Get fast and analytical understanding your analog circuits

June 02, 2016 // By Julien Happich
Technical Fellow at ON Semiconductor, Christophe Basso's latest book "Linear Circuit Transfer Function: An Introduction to Fast Analytical Techniques" will teach you how you can determine a transfer function by building on what you have learned at the university but applied in a different manner.

By looking at the time constants of a given passive or active circuit considered in different conditions, you can unveil a complicated transfer function expressed in a meaningful form in a swift and efficient manner. From a complicated circuit difficult to solve at once, the author shows how to split it into a succession of smaller and simpler sketches that you can individually study. Once you assemble the pieces, the transfer function appears in a so-called low-entropy form.

Starting from the basics of circuit analysis with a refresh on classical theorems, the book slowly increases complexity and teaches you how to solve 1st to nth order circuits through numerous documented examples (all have a Mathcad® file you can freely download).

Each chapter contains a set of 10 solved exercises which will let you test your understanding of the topic.

Written in a didactic way, the 445-pages book will accompany the student by offering a different perspective on circuit analysis but also the engineer who needs a powerful tool to quickly analyze complicated electrical circuits in his daily tasks.

The book being published by Wiley in the IEEE-press imprint (ISBN-13: 978-1119236375), a 35% discount is available to IEEE members.

More information about the book on the authors' webpage .