AMD back-fills G-series embedded SoC line

February 24, 2016 // By Peter Clarke
Processor vendor Advanced Micro Devices Inc. has announced three additions to its G-series of x86 architecture SoCs for embedded graphics-rich applications.

The three devices are all at lower performance levels than previous G-series parts announced over the last three years, but provide lower power consumption and scalability (shown in orange in chart). The new additions to the lineup are suitable for thin clients, IP set-top boxes, and TVs, casino gaming, industrial control and automation, digital signage, and communications networks AMD said.

The LX SoC comes with two "Jaguar" x86 cores, AMD Radeon GPU, an AMD security processor   and a single channel of DDR3 memory. The G-Series LX SoC uses the same FT3b socket as its predecessor codenamed Steppe Eagle.

AMD has also announced two G-Series SoCs, codenamed "Prairie Falcon" and "Brown Falcon," that provide pin compatibility for G- Series processors with the higher performance AMD Embedded R-Series SoC. These provide up to two "Excavator" x86 cores, Radeon GPU with up to four cores, 4K H.265 decode and multiple format display technology, an integrated AMD security processor and up to channels of DDR4/DDR3 memory interface. These SoCs are compatible with the FP4 socket.

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