MEMS group lists speakers for Munich event

February 04, 2016 // By Peter Clarke
The MEMS & Sensors Technical Conference scheduled to take place in Munich on March 7 and 8 will use two venues, with a first day scheduled to take place at Fraunhofer EMFT and the second at the Sofitel hotel in central Munich.

The visit to Fraunhofer EMFT will include a guided tour of the R&D facility.

MEMS & Sensors Industry Group and invited speakers will address the design, integration and supply-chain challenges and opportunities affecting the growth of MEMS and sensors over the next decade.

Karen Lightman, executive director of MIG.

Dirk Wisselmann, senior engineer for automated driving in BMW's chassis and driver assistance development program is the opening keynote speaker and elsewhere in the program Rajashree Baskaran, senior technologist with Intel, will discuss technologies for MEMS and sensors in wearable equipment.

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