Extruded heat sinks mount directly to PCBs

April 22, 2015 // By Julien Happich
Fischer Elektronik has expanded its comprehensive range of extruded heat sinks with new models SK 609, SK 610 and SK 611 particularly tailored for use with power transistors TO 218, TO 247, TO 248, TO 264 and SOT 429.

The units feature extruded threads that are directly integrated in the profile to allow the component to be mounted using an M3 screw as is also the case for fastening the heat sink to the PCB. For attaching the heat sink to the PCB, screw-in solder pins ensure direct soldering to the board when they are screwed into the threads. What's more, the new extruded profiles provide a superstructure across electronic components of various heights. Additional mechanical treatments, custom designs and surface finishes are also available on demand.

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