testing for NVMe spec
600-V ICs offer energy efficient benefits for inverterized motor drive applications
Swedish researchers launch graphene industry in Europe with Graphensic
Solar panels derived from CERN technology will support the one of Switzerland's largest solar energy systems
New online energy harvesting data repository is unveiled
Military technology offers disruptive route for scaling M2M systems
Research project sketches centralized computing architecture for e-cars
Radio waves beamed with a twist akin to fusilli pasta allow massive multiplexing
University of East Anglia to use ultrafast laser to research energy harvesting on molecular scale
Small laser light sources could be the future of mobile video projection
Multi-standard transceiver for sensor networks sets record for low power
Bidirectional communication RFIDs proven in low-temperature thin-film technology
Bluetooth low energy enabled iPhone applications for mobile health
European IcyHeart project to focus on real-time ECG monitory for ambulatory use
Energy Micro releases energy friendly ARM Cortex-M4 products
Moving implant, body nets advance
Voltage regulators stacked in 3-D
Thermal diffusivity sensors are the future
Terahertz CMOS debuts at ISSCC
Scientists can now create single-atom transistors repeatedly
LED upgrade delivers an estimated 70 percent energy savings
PULS UK develops innovative power supplies to utilize kinetic energy to protect PLC control systems
Energy-harvesting evaluation kit features wireless linked modules powered by sunlight and temperature differences
Turnkey Bluetooth low energy module
European research project to boost solar cell efficiency
Energy-harvesting evaluation kit enables wirelessly linked modules
LiFePO4 batteries could lead to cheaper, more efficient solar energy
ZigBee Smart Energy gateway optimized for large device deployments
Researchers develop novel form of hafnium oxide
Autosar 4.0.3 focuses on maintenance, stability
Research project looks into the exhaust pipe
Energy Micro and Pengutronix demonstrate most energy friendly Linux for ARM Cortex-M3
MCU solar kits speed up renewable energy applications
SoC offers measurement and diagnostics benefits for high-power monitoring in industrial applications and data centers
EIC offers energy innovators access to funds of £29.2m
HP releases OpenFlow code for its switches
Graphene institute in Manchester to be funded with £70 million by UK Government
Reference board provides blueprint for an embedded power meter at the point of load
Smart paint could monitor structural safety through conductivity measurements
High costs, quality concerns thwart market for energy-efficient lighting
“Project P” and “Hi-MoCo” projects focus on safety critical model-based integration and code generation
Universal high-voltage power safety alert features zero energy indicator
Wireless implantable MEMS sensor powered by music
UK researchers develop sensors to improve protection of concrete coastal structures
IAR Systems supports Infineon's XMC4500 microcontrollers for energy-efficient industrial applications
Research team finds bilayer graphene works as an insulator
TI launches ZigBee Smart Energy system-on-chip with ARM Cortex-M3 processor
DC/DC converters simplify design and minimize part count
Researchers cool semi membrane by laser interaction
3000-F ultracapacitor claims lowest weight, lowest ESR
IcyHeart European project to enable realtime tele-health
Bluetooth low energy/Smart advanced navigation remote control for connected TVs is demonstrated at CES
Researchers create a silicon wire 4 atoms wide, 1 atom tall
Linear Technology acquires Dust Networks for wireless sensor networking capabilities
Phone charging using harvested solar energy: Nokia’s conclusions
Graphene mixer could speed up future electronics
Metal-assisted chemical etching enables patterned arrays in GaAs
Self-healing system restores electrical path in failing conductors
Nanoparticle-based paint-on solar cells achieve 1% efficiency
Aalto University researchers create an almost noiseless nanomechanical microwave amplifier
Bluetooth blood pressure monitor uses any Bluetooth version 4.0 'Smart Ready' smartphone or computer
IEEE 802.15.4 IC market to exceed $1.1 billion in 2016
Miniature push/pull solenoids offer high force using low power
Carbon better than copper for TSVs
Intelligent plug aims to save energy
Philips calls for rapid worldwide switch to LED lighting
SEGGER extends support for Energy Micro's Cortex-M3 Gecko microcontrollers
Instant 3-D nanodots grow on silicon to create innovative nanosensors
Silvaco Europe and partners receive funding for PARSIMO SiP European design project
Researchers demonstrate crystalline alloy that boosts piezo MEMS operation
Graphene printed via ink-jet, ups mobility
Energy harvesting subsystems fits to plumbing installations
Stanford's solar car uses STM32s for subsystems
Aalto University reduces 3G smart phone power consumption by more than 70 percent
European project TeraTOP on track to develop THz passive imaging sensor
Mechanical energy converters pair up with wireless technology
Microfabrication breakthrough for piezoelectric material
Energy converter coupled with a wireless transmitter module opens up applications for energy-harvesting
Software tool removes guesswork from battery life predictions
Energy Micro software tool takes the guesswork out of battery life predictions
Energy data logger supports acquisition and monitoring
'Mobility' proposed for legacy ATSC broadcast
Europe targets leadership with SMArt systems Co-design program
EMS forms dedicated team to develop energy efficiency solutions
Researchers enhance battery electrode specs
Three phase filter targets wind generation renewable energy applications
Project RAMPLAS targets the first 100 GHz optical RAM silicon chips
Energy@Home consortium to begin in-home trials
NXP claims breakthrough Class-AB and Class-D audio amplifiers for start-stop systems
Ferdinand-Braun-Institut leads HiPoSwitch project to improve the power performance of energy converters
Dual-interface memory applies energy harvesting to enable true battery-free system design
Energy Storage international trade show launched by Messe Munchen
Assistant system checks driver's health condition while driving
Canadian researchers achieve efficiency record for flexible OLEDs
High-speed transceiver offers reliable broadband powerline communications in industrial environments
UN stresses ICT's role in energy sustainability
Smart Grid research collaboration aims to develop a Renewable Ireland
Saft to supply Li-ion battery for Arizona energy storage solutions project
European collaboration towards efficient, low-cost tandem organic solar cells
Fully printed energy-storage device gets USD1 million of additional funding
ACAL Energy demonstrates fuel cell performance record
Multiple alliances collaborate to launch Consortium for SEP 2 Interoperability
ADI helps the Large Hadron Collider achieve highest possible superconducting magnet performance
LMU shows self-organization gives rise to more efficient organic solar cells
CNSE expands research in CIGS solar cells
Configurable energy harvesting DC source offers battery alternative
Texas Instruments unveils boost charger IC for nano power energy harvesting
16-V/58-F ultracapacitors target alternative energy markets
Power supply design impregnated into textiles
Nanoconfined organic solar cell material enhances conductivity
Research program aims at parallelizing real-time software
'Microring' device could aid in future optical technologies
University of Warwick spin-out business claims new record voltage for organic solar cells
Colored LCD filters could double as solar cells while making thinner displays
Intel sets up 'green' lab in Ireland
Encapsulating graphene within boron nitride layers for the next generation of chips
Enel selects ST for Energy@Home
Freescale, Atheros demo Smart Energy
Wireless window contacts benefit from energy harvesting sensors
Optical signal processing device satisfies power-hungry, high-speed networks
Bombardier Transportation partners Infineon to develop drive electronics for advanced rail vehicles
OpenET Alliance announces Envelope Tracking interface spec for energy efficient 4G handsets
Energy-storage membrane achieves 0.2 farads per square centimetre
EM Microelectronic's new CoolRF chip qualifies for Bluetooth V4.0
Copper nanowires to replace ITO on mobile displays
Research project aims at affordable safety through shared sensors
New European Association for Storage of Energy aims to ease way to sustainable energy provision
Energy Micro 100 new low power Cortex-M3 EFM32 microcontrollers
Thermoelectric-based energy harvesting for wireless sensors
Intel wins sockets in 10PFLOPs supercomputer
Renesas Electronics Europe and AND TR release ZigBee Smart Energy 1.1 module-based design kits
Energy Micro releases EFM32 development kit
Hybrid carbon material discovery promises new application benefits
Rutronik inks European-wide distribution deal with Redpine Signals
"Subconscious mode" for smartphones could extend battery life by over 50 percent
MIT researchers simplify energy harvesting device
Energy metering IC provides high accuracy harmonic analysis for power quality monitoring
Energy metering IC Provides delivers complete harmonic analysis
Aeroflex equips 1 million euro laboratory at Lancaster University
40Gbit/s optical modulator demonstrated in silicon
Startup gains funds for LED lighting IC
Innovative superconductor fibers carry 40 times more electricity
ULIS joins forces with CEA/Leti to develop infrared sensors for applications enhancing energy efficiency
UCLA researchers demo stretchable OLEDs
EnLight project focuses on lowering power consumption of interior LED lighting by 40 percent
Innovative organic solar cell architecture exhibits new performance gains
ARM extends Michigan research deal
High power density converter offers energy savings for data centers
TI launches 10 new Bluetooth low energy profiles for rapid design of consumer medical, fitness, alert applications
GE LED Lighting bulb replacement products available off-the-shelf within 16 months
Denmark's iPower consortium plans to integrate renewable energies into future power grids
Integrating antennas within clothes using metallic thread
Drawing superconducting shapes for future microcircuits
LCD polarizers to double as organic photovoltaics in mobiles
Speeding the development of organic semiconductors for flexible displays
ZigBee Alliance approves draft 0.7 Smart Energy Profile version 2.0
Smart skin powered by solar cells
LCD polarizer greatly increases display backlighting efficiency
Report: solar demand gains, revenues flat
Researchers set up decentralized smart grid
Graphene-based electrodes bring flexible, transparent electronics one step closer
RELY research project to explore new chip design methodology
Nordic Semiconductor collaborates with Broadcom to develop Bluetooth low energy proximity fob prototype
TI achieves ZigBee Smart Energy 1.1 certification
Energy harvesting could reach a USD4.4 billion market in 2021
Soft memory device opens door to new biocompatible electronics
Agilent and UC Davis form millimeter research center
TI achieves certification of ZigBee Alliance's Smart Energy 1.1 profile implementation
TRaC unveils Zigbee Smart Energy 1.1 test suite as standard is released
Test body formed for SEP 2 specification
Nanocircuits that adhere to any substrate
Energy-saving company gets nominated for business award
Vcore DC/DC controller allows CPU to move into sleep mode with no latency
Research links data centers, renewables
GAMBICA releases VSD energy savings calculator
Saft to deploy Li-ion energy storage systems for MILLENER Smart Grid project
Saft becomes a partner in the NICE GRID project
Researchers to link brain, artificial limbs
Grid integration spurs smart PV inverter shipments to grow to 27-GW by 2015
Transition to renewable energy looks to stimulate German economy
Energy Micro appoints first Russian distributor
Ferroelectrics fabbed on plastic
Researchers define brain's neural hierarchy
University of Freiburg receives prize for research into implantable glucose fuel cells for pacemaker patients
A million ARM cores to host brain simulator
Designing graphene into transparent and lightweight speakers
AVX participates in “Solutions for Hope Project” for "conflict-free" tantalum
Energy harvesting shock absorber technology wins R&D 100 award
Wireless power could cut cord for patients with implanted heart pumps
Energy Micro adds 12 energy friendly devices to its Cortex-M3 microcontroller range
Innovation in inexpensive medical imaging techniques
MIT, France create joint lab for energy research
Harvesting solar, wind and rain energy all at once
Rutronik sets up six “vertical market teams” targetting growth sectors
Ambient electromagnetic energy harvesting drives small electronic devices
First two-layer quantum dot solar cell could yield higher efficiency photovoltaics
ACAL Energy partners Gordon Murray Design to develop affordable fuel cell vehicle concept
Energy Micro appoints two new Taiwanese distributors
Energy savings sneak up on home automation
GAMBICA calls for greater energy efficiency awareness when purchasing VSDs
Pen with conductive silver ink writes electric circuits and interconnects
Researchers develop 'electronic skin' for structural faults
New alloy material converts heat directly into electricity
Versatile energy harvesting with piezoelectric thin films
Optical amplifier claims world record low noise performance
Off-grid energy storage market to grow at a 6% CAGR from 2011 to 2016
TVs turn on as Apple, Nordic join Bluetooth
Nanotubes not toxic, researchers say
Compact energy-harvesting and power-management IC enables low-power wireless devices
GAMBICA calls for measured tax credits in response to UK Carbon Budget
Zigbee gets consensus on smart meter spec
ACAL Energy raises a further £6m for low cost fuel cell technology
NEC, Tohoku University make CAM-on-MRAM progress
Smart energy module combines metering and control
2D Nanolattices project to explore Silicene as a new “fabric” for nanoelectronics
Future Energy Solutions demonstrates micro-inverter reference design at InterSolar 2011
SL Power unveils widest range of Energy Level V and EN60601 3rd Edition external power supplies
Production-ready Bluetooth low energy heart-rate belt works with any Bluetooth version 4.0 smartphone
Worldwide smart meter market continues growth with first quarter 2011 shipments up 22.7 percent
Advanced metrology solution focuses on smart grid energy measurement
Energy Micro makes double distributor appointment in South Korea
Intel tips second university research center
UK university to examine energy-saving technology
Trojan Battery adds high-capacity industrial line for renewable energy applications
Bilateral energy program addresses 'smart' grids
Stamping out low cost nanodevices
IMS Research predicts PV installations to exceed 21 GW in 2011
Volvo tests flywheel-based KERS technology
Fabbing graphene arrays rivaling silicon process
250-W power supplies combine 93 percent efficiency and ErP compliance with 0.5-W no load input power
Capacitor choice is key to solar PV economics
Energy harvesting reference design targets wireless sensor node applications
ZSW uses roll-to-roll system to deposit CIGS thin-film cells on a 25 micrometre thin polymer film
City University London addresses the growth of sensor systems with new Masters’ degree
Energy saving digital voltage regulators offer improved levels of control at up to 40-A ouput
'Green' displays making more and more economic sense
Chips see 25% surge in solar, wind
India launches first smart grid project
Analog Devices unveils first single-chip 5-kVrms RS-485 data transceivers
Development kit for low energy sensor applications
Energy Micro releases starter kit for energy sensitive product development
Imec launches neural science lab
XP Power calls for an industry-standard for ‘green’ component power supplies
Maxim to demo real-time power efficiency inside LED ballast with Teridian energy-measurement SoC
CEA-Leti and five partners to develop self-powered cardiac pacemaker
Graphene modulator tackles optics
Lab aims for superconducting FET
PaperPhone prototype opens door to flexible, interactive computing
ACAL Energy raises fresh investment to fund Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell development
Solar micro-inverter maker raises $41 million
University of Luxembourg develops method to improve electrical conductivity in polymeric composites
EnOcean Alliance declare its energy harvesting sensors are fully interoperable with TCP/IP
Kemet sponsors TUfast e-car racing team
Piezoelectric MEMS boosts vibration harvester
IMS Research reveals 2010 PV inverter market share gainers
Solar-thermal device uses a spray-on polymer photovoltaic
EnOcean now fully interoperable with TCP/IP
Selective encryption said to cut wireless power
Intelligent Energy raises funds for fuel cell power system
Infrastructure now key to the future of the connected mobile health platform
Hidden magnetic effect could yield optical battery design
Researchers unlock spintronics in graphene
Quantum dots enable plasmonic semis
Solar thermal project heats up
Magnetic graphene harnesses Kondo effect
Concentrated photovoltaic cells with 43.5% efficiency commercially ready
Ioxus receives $21m investment funding to energize its ultracapacitor expansion plans
Battery-free wireless sensor system monitors busbars and busways
Open source wireless connectivity solutions for low power applications
Energy measurement SoC offers management of AC/DC power supplies in servers and data communication equipment
University of Warwick develop golden window electrodes for organic solar cells
Nanosolar releases new printed CIGS efficiency benchmarks
RFMD collaborates with Atmel to deliver high-performance Zigbee solutions for smart energy applications
Fuel-cell-on-a-chip demonstrated
HP outfits data center with 10,000 sensors
Casio G-SHOCK features Bluetooth low energy
3D antenna printing yields an order of magnitude better performance than monopole antenna designs
Researchers integrate silicon, III-V
High-temperature superconductor spills secret: a new phase of matter
Platform design for testing vibration to electrical power generators
Bluetooth in 467M health devices by 2016
Self-powered blood analysis chip could deliver diagnosis in minutes
Molex antenna business unit joins Danish SAFE (Smart Antenna Front End) consortium
Group aims to develop open Web TV spec
Online pulse energy calculator helps designers select the right wirewound resistor
Wireless sensors push smart machines into Green revolution
Balluff power supply for wind energy equipment
Gearing up for utilities’ USD 2 billion business
Altera launches new University Program FPGA development board
'Pruned' microchips are faster, smaller, more energy-efficient
University of Luxembourg reduces tin loss in preparation of thin film solar cells
Actuation-powered wireless switch eases remote controls
Soitec announces major U.S. CPV solar power project
Current-induced torque in non-volatile magnetic memory devices
DC-DC controllers with gate drive signal shaping offers EMI benefits
IBM licenses 28-nm technology to CNSE
Ultrafast laser 'scribing' technique to cut cost, hike efficiency of solar cells
The potential of energy harvesting means there's nothing to lose
Energy measurement SoC offers improved control of AC/DC power supplies in servers
TI growing large-area graphene
Low energy watch that wirelessly communicates with smartphones offers long coin-cell battery life
Software console aims to reduce embedded system development times by half
Energy Micro release details of energy friendly radio product family
Energy Micro extends ultra low power microcontroller family with Cortex-M0 product
Fiber optics boosted by crystalline core
University of Strathclyde unveils smart grid research centre
Consortium claims SiGe frequency record
EnOcean appoints Alpha Micro Components to distribute energy harvesting wireless sensor modules in the UK
Nanosensors to benefit military and energy sectors
Liquid metal key to simpler creation of electrodes for microfluidic devices
Body network spars with Bluetooth
Millimeter-scale all-in-one computers debut
Researchers boost thermoelectric material efficiency by 25 percent
Researcher describes 'smart' orthodontics
Energy friendly microcontrollers are offered in space-saving QFP48 package
Aquiba opts for low power microcontroller for next generation smart water meter
Graphene made from plain sugar at low process temperatures
Mobile solar energy system targets extreme climate conditions
Nanowires process arithmetic/logic
Win one of two radio energy harvesting kits on offer
Hydrogels used in diffraction-based environmental sensors
Microsemi unveils fifth-generation auto mode 4-port PoE power source equipment manager
Digi-Key signs global distribution deal with Advanced Linear Devices
TU Delft leads European effort to improve performance of batteries for electric vehicles
Nanolasers grown on silicon
Model-based software development in the automotive industry
Strategic Test releases world's first Freescale i.MX53 processor DIMM module
McPhy Energy signs contract with Enel Group for solid hydrogen storage
Nemesis connectors now supported by dynamic 3D modelling
Gallium nitride boosted into high-power realm
ESA investigates the benefits of analog self-steered antennas
Call for Energy Innovators initiative is relaunched
Nanotech boosting piezoelectrics, thermoelectrics
Cree demonstrates 'breakthrough' LED bulb
Innovative fuel cell system prepares for first installation
Isolation amplifiers with increased accuracy for motor drivers and renewable energy power converters
Intel pumps $100M into new research model
GaN depo process said to make brighter LEDs
Oxford forms 10 billion qubits in silicon
Nanotape could make solder pads obsolete
Curved carbon a candidate for spin-based electronics
'Universal' memory aims to replace flash/DRAM
Brightest nanoparticles shun quantum
Plastic Logic gets $700 million in Russian deal
ReRAM architecture promises power consumption at one tenth of the current level
New power supplies target green energy
Solid-state quantum memory unveiled
Digital LED driver ICs deliver flicker-free dimming and hot-plug support for space-constrained LED lighting
EU-funded SYNAPTIC project claims advances in synthesis regularity
Coiled nanowires may hold key to stretchable electronics
3D microbatteries could charge faster than Li-ion batteries
Nanotechnologies cut the cost of green energy, says ABI Research
Nemesis connectors target mission-critical functionality in integrated soldier systems
Color imaging reveals graphene defects
RivieraWaves licenses Bluetooth low energy IP to Renesas Electronics
Solar cell self-repairs like natural plant systems
Galfenol-based kinetic button battery boasts high energy density
Advanced Energy forms solar units
Harvesting energy from wind-generated vibrations
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Dialog Semiconductor wins outstanding European semiconductor company award for second time
Annual IT spending by central European utilities to approach $1.5 billion by 2014
Spintronics aims for atomic memories
Global solar photovoltaic demand forecast to reach 20.4-GW in 2011, growth rate drops to 25 percent